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Sushpective- Sort of confession.?

-Sush- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 4:43pm | IP Logged
Hi girls watched a bit ...looks like Khushis confession came...will be very late...updating...Sari will you please do the honors?

Hi Girls...looks like there is WI FI where I am at...

So are some more thoughts based on what I saw so far...   
OK...wasn't expecting much based on reports on SBB SBS etc etc...with all the screaming and all...
But what was a pleasant surprise was to find that kHushi is not all silly with ARnie so far...She did remember the the discontinuity wasn't that least in the first half...

What I liked the most so that after she started narrating the story...and when she said...that every night a Prince came in her dreams ...they didn't let that hang for all kinds of MUs again...she did say...and he heard it well without doubts that the Prince was the same as the beast...I think that is as close to a confession as we can get from KHushi under the circumstances...

Now I haven't seen the rest of the episode...but I doubt...ARnie will do much with the confession...lately he has been too caught up in assumming the worst and as the director said they are just building a long RTR for he is expected to continue to be blind ...

Now will write more after I have seen the rest of it...

Ok Back after watching the rest of it...
So...yes...this confession was not a full one...but one was under the influence of any drugs (or Bhang) when this for me this works a thousand times better...Also no...staged for an audience the curtain of pretense...(that is if they want to use it) would be thin...Waise bhi I think arnie has more problems with admitting to anything that his BIG FAT EGO would not allow than Khushi does...LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Back to the episode...The kids were surprisingly neither dumb nor irritating that they usually are in Hindi cinema or TV...that was another pleasant surprise...The little surdee was the cutest but the little guy Nikhil did an awesome job with his dialogues...and Arnie was quite natural when he teased the little guy...Thumbs Up
What I noticed was that it is Arnie who started sending notes...Just in case any one is keeping counts...LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Now to Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada...he is realy such an unfortunate man to not see what is right there in front of his eyes...Does he ever wonder ...WHAT IF...well I guess not...
Today ...I can't help but think of this old song ...because of this lyrics...
Where do you go to my lovely...
When you are alone in your bed
Tell me the thoughts that surround you...
I want to look inside your head...yes...I
Yet another lost opportunity for the clever Mr. Raizada...


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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 5:06pm | IP Logged
Hi Sush & everyone
I will start with what I thought...till you or Sari can add the real meat.
The recent trick to enjoy IPK is to keep your expecattions real low and watch the show with real trepidation specially if you have made the mistake of watching a SBB/SSB.  That seems to be working for me as I have been enjoying the show for the last couple of days.
The Cvs are doing well with picking up well versed stories and adapting them to our lovable characters. First it was Heer-Ranja and today it was Disney to the rescue with  Beauty & the beast.  There was a confession of sorts in the first enactment and a second one in today.
I have often complained that I have yet to see Khushi acknowldge her feelings for Arnie. Is she as effected and as in love with him as he. More convincing is required but today was start.  The beauty has always been confused about this beast who rears his head so often.  The screenplay was well adapted to her struggle to  undesrtand this complex man. It was well done.
What was good was that it was wrapped around a light weight comic track with children.  The below 10 helped the above 20 break the ice and play  pass-the-chit  which we as kids played in the classroom.  Both just cannot keep away from each other Tongue
I loved Arnie's interaction with the Nikhil.  He could see a budding deal maker with lets shake hands on getting rid of Harpreet and  keeping the plants as collateral.  Loved his "Oye Sun...I am hungry now..maybe i will start with you .." 
The continuity from last week prevailed. Khushi in my mind should not give in very easily just the way she did not give up her dabba service.  I hope she continues to give him a tough time with the hurt he has given her . Not sure how Gopi Vahu and Hawain shirts help but that is for tomorrow.
Was a good episode though still DO NOT Understand teh layout of the Raizada Mansion...!!!
Have fun ladies.

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-Vee05- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 5:06pm | IP Logged
From Comedy Circus ka Maha Mukabla to Beauty and the my my have we come a long way or what? Big smile

For starters I have to say I quite enjoyed this kind of comedy. Loving these intense yet light episodes that move the story forward and help continue to build characters and give them strength and depth. Good job CV's! Clap

-The kids are a great distraction except that chap Harpreet. His "mukka" dialogue got a tad irritating for me but overall much needed break from the cyclical annoying formula they were using. LOL

-Manorama Mami has one day a week with pretty funny one liners. The Personal Children line and when she says Didnt she tells you's? were pretty hilarious. Lord I was rolling!Tongue

- Nani still encourages Khushi which I love. She definately is a forward thinking and a modern woman that her DIL totally isnt! Clap

- I love how Khushi narrates the story and then gets lost in her own story. Its so fitting and she made me feel for her today. Sanaya was brilliant in my opinion. Embarrassed

- Arnie too felt it! The boy is softening up which is just fun to watch. And the way he was with the kids OMG too freaking cute and funny! And he dd not throw a hissy fit and tantrum about Nani letting Khushi do her thing. He's realizing there is more to the truth than he has seen. Day Dreaming

- Why does Anjali need to find everything? Why oh Why? Angry

-For someone who struggled with reading Hindi a few months ago (remember when Khushi gave Arnie the car manual?) Arnie has picked up quite the Hindi language skill no? Reading and writing actually in some scenes Sanaya was having a hard time reading which was kinda odd for a girl who is supposed to be pretty fluent in the language. Confused

-Poor Aman! Like lord they need to give Aman a face so i can feel more sorry for the guy. He's ASR's bitch! Big smile

SATYANASH Moment's today:

-The SBB Segment was funny to watch but W*F was up with Arnie's wardrobe? And why the need for Khushi to be Gopi? Most annoying character on TV and why the free advertising for Saathiya? As it is they show many banners thru the show and ruin it now this bakwas. Thumbs Down

-We asked for Arnie to get a wardrobe change not a wardrobe downgrade pulled off from the sets of Parvarish or something ! ROFL

-And here comes once a week topless Arnie...hai IPL dekhen ya Arnav Singh Raizada without a tough choice!Embarrassed

-Another Satyanash moment was the darn curtains in the guest bedroom. We might be an ignorant and stupid audience but please we are not BLIND! Cheapy PH atleast change the damn curtains in the bedroom!!!!! They are the same ones from the Heer Ranjha Rabba ve backstage and Diwali and Anjali's anniversary! Angry

-Looks like Khushi's oufits are being wholesaled in AGAIN! Woman has this outfit in like 3 colors now...i wonder if they got her more linings or is the expectation she uses the same slips...Confused

What I Loved today:

-Overall everything! Everythign clicked and it all worked together. Pretty well done. Star

- The emotions were portrayed SOOO well. They have been consistent the last few episodes and this was just nice to see. Thumbs Up

-Arnie and Khushi neednt be yelling and screaming at each oher all the time. Hate letters work just as well. ROFL

-When the one kid brings the salt/pepper/green chillies to eat Harpreet for Shaitaan ...I mean Arnie i loved Barun's expressions! OMG very well executed scenes today. Everyone was just totally brilliant. Clap

-The story was just well said today. Every episode doesnt need to be high pitched, annoying, and something major happening sometimes it just takes a little push here and there to make it all work together. Halka Phulka at its best.Dancing

I read this quote somewhere and it just reminded me of my life and then of this show. Sometimes when you start worrying about your own happiness things just fall into place Smile

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't, and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said that it'd be easy; they just promised it'd be worth it." - Unknown

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savvy05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 5:07pm | IP Logged
..and we have a hatrick!!. Day 3 starting from Thursday with nice continuity. I liked today's episode. First and foremost hats off to the CV's, they do  have a wonderful knack of choosing the right stories. First Heer-Ranjha and now Beauty and the Beast both of the stories suiting them perfecTly.

Khushi getting scared first on seeing Arnav and then the palpable anger followed by the story telling - Sanaya had a range of emotions to play today was absolutely brilliant!! Her voice modulation during the entire story telling was spot on. She looked very nice today one of her better outfits so far.

The story fit so well to where Khushi and Arnav are today. Khushi always having the grandoise plans of her knight in shining armor and grand wedding, forced into a marraige very much like the original story. Arnav her prince, has a beast like attitude towards her, the reason for  for which she is not able to decipher. What started as a story to the kids turned out to be a self realization for Arnav and Khushi. With fantastic use of FB's, Barun and Sanaya were excellent.

Their communications through the kids was adorable. Arnav's reactions priceless! As usual Anjali comes between (sigh!), can't she at least let them fight in peace?

So now we have an indirect sane confession from Khushi saying her demon and her prince are one and the same.. what a curve ball that was!! Loved it. Both of them are getting bits and pieces of info all around, who will be the first to piece them together?

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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 5:08pm | IP Logged
Sush - will update w/my thoughts in a bitWink *updated*

Sundari aur Shaitan with chillar party...

Pal mein shaitan pal mein Rajkumar..

Pal mein Sundari, Pal mein ADD ki shikaar...

Khushi's confession came! She sees her Rajkumar in her dreams, a loving caring man, her Prince Charming...Embarrassed Yes, the Rajkumar was strategically placed by the poolside overlooking the windowLOL He could hear & see his Sundari...His heart skips a beat & his mind goes on a guilt trip...Day Dreaming

She pours her heart out Embarrassed

But will Rajkumar reciprocate & listen to his heart? Or will he just dismiss it as another one of her acts?

I so wanted to believe this as the real deal; but like Sundari I had to do a reality check; a boorish CV/shaitan team to wake me up from this beautiful dream...LOL If Holi,  Heer-Ranjha is any indicator...This is again another near confession... She can always hide behind the excuse, It was just Sundari...

The hidden message was clear; they are headed towards ASR figuring out she is innocent. Bummer, it will be a drag before it happens! She will give him clues during the entire IPL season. Yes, comedy, serious, more comedy...Now Anjali is in the mix; so maybe Sush's dream of mom's letter scene will happen soon & then Gopi  bahu will surface...LOLNever seen that show but I have heard her speak, I can safely say she is blessed  with special needs...Time to go "what the..."

As an independent episode I kind of enjoyed it. Kids did a fabulous job although I was disappointed coz I was expecting the kid Barun. He was Jr ASR and would have been perfectLOL ASR was exceptional with the kidsClap especially when he tried to scare the kid away "I am really hungry, can I get started..."?LOL

Shaitan and the Chillar gang...Very cute indeed...Big smile

By the time we have the MU cleared - the issue at hand will be completely trivialized, the seriousness of the plot completely diluted. Sad, but true! Intensity went for a toss or should I say chakka since its IPL season? It was anticlimax after couple of intense episodes. Well, ASR was getting were we wanted him; a slow realization on Friday had finally begun. But today's episode diluted that intensity. ASR will dismiss it as one more Khushi drama to get his attention.

Yes, the beauty & the beast kind of guided him in the same direction but his self-realization was more appealing than Khushi narrating Sundari's plight.

It was a great episode if I could just be satisfied with a killer smile & go OMG, OMG, he smiled today...Day DreamingHaila, kitna sweet smile hai...EmbarrassedEverything else is like Sundari's dream after that smile...LOL

Monday  officially is "ASR smile day"

Wednesday - As Ratna says "ASR shirtless day..." Yes, get ready guys, the dollar bill days are here again. If SBB spoiler is an indicator, shirtless ASR will be doing his jig again...ROFL

Is this a TRP raiser?

Lord help us! How long are they going to play the "Sobti/ASR keep the girls hooked card"? Until the final curtain is drawn on IPL? Would it be safe to say; we can comeback after IPL for the conclusion of Sundari-Shaitan kahani?

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desigirl_18 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 5:08pm | IP Logged
Hey Sush and Spicegirls!! Big smile

Finally got to watch the epi live again, spring break is awesome!! but then with everyone at home i couldn't watch in peace and quiet really so had to watch it again later!! At first i wasn't liking it too much but when I watched the whole thing i enjoyed it!!

The whole Beauty and the Beast reference was done well and suited them perfectly! I loved how Arnav listened in on Khushi's story and my absolute fav part was Khushi confessing that her raj kumar and the shaitaan and one in the same!! Sooo hope that Arnav's brain clicks and he realizes that Khushi always talks about him like this and never Shyam so why is he always adamant on bringing Shyam as the thorn between them.

The kids were cute! I especially loved that Nikil kid, i think tht was his name! and the part where he goes to Arnav and says don't eat me, and then Arnav calls out "Oye, tujhse kaam chalaleta hoon" That was totally Barun over there but i LOVED him!!!

The note passing was cute and even in the note Arnav is talking about how Khushi lies telling her not to lie to the kids that she is sundari and him shaitaan. He needs to learn that Khushi never lied to him, it's just him who is misinterpreting everything!!

One thing i noticed...the yellow book the kids had..wasn't it very similar to Khushi's diary?! at first i thought that Khushi was using the same book and Arnav would see her plans to annoy..LOL but guess they've gone beyond that storyline!

Also love Mami's input about Khushi's personal bachey..although i found it a bit weird how Payal was laughing throughout that scene, i mean was she supposed to be or was that just Deepali not able to control her laughter at the way Mami was talking..idk but i found it weird, i think im just wrong hereLOL

I guess Anjali will come up with more plans now to bring ArHi together!! i'm looking forward to them

@premparbat: i agree nowadays i don't watch SBS/SBB before the epi, i guess it kind of does kill everything!

@ Vee: gosh ur takes always manage to make me laugh at some point!! I agree that Hardeep kid was getting a bit OTT for me, but he was bareable!! and OMG i didn't notice the curtains should watch again!! and OMG really Khushi will be Gopi i need to watch that SBB now but ugh irritating!!Angry

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-Jamba- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
Hey Sush

Typing this on the run - but I liked what I saw today. Will be back later to join the hangout!!

1. The kids, bar one, were cute - the back and forth messaging was cuter, and BS baiting that kid with glasses was OTT aww LOL

2. Agree with Ratna - the box of Legos that is RM was jumbled up again to fit the story line, its like we're supposed to stick logic into the oven along with dinner when we settle down to watch Ouch

3. Liked how they weaved a kinda-sorta confession into the B&B story. Of course, it sailed right through ASR's consciousness - to be stored in subliminal memory when the RTR finally begins. This trip is going to be longer than the Boston Marathon!

4. Anj again?? Angry Woman - you won't let them fight in peace, and you won't let them make up in peace!! She's the ideal candidate to use when advertising the benefits of nuclear families. Confused

5. And finally - SI's hair. The sheer OMG  horror of that nest continues to put me off each time I see it perched precariously on her head. 

Between the wig for her and the gel for him - the hair stylist on this show needs to be put out to pasture permanently. Angry Angry Angry

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sugar_babe IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
Res. :D


Hey Sush!!

I'm really loving the discussion today!! I think the episode was cute, not too much, not too little. We got a self-reflective ASR, and a self-reflective ASR is good because he lets theories seep in. Case in point the GH incident. So unlike the Bhang and H-R confession, this one is likely to stay for longer, something he'll dwell on more, not right away, but soon. Why Anjali found the letter, I don't know. But, it can't be bad, she's not going to conspire against it. She'll use her tactics to force them together which indirectly works for their and our favor and like Sari said, the mom's letter may just pop up now. But then looking at the SBB segments, her irritating with love looks like maybe the letter will come at a later date. Either way, I want that letter given to her before the mini-leap takes place. The day the MU is cleared, Arnav needs to realize she stuck on to him and loved him regardless like his mom had wished. That is one thing the CVs need to incorporate into the RTR track.

Vee, I don't think they're advertising Gopi and her show. I honestly feel they're mocking it. They've used their spunky, outgoing, high-school educated (min.) lead character to annoy her uber hot husband who knows how to react right. I think its a jab, they are their biggest competitors on Star from what I've read and if anyone can do it, its this PH and ridiculously good looking pair Wink

Sari, honestly I don't think by the time the MU is clear, the intensity will dilute. This PH has a resuticate intensity pump with them and they're very good with using it in between tracks to re-build up intensity, the fight after H-R is a good example. And at the way the track is heading, Shyam will do something big and dangerous to slip, and both A-K will not forget that, especially angry young man, he will act on it and badly, he'll throw the scumbag out and woe his lady back. I'm really counting on a surge of intensity in the episodes leading to the big climax and the epiosdes that follow. We've waited long enough, its the least we deserve lol!

I liked the little kiddos, they weren't annoying like the little girls back in October. The "oyyyeee" got a little repetitive, but it worked. I especially like the scene with the 3 kids facing Arnav by the pool.

I sensed a foreshadow. Remember the Navratri episode where Khushi said "DM give me 3 kids", well today we had 3 of them all ready to defend and protect her from ASR (isn't that the story of every household, kiddies on mommy's side). The 2 girls, one ready to fight and the other pose with the deal-maker in the middle, yup I can see A-K genes in those kids. Then again., there were only 4 kids, and Harpreet had to stay behind as they were strategising against him, so maybe I'm looking too much into it lol!

Now the shameless avator in me speaks, BS goes shirtless again "woot woot"!! Even though BS looks a little less buff as opposed to earlier months, possibly because he doesn't get enough time these days to follow a daily gym routine, it'll still work for the said TRPs. But, I really don't like the "peek-a-boo" attitude, either you let him stroll in a towel around his waist, or he wears his sweats with no towel covering his torso. Seriously, what the! But, I understand that you want to leave that for desperate measures, that's fine, but remember the boy who cried wolf, stop pimping him out because you want to compete with Dada and crew, yes BS has a better body than Dada, but still, his fans get offended when he's showcased like that!
I still love you Barun, just keep doing those weights Embarrassed

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