Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

SS I'm yours forever...(13+)

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HeartHello!Smile I'm new here and this is my first OS! Please don't bash me if it's horrible.Tongue So here, in the story, the family members have learnt that Shyam had been betraying Anjali as he had fallen in love with another woman but it is still not revealed who she was. Arnav had thrown Shyam out of the house. As for Khushi, she knew that she was the woman Shyam loved and still felt guilty about that until this part of the story. Arnav thought he knew the truth and had planned to reveal the truth to the family after the six months. In that scene, everybody had gone to the temple, leaving Khushi alone and unaware that Aal izz not well between Arshi Cry


6 months have passed...


She was in the bedroom... crying... and had only one question in her mind... Why... Why did he do this to her? Why did he hurt her and hate her so much? Since 7 days, he hadn't talked to her and she hadn't been able to see him properly. She felt restless! And today... she was going to leave him and get out of his life forever... She was relieved as she was going to be free from the miseries he had been giving her since those 6 months but... She didn't want to leave him... She wanted to kiss him, to hug him, to slap him hard and ask him why... why he had...


BANG! The door slammed and he came in, fuming and sat on the couch. Wasn't he supposed to be at the office? Then? He was red in anger, tears in his eyes and being killed slowly inside... In a broken and calm voice, he said, "Get out..."


She was shocked and thought... did he really hate her that much? Didn't he want her to stay with him? Won't he miss her at all? These thoughts deeply saddened her and one tear flew down her cheek. She quietly passed in front of him and held her suitcase. Meanwhile, he was dying inside with her every move to go away from him. She walked towards him and, holding his shoulders, pulled him up and in a voice full of tears said, "Arnavji... Humare jaane se pehle kya aap humare liye kuch kar sakte hai?" (Arnav... Before I go, can you do something for me?)


Looking at the innocence in her eyes and beauty, he was unable to refuse. He nodded slowly. Khushi got emotional and lovingly cupped his face. He was surprised by her gesture. She said, " Arnavji, kya aap aakhri baar humein... humein g... gale laga s... sakte hai? Taaki hum... hum aapke liye apne... pyaar ko mehsoos kar sakein... please..." (Arnav, can you hug me for the last time? So that... I can feel my love for you... please...) Heart Heart


Tears flowing from his eyes, he was confused but so touched that he instantly hugged her tightly... She felt like it was the best day of her life... when her love was being acknowledged... She held him tighter and cried on his shoulder. Their heartbeats were fast and both were crying bitterly. A few minutes later, he wasn't being able to resist her anymore and slowly sticked his lips to hers. She closed her eyes and felt like she was in heaven... She ran her hand into his hair. After some minutes, Arnav realized what he was doing, slowly broke the kiss and pulled himself back. Khushi who wasn't satisfied, pulled him back and his lips returned to hers. He didn't want the kiss to end but if he had kissed her for one second more, he would break down and would have spread his guts. He forcefully pulled back from her and turned away.


Khushi, unable to bear the pain of being away from her love... her life... broke down at his knees and hid her face in her hands. Seeing this, Arnav quickly went on his knees, removed her hands from her face and saw her face drenched in tears. He cupped her face and said, "Khushi, please don't cry... I can't bear to see you crying..." She had a faint smile when suddenly, Arnav removed his hands from her face, woke up and harshly said, "Now why the hell are you crying? What you want has finally arrived right? Tum ab aaraam se apne Shyam ke saath reh sakti ho! Aakhir itna pyaar jo karti ho unse! Uss din usse gale lag rahi thi na chat pe?! Mujhe chodkar tum bahut khush rahogi na Khushi Kumari Gupta?"  (You can stay with your Shyam without any worries now! After all you love him so much! You were hugging him on the terrace that day right? You will be so happy after leaving me right Khushi Kumari Gupta?) He turned away from her.


Khushi, shocked, turned him towards her and reacted at his words instantly. "BAS! BAHUT HO CHUKA! ITNE DIN SE HUM CHUP HAI ISKA MATLAB NAHIN KI AAP KUCH BHI BAKWAAS KAHENGE AUR HUM SAB KUCH SUN LENGE! HUMEIN TOH PEHLE SE HI SHAK HO GAYE THE KI AAP USS SHYAM AUR HUM PAR SHAK KAR RAHE THE! PAR PHIR BHI, BEWAKOOF KI TARAH HUMNE SOCHA KI YEH NAHIN HO SAKTA! KI ARNAVJI HUMARE BAARE MEIN ITNA GALAT NAHIN SOCH SAKTA! ULTA HUM KITNE GALAT THE! HUM USS GIRE HUE INSAAN SE PYAAR KAISE KAR SAKTE HAI! UNHONE DI KO DHOKA DIYA! HUM AAP... (Enough! It's too much now! I have been quiet for all these days but that doesn't mean that you will talk rubbish and I'm going to listen to everything! I had doubts earlier that you were doubting Shyam and me! But still, I said to myself that Arnav can't think so wrong about me, like an idiot! It was the other way round, I was wrong! How can I love that low-minded man? That man betrayed Anjali! I you...)


Arnav, couldn't control his anger and said "How dare you talk to me like that?!! He held her shoulders with the same force that he used to but finally closed his eyes and calmed down. Khushi wanted to die... The man she loved so much... loved? He didn't deserve her love! He... had doubted her! She was going to give him a piece of her mind when... no she can't do this... he will be more hurt... but she was not less hurt than him so yes she would do this...


Before she could say anything, Arnav fell on his knees and broke into tears which reflected his pain, anger and... Love for her. She couldn't control herself by seeing him broken down like this and cupped his face. She sticked her forehead to his and he said, "Khushi... I don't know... I just don't know... Shyam is a b*stard who ruined my di's life! I hate him! I... I hate you Khushi! I hate you like hell! You were also with him! You loved him!... No... No you didn't love him... We... We both felt something for each other! No I felt something for you! You didn't!! You loved him! Di... My Di… She was so naive! She didn't know anything... She loved him so much but you and Shyam betrayed Di and... and me! Why Khushi?... Why? Why do you love someone like him? And why don't you love...


He stopped abruptly and Khushi was impatiently waiting for him to complete his sentence. He woke up and left the room. Khushi who understood him completely by now, who understood all his feelings, all his confusion, was sad as he had not trusted her all this time but was also happy that he had told her all he had felt all this time.She thought about him, all their memorable moments together and their undying love for each other. Suddenly, someone quickly entered the room. It was Shyam! He came into the room and pulled Khushi towards him, "Khushiji, humne apni jaan ko khatre mein dalkar aapse milne aaye hai. Aap humare saath aayie. 6 mahine toh poore ho chuke hai na? Humpar vishwas kijie hum aapko bahut khush rakhenge! Uss Arnav toh office jaa chuka hai na? Pata bhi nahin chalne denge! Aayie abhi!" (Khushi, I have put my life in danger to come and meet you. Come with me. 6 months have passed by right? Trust me I'll keep you very happy! That Arnav has gone to the office right? We won't let him know! Come now!)


 Khushi screamed loudly, "Chodiye humein!!!" (Leave me!) Meanwhile, neither Khushi nor Shyam had seen Arnav who was hiding behind the door. He hid himself as he saw Shyam and Khushi. Khushi continued. " Aap Yahan? Aapki himmat kaise hui humein choone ki! Hum aapse nafrat karte hai! Ghin aati hai humein aap par! Anjaliji jaisi acchi patni ko dhokha de rahe hai aap? Aur kis hak se aap aaye hai? Aapko toh Arnavji ne ghar se bahar kar diya tha na? (Tears in her eyes) Aur… aapki wajah se humare Arnavji humpar vishwaas nahin karte! Unko nahin pata ki aap PG bankar humare ghar mein aaye the aur phir humse sagaai bhi ki! Aur uss raat unhone humein galat samjha aur hum par shak kiya! Arre unko yeh bhi nahin pata ki humne aapse kabhi pyaar kiya hi nahin! Ulta aapse nafrat karte hai hum! Uss raat hum unse apne dil ki baat batana chahte the lekin… (You here? How dare you touch me? I hate you! I feel disgusted with you! You are betraying a good wife like Anjali? And with which right have you come here? Arnav had put you out of the house right? And…My Arnav doesn't trust me because of you! He doesn't know that you had come as a PG in my house and even got engaged to me! That night, he misunderstood me and doubted me! And he doesn't even know that I never loved you! I hate you! That night, I wanted to tell him about my feelings but…)

She couldn't complete her sentence when Shyam slapped her and threw her dupatta away! She was scared. Then he started touching and caressing her. She started crying and felt disgusted. \she tried to go away but Shyam didn't let her and touched her everywhere. Arnav who wasn't able to bear this any further, came in the room and punched Shyam hard in the face and continued till the snake was unconscious. He then kicked him near the poolside and went to comfort his Khushi who was shivering and feeling disgusted that that monster had touched her! As she saw Arnav walk towards her, she ran to him and hugged him tighter than ever and Arnav held her tighter than she was! She said, "Arnav he touched me! He touched me! I want to die!! I can't live with the thought that he has ever touched me. Please kill me! Make me forget this! Please…"

Arnav who was in tears, said, "Khushi… My God! I am so… so sorry! I misunderstood you! I am a bl**dy fool! I don't deserve any feelings from you Khushi… I… That Shyam… he touched you! How could he? I'll kill him!" He pulled himself away from Khushi but Khushi pulled him back and said, "Please Arnavji don't leave me… Just make me forget these horrible moments!

Hearing this, Arnav's heart melted and told her, "Khushi, come with me…" He made her sit on the bed, put his arm round her and made her rest on his shoulder. He said, "Now Khushi, tell me whatever you feel, open your heart to me…"

Khushi who felt relieved by her husband's warmth and love towards her said, "Yes Arnavji… Today my heart is all yours… The first thing is that I hate Shyam! I hate him more than anything on Earth! He… he had come as a PG at Buaji's. Buaji liked him and chose him to marry me. Meanwhile, I had already met you and started to feel for you… I didn't know… I couldn't understand my feelings for you… You were about to get engaged to Lavanyaji and this was killing me inside! I couldn't bear seeing you both together! I was burning inside! Each time you talked harshly to me and told me that you hated me, my heat ached... I wanted to cry… Shyam and I got engaged and when I learnt that he was already married and that too to none another than Anjalidi, I slapped him and broke my engagement with him. But he never stopped harassing me. I wanted to tell you the truth but I couldn't see you hurt so I kept quiet. That was a horrible mistake! After all which happened between us… I started to get attracted to you… And I… I was so happy that you were also responding to my feelings for you…That night, I wanted to tell you how much I feel for you but you… you misunderstood me because of Shyam! I told him to leave Anjalidi for her own good as he was destroying her life! But you didn't understand me… When you told me that I had to marry you at that moment else you would break my jiji's marriage, I was shattered… I thought… that man whom I… I… love so much… doesn't respect me and doesn't love me… I was heartbroken… it was the worst day of my life… You hated me and didn't want to see my face! I really wanted to be with you for the rest of my life… I really loved you… I love you more than anything else in the world… I couldn't bear the fact that you hate me… I couldn't… I wanted to die… I wanted to die!! I hated myself for loving someone selfish like you!! I hated life! I hated the fact that everyone was angry at me… My life was full of hatred! Then everything started to be alright with the other family members but I was really angry with you! I wanted to make your life hell! That's why I did whatever you disliked and promised myself that I would never care for you… But I couldn't… I couldn't Arnavji… I tried my best to hate you but I never could… You were always in my heart and it is already yours forever… You don't know Arnavji… You don't know how much I missed you these 7 last days…I missed your talks, your fights with me to use the bathroom first, your needs… I can't live without you Arnavji… I am nothing without you… I won't be able to bear you being far away from me…You are my life… I love you… I love you too much… Please don't hate me… I won't be able to bear it… I'll die (Cries)"

Arnav, who was touched and hated himself for whatever he had done, hugged her and said, "I love you too Khushi… I love you more than my life sweetheart… How can I hate you?… the reason of me being alive?" They both shared a romantic eye lock and look tenderly at each other.

At the end of the day, Khushi was still shaking and crying. On seeing this, Arnav held her tightly against his warm body and says, "Khushi… I can make you forget whatever happened some time ago but it might take some time… maybe the whole night…

He bent towards her neck and kissed her tenderly… She was in the seventh sky… She turned her neck on the other side to give him more access to her… He placed soft and hot kisses on her neck till her jawline… He was about to kiss her luscious lips when he saw one tear fall from her eye. Thinking that she was uncomfortable with someone like him, he pulled back, hurt. Seeing his reaction, she put her head on his chest and said, "I trust you… I love you..." Hearing this, he got satisfied and smirked. He approached his lips to hers and placed a delicious hot kiss on her lips and started to suck her lips. At first the kiss was slow but when Khushi opened her mouth a little, the wild animal in him woke up and he opened her mouth more with his tongue. She sucked his tongue and he tasted the inside of her mouth. He was kissing her passionately and she was responding with equal force. They both loved each other infinitely and didn't need anything apart from each other. There were only them… In their own world full of love and passion… He pulled himself back and she let out a moan. She wanted more… He smirked on seeing his Khushi groaning and wanting more of him. Before he could continue, Khushi caught hold of his shirt and pushed him on the bed. She leaned on him and bit his lower lip. Then she ran her hand in his hair and started kissing his neck passionately. He had never expected his Khushi to be so passionate and romantic but he didn't think about that right at that time. He just knew that his Khushi was with him and that she loved him… Thinking that the time had come, he turned over and Khushi was under him. She began to unbutton his shirt and he unclasped her bra and they laid on the bed. His arms were around her waist and her hands on his nude chest. They loved each other's touch on each other. Arnav said in a soft and low voice, "Kiss me, Khushi…"

Without hesitating, she ran her mouth in his and kissed him passionately. He also kissed her back. Suddenly, she realized something… the 6 month contract… She couldn't do this… They weren't married anymore! She broke the kiss and her husband let out a moan. Hearing this, she couldn't resist and kissed him again. Then she thought… No… this is wrong… She got off the bed and started to put on her bra. He came behind and held her shoulders. As soon as she felt his touch on her, she closed her eyes and turned back to hug him. She said, "Arnavji, this is wrong… We aren't married anymore…

Arnav who was saddened by her words said, "Khushi, our relationship is pure and our love also. Our marriage cannot be broken like glass. It is no crime. We are husband and wife! Don't you love me?"

A smiling Khushi replied, "Yes Arnav… I love you… I'm yours forever…"Heart Heart

Arnav was happy of her answer and made her lay on the bed again and kissed her lips passionately. She was breathing heavily. Arnav asked her. "Do you want me?" She moaned, "Arnavvji… Arnavv…" She pulled his head towards her face and devoured his lips. She said while brushing her lips to his, "Yes… I… I want you!" They then spent a passionate night together and swore to never leave each other till death…    

I know it's awful please don't bash me as I'm still a newbie LOL

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