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Abby-GC-Crazy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 11:01am | IP Logged
ummm finally m done watching the episode...
Gosh it tuk me sooo much of time to get the video on net...
but finally I found it... Embarrassed

honestly... Aarti's behaviour was kinda irritating and annoying for me throughout the episode... Ermm

1st tradition
Gayatri tried to cheat... but if she was smart.. Ansh was smarter... Wink
hehehhe... I loved how Ansh also played with Payal n won... Embarrassed
but then I felt he was tooo rude to Gayatri..
n honestly.. I'm getting irritated by the fact that Aarti can't handle her own kid... I mean she bows down to all tantrums of him n isn't able to make him shut up for his wrongs... n honestly... that's pretty irritating for me...
I loved how Yash looked at Aarti n Ansh when Aarti was scolding Ansh n telling him that he'd be beaten if he behaves like that.. What I felt was... Yash thought that Aarti is trying to manage Ansh but she is somewhere not able to to... so I feel probably... he might take a step forward to manage Ansh... Embarrassed

den bout the 2nd tradition...
umm ... again Aarti's behaviour kinda irritated me.. I mean though Ansh was sleepin n even if his sleep is light that doesn't mean .. she wouldn't put him off to bed n keep him in her arms.. I mean I understand wateva her motherly love is... but then... she has to see other things too... the constant portayal of Aarti over worried for Ansh kinda scares me if she will actually give proper care n love to Yash's kids because she doesn't seem to think of any one of anything apart from Ansh... I so felt irritated when Vidhi asked him to give Ansh to her n she was like he'll fall down... what the hell.. Vidhi was right... if she has had small kids... she knows how to handle them... I understand that after Prashant left.. Ansh has been Aarti's only sahara n ol.. but then I feel that is why Ansh came out to be a brat because Aarti bows down to him everytime..

then... Prateik addressing Aarti as Arpita bhabhi really shocked me... after Vidhi... even he's going on the same lines.. I don't understand whats wrong with them... couldn't he have just called her BHABHI... I mean they do know n understand how irritating it must be to let go of your identity... I don't understand why they are being so insensitive towards her... I want to see Yash taking a stand for Aarti in this matter.. really... because letting go of your own identity is not at all acceptable...

okay... then Aarti's expressions when took her hand to open the thread was very irrelevant to me.. I mean isn't it obvious..if she's not taking her hand out .. Yash would hold it.. because the tradition has to get over... uff.. I don't understand why Aart thinks in a single direction... she can't look beyond her assumptions... Angry

I found Prateik n Paridhi very cute... how Prateik was romancing wid Paridhi in front of everyone... Embarrassed

okay.. honestly.. I didn't find Gayatri wrong in any way today... and also she was very calm n composed with Aarti.. I agree with her... that now that she is married... she needs to understand her responsibility towards Yash, his family n his daughters... if she keeps running behind Ansh all the time.. how will she ever take care of Payal n Palak n Yash's family... Gayatri was absolutely right today n I didnt find her rude at all... she was trying to make Aarti understand her responsibilities n the few basics that they obviously expect from her...

then d 3rd tradition
I loved the tradition... LOL thought honestly it wud be sooo embarrassing... hehhehe... but I loved it...
I loved the way Gayatri asked Yash to fulfill the last tradition... her voice was full of motherly love and care..
I loved the way Yash carried Aarti all along looking absolutely straight... LOL he didn't change his expressions even for a second... LOL but then Aarti was thinking all the stupid wrong things bout Yash... uff... I hated how she thought about that mall scene... for God sake.. she thought of everyhting but didn't realise that he saved her from falling into the pit... urgghh... Angry that makes me really frustrated and angry on her...

about Aarti's reaction in the room
when Yash went to close the door when the relatives closed from outside... Aarti took him one step ahead in her pervert thinking mind.. uff.. what the hell is wrong with her... of course.. isn't it obvious that the door has to be closed... or she wants to disclose that she n Yash don't even talk n make a big blunder in the Sindhiya house.. I really don't understand Aarti's way of thinking... she wants to talk to Yash about why she married n all... does she want to talk about that with the door open so that everybody hears... urgghhh... what a stupidity man... really... it's totally Aarti's prob.. her mind doesn't work beyond a certain level... Angry

urgghhh... she thought all wrong about Yash seeing the decoration of the room... duh... is she a kid... doesn't she know that all the people in the house are expecting them to be a proper husband n wife... y ywould Yash do the decoration... doesn't she know that's how the room is decorated on an SR... duhh... its juz between her n Yash that they don't even talk.. she's well aware that the others don't know that they havent even talked.. she's behaving as if she's a kid that what is told to her by her so-called teacher is only right n there's supposed to be nothing beyond that... Angry

the last section
yipppeee... m glad that Aarti fell on Yash... shouldn't she realise now that accidents do happen... duh... n it might not be Yash's deliberate attempt to get close to her...
I absolutely loved GC's n Kratika's expressions when Aarti fell on Yash... the tension , hesitation n fear in their eyes... their heavy breathing absolutely showing the sexual tension... I loved how the direction and the camera work was done at that scene... PERFECT...!!!!! how the camera focused on their eyes n the movement of each muscle on their face...

okay.. I agree... the entangled mangalsutra definitely signifies their bound fate n relation n the way they weren't able to disentangle it showed that how much ever they try they cannot deny the longevity and purity of their relationship.. 

n the last scene was absolutely hillarious...
the CVs tuk away my heart with that...
n GC's n Kratika's expressions wer bingo at that... LOL
I loved how instantly the already existing sexual tension n hesitaiton between them shot up instantly... n dey desperately tried to disentagle the mangalsutra and get away...
absolutely brillaintly executed scene...

about the precap
okay... m pretty sure that Aarti is gonna hear Yash n Prateik's talk.. but m not sure if she'll take the lesson from it...
as much as I have understood Aarti's character... it's not like she isn't shown enough evidence to prove something but her problem is .. she doesn't want to catch those evidence n get over her assumption n start thinking beyond it.. she's just stuck with her misconceptions n doesn't seem to look beyond it...

about the whole episode... I loved the direction.. script.. camera work n execution of the whole episode...
n probably in the next 2-3 episodes I would really want the CVs to get over this misunderstanding and show the concept - ZINDAGI MILEGI DOBARA..!!!!

please do share your views on my analysis... Embarrassed

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AngeloScuro IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 11:03am | IP Logged

Hope my heart will go "Dil garden, garden hogayi!"

Okay okay I will stop now . Will not expect too much from epi!

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laxmi2010 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Ansh --><--Palak

We know one thing to look forward to: Yash picking up Aarti!

I've decided to talk about the SR first, so that I get that out of the way.  Considering how unromantic Aarya were feeling, it was shot quite romantically, so that gives me hope that the real SR will be mindblowingly passionate.  That said, the entire family's view towards Aarya's SR is kind of creepy.  I mean, Prateek is the one who arranged the decorations and he had pillows with Yash and Arpita on the door?  What does he think, what do they all think, that Yash is going to have his suhaag raat with Aarti imagining her as Arpita?Dead Gross! Gross! Gross!  And if they don't think that, then what was the point of putting up those named pillows in the first place?  I'm sorry, but that is incredibly insensitive, and I hope that Yash gives Prateek a good bawling out.

In the precap it looked to me like Yash was holding one of those pillows.  I'm really hoping that Yash tells Prateek something along the lines of "Aartiji is not Arpita, and never will be.  She can never take my Arpita's place."  That way at least Aarti will have some concrete proof of Yash's real feelings that she can start to ponder, instead of all these misunderstandings and bad advice she's been getting from Mansi.  They are in the same room, so if the CVs have her not hearing the conversation thenAngry!

For the rest of the episode I am only going to talk about two characters, Vidhi and Gayatri.  Today I was actually disappointed with Vidhi and impressed with Gayatri.  (I'm sure this will change, as I don't think Gayatri is going to change her colors completely, and Vidhi still seems to be a kind person).

So, Vidhi disappointed me because as a responsible bahu and just woman, why did she need her MIL to tell her to talk to Aarti about Ansh?  Can't she figure out on her own that maybe Aarti needs some reasurance from the rest of the family that they will help look after Ansh?  That Aarti doesn't need to do everything alone?  I know that Gayatri's reasoning was that she didn't like how Aarti was caring more for Ansh's comfort that completing her rasm duties, but I feel that Vidhi at least should have been considering how she might help Aarti out in the situation.  To be honest, I really feel sorry for Pankaj, because Vidhi seems to be turning out to be someone who only puts her children ahead of household responsibilities.  Other than her kids, and maybe Gayatri, it does not seem like she gives much thought to what others are thinking and feeling and may need from her.  Vidhi, you better work on this flaw or you will run into big problems in your relationships later.

Gayatri, please don't revert back to your old ways!  (Even though I'm sure that you will, please stay this way.)  I really don't care what it is that you want or expect from Aarti, but the way you spoke to her is how you should always speak with her.  There is no need to treat her like a servant that you want to crush under your feet.  I'm also glad that you pointed out to Aarti that it is not just Ansh that she needs to be concerned about, but Yash and his daughters also.  This is something that Aarti knows she is supposed to do, but she does not really want to put any effort into doing so, especially when Yash is involved.  I know Aarti's circumstances and feelings, but I, and I think Gayatri, want her to start making a conscious effort to fulfill her new responsibilities without having to be prompted by someone else.  If she would even have some thoughts to herself about these things instead of just worry about how to handle her husband's "perverted advances" I will be happy.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 11:19am | IP Logged
Aarti falls on top of Yash after tripping because of the carpet ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked

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yipee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Yash closes the door of the room and Aarti thinks "hadh hoti hai besharmi ki"LOL

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 11:27am | IP Logged
Someone outside the room plays the song "Bheege hoonth tere ..pyaasa dil mera"
And now Yash on top of Aarti ...her mangalsutra is stuck with his sherwani and both r rolling and song is full on
Oh mannn its hott DeadDeadDead

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Thanks Jyo...  I think they will keep Ansh a brat for a while..
But I truly am getting irritated by his behavior and Aarti telling him Ansh we cannot do like that...  why in the world you do not teach him "NOT TO DO like that instead of telling him every time the same thing...  and also telling all that Ansh will not listen... So now everyone shold accomodate Ansh and his bad behavior????
Anyways they are trying to portray that Ansh is such a brat because he did not have the discipline of a father..
another point Yash is not going to discipline Ansh too soon until he feels that Aartiji would not mind as he needs help with his daughters too..
I think it will be Aarti who will try to ease his worries about his daughters as she is the one who has always  taken the lead in those emotional area..
If Aarti is so perceptive to understand his inner turmoil about his deceased wife's handprint on the wall than why in the world she still thinks that Yash is after the physical relationship..
I think the reason is not only Mansi but her own personal experience in her previous marriage...  She thought it was love but her husband walked away from her and in actuality used her...  So she only got the fake love of Prashant and he only expressed his love for her in the physical relationship.  For him It did not go deeper than that... It did not reach his heart to make an eternal bond.. 
So in the shadow of her unsuccessful marriage she unconsciousily readily agrees with Mansi in spite of Shobha's repeated assurance of Yash being a gentleman.
So though in her mind it gets registered about Yash but she just shakes it off and starts thinking that this is another male who want to use her too...
Angake... yes Yash needs to snap and put the matters right but it will take time...  Yash is not going to do that knowing Aartiji has lots of misconception about him..
Now I am getting irritated at Aarti too.. 
But needs to see today's episode and will comment later

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yipee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2012 at 11:32am | IP Logged
precap - Yash scolding Prateek for all the decoration in the room saying "tum achche se jaante ho maine yeh shaadi ke liye haan kyun kaha..." and aarti is listening...but again PV always has misleading precaps so dunno if she is really listening or not

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