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VirMan SS...Tum Ho Mera Pyaar...Part 29 pg 146 (Page 107)

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Originally posted by kiru2992

Loved the update...SmileSmileSmile
Mostly i loved the way maanvi made virat say those words...SmileSmile
Please do continue...Smile

  Thnk u so much, m so glad u lykd it...will continue asap..thnks once again..Smile

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Originally posted by LuvVirManNiShal

Beautifully Written
Perfectly Portrayed The Song Be Intehaan
Loved How Viren Was Shocked At Jeevika and
VirMan's Trying To control themselves aww
So sweet
Update soon and pm me please
Thanksz x
  Thnk u so much...will update asap...n will definitely pm u...ur most wc, n thnks once again..Smile

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Hello lovely people...m back wid a new update...thnks a lot 4 ur lovely comments n lyks..I really hope u lyk dis update as well...EnJoy..Extremely sorry 4 da delay..

VirMan...Tum Ho Mera Pyaar...Part 25...


Both fell asleep in each others arms. After so many day, Maanvi slept peacefully in her Husband's arms. And after so many months, Viraat slept peacefully, with his Wife, in his arms.


It was 3:00 in the morning, Maanvi was wide awake in Viraat's arms, as he was in his deep slumber. She looked up at him and then looked down poutingly. Once again, she looked up at him and moved her fingers through his face with a cute smile.

Maanvi: Viraat..??

No Response.

Maanvi: (pouts yet again) Viraat?

No Response.

Maanvi: Yeh toh uth hi nahi raha. Ek baar aur try karti hun.

She leaned towards his ear and screamed his name.

Maanvi: VIRAAT...?

Viraat: (annoyedly/sleepy tone/eyes still closed) Kya hai Maanvi, sone do na.

Maanvi: Viraat?

Viraat: Hmm...

Maanvi: (smiles) I Love You.

Viraat: Hmm...

Maanvi: (little upset) Viraat?

Viraat: (irritatedly, opens his eyes) Kya hai Maanvi, so jao na.

Maanvi: (smiles) I Love You.

Viraat: (closes his eyes) Hmm

Maanvi: (angrily) Mr. Viraat Singh Vadhera I Love You!!!

Viraat: (opened his eyes yet again) I Love You Too, ab please so jao aur mujhe bhi sone do.

Viraat closed his eyes and pulled Maanvi more closed to him. Maanvi looked at him and then smiled.

Maanvi: Viraat?

Viraat: (opens his eyes) Ab kya hai Meri Maa?

Maanvi: Tum mujhse puchoge nahi ki maine tumhe kyun roka.

Viraat: Nahi.

Maanvi: (looking at him questioningly) Kyun?

Viraat: (looking at her) Kyun ki main tumhari marzi ke bina, kuch nahi karna chahta.

Maanvi: Fir bhi.

Viraat: (smiles) Thik hai, tum batana chahti ho toh bata sakhti ho.

Maanvi: Viraat, jab humari shadi huyi thi, tab mujhe laga tha ki tum mujhse shadi iss liye kar rahe ho kyun ki mujhe cancer hai.  

Viraat: (hold her hand in his) Ab toh yakeen aa gaya hai na, ki maine tumse shadi sirf tumhare liye nahi ki, khud ke liye bhi ki.

Maanvi: (looking up at him) Haan, par Viraat, maine toh tumse shadi sirf Di ke liye ki thi na.

Viraat: Kya farak padhta hai Maanvi, humari shadi toh ho hi gayi na. Hum saath hai, isse zyada aur kya chahiye hume?
Maanvi: Farak padhta hai Viraat. Woh shadi mere liye ek samjhaota thi, main nahi chahti humare rishte mein koi bhi samjhaota ho.

Viraat: (smiles looking at her) Toh fir kya chahti ho tum?

Maanvi: Mujhe fir se tumhare saath woh saath phere lene hai Viraat. Wohi saath phere, par usme humari kasmein. (smiles) Humare pyaar ki kasmein.

Viraat: Kyun?

Maanvi: Kya kyun? Tumhe mujhse dubara shadi karne mein koi problem hai?

Viraat:  (smirks) Haan hai na...

Maanvi: Kaisi problem?

Viraat: Woh kehte hai na, dusri baar shadi karne se saath janam tak woh hi life partner rehti hai. (innocently) Main tumhe saath janam aur nahi jhelna chahta..

Maanvi: (angrily) Acha? Ab toh main tumse dubara shadi karke hi rahungi, dekh lena.

Viraat: Kaise karogi?

Maanvi: Main..main..Nahi pata, par main zarur karungi. (sits up/turns her face away from him)

Viraat: (smiles/hugs her sideways after sitting up) Main tumse se dubara toh kya, hazaar baar shadi kar sakhta hun, kyun ki main tumhein sirf saath janam toh kya, uske baad bhi apni zindagi mein paana chahta hun. I Love You.

Maanvi turned to face him and smiled.

Maanvi: Sachi?

Viraat: (smiles at her) Muchi.

Maanvi: Ab so jaiye?

Viraat: Hmm...

Viraat laid back and pulled Maanvi on him.

Maanvi: (shocked at his sudden pull) Viraat..

Viraat: Itne mahine tumse dur raha, ab ek pal bhi tumse dur nahi raha jaata.

Maanvi: (smiles) Toh maine kab..

Maanvi was cut off by Viraat's lips, he started kissing her. Her eyes widen when Viraat captured her lips in his. He rolled on top of her, kissing her passionately, with all the love he has for her. After a little while, Maanvi also started responding to the kiss, with the same passion that Viraat was kissing her with. Viraat's hands were wrapped around Maanvi's waist, pulling her even more close, while Maanvi's hands were roaming around his back, pulling him closer. They broke apart as they were breathless. Viraat moved down towards her neck and starts leaving sweet soft kisses on it.

Maanvi: (eyes closed) Vi..Vir..Viraat..

Viraat: (in between the kisses) I Love You...

Maanvi: Viraat, Please..

Viraat, still continued his kissing session, moved up towards her lips and gave a little peck on it. He moved back and saw his Wife, Maanvi's eyes closed, her face red in color.

Viraat: Let's sleep Maanvi.

Maanvi opened her eyes, she looked at him and gave him a warm smile. She cuddled close to him as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. They closed their eyes and fell asleep in each others arms.


Maanvi: (confused/looking around) Viraat kahan le kar jaa rahe ho?

Viraat: Arey aao toh sahi...

Maanvi: Viraat..main gir jaungi...

Viraat was pulling Maanvi with him towards the temple. They just reached the stairs, Maanvi turned towards Viraat and looked at him questioningly.

Maanvi: (surprised) Mandir? Tum mujhe mandir mein laaye ho?

Viraat: Haan. Kyun nahi laa sakhta?

Maanvi: Nahi, bas, I'm just a little surprised.

Viraat: (smiles) Hmm, andar chale?

Maanvi: (smiles back) Haan.

They entered the mandir and saw the pandit sitting on the floor, in front of the holy fire. On his left was a tray which contained Varmala's, Sindoor, and Mangalsutra.

Maanvi: Viraat yahan toh kisiki shadi hai shayad, hume jaana chahiye, hum fir kabhi aa jaiyein ge.

Viraat: Maanvi, agar hum chale gaye toh yeh shadi nahi ho paye gi.

Maanvi: (confusedly) Matlab?

Viraat: (gave her a wide smile) Matlab aaj humari shadi hai.

Maanvi: (shocked/surprised) KYA?

Viraat: Haan, tumhe dubara shadi karni thi na, so...

Maanvi: Viraat..(teary eyes) maine sirf ek baar bola aur tumne mere liye yeh sab...?

Viraat: Yeh sab sirf tumhare liye nahi hai, yeh sab humare liye hai. Aaj se na hi kuch mera hoga na hi kuch tumhara hoga, (smiles) sab humara hoga, hum dono ko chodh kar. Main tumhara aur tum sirf aur sirf meri hogi, aur kisi ki nahi.

Maanvi: Viraat..main..

Viraat: Maanvi...mahurat nikal raha hai, chale?

Maanvi smiled and nodded her head approvingly. Viraat held her hand and they both walked towards the mandap.

Pandit Ji: (looking at them weirdly) Shadi aap dono ki hai?

Viraat: (smiles) Ji Pandit ji.

Pandit Ji: (looking at Maanvi) Par yeh toh shadi shuda hai.

Maanvi and Viraat looked at each other and smiled.

Maanvi: Pandit Ji, main inhi ki Patni hun, hum dubara shadi karne aaye hain.

Pandit Ji: (smiles) Oh acha acha.

Viraat: Pandit Ji main abhi aaya.

Pandit Ji: Theek hai.

Maanvi: Viraat..?

Viraat: Main abhi aata hun...

Maanvi looked at Viraat confusedly, as he walked away from her. After a mintue or two, he was back with a red dupatta.

Maanvi: Viraat (looking at the dupatta) yeh?

Maanvi spoke as Viraat came near her. He smiled and stepped forward, close to her. He opened the dupatta and placed it on her head, neatly.

Viraat: Meri Dulhan ke liye.

Maanvi smiled with tears in her eyes.

Pandit Ji: (handing the Varmala's) Aap dono ek dusre ko Varmala pehnaiye.

Viraat and Maanvi took the Varmala in their hands and smiled, looking at each other. Maanvi raised her hands and placed the Varmala around Viraat's neck. Viraat did the same with Maanvi.

Pandit Ji: Ab aap dono baith jaaiye.

They both held each others hands and sat down, in front of the Pandit as he started chanting some mantra's.

Pandit Ji: (handing him the sindoor) Sindoor lagaiye.

Viraat took a pinch on sindoor in between his fingers and applied it on to Maanvi's forehead as she closed her eyes.

Pandit Ji: (handing him the magalsutra) Magalsutra pehnaiye.

Viraat took hold of the Magalsutra and tied it around Maanvi's neck.

Viraat: (whisperes near her ear) I LOVE YOU.

Maanvi blushed as she heard Viraat's words, she turned and saw the Pandit looking at them. Her cheeks turned bright red due to the blushing and embarrasment as well, she pushed Viraat away slightly.

Pandit Ji: (looking at them questioningly) Ghath Bandhan kaun karega?

Viraat: Pandit Ji, Gath Bandhan ki kya zarurat hai, (looking at Maanvi, with lots and lots of love in his eyes for her) hum toh ek dusre se pehle se hi jude huye hai.

Pandit Ji: Fir bhi Ghath Bandhan karni padhegi.

Viraat stood up, held his hands out for Maanvi to hold. She smiled, placed her hand in his, and got up from her seat.

Viraat: Ab theek hai Pandit Ji?

Pandit Ji: (smiles) Haan haan Beta. Phere shuru kijiye.

The Pandit started chanting the mantra's again, while VirMan started walking, taking saath phere, holding each others hands in theirs. Viraat was in front of Maanvi, and she was walking behind him.

Viraat: Pehla vachan...Main tumhe hamesha khush rakhne ki koshish karta rahunga. Tumhari izzat karunga, aur tumhe kabhi koi bhi taklif hone nahi dunga.

Maanvi: Main bhi vada karti hun, tumhe hamesha khush rakhungi.

Viraat: Dusra vachan...Main tumhe woh sab dunga, jo tumhe chahiye, chahe woh tumhari zarurat ho ya tumhari maang..

Maanvi: Main bhi tumhe woh sab dene ki koshish karungi, jo tum chahte ho.

Viraat: Teesra vachan...Main tumse vada karta hun, main kabhi bhi tumhare paas koi dukh aur taklif aane nahi dunga, hamesha tumhare saath khada rahunga.

Maanvi: Main bhi tumse vada karti hun, agar kabhi bhi, koi dukh aur taklif humare samne aayi, toh main dhaal ban kar tumhare samne khadi rahungi.

Saying this, Maanvi stepped in front of Viraat, as they completed their third round.

Viraat: Chautha(4th) vachan...Main vada karta hun ki tumhare Parivaar ko main hamesha apna maanunga, unhe har taklif se dur rakhne ki har ek koshish karunga.

Maanvi: Main bhi vada karti hun, aaj se tumhara Parivaar mera Parivaar hai, unke dukh aur sukh mere saath jude hai. Main unhe wohi izzat aur pyaar dungi jo main apne Parivaar ko aaj tak deti aayi hun.

Viraat: Paanchwa(5th) vachan...main vada karta hun ki humare bacche, hamesha ek khushal zindagi jiyeinge..main unhe har woh khushi dunga jo ek parents apne bacchon ko dete hai.

Maanvi: Main bhi tumhare saath unhe itna pyaar dungi ki unhe kabhi pyaar ki kami nahi hogi.

Viraat leaned in, towards her ear and whispered.

Viraat: (smirks) Mujhse bhi zyada pyaar dogi unhe.

Maanvi blushed and slighty hits him on his arm.

Viraat: Agla vachan...main vachan deta hun ki main kabhi bhi tumhe kuch nahi hone dunga. Agar kabhi zarurat padi, toh maut se bhi chhin lagunga tumhe main.

Maanvi's eyes filled with tears as she remembered how Viraat brought her back to life when she was actually dead.

Maanvi: (smiles) Main vada karti hun, zindagi toh kya, maut bhi hume kabhi alag nahi kar payegi. Main hamesha tumhare saath, tumhare paas rahungi.

Viraat smiled, as he saw Maanvi smiling through her tears. He knew why she had tears in her eyes.

Viraat: Saathva(7th) vachan...tum meri Patni hone se pehle, meri dost ho. Main yeh vada karta hun ki main kabhi bhi tumse kuch nahi chupaunga. Tumhe marne ke baad bhi pyaar karunga, tumhe kabhi khud se alag hone nahi dunga.

Maanvi: Main bhi tumse kabhi bhi kuch nahi chupaungi. Kuch bhi ho, sab se pehle tumhare baare mein sochungi. Hamesha tumhara saath nibhaungi. Main tumhe hamesha ke baad bhi utna hi pyaar karungi, jitna aaj karti hun.

Pandit Ji: Phere katam huye, aaj se aap dono Pati Patni huye.

VirMan smiled at each other and Viraat leaned towards her, to hug his newly wedded Wife.

Maanvi: (embarrassed) Viraat kya kar rahe ho, Pandit ji dekh rahe hai.

Viraat smiled and saw the Pandit getting up.

Viraat: (whisperes) Toh kya hua, shadi ho gayi hai humari, woh bhi dusri baar, itna toh chalta hai na.

He saw the Pandit walking away from them.

Viraat: Lo ab toh Pandit Ji bhi jaa chuke hain, (leaning close to her) ab toh ek hug dedo na Mrs. Vadhera.

Maanvi smiled at Viraat and hugged him tightly.

Maanvi: Thank You Viraat, yeh sab karne ke liye, tum nahi jante yeh sab mere liye kya maayne rakhta hai.

Viraat: Janta hun Maanvi, yeh sab maine hum dono ke liye kiya hai, tumhe thanks bolne ki koi zarurat nahi hai.

Maanvi: (eyes closed) I Love You Viraat, please kabhi mujhe chodh kar mat jaana, main tumhare bina jee nahi paungi.

Viraat: Toh tumhe lagta hai main jee paunga, I Love You, hamesha ke baad bhi karta rahunga, samjhi.

Maanvi had a wide smile on her face, she pulled Viraat more close to her and hugged him as tight as she could.

Ok so dats it 4 2day, I hope u lykd it...Nxt Update Will B Da Last Update Guyz, M Sorry If U Dn't Want Dis SS 2 End, But I seriously hve no more ideas, therefore, m ending dis...Plz leave ur comments 4 me n hit lyk if u lykd it..Thnks a lotz...Lots n Lotz of Love Aarti..



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yayy me first againDancing
aww manvi is so cute yarr...Embarrassed
virat ko uthake ilu bolti hai.. haaye so sweet...
wow she wants 2 marry again...
aaye haaye da cute lil romance was niceEmbarrassed
wow virat ne itni jaldi shaadi karne ke liye ready ho gaya...
wow da part where dey promise each other was so beautifully written...
hw cn u say dat im better dan u.. im nthn compared 2 u...
haww u wanna end dis ssShocked
kabhi socha wat ill happen 2 me if u end dis...Cry
i lyk it sooo much aartiUnhappy
thnx fr da pm

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awesome continue soon

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thanks a lot for the pm
awesome update

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wooow reallyyy amazinggg update
now i want there proper SR :p
plz update asap nd dis tym
arti make it extra romantic...

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aww this was soo sweet beautiful and cute update...Smile
The moments of their marriage promises were jst so beautiful...Smile

Update next part soon
Bt i dnt want this ss to end
Bahot miss karungi
If possible pls cntinue

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