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Turning Over A New Leaf : ArHi FF

XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey all! HugI am Nisha. I have completed my 12th and I am residing in India. I love ArHi to the core. I adore everything about them. I find the character of ASR intriguing. After each and every moment, there is something to learn about him. This FF is based on ArHi. This FF will focus more on ASR describing his thoughts and feelings. It is about his childhood, family, friends, crush and love. It is about Khushi's influence on Arnav's life. Hope you all have fun reading it Big smile

Turning Over A New Leaf

Chapter 1: The Rich Lad

"Ma, get up! Please ma" The sound echoed the whole room. "Help, please! Someone, anyone?" he screamed. He looked around with desperation. The whole room was deserted. Glasses were broken. He saw his sister lying down with silent sobs. Her cast lay broken. Her head was bleeding. Oh how he wished all this was just a dream. He let his mom to lie down and ran to his sister. He saw her dishelmed state. She was in her wedding dress. It was the day for his sister and for the whole family. There used to be times where the whole family used to wonder whether she will ever get married. Now that the day had arrived, he cursed it. He never wanted this. He never wanted this for his family.

"Di, get up" he said shaking her shoulder. But she didn't move her head. She sobbed more. He made her straight and looked at her. She was pale and her eyes were shut tight. She was fighting to hold the tears back. "Please Di! Mom needs us. Open your eyes" He was scared. Somehow he didn't want to see her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes and at that moment he lost half of his soul and his innocence. He saw his dear Di's blood shot eyes. All he was able to see was fear. He saw hatred, pain and anguish, It was worse than death. He turned around hoping to forget it, hoping to erase this painful image of his sister but when he turned around he saw the other part of his soul, his ma lying dead. He stood there still with tears lost long.

"Chote!"She screamed and hugged him. She was petrified. Tears were rolling from her eyes. "It is going to be alright" she said sweet words into his ears hoping that he will be alright. She was scared for her younger brother who was just 15 years old facing the harsh reality of the world. She didn't know what to do. She tried to be strong. She waited for him to respond but he didn't. She moved out of the hug and looked in the direction where his eyes were struck. She saw her Ma lying dead. She quickly wiped her tears. She held her brother's hands and tried to move herself to her ma. But she was unable to.

For the first time in her life she hated herself. She hated the fact that she was physically challenged. She had to do something. She had to do it for his brother who was the only person left. She didn't want to lose her only family. She cupped his cheeks "Listen Chote! I need you, Ma needs you. I want you to help me to take our ma out of this place."  She said hoping for him to reply. "But this is our home Di, where will we go?" he said with no emotion written on his face. "We will think about it later chote but for now I want you to take our ma out!" fearing more on seeing her brother's soulless body. "I am scared Di" he said hating himself for telling the plain truth to his Di who was scared equally.

"Chote, you are a strong boy..." her words were left incomplete as they heard the sound of footsteps marching towards them.

'Sir, Sir' the sound of a shaking voice brought him back from his deep thoughts. He looked around and realized that it was just a dream, a part of his past. He checked his watch. It was 8PM. An hour ago he came home after a long day. He was checking the profits from wedding department, while checking it he got reminded of his sister's wedding and the rest was history.

'What do you want Hari Prakash?' Arnav asked looking at his servant who was holding his breath. Arnav was well aware of the fact that he was scared of him. 'Sir, your coffee' he said trying not to faint. Arnav sent creeps in his spine. No one could predict his actions. Hari Prakash has been working in Raizada Mansion for the past five years. He loved the family. Everyone was kind to him except for Arnav Singh Raizada. When he had started working here, he tried his best to understand him, but he had failed, always. Finally he gave up and decided to stay away from him.

'Where is Di?' his thoughts were broken by Arnav's voice. He looked at him and was thankful that he was concentrating on his laptop. 'Sir, she has gone to temple, she informed you in the morning'.  The last words were enough to steam Arnav. 'I do remember. You may leave now' He silently nodded and left the room.

Arnav was already mad. He had a long day. His schedule was normally hectic but today it was complicated. He had a break only for 10 minutes during lunch after that he had an important meeting to attend. The company has planned to open a new branch in Pune and things were moving in a full swing. This project was really important to him. He has planned to gift it to his sister and Jijaji on their wedding anniversary. The work was going on since last year, he hoped to finish it before July. So that he could gift it to them. Today he had one such important meeting with the government regarding it. It was risky. One mistake and the whole project would be cancelled. He managed to please them. When he returned home, he got call from Aman regarding the profits of wedding department. It was then his eyes searched for his Di completely forgetting about his sister's small trip to temples. His conversation with Hari Prakash fuelled his anger. He didn't like people finding fault with him. He hated it when someone tried to over smart him. For him, he is right and he wanted to make it clear to everyone that he can never be wrong. He liked Hari Prakash and he knew that if it was someone else in Hari Prakash's place, he would have definitely preferred death instead of serving him.  He knew that he was wrong, but he wouldn't accept it. He remembered his Di telling him about going to temple for two days. He remembered his Di's words 'Chote, A day is not enough. I have a list of temples to visit. Moreover your Jijaji has gone to Mumbai for two days and you are as usual busy. I do nothing other than spending my time with Naniji and Mamiji. So I am going. It is Final.'  He smiled thinking of his sister's antics. She was stubborn just like him, may be more than him. She always got what she wanted. When she decides something, no one can speak against it and she held the power to control everyone with her love and affection. He was proud of her. He never believed in God. For him, his life begins and ends with his sister, Anjali. Soon sleep took over him and he closed his eyes waiting for brightness to take over his dark room.

The next morning was a quiet affair in Raizada Mansion. Arnav never really spoke with anyone at home. He spoke when it was needed and silently replied to whatever questions others asked. He never found the need to explain each and everything to everyone at home. They gave his space. He was thankful for that. He did all his duties as the son of the house but he never let them to come close to him. He was always comfortable with the aloofness. As usual he was the first one to enter the dining table. He was punctual in whatever he does. Slowly he watched the other members of the family taking their seat. His family was amusing. He watched his Nani who made her way with her Laxmi. He never understood the equation between Nani and Laxmi.  She was weird. Actually, both were weird. Who would EVER dress up their goat and make sure she goes to SPA every week? He even suspected that his Nani was looking for a perfect alliance for Laxmi. Nani was different but he loved her.

Next entered, The 'Miss World of Raizada Mansion', Mamiji and his poor Mamaji listening to his wife's 'Hello Hi Bye Bye'.  The couple never failed to surprise him. Mamiji talks, talks and only talks. She is also good at taunting people. Though he didn't like it at times, he loved it when she used it against people who made fun of his sister. She loved his Di and so he never uttered a word against her. Mamaji definitely deserved an award for his patience. If Mamiji is like a volcano then Mamaji is a calm ocean. He accepts her for the person she is. Arnav didn't understand it. Why would a person ever stay quiet even after facing so many tantrums? He asked his Di once about it but she said it was because of Love. He never questioned about their relationship after that. Love is stupid.

Then entered, his sensible brother-Akash Singh Raizada. He gets nervous even for the smallest thing. He is shy but sensible. He is composed and doesn't get angry much unlike Arnav. Akash loves his brother lot and respects him. Arnav is very protective about him. The worst fear of Arnav was about Akash's love life. Even though he didn't believe in all these stuffs, he knew that Akash did. So he was scared that he will never be able to ask a girl out. It was one of the 'To do List' of Arnav, to speak to his brother regarding this when the time was right.

Soon the breakfast was served. Arnav hated oily food. He always made sure to take something light for breakfast. He was careful about his appetite. Before anyone could start their conversation, Arnav quickly shifted his full concentration on the food. He ate it fast and left.  He missed his Di. She always made his day happy. He made a mental note to call her and left for his office with Akash and Mamaji.

"Yes Di. I have taken my breakfast and I did make sure to take my tablets. Stop worrying about me Di. What about you?  Are you comfortable with the hotel or do u want me to talk to the manager of the hotel?" Arnav spoke as he walked past the corridors of his office. His walk defined him. He had an aura of confidence. There was no negative vibes around him.

"Oh Di, don't be too kind to them. They may take advantage of your kindness. That's it Di. I am sending Aman there to make sure everything is fine" replied Arnav trying to control his temper. "This is the reason! This is the reason why I don't send my Di alone. This world is horrible. I am going to sue that manager. How dare he make my Di to wait for her breakfast?" he thought as he entered his cabin.

"Am I over reacting? No Di! I am correct at my place. I will talk to you later. You must be getting late and Yes, Aman will be there in an hour!" replied Arnav as he cut the call. He didn't like bossing around his sister. But when it is about her welfare, he can do anything to make her feel safe and secured.

"I wonder who suggests these kinds of stupid ideas to Di. Jijaji should have accompanied her. Damn it!" He muttered and asked Aman to leave for Lucknow immediately.


Should I continue? If you want PMs add me to your buddy list Big smile


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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 1 : The Rich Lad 

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Reserved :)


Hey Nish Hug Congratulations Heart I am so happy to see you back writing FFs!
All the VERY best for your new FF! <3 
You were scared of posting that? I mean seriously. Sigh.
Really very well written. I love your use of words and the way you introduced the characters. 
And as I have told you before, I love the way you potray Pain! 
 Mind Blowing! <3 <3

Love Youuu!

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i've already told you how much LOVED the flashbackss! They gave me goosebumps yet again! The pain and helplessness that Anjali and Arnav face comes across so beautifullyy.
I LOVED how he admits to himself that he doesnt like ppl finding faults in him .. thats a start ;) And i lovedd the way you introduced everyone in the familyy! Ahh.. so Aman is going to Lucknow .. lets see .. do we get to meet Aman? I doubt we'll ever meet him in the show .. so atleast we should meet him in FF's right? ROFL Can't wait for ArHi to meet .. whenever that is! Love your writing style Nishh and needless to say, add me to the PM list! continue sooon :D

P.S. is his jijaji a nice guy or the creepwa Shyam like the show or are you going to reveal it later? :P 

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saniya.x IF-Dazzler

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what a beautiful start Nish, Hug I simply loved the bond between Arnav-Anjali and damn the FB was so painful! Who would EVER dress up their goat and make sure she goes to SPA every week? ROFLROFLROFL what the hell! ROFL I can't wait till ArHi meet so you better update this sooon! :P
P.S - the same question as Drish, is snakewa a creepwa in your FF too?LOLLOL

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.VanishingDream IF-Sizzlerz

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yaaay res Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing Dancing

congo Huggood to see ur writing after ages over hereHug

ill unres pakka for sure after exams Stern Smile

continue soon Evil Smile
love you HugHeart

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Nice start dear! I love the way you described Arnav's pain and his relationship with his sister. 

It was all very endearing! 

Can't wait to read more!!

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