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SS|ArHi| Your Just a Cannibal... LastPartPg.24

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mature content ahead, Please don't read if you are below 18.


Also since it has been brought to my attention, i'd like to add any resemblance to any other story you have read is purely a mere coincidence. I like praise just as much as the other person but only over whats rightfully mine and deserving.Any queries, feel free to PM  me :)

inspired by the song animal (neon trees)LOL

Part 2 - Pg 10

Part 3 - Pg 17

Last Part - Pg 24


the intercom buzzed bringing his attention back to the call awaiting to be heard, he had attended 20 calls and it was only past ten, when did the seconds start becoming hours was beyond his comprehension. It felt like he had been sitting in this leather chair for eons, files and meetings just kept on piling up and up.Oh' how he wished he could see her right at this moment but he had to control himself, she had decided they needed to give each other space to sort out their feelings rather be it only her feelings.Though, now it was getting too much and too hard to control this urge to see her, she was just so delectable that it was a impossible task to stay avid of her and any memory attached to her. But he would do it, because he was Arnav Singh Raizada, who never bowed down to anyone, rather people succumbed to his needs and wants not the other way around.

Every girl in the city was crazy over this dashing, handsome, egotistic maniac called ASR and yet his dreams were alluded with one girl only, Khushi Gupta, the next leading businesswomen recently graduated from Harvard with a MBA, leading her father's textiles company for the time being and giving other companies a run for their money. He'd never seen a girl like her, most girls he knew would fall to his feet in seconds of his presence, but she was different, something apart from the crowd, she treated him just as he treated her, and that aspired him to take her as his newest conquest. Sooner or later, she had given in just like the rest and the memories they had made together were cherished in his thoughts, body, soul and imprinted into his every moment that where ever he went, he ached just for a glimpse of her.

memories, memories, there were innumerable amount of moments spent with her, some had been among all, which were of the most beautiful times with her and than there were others that unleashed both of their darkest deepest desires, leading them to fully surrendering to each other in fists of passion, enrage, tenderness and hints of love.

sighing, he grazed his hands through his hair in frustration, he needed to stop thinking about her, getting up from his chair, he stood in front of the french windows, leading outside to the view of the busy new-yorkers, engrossed in their own thoughts, worries, tensions unaware of his scrutinizing gaze on them, and suddenly his eyes caught a sight of something instantly bringing a wicked smirk to those usually growling lips of his, '' cindy come inside now'' he ordered into the intercom, awaiting the entrance of his secretary. So Miss Gupta thought she could play with his peace of mind, well she didn't know he was no older player in the game, infact he created the game, you don't mess with marked territory.

Ms. Gupta entered dressed elegantly in a one of a kind made for her only, Gucci dress, which seemed to hug her in all the right places. Her personal belief was, when you got it, flaunt it, the world was too damn a judgmental place to give thought to, what they thought of you. If she was happy with whom she was, than the rest could certainly go to hell for all that she cared.

" good morning lisa" Khushi smiled placing her handbag and coat on the desk,she immediately went over her messages, in hopes of finding a certain Raizada among them but alas all was vain. Lisa laughed a bit catching Khushi's attention,'' something funny?'' straightening up, lisa shook her head, '' mam, he didn't call''

raising her eyebrow, khushi pretended to be lost, '' he, who?'' rummaging through her files in a bit of disappointment, she took a seat lost in her own thoughts. So Mr.Raizada didn't kneel, like he had said, but that hadn't proven anything except that his ego was gigantic.

''your coffee, mam''
extending the mug towards khushi, Lisa smiled brightly''what are you so happy about, ms sunshine?'' khushi grunted, taking a sip of her coffee, she was really loosing it, this man and his games, why couldn't he be a good boy and agree to her demand. What was so wrong in asking that they be announced as a couple now? And of course, after his refusal her need for space was a given.

''nothing mam, its just a package came for you, just a while ago'' lisa announced in a cheery voice, Khushi looked up , '' what's so special about a package?''

lisa neared khushi, '' its from AR designs'' she whispered, and didn't fail to miss the small but noticeable light in khushi's eyes that always happened to be there, whenever a certain Raizada was mentioned, '' should i get it?''

Khushi tried to hide her excitement but it was a miserable attempt, it had been a week and this was the first time she had heard from him, nothing could make her happier, '' what are you waiting for lisa?'' khushi asked and got up from her seat, watching her secretary scurry out, she smiled slyly.

open in private,
the package had written on top it, it was fairly medium sized cardboard box, she wondered what was so exclusive about it that she had to be alone. But still being cautious and aware of his trivial and sparing ways, khushi locked her door and went ahead to open the box.There was a small white box inside, with a ribbon bow-tie. khushi slowly picked it up and opened it unaware of the contents inside it. And then she saw it, her eyes shot open, and her plump lips twisted as soft blush crept up her soft pale cheeks. She was holding onto a two piece red lingerie, with a side note attached to it.

mortified already, she pulled on the note, ''tomorrow Sharma's Gala, wear something red on top also'' that rotten scum, she strangled the piece of clothing in her hand, and blew out a breath, walking over to her desk, she punched in a number

'' so you decided to give up on your silly demand after all?'' the voice was enthralled but equally hinting of glorification and mocking.

''shut the hell up'' khushi screamed, '' how dare you? you, you laad governor!'' she tried to hold on to her anger but it was slipping by the moments.

''feisty! so i see you got your present already?'' he questioned,

''how dare you send me'' stuttering, she kept onto her words, '' me that..that..''

''as if i haven't seen you in anything less than that'' he interrupted, ''don't tell me you forgot the time in the car, by the poolside, in my office, in your closet ---'' trailing off he grinned.

''you idiot, stop it!'' khushi on the verge of throwing the phone at the wall, kept a hold onto her semblance as those beautiful moments flickered in front of her eyes, closing her eyes, she clenched her fists, '' are you going to declare us as a couple tomorrow?''

''why would i do that?''

enraged, she grabbed the receiver, and blasted'' than why would i wear this little gift of yours?'' hanging up, she heaved a silent prayer, and than turned to her work, hoping to block out any thoughts of his from her mind but she knew that was as impossible as her willing defeat to him, both ways she wanted so much more and was trying to make do with what she had. But she was a firm believer in accepting nothing less than the best and she would achieve it, sooner than later, that was a self -promise.  

blocking out his thoughts, she turned to lisa,''lisa get me the singhgania tender file, and also the presentation for tonight's meeting'' she buried herself in her work, her first love, there were nothing she could imagine that could gel perfectly with her as much as her work. She made herself stand where she stood today, all the hard work got her here, the nights spent groveling over her books and having no life beyond them paid off in the long run.

So the lingerie idea, didn't work off as much as he thought it would, but he had other plans for her and him. She would bend to his will, she had to, there was no other option for her other than to agree with him and give up her silly wish. Why did it matter if people knew they were together? What difference would it make? And anyway, he didn't care what people thought about him and khushi just as long as they both were happy, rest were not his concern. The aura of his personality was whipped out of shape for years now, and he had no intention to change it now.

If Khushi wanted to play this game longer, he would aid her in completing her mission, because she was bound to him, unspoken it was but she knew and he knew, what was between them was not normal, it was beyond the basic attraction.

smashing the door of her car, she headed inside the building. she was in a sour mood ever since her talk with him, how could someone's ego be so important to him? Or was it something above that? Deeper? Whatever it was, she couldn't do anything about it until he let her in, and he was not willing too. All he was interested was physical closeness, but she wanted more from him. She wanted to give their relation a name, all the gossip being passed around about them had irked her to the extent where she had to put up a wall, to see if he would break it down. So far, she was not getting anywhere and that had her in the worst moods ever, she was not use to not getting her way. All her life, she was told if she wanted something, she could get it and now what she wanted was being a too stubborn a**hole

grabbing her keys from her purse, she pushed open her apartment door and turned to close it but something stopped her way, she looked up and was shocked, '' you?'' opening the door, she folded her hands to her chest glaring into his eyes, '' what the hell do you want?''

''you know what i want'' his eyes scanned her entire body in desperation before landing up on her lush scarlet lips, '' i have been wanting for a long time now'' he looked beyond her into her apartment, raising his eyebrow'' aren't you going to invite me in?'' he questioned.

khushi broke away from the glare and turned around walking away from him, leaving the door open. What was he doing here? A week without him had been hell and now she was to suffer more by seeing him and not being able to be with him, '' what do you want Arnav?'' he entered and closed the door behind them

''how many times do i have to say'' arnav asked following her into the bedroom, '' you, you , you , you, should i say it in another language?

stopping in her tracks, she whirled around only to bump into him, his hands automatically found way around her waist, smiling he neared very slowly aware of his effect on her already, khushi shivered as his other hand caressed her back softly, '' i want you''

khushi snapped out realizing she was giving in, '' well i don't want you'' she declared struggling in his hold, '' are you sure about ?'' arnav asked closing the distance between them, their bodies molded together.

khushi nodded, '' i don't'' she whispered barely trying to keep her breathing normal, arnav smiled and brushed his lips over hers, lightly grazing before parting to look into her eyes, '' still?''

Arnav grinned when he actually found her contemplating for a moment, and before he knew it, khushi had jumped up and grabbed his lips in a, passionate kiss, bruising her own lips by the assault she was causing to his, his light stubble pricked her soft creamy skin but she didn't care. Her hands found way into his hair and she pulled him closed, their tongues danced with each other and the week long separation poured out in this vulnerable kiss. Arnav strongly held on to her waist with one hand, and pulled off her coat with other. Finally having her warmth spread over him, he lazily ran his hands all over her upper body, leading her to whisper out a low moan.

breaking the kiss was not something they wanted to do, but had to.Arnav parted for her sake and looked into her desire filled eyes, they were saying so much to him. He lowered he mouth the only way he knew how to answer those feelings, pulling on her sleeve, he ripped it out and bit her on the shoulder, marking her his again and again, making her shriek in return but she still held onto him for her dear life.He smothered a layer of wet kiss, grazing his tongue over the mark, as if trying to soothe her pain.

Khushi pulled back and looked at him, placing her hands on his collar, she pulled him with her until they fell onto the bed. She was beneath him, Arnav harshly took off her shirt, impatient to grab hold on to her beautiful bosoms, that were craving his touch already. Khushi arched in delight meeting with his lower body. Khushi unwilling to keep her control any longer, hungrily took off his clothes, imprinting him, just like what he was doing to her. They were now skin to skin, no barrier separating them. Arnav slowly looked into her eyes, '' do you want me?''

Khushi stopped what she was doing, and looked into his eyes, hoping to tease him, she looked right into his eyes,'' No, i don't want you'' she spelled out.

fury caged him, and arnav felt his nerves tense up at her nonchalant attitude, he placed his hands on her neck and violently, grabbed her lower lip biting it and sucking it, causing her the utmost pain and pleasure at the same time, '' tell me you want me!'' he demanded holding her in choking grip claiming her lips with enrage and anger, '' tell me, damn it!''

khushi felt herself shake at his intensity, grabbing his hair, and pushing herself into him, '' yes i want you!'' she breathed out, Arnav gave her a winning gleam before he entered into her '' Arnavv...'' khushi mouthed in pleasure holding onto the sheets,and than all was lost in the tangle of passion and intensity. Waves of release came and went, and so did their will to stay with each till the peak of their insanity for each other.

entangled within white sheets, he lay with his head between her bosoms with a smile on his lips, khushi was playing with his hair,'' next time wear the gift''

khushi smiled, '' we will see about that nextime, nextime!''

 '' so this means i won, right'' he chided lifting his head and looking at her, khushi gave him a smirk, '' you do realize you came to MY doorsteps'' emphasizing the my, she kissed his cheeks.

as if suddenly building up his shield again, Arnav let go of her hold, '' Arnav Singh Raizada does not loose out to anyone''

''except to his heart'' khushi confronted feeling him pull away, '' don't shut me out''

Arnav starred at her for a moment '' i am not shutting anyone out'' grabbing his clothes from the floor, he quickly dressed and turned to her, '' you wanted me as much as i wanted you!'' he spit out not being able to accept that he was the one who came to her.

khushi gripped his collar in anger, '' don't you dare treat me like one of those other girls you sleep around with, i stay because i want to, the day i don't, you won't be able to do anything about it''

Arnav eyes blazed with fire, and he pulled on her hair, '' we will see about that'' planting his lips on her for a moment, and deepening the kiss, he stated, '' you are mine and don't you dare forget it'' and with that he walked to the door, with one look into her fierce eyes, he pulled at the lamp and threw it on the floor, taking away the light of the room and shut the door. Khushi stood there in the darkness still infilled with him, and his scent, realizing how much truth his words held.

Please DO comment, even if you hate it, do let me know :) i just want to know if this was good enough. As this is my first attempt at writing something like this :D

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loved it continue

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Originally posted by melovemayur

Loved it :)

a comment& my first, thank you so much for replying and liking.

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Phenomenal is the word!

Loved it - Why dont you turn in into SS?


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Kia, i am sweet sixteen forever, so i doubt i will ever be able to read it LOL
will read tommorrow, reserving -

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AWESOME! INTENSE. thanks for PM.

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Originally posted by bobop

loved it continue

continue? this a OS only hun :) i''ll see if enough ppl want me to continue i will, but thank you so much for commenting.
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It was really good!
If you can you shud definitely continue it!
It was great!
Do pm me if u decide to continue..

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