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OS: Baa and Partition

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 9:05pm | IP Logged
Hi everyone.

I was upset about this show since I read the live update today and racked my brains as to why this is happening. I have yet get any answers.

I have read many optimistic posts today on the forum and did not watch the show until it aired here at 7pm. I was not a happy camper. So instead of turning my thoughts more negative I decided to put a positive spin to the story.

Now chances of the way things happening the way I have written are zilch. (I would have better chance of winning the lottery.) This is for entertainment purpose only and to keep from going crazy and bashing the CVs to hell and back.

I wrote this in a hurry so please excuse any grammatical errors and the misspelled words.

Hope you enjoy my crazy thoughts and imagination.

OS: Baa and Partition



Ahem paced the length of his room back and forth trying to make sense of what was happening to his family. Why is adamant in this partition? What happened for to make a drastic decision like this all of a sudden? He knew there was tension between his mom and kaki, he was witness to the mango incident, but he hadn't known things were so far gone. He should have made Gopi tell the truth that day instead of swiping it aside. Things should not have gone this far.


He just couldn't believe his mom and kaki would ever reach this point. His mom and kaki had a cordial relationship all these years so why is all this happening all of a sudden? He didn't know the answers, but he knew Gopi knows and today he was going to sit her down and make her tell him everything that has been happening since before the mango incident and after the mango incident. Just then he heard the sound of payals and bangles and knew his wife was coming to the room.


He sat down in one of the chairs and started reading the file. He wanted to wait until she was settled before approaching her. He watched her from the corner of his eyes. She looked tearful and the ever-present frown lines were more pronounced tonight. She looked to be million miles away. She glanced his way worriedly then looked away. He waited for her to say something but instead she went to the wardrobe to get her night sari. She took the sari and walked into the bathroom. Ahem put the file away and got up to close and lock the door.


Gopi closed the bathroom door and leaned against it. She controlled her sobs of pain. She wanted to ask her kanaji why things had gone this far but she knew the answer already so why ask him. It was her fault; she should have listened to her Ahemji on the day of mango incident and cleared things with maji and kakiji but she thought it was a minor incident and things would settle but instead thing got worse. She gave Rashiben chance to fie things but she should have never done that either.


It was now obvious to her that her Rashiben did not tell Baa the whole truth and even though Baa had said this was all a drama Gopi did not like deceiving her family like this, they are genuinely hurt by the thought of family split and Rashiben still hasn't realized the potential danger of the situation. She couldn't even look at Ahemji when she walked in the door. He guilt was weighing her down. What if the plan didn't work like Baa is thinking? This is worrying her the most.  She changed her sari and went back in the room. Gopi was surprised to see Ahemji standing by the window with his arms across his chest staring out at the dark night.


He turned at the sound of door closing and looked at her. He walked towards her with a determination on his face. Gopi twisted her hands in front of her nervously. She hoped he didn't ask about the Holi day again. "Gopi I want to talk to you and this time I want no excuses."


Ahem saw the quick flicker of fear in her eyes before she lowered her lashes to avoid looking at him.  He knew she thought he was going to ask about the night before and his question regarding Holi, but that is going to have to wait for later. Right now he wanted to know what exactly happened between his mom and kaki.


Ahem took her hand and made her sit in one of the chairs, and he took the other chair. He looked at her bowed head and sighed. There was no way to avoid being stern with her. "Gopi I told you on the day of the mango incident you should have told the truth. Things should not have gone this far. Anyway now that it has I want to know what exactly happened for Baa to take such drastic measures?"


Gopi looked up at him nervously. "Ji woh Ahemji.." She swallowed nervously and tried to control her trembling and her tears but she could not do it and broke out in a sob.


Ahem moved colder to her and took her hand in his. "Gopi dekho, calm down and slowly tell me exactly what happened." Gopi wiped her tears and started telling him what about things that happened before the mango incident. She told him about the newspaper and how Hetal, Jigar and Rashi had gone out to dinner on Holi without informing anyone. She also told him what Rashi had said upon their return.


As Ahem listened to Gopi tell him about the each incident he was slowly getting the picture in his head and he knew Gopi had reached the same conclusion. For some reason Rashi had purposely created misunderstanding between his mom and Kakiji. He had feeling he knew why Rashi was doing this but he wanted to know what Gopi thought about everything.


He wiped her tears with his thumb and this time the gesture was natural as the other night when he for the first time automatically reached out to comfort her. She looked just as surprised as she had the other night. He smiled to reassure her. "Gopi why do you think Kaki is feeling as mom is always having her way. Mom has not changed at all then why all of a sudden Kaki is feeling as though Jigar and Rashi are being sidelined?" He waited for her answer.


Gopi twisted her hands in her lap. She knew her Ahemji had figured out that Rashiben may have had something to do this, but he wanted to know if she had also reached the same conclusion so she decided to tell him rest of it. She told him about confronting Rashiben the first time after talking with Baa. She told him how she had questioned Rashiben and told her she would not say anything to anyone but she wouldn't talk to her either.


Ahem was shocked at Gopi's revelations, but shocked him more was when she told him about how she had given Rashi twenty-four hours to fix everything or she would tell the whole family everything. He frowned then why is Baa insisting on partition? "So what happened after we left for office today for Baa to get involved in this?"


Gopi once again hesitated because things were hard to explain without revealing Baa's plan. She told him about what happened in the mandir and how Kakiji had questioned Maji and the small altercation that Baa had witnessed. She then told him about the way Rashiben talked to her in the kitchen and the argument between maji and kakiji that Baa overheard and made the decision to split the family.


Ahem stood up. "Gopi lets go."


Gopi stood up abruptly. "Ahemji but where are we going?" Ahem turned to her. "You are going to tell the whole family what you just told me. I want everyone to hear about Rashi's hand in this and how she created the misunderstandings." Ahem grabbed her hand and started walking towards the door.


Gopi had feared this is exactly how he would react. She now had no choice but to tell him about Baa's plan, but first she had to take him to Baa so she herself can explain it to Ahemji. "Ahemji wait there is more you need to know." Ahem stopped and turned to Gopi. "Okay tell me what else you know."


Gopi tugged her hand out of his; Ahem frowned but didn't say anything. "We have to go talk to Baa first." Ahem gazed at her a moment. "Theek hai chalo." He walked with her to Baa's room.


Gopi had known Baa would be awake. She knew Baa did not like doing this but she didn't have a choice. Baa was surprised to see Ahemji and her. "Arre Ahem dikra, Gopi vahu why are you not resting?"


Gopi watched as Ahemji sat next to Baa. "Baa how can we rest knowing the family is going to split tomorrow morning." Baa looked her grandson thoughtfully then her dear Gopi vahu and sighed. "Gopi vahu closed the door." Gopi complied and came back to stand near the bed. "Now tell me what is on your mind Ahem dikra."


Ahem told Baa everything that Gopi told him and when he was finished Baa once again looked at both of them and smiled. She took Ahem's hand and Gopi's hand in hers. She looked at Gopi. "Gopi vahu I am glad you followed my advice from the other day." When Gopi frowned Baa clarified. "Remember I told you about Ahem's dadaji and my relationship and how important it was to spend time with your husband and letting each other know of one another's expectations?"


Gopi glanced at Ahemji and flushed. "Ji Baa." Baa blessed them both by putting one hand on each of their heads. "May Kanaji always keep their hand on you both." Baa sat back and relaxed. The two people she was worried for most are now together and although they are both still hesitant she knew that their marriage more solid then any of her other children. She looked at them both and decided to reassure them. "I am well aware of what has been going on Gopi vahu. I knew I needed to take this drastic step to bring Rashi in line again. I have talked to your Naniji and she also agrees that something drastic needs to be done to make both Hetal and Koki see where they are going wrong." Baa's eyes went sad as she thought of her Jigar. "I feel this is the best way for Hetal to realize how much harm she is causing by blindly listening to her daughter in law and by always covering Rashi's mistakes."


Baa smiled sadly. "I also think it is time for Koki to let Hetal stand on her own and let her see where she is going wrong on her own. This is the best way to so this. I know things could go wrong but I have confidence in both my DIL's and know that they will work out the differences eventually but first I want Hetal to have her way because I get the feeling this has been festering in her heart for quiet a while now."


Baa felt twig of pain for her kids and knew she was deceiving her two sons but it is time for all of them to take responsibility of their actions and this is the best way to do this. "I know my Koki vahu is tough and will forgive me." She patted Ahem's hand. "She has kept this family together for many years and has run the house like a well oiled machine and she will continue to do so after I am gone, but before then I want to make sure that Koki and Hetal's relationship is back on right track again and strong enough to withstand future storms like the one we are having now."


Gopi and Ahem were both relieved to know Baa was well aware of Rashi's misdeeds and didn't believe in her blindly. They both nodded at Baa. "Theek hai Baa, we will follow your instructions and let things go the way you want them to go." Ahem said to Baa. He stood up. "We will leave you to rest now, Jai Shree Krishna Baa."


Gopi also took Baa's blessing and said Jai Shree Krishna before following Ahem to the door. Baa smiled when her grandson waited for Gopi to go out the door first then following his wife. She was very proud of her eldest grandson and vahu. They have both come a long way and knew that their relationship was now strong enough to withstand any storm that would come their way. She was finally able to relax enough to rest for the night.


Thank you everyone.Smile

I feel much better now.





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Shilpa!!!! Love you Hug Actually I was so disappointed after watching show, but Our Optmistic posts made feel better Embarrassed.. But this OS made me to feel much more better...Smile

Even I am expecting Gopi will share everthing with Ahem.. Hope Your OS will come trueBig smile

Thank you so much for the lovely OS!!

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That was awesome ShilpaClap
If it is any solace, I do think Baa knowsWink But I would be glad if Gopi confided to Aham like in the OS.. I want Aham for once to push her a bit and get the truth out.. Enough of being the gentleman and letting her go with her excusesSmile

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wow it's awesome 

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Aww shilpa Hug that was fantasticClapStar

harini and me always see the optimism in any track...and so for this...we do believe baa is well aware of rashi's deeds

but the best part was Ahem pushing gopi and gopi confiding in Ahem.,,and both talking to baa..oh my goodness baa even discussed with NaaniWink
Ahem will go any extent to take off gopi's pain...he is such a sweetheart..Embarrassed

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as always awesome!!!!

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i am very much disappointed after yesterdays episode..!after reading some optimistic post in the forum i felt little bit better..!wow your os made be cool..!Big smile thankyou shilpa for the wonderful os..!i hope gopi will tell everything to ahem..!and i too want that baa should know the true colors of rashi..!

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Nice OS shilpa behen.Smile
I too wish that Baa knows about Rashi but want her to make the family bond stronger and to make her understand what relations meant.Smile
Gopi confiding to Ahem is great Embarrassed

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