Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VIRMAN FF: TTOML #31- 2nd thread link: Pg 1 (Page 11)

lalmirch Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 4:25am | IP Logged
and pm when u update

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f.zarrin Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
I am loving this SS! It's so different and refreshing! I hope you continue soon! Smile

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misaki IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 April 2012 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
wow!!!!...virman in college!!...virat the cool nd hot dude!!!...maanvi...nly girl whose not affected by his popularity!!Wink...can it get ant better???!Day Dreaming..no way!!!!!...Clap

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Aisha202 Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2012 at 9:17am | IP Logged
Hey Elena!

This is the first time I'm reading something of yours which is not one of your VirMan food OS's!!
I really love this story and Virat's character is so different and bad-ass! Absolutely love him here! Embarrassed I have a feeling this is going to be an angsty, intense and passionate love story between Virat and Manvi. I love the way you write their scenes, especially when they are at a close proximity to each other, I can feel the tension between them! Wink I like how you've set this story at a more serious tone.

Awesome story so far, you've got me hooked! Please continue soon, I would love to read more!


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ElenaElenor Senior Member

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Hellooo Smile So my presentation went good, although at the end, I started blabbing when the tutors asked us questions. Our topic was on alcohol and in answering one of the question, I finished with mirrors (Yeh figure that out!Wacko) How are you all doing? I am loving the rain in UK. Thank you for all the lovely comments in the last chapter, it made my day!Hug Ok no need to bore you, do go on to read the update. Please please read this message. If you want future updates, do add me as a buddy. I am not going to go through each posts and pm. It takes a lot of effort, I hope you can understand. You don't have to obviously, you can check back for new updates! Smile  Comment, like, let me know.



"When her eyes met mine, I felt something click, like a key turning in a lock. Believe me, I'm no romantic, and while I've heard all about love at first sight, I've never believed in it, and I still don't. But even so, there was something there, something unrecognizably real, and I couldn't look away."

Chapter 5

Virat's car parked onto the Vadhera house's parkway. The sky was beginning to be lit up by hints of warm shades of oranges and pink. Blending into one. The cool breeze swaying comfortably. He dragged his feet into the mansion. Two large pillars stood at the front, supporting the weight. As he walked into the house, to see his Bua sitting across in the living room, flipping through a magazine and her eyes glancing at the large antique clock in between. He came into the living room and heard her voice.

'Virat, have you looked at the time? 'Bua asked. He barely acknowledged her presence and kept on walking. 'Virat, are you even listening to me?' She asked, coming to stand in front of her. Virat briefly glanced up to her and excused himself, stepping away from her and walking to the staircase. 'I don't see the need', he replied. Walking up the stairs, tapping something on his mobile.

'Stop behaving like a 5 year old. We have rules in this house. You are expected to be back at home. It's 4 a.m.' Bua argued, her gaze following him as he made it up the stairs to the hallway. She sighed as irritation took over her. 'Please don't lecture me. It's my house too. I can do whatever I want', Virat turned to the other side of the hallway and made his way across, dragging his feet along.

'Virat?' She ordered, offended by his manners and tone of talking to her. His clutched his fists together by the sound of her voice. 'You're not my mother. Stop behaving like you care', he shouted and slammed his bedroom door.

Virat lay lazily on his bed. If he kept his eyes open, his mind wondered off to think about his family. His broken family. When he closed his eyes, he would see vivid images of her .The way she looked at him, horrified by his actions. The way her eyes had creased as she took the bloody sight in front. The way her lips quivered in anticipation. The feel of her skin. When he had first met here, there was nothing different about her. She was just a simple girl, a bit too imaginative and annoying with her high pitched voice and demanding answers. But when he had touched her first time in the hall, he had shuddered. Why had he shuddered? And last night, why did he feel the need to talk to her? 'It was all in his head', he thought. All he had to do is by with her for a few days then he will get over these obscure ideas. Rubbishing every thought he had of her as a loud ring on his phone snapped him out of the memories.

'Mum', Virat addressed, talking on his mobile, his voice coming out as tired. It was 8.am and he had barely slept due to the distance memories that were haunting him. He adjusted himself to lean on the headboard of his bed. 'Hey beta, are you coming to New York for the holidays?' she asked on the other line. 'Yes, will see you in a few weeks' time', he replied blatantly.' Miss you beta', he heard her say and with an expressionless face, he ended the conversation. 'Bye mum'.


'Why are you and daddy leaving me? 'Cried a four year old boy, holding onto his mother's dupatta, trying to pull her back with all the power he had but failing miserably. As the woman wheeled her suitcase down the hallway to the main door. The little boy ran into his mother's arms as she kneeled down on one knee, pulling him closer and holding him in a tight embrace.

'Your dad and I are getting separated. We will not be living together but we will both be with you. Just not at the same time', she said. Pecking his left cheek and wiping away the fresh tears. 'I hope someday you can forgive me', she added. Pulling him away from her and walking out of the door.

'Dad, why is mum leaving?' Virat ran to the side where his dad was standing. He ran his hand through his hair in consolation. 'Virat, you're going to see her soon. Next month' Virat's dad replied. Holding him back from running after his mother who had long walked out of the house. Never to step back in again.

'But why is she leaving now?' whined Virat, hugging his dad's leg tightly. 'Maaa, come baccck!' the echoes hallowed in the wide halls of the mansion.


'Hello strangers', Rahul walked up to Dabo and Maanvi, who were about to sit in the car to leave from college but halted in the steps to see Rahul standing there, grinning widely. It was the end of the day. 'Hey buddy', Daboo answered, looking down to count the books he had borrowed from the library.

'Hey Rahul', Maanvi replied, smiling brightly and he smiled back.

'I'm sorry for yesterday Maanvi, I feel like we haven't made the best impression on our fresher's. We are not that bad. We do have parties without blood', he said as Maanvi laughed. 'It's ok. It wasn't too bad. I learned quite a few things about guns and blood', she said, relishing the memories of last night. How he had looked when he was kicking the unconscious guy and how he had held her but next minute, he was normal. Pretending to care. Rahul cleared his throat to get her attention but all in vain.

'Dabs, Rahul, are you coming over to mine?' Tina, a light brown haired girl, walked up to the group, with a large handbag in her arms. Tina was Rahul and Daboo classmate, closer to Daboo then any other of his friends. 'Everyone's coming. We have to start our practical today', she answered. Smiling at Maanvi to acknowledge her as Maanvi mirrored her actions unknowingly.

'Whaaat practical?' Daboo exaggerated, scratching his head in confusion. 'Have you forgotten?' Tina asked, sighing at her forgetful friend and hitting the back of his head and earning an 'aahh' from him.

'Oh fish', he remembered. 'Wait, why can't we organize it here?' he asked confusedly. Staring at his friend. 'Cause you all agreed to coming to my house before and I have left everything there', she replied. Wrapping her arms around his neck.

'It's fine, we will bring everything here', Rahul joined in. Looking at Maanvi who stood leaning by the car. Reminiscing on her memories as her head snapped up at the same time and the earlier conversations began sinking in her head and she interrupted their conversation.

'Daba- I mean Dabs, you go ahead and study. Trust me you need to. I will get a taxi or auto', she stated. Closing the door of the car and smiling encouragely at them. The two boys stood there, looking varyingly at her. Maanvi rolled her eyes at them.

'But di-', Daboo argued only to be silenced by her glare. 'Daba, I told you. Go', she said, grinning at the group and walking down the parking. He knew better than arguing against her decisions.

Maanvi had only walked a few steps as she waved to her friends, who had drove away to Tina's house as she stopped in her tracks. Her blue sandal came undone. She looked down to see the thick strap which held the shoe together, detached. 'Ah screw you shoe!' she exclaimed, holding her left sandals in her hand with the thick strap, which was now hung loosely. 'That's the last time I am shopping in Lal godle market', she thought, comparing the markets in Rishikesh to the Lal godle market in Chandigarh. Sighing she looked down at one of her sandals and looked back to the other one in her hand. A car stopped opposite her, as she looked at the darkened windows which were now rolling down to reveal the person she badly wanted to avoid.

'Really?', she thought, looking up to the sky dramatically and murmuring whys'?

'Cinderella, want a ride?' Virat asked casually. Sitting in his Range Rover. She looked at him, and smiled sarcastically. 'No thanks, cars are overrated. I prefer pumpkins'; she stated as she got the other shoe off and picked it up. Pouting, she started walking down and so did the car. The cool ground was prickling her feet but she bit her lips from the tingling feeling. 'Are you just going to drive like this, while I walk? , she asked, looking ahead to avoid his heated gaze, which made her feel uneasy.

'Yes, if you don't get in', he answered. Slowly driving down with her. 'I wish I could. I like my arms', came her reply. 'In that case, I promise to leave your arms alone', Maanvi halted in her steps and looked to her right to see him smirking. 'Oh the audacity of this man', she cursed and walked, without looking ahead only to be bumped into a small gate which blocked any path. She looked around and saw she was trapped. Mocking her own decisions, she turned around and started walking back only to be blocked by the black car that stood in front of her.

'Are you getting in? Prince charming isn't going to wait forever', he stated. Liting up the cigarette in hand. Maanvi smiled at the irony.

'Prince charming?' she chuckled, rolling her eyes. More like the evil step mother', she corrected as she moved up but the car again blocked her path. 'I don't know which part to be offended by. Your comment about me being a woman or you not taking up my offer' he shouted as the car wheeled back. 'Maanvi is afraid of me?' he asked mockingly as Maanvi looked away to hide any signs of annoyance that he loved to provoke. She prepared an excuse. 'I am not! My house is 5 minutes away'.

'30', Virat corrected. She spun around to face him, her jaw dropped. His lips had curled into a little smile. The same smile he had on when he was proud of something. 'What? How do you-?' she asked curiously and then composing herself murmured. 'Stalking are we?'

'Are you getting in then?' He changed the topic. His tone coming off as urgent as if he was late for something.

'Um no!', she answered. The car reversed back and Maanvi smiled proudly of sending the devil away, the next moment, her head snapped up to see the same car driving at her in a fast speed and stopped abruptly just inches away from where she had stood or gone numb. 'Are you insane?' She shrieked, few seconds after finding her voice. Her hands trembling from the proximity.

'Get.In', he gritted. Emphasizing on each word. Maanvi looked away from his darkened eyes, which she could see from the front window. She hated to admit it but when he was angry, she felt fear running through her blood. She gulped and put on a brave face. 'You definitely need a new hobby' she loudly stated as he tapped the steering wheel in anticipation.

Maanvi sighed and argued loudly 'You know you're mad and weird and all your screws have fallen loose and are probably in a really unpleasant place. Filled with broken glasses and mud and all the grim things in the whole universe', she finished, catching her breath and wiping the beads of sweat that had formed on her forehead.

'I know. So are you done?' he asked. Furrowing his brows in confusion at her earlier account. She walked upto the passenger seat slowly. Resembling the first day back walk to school. She got in the seat and turned sideways to see him smiling smugly and grunted.

She looked ahead, as she felt his gaze on her. 'Fine. Before you drive, I have a few conditions, first you drive slowly. Second, I don't want to-',

Virat reversed the car aggressively. Maanvi clutched onto the seatbelt that she was about to put on, cursing him out loud.


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f.zarrin Senior Member

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This part was so short! Unhappy BUT nonetheless really good! I hope you continue soon because I am looking forward to what happens next! 

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ElenaElenor Senior Member

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Originally posted by FairoozT

This part was so short! Unhappy BUT nonetheless really good! I hope you continue soon because I am looking forward to what happens next! 
Thanks for liking it! I had prior commitments thus a shorter update then previous  but I'll make sure thatthe next update is longer Smile

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Kanwal_chohan IF-Rockerz

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Just read the whole story loved it
It's awesome can u pm me please
When u update next

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