Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VIRMAN FF: TTOML #31- 2nd thread link: Pg 1 (Page 8)

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Hellooo beautiful peopleBig smile Hope you're all good. It's a hurried update because I have a presentation in a few days so I have been preparing for it, eeek. Thank you for liking the last update.  If you want future updates do add me as a buddy. Like, comment and let me know.


''If You're Afraid of Dying it Shows You Have a Life Worth Living''
Chapter 4

Maanvi and Daboo walked into the large room of the outlandish farmhouse. As she walked in, her eyes flew open. Set on a particular object in the room. 'What is he doing with the gun?' Maanvi whispered. Holding onto her cousin's arm. Debashish looked ahead at one of the guy, who was holding onto a hand gun, showing it off to the people around him. 'They think it's fun', he answered, a clear disgust in his voice which Maanvi noticed. She looked ahead in the large living room, with 2 large sofas and cushions placed on the marble floor. A group of girls sitting on the sofa with blankets, giggling and talking amongst themself. The guys sitting around them on the other sofa sat Debashish friends. As she had recognized Rahul among them. The guy her brother had introduced to in college. There were few guys and girls sitting with him, laughing at something one of the guys was telling.

'Right who wants to stand in the middle?' the tall guy shouted with a gun in hand as some of his friends laughed. He looked up to the far wall where a tall shadow stood, Maanvi unwillingly followed his gaze to the point and her jaw dropped at the sight. Virat was leaning against the wall, his eyes on his IPhone, tapping something.

'Playing with life is fun?' she mumbled still looking ahead to where Virat stood. He failed to recognize her presence in the room and continued to stare at his phone. 'I don't know what those guys are doing here. They are friends with Rahul's older brother. Didn't think they were going to be here', he explained sincerely. Avoiding her earlier question, which held so much meaning to her.

The next moment, Maanvi saw Virat stumbled back as a broad guy pushed him and he fell on the cold marble floor, causing everyone to look up in his direction and the earlier fits of laugh turned into silence. 'What the hell do you think you are doing with Maya', he shouted, rhetorically. Virat got on his feet, amused by his behaviour as a smile crept up on his lips. 'I am not doing anything. It's your fault, your girlfriend finds ways to be closer than me then you'. He replied and the next second the guy punched Virat on the corner of his lips, his ring leaving a cut on his corner as he started bleeding profoundly.

'You- ', he shouted only to be stopped mid-way by the next action.

Virat punched the guy in the face, as blood splattered onto his nose. He stumbled back at the impact, landing on the floor, unconscious. Virat walked over to where he was lying and kicked him on his face. Rahul and his brother ran over to him, holding him back. 'Virat, let go. He's passed out', Rahul shouted. Virat wiped his blood stained lips with the back of his hand and turned around to see Maanvi standing there, her hand placed on her heart as she stared at him horrified.


'Why does he matter how she looked at him', he thought. She carried an aura around her, an aura which made him want to be close to her. To speak to her. Maanvi walked out of the room as fast as she could. She needed fresh air. She mumbled something about going to the bathroom to Daboo and went to the lighted pool at the backyard. She needed to hear her thoughts. Virat moved through the hallway, his eyes still scanning for the simple girl that held his emotions enact. She folded her jeans up to her knees and put her feet in the cold water, as she shivered by the first contact but later subsided in the cool feeling. It seemed to relieve her. A few minutes passed.

'It's nice isn't it' said a husky voice. Maanvi's head snapped up to see the intruder. Virat was casually standing near the tree, his arms crossed and his eyes on her. His lips slightly swollen a small cut was plastered on the corners. Maanvi moved her head back down to look at the lighted pool. Her mind failing to register any word that he had spoken to her. 'Time for you to say something back', he ordered.

'Go away', she answered, her fingers trailing the water in the pool. She was not in the mood to hold a conversation and that too with the last person she wanted to talk to. 'What bring you here there? I thought you were too good for all this socialising crap' he accused. Leaning by the side to catch a glimpse of her face. As a few seconds passed, she replied quietly. 'And I thought you were a human but I guess we all make mistakes in our life right?' Virat wasn't offended at her comment nor did it make a difference to him. He stood leaning by the tree, watching her fingers trailing slowly on the pool, creating tiny waves in the calm water.

'Can't you speak properly for 2 minutes?' he asked. 'Can't you leave me alone for eternity?' she answered to which Virat sternly replied as no. Maanvi looked back to see his intense gaze and a sly smile on his lips. As if to hold back a private joke. 'I didn't know you were her or else I would have bought a repellent spray', she said, getting out her feet from the pool and standing up, grabbing her shoes and about to walk off but she stopped in her steps as a hand her clutched her arm tightly. Cursing her luck, she rapidly moved back to face Virat. 'This is my arm! Not your private property that you can hurt all the time'. She said. 'Why do you never speak back?. 'I don't think it's necessary to always speak all the time' he replied. As she was about to speak, he placed his finger on her soft lips, clutching her waist as Maanvi looked at him, open mouthed by his scandalous behaviour. He leaned in closer, just inches away from her face. Feeling the warm breath of her face was making Maanvi hazy. With all the force she had, she pushed him backwards as he limped back, holding onto the tree for balance. His anger visible through his tight jawline and darkened eyes.

'What is wrong with you? Have you lost your non-existant mind?' she shouted as she moved to the side to march away from him. Virat grabbed her waist, holding her against him. She stumbled at the force, clutching onto his shoulder for support due to her weakening knees. 'Don't.ever.push.me.again. Understand?' he stated, emphasizing his every word. His eyes narrowing on to her fearful eyes. Her breath ragged matching his, her heart beating loudly.

'Whhhat are you going to do, hit me?' she asked, her voicing meaning to come out angry but there was invisible fear in her quiet stammer. Virat held his fist together in anger in rage and loosened his arms around her waist but still held onto her. 'Go ahead then!' Maanvi commanded, as his jaw clenched, she immediately closed her eyes tightly in anticipation of a punch. Virat stared at the girl in front of her, her lips quivering in fear and her eyes shut tightly. He lifted up his hand and run his finger to tuck her fringe behind her ear followed by slightly tracing her face.

Maanvi opened up her eyes abruptly to see his finger tracing the side of her face. The warm finger lingering onto her skin. Stilting her breath. He looked down on her as she looked away awkwardly. He began to talk.

'You know your attitude can get you in big trouble. If I were in your place, innocent

'I am not inn-', she automatically stated, only be silenced by his finger on her lips.

'And naive. I wouldn't go around insulting people', he continued from where he left off. 'And for the hitting part, I don't hit girls. What's your name?' he asked, moving his finger from her lips.

'Not important', she grabbed his arm and started yanking it off but all to no use.

'What's your name', he asked again, in a tone of urgency.

'Sachin Tendulkar', she replied.

'What's your name?' he asked, this time, his forehead creasing in concentration. Clutching her closer to him. 'He isn't going to give up is he', she thought. Sighing and running out of patience she whispered, 'Maanvi'.

'I am Virat Vadhera', he declared. Maanvi caught the proudness in his voice and a low chuckle left her mouth. 'Good for you', she replied sarcastically, wondering why there was an introduction going on since both of them clearly hated the sight of each other.

'Do you want me to drop you at home?' he asked. Letting go off her waist as she moved back to leave a few steps of between them. Virat smirked at her reaction. 'I'd rather fall off a cliff and land on some rocks', she replied, looking around. 'Are you here alone?' he asked, seeing her averted gaze.

'For a guy who doesn't talk much, you sure seem to be asking a lot of question', she stated and after a few seconds of silence, she sighed and finally answered, looking up to see his anxious expression. 'I am here with my cousin'. Virat lip curled up to a small smile at her words.

'See you around', he stated as he started walking. 'Why does he always run off before me? Not this time', she thought. 'Wait', she protested as he looked back rapidly. She cursed under her breath at her stupidity of calling the devil back.

'What?' he asked. His voice calmer then it she had ever heard from him. 'Nothing', she said, walking ahead of him, almost running down to the hallway to leaving a confused Virat behind.

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Pleasee Pleaseee continu thisss i am waiting for the next part!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awww am loving this virat and maanvi... so their love story is going to be intense...

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why did you stop Cry LOL tfs 

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awesome update!
loved their confrontation!
continue soon!

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Just gotta ask u sumthing in this forum why aint there a love button cos lovved it pls pm me wen n if u update

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