Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX; The Asp !!

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Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends
Just a little change
Small to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared
Beauty and the Beast

Ever just the same
Ever a surprise
Ever as before
Ever just as sure
As the sun will rise

Tale as old as time
Tune as old as song
Bittersweet and strange
Finding you can change
Learning you were wrong
Certain as the sun
Rising in the east
Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the Beast

OO EMMM GEEE MOMENT ...I can't believe I had the B& B  in my  DP few weeks back and now I get B &B story [ desiversions]  ** Palms on the two sides of my cheeks, doing the cosmetic surprised look of Miss.India contestants **

Let me begin the analysis with a quote from B&B ;

"Yes, yes," said the Beast, "my heart is good, but still I am a monster."

"Among mankind," says Beauty, "there are many that deserve that name more than you, and I prefer you, just as you are, to those, who, under a human form, hide a treacherous, corrupt, and ungrateful heart."

The tale of Beauty and the beast has been present from  a long time , A timeless tale of love conquering all..A tale which has influenced many a movies like Edward Scissorhands,King Kong, Beastly etc etc ..Now IP too joins this list ..If by showing  Heer ranjha, they almost sent me to the troes of despair, By B&B they have revived  my optimism.

Kudos to the creatives for choosing such an  apt story ..The blending of it to Arnav and Khushi and changing it to adopt  the Indian milieu was well done..

Arnav goes in search of Khushi, discovering her with the friends of her age, A flabbergasted Arnav  prudently decides to give the bedroom containign the dynamites a wide berth and heads off to the hall, where he sees the ladies of the house entering and questions them regarding the presence of the children..The 3 ladies enlighten him about the latest Mission of Khushi  Singh Raizada ..Arnav can only grit his teeth in frustration

Khushi accepting Nani as her own and then correcting it as her husband's Nani in a way showed that she has accepted  each and every relationship of His as her own  and indirectly accepted him as her own too..

The appearance of the 3 official  Bahus of Raizada's hinting at 3 deviyaans coming to give blessing and apprise him of Khushi's latest business.. A hint again that there is a communication gap between these two..if only the elders pick up on that..

I was quite delighted by Baruns acting  in this segment, The indignant jerk when Manorama Mami tells him that Khushi has started a new venture, the look of incredulous astonishment when Nani  informs Arnav that Raizada will be footing the conveyance charges of this little kids and outrage when he comes to know that Khushi has still kept  her food business open...He was a  delight to watch...

Then begins the story  of Beauty and Beast  ..Khushi begins to narrate the story of Beauty and the Beast, holding on to a mask of a gorilla while on the other side of the house, Arnav is chatting with his eternal partner Aman , instructing him on how to contain the negative media publicity.. Arnav comes  and collides with Khushi, who immediately lets out a shriek which would have done a Tasmanian Devil proud ..The Children Scramble around while Khushi switches on the light, sees that it is Arnav and not a monster..A irked Arnav  starts to shout at Khushi, Khushi automatically lifts her finger but reality bites and she begins to withdraw her hand and moves away from him..

Love the irreverent tongue in cheek humor of the CV's ..They have been bashed by the media left and right in recent weeks and we get to see Arnav talking about damage control, ..Does that mean  corrective measure  are being taken and that we will get to see the effects of it soon ..Lets hope so ..

The next scene... Khushi is under the impression that Arnav is a monster and she continues to think so and it is only when a light beams on does she see Arnav Singh Raizada other words..Khushi is in dark and is not cognizant of the real Arnav, does not understand that her heart has already been taken over is when she switches on  the light, she becomes aware of Arnav ..of the man who resides in her heart .. she does not acknowledge him yet, shuts him out but has not refused him either ..

The other moment I liked was when Khushi slowly begins to withdraw her hand after raing it to challenge Arnav...The hand holds the mask of the beast.. Khushi  it is who is slowly pulling out the beast  within Arnav Singh Raizada .. it will not be easy  but yes, she has begun the process of De-Beasting him by gently pulling out the beastly traits  with her love and patience..

Khushi commences her tale ,listing out the habits of the beast which coincidentally matches Arnav's ...Arnav who is outside watering his plants  is listening keen eared to the story of 'Sundari & Shaitan '..Khushi begins to tell about the duality of the prince and wonders how such two extremes be present in one person ..

So..The feelings of Khushi are being watered for  growth eh !! ... This was the moment when it stuck Khushi that the beast and the prince both reside within the same Man Arnav Singh Raizada and that she does love the prince  and if she takes the prince she must accept the beast  unconditionally too..The moment of realization was shown brilliantly by Sanaya ..The surprise mingled with awareness and a tinge of sadness ..

Arnav  waters his plants  when he stops suddenly as he hears the talk of Prince who comes in her dreams, he listens as Khushi begins to enumerate the good qualities of the prince ..Having resigned to thinking of himself as a monster / a Shaitan.. he mistakenly assumes that the Prince of her dreams is somebody else , her words are like a whiplash to him , scoring wounds onto his wounded heart ..His anguished eyes just locks on to her as he listens to Khushi saying that she dreams only about this prince , the words searing his raw heart !! Khushi continues with the story when her eyes alight on a still, taut, tensed  Arnav who is watching her intently, plain hurt, slight anger visible  in his eyes, Khushi full of innocence and  honesty and puzzled looks back at him , her eyes reflecting the sadness he has given her...Arnav cannot look her in the eye for he feels the weight of his guilt ..He lowers his eyes ...Khushi continues  the story saying that the prince and the beast was one and the same ..Arnav is startled to hear that contrary to what he thought, The beast and the Prince were one and the same  !!

Loved the moment , the step by step progress of Khushi towards  the ultimate Goal of decoding Arnav Singh Raizada , her pensive query eliciting memories from both the concerned parties ..As Arnav remembers the moment when he saw her lifeless and his insecurity dropped  from him ..Death and fear of loss giving him the courage to confess his love without any inhibition and just right after his brusque behavior when  he throws all her things demanding answers..Khushi remembering when he roughly lifted her curtly  demanding an explanation..The story turns into a monologue as Khushi begins to see Arnav and not the Shaitan.. begins to puzzle why a single body plays host to two polar opposites ..

There soon follows  a regular courier service between these two hot heads who had claimed not wanting to talk to one another, yet their unruly hearts  overrides their ego and finds a devious way of keeping in touch with one another ..They talk, they quarrel , They bicker, They tease ..They assure themselves and one another about the need they have for each other and all the while maintaining their  incommunicado status ..

We once again See Anjali playing a role,  She is the one who gets  the first intimation of the tiff between the lovers..I loved her positioning  in this  scene..Right in the middle ..playing the role of bridge  and suggesting quite clearly that she will be the one who will bring them closer ...

I was happy to see that the theme of  Khushi's realization of her feelings continued  in keeping with her nature .. She picked up a story and begin to weave reality and fantasy into it pretty soon reality took over and she began to understand that Arnav is not a complete monster ..there exists within him a prince, who cares, who loves and that she longs to be loved by this prince, cared by this prince ..but for that she has to  embrace the beast within him , love  the beast , fight the beast n reform the beast and unite the beast and the prince for both are split personalities who belong to the same entity , ..I started this analysis with a  dialogue from B&B , I would like to end it with another famous one ..It is the Beauty that Killed the beast..I hope that the beauty kills only the beastly traits and accepts the beast with all his warts for only her complete acceptance will turn him into a prince..

Side Note ;

I donno how many of u read the villeneuve..but there u get  a backdrop to the main characters .. Prince would be brought up by a evil fairy who curses him  when he refuses her overtures  and the beauty is not really a merchants daughter but is a kings daughter and her mother is a good fairy ..Beauty will be endowed of this good qualities and she will be the one who will end the curse of the Prince  ...will we get to see that here ??

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Sathya!! Hug I really really love you for putting the Redux so early!  Dot 11:30 and REDUX was up!! Clap Clap Now coming to your analysis (I will wait for the rest Tongue) I loved how you started with the quotes from B & B. 

"Yes, yes," said the Beast, "my heart is good, but still I am a monster."

"Among mankind," says Beauty, "there are many that deserve that name more than you, and I prefer you, just as you are, to those, who, under a human form, hide a treacherous, corrupt, and ungrateful heart." 

Brilliant lines and completely apt for Arnav and Khushi. Clap Clap The episode was awesome - if I loved Heer Ranjha - today I loved Beauty and the Beast too. No  - it did not make me cry - but it did make me happy. And I will say why in my analysis. Coming to your analysis - I personally did not understand the whole scene of Arnav coming and scaring Khushi - that scene was something that I could not understand - apart from yes - she was scared to see him - but I love the significance and analysis you have presented for this scene. Explains a lot! 

The next scene... Khushi is under the impression that Arnav is a monster and she continues to think so and it is only when a light beams on does she see Arnav Singh Raizada other words..Khushi is in dark and is not cognizant of the real Arnav, does not understand that her heart has already been taken over is when she switches on  the light, she becomes aware of Arnav ..of the man who resides in her heart .. she does not acknowledge him yet, shuts him out but has not refused him either ..

The other moment I liked was when Khushi slowly begins to withdraw her hand after raing it to challenge Arnav...The hand holds the mask of the beast.. Khushi  it is who is slowly pulling out the beast  within Arnav Singh Raizada .. it will not be easy  but yes, she has begun the process of De-Beasting him by gently pulling out the beastly traits  with her love and patience..

@Bold lines - love them!! ClapClap

Loved the rest of the analysis also Sathya! Clap

Coming to my analysis :-

Sundari and Shaitaan - the story of Beauty and the beast to be exact. I have always believed that this is what is the basic story of Iss Pyaar Ko kya naam doon is with only twists and turns added to create situations.

We all know what was the basic story of beauty and the beast - A beautiful girl goes into the palace of the beast to save her father from the beast's wrath and sacrifices herself by doing that. The beast is nothing but an arrogant and ruthless monster - who does nothing but scare the beautiful girl - only to fall in love with her. Similarly - the girl also falls in love with the beast - forgiving all his bad qualities and making him a human.

What is different with Arnav and Khushi!? Nothing - Khushi marries Arnav to save her sister's married life, he has a secret that he chooses not to share and he behaves like an arrogant monster and inspite of all the hatred that he plans to give her - he is falling more in love with her - just like how much hatred she thinks she has for him is nothing but her love for him. They will meet - Khushi will do what she is here to do - she has already changed the once ruthless man and made his heart believe in love - she will do it in the future also - she will take him from this darkness and into light - and she is the only one who can do it.


Started off where we left off on Friday - Arnav looking for Khushi - worried and tensed where Khushi was. And then comes the voice that he had been waiting to hear - but would never admit to himself. And what does he see!? Khushi with her chillar party. And what does he do - he does not confront her - does not disturb her in her own space - but goes to look for his answers somewhere else and he finds the answers by Nani.

What was good in this scene was Arnav's not disturbing Khushi at all and barging into her space and questioning her. Knowing Arnav - he would very well have done that and created a ruckus over it. Instead - he let her go on with what she was doing and sought his answers elsewhere. Again the small conversation between Nani and him was a sign to Arnav's childhood. No we were not told about it in detail - but nevertheless it can be guessed that he must have been a naughty kid.

Then comes my favorite part of the episode. We have seen confession from Arnav many a times and I will add this did not make me cry like the one Arnav did in the Heer-Ranjha act - Nevertheless it was beautiful! There were many reasons on why I liked the whole Arnav and Khushi story in the form of Sundari and Shaitaan.  Every single dialogue was well thought of - every emotion was well shown - everything was just perfect. Clap Clap



If there is anything I have wanted from the show - it is to see Khushi's side of feelings which everyone knows is very rarely shown to us - however today was a start and a good start! If there was anything beautiful in this scene - it was the state of confusion that Khushi is in - for the first time I could see that she knows that her shaitaan and her rajkumar is the same person - she knows that she wants to be with the rajkumar in him - but what is stopping her is the shaitaan in him.

Every little detail that Khushi mentioned about the Shaitan was about Arnav - about his habits - about his demands - the habit of watering plants and loving them - her own habit of standing far away and looking at him when he is taking care of his prized possession - I felt she meant his family and Anjali here - the significance evident from what she had seen in the morning of the previous day. Then comes how the Shaitaan demands of the sundari to get married to him and how she keeps refusing every time. However - she sees a dream at night - the dream in which she sees her dream man - her rajkumar - Arnav's expression in this scene was brilliant as he looked at her stunned.

"lekin har raat sundari  ko sapne mein ek rajkumaar dikhta tha - jiska swabhaav bahut acha tha - meetha bolta tha - sundari ka bahut khayal rakhta tha -(Arnav is taken aback after hearing these words and he looks at her) Karvatein badalti sundari sirf ussi ke khawab dekhti thi...(Arnav is looking at her stunned)...lekin har raath sapne mein - Rajkumar sundari se ek sawaal puchta tha...aur jaise hi woh sawal puchta tha - sundari ki neend khul jati thi - sundari ko ye baat samjh mein hi nahi aati thi ki (Khushi looks at Arnav...and sees him looking at her)... kis shaitaan aur rajkumar donon ek hi aadmi the... (Arnav is shocked and leaves his work instantly and looks at Khushi who is speaking in trance looking at him and conveying her feelings)... jab sundari ko pata chala toh woh hairan - pareshan ye kaise ho sakta hai... pal mein shaitaan... pal mein rajkumar? donon ek kaise ho sakte hain...ek pal mein such dena aur agle hi pal mein dukh...(Arnav and Khushi both have flashbacks)...kuch samjh hi nahi payi woh..". 

If I have to analyse this particular dialogue -from Khushi's pov - it was the Khushi who was expecting a confession of love from Arnav that night - the Khushi who was hoping to see the guy who had helped her with the guests, who had been sweet to her, who had cared for her when she was ill and had hurt herself -that fateful night when the misunderstanding had cropped up - she was expecting his confession of love. She was expecting to be loved and somehow every dream of her crashed and she was stuck with the shaitaan in Arnav. The Rajkumar that she had seen in him was lost after that night - and what remained was the shaitaan. She is hurt - she is confused - and moreover she cannot understand him now and herself. She has seen two different sides to him and just like Arnav is confused - so is she.

 Beautifully portrayed and very well shown on how both Arnav and Khushi knew what her words meant and for whom. Somewhere in the bottom of their hearts they both know that they love each other - they are made for each other - yet they both are so much in pain with the growing distance and misunderstanding between each other that they chose to turn a blind eye to their love and accept the hatred. What else can I say about these lines!?

Everything was said in these lines and everything that Arnav and Khushi actually feel - came out in these lines. Arnav's expression stunned when he hears Khushi talk about her rajkumar and then suddenly it changes to disbelief and some sort of shock and happiness when he hears that she feels her shaitaan and rajkumar are the same. He knew he was the shaitan but when Khushi talks about rajkumar and shaitaan being the same - there we see how hurt both of them are. We realize that Khushi knows deep down - that Arnav is not bad - that he is not 'the' shaitaan - but is the rajkumar of her dreams. And the flashbacks shown at this moment were apt. Arnav regrets and feels guilty as he remembers his confession of love on the stage - and the confrontation on the stairs. He realizes that she is hurt by him - he knows he has done wrong - his behavior is wrong and we see that in the way he looks down, guilty. Similarly - Khushi's confusion is shown - on how Arnav's on and off behavior hurts her and confuses her. I feel so sorry for both of them here - if only they knew how much love do they have for each other and knowing and unknowingly they are causing so much pain to each other and themselves.

Next comes the 'letter' conversation. What a brilliant ideas CV's - loved the use of kids here. And so loved Arnav here - I was reminded of the scene when Khushi had brought in kids for some festival and Arnav had blasted everyone off - and today he is not bothered about the kids at all - infact if anything - he is very much comfortable around them. He who thought them once as a disturbing element - plays along with them. I must say - seeing Arnav like this was strange but adorable!

The letter conversation - can these two not even have a single sane and proper conversation even in writing!? I mean seriously! What has to be done to get them to have a normal conversation? Guess I am just asking for too much. Anyways it seemed like an attempt from Arnav to break off  Mrs. Raizada's silence! Toh kya hua if they will not speak to each other - they will write and talk! But even in that conversation - Arnav did not forget to address Khushi as 'Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada' and what was funny was Khushi addressing Arnav as 'Arnav shaitaan singh Raizada'. I do not want to get into the jibes they took at each other - he refusing to accept that she is sundari and she proving him to be the shaitaan. However I loved Arnav's words in his letter - 'pariyon ki kahani se baahar niklo and face the reality'

Last scene - Anjali comes into play. I really liked how the last letter was given to Anjali. Anjali knows both Arnav and Khushi well - she knows they love each other - and she also knows that all is not well in their married life. The last letter - clear significance of that Khushi has lost her dreams and hopes and it is because she is married to Arnav. Probably if she knew the reason of the marriage- all would be okay and she would understand him- but not knowing the reason - has made her believe that she has lost all her hopes and dreams and the man she fell in love with was nothing but an illusion that she now needs to let go. Anjali realizes that the problems are not getting solved and she plans to do something - what - let's wait and watch.

I really liked the confession scene of Khushi - her feelings and her confusion were well brought out - the comparison with Beauty and the Beast well established - and the guilt and regret Arnav has - again well portrayed. I can see just like how the beast was turned into a human because of the beauty - Arnav will soon leave the darkness that he lives in and will come to light by his own beauty - Khushi.

Love :))

P.S : Pam and Doodhs - my reply to your analysis on page 9 Wink

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Tant, I have nothing, absolutely NOTHING to comment on today's episode.  Since I reserved I will use the space and put forward some points that I felt while watching the episode. Before I get into the pointers, one request I have to all the Redux readers that don't judge any episode on the face value and more over don't judge my POV on just by reading it. Shoot me always if you think I am wrong in judging. Smile 

What is an Analysis??? Is it only decoding the story??? NO. Is it only about understanding the leads' actions??? NO. Is it only seeing the future track on just seeing the episode??? NO. Is it only finding the positivity in the most boring episode??? NO. Is it only defending on what the Creative Team shows us??? NO. Is it only criticizing on what the creative team shows us??? NO. Is it only about ignoring the side characters' progressions??? NO. Is it only seeing through the eyes of the writer??? NO. Is it only talking about the thought process behind the PH and the Channel??? NO. It is taking into consideration all the aspects stated above and it's a whole package. This is "Anlaysis" and this is why I say, I will not proceed ahead. When I sit on analyzing and I find where the characters have been brought down to it aches my heart. When I sit on analyzing and see that what I have stated a week back about the strategies that SP and PH superiors are thinking, I see that EXACT same actions today, it aches my heart. When I sit on analyzing and figure out that there actually no designed tracks ahead, it makes me feel like a DUMB lady in the midst of a bunch of unplanned professionals; wait can I call them professionals??? I guess NO. They are a bunch of reactive people and I am not going to make another post on bashing. NO. I am not. I have had enough. They don't deserve my opinion and I am not going to provide one either.

Before you think that I am cynic, just understand where I am coming from and why I think so about the episode as just a "Passover" and nothing else. This is coming from a person who sleeps, eats and drinks information; this is coming from a person who watches CNBC Inside Story documentaries every Thursday night; this is coming from the person who watches Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper every weeknights; this is coming from the person who watches 60mins every Tuesday on CNBC; this is coming from the person who reads 4 newspapers daily; this is coming from the person who watches and plays Golf and Tennis and NOT Cricket; this is coming from the person who is always updated with the most happenings around the world on a particular day; whose Phone contains the apps of all news channels (including Indian) and gets the breaking news no matter where she is and what she is doing, she is always updated with information; This is coming from the person whose favorite Indian celebrity is Aamir Khan just because his thought process is  brilliant. This is coming from the person whose favorite serial is House, North and South and Big Bang Theory. This is coming from the person who doesn't watch SBS/SBB/IBN so that Barun and Sanaya's  personality doesn't affect the analysis of IPK; This is coming from the person who doesn't read any spoilers and hardly read the articles as she believes that it affects your judgment on the episodes as the mind will already be preoccupied with the news. Now, I guess you all believe where I am coming from and how do I analyze every single episode and the pains behind it. I have always forbidden myself from watching the live interviews of BS and SI so that they don't become an open book to me and eventually doesn't affect my analysis. Do, you all still feel I am cynic??? If yes, then please let me know.

Let's come to the episode then. Just because I had to mention the points, I had to go through the torture of watching the episode a-gain. One of the best complements that I have received, during my analysis, that someone mentioned, I give her a glimpse of the writer's mind.  To be honest, I loved that complement and that's what motivates me to write no matter how pathetic the episode is. Yes, she was right and when I do analyze I put myself in their shoes, all of their shoes; be it the writers; be it Gul and Nissar; be it SP Superiors; be it the CVs; be it Barun or be it Sanaya; be it Hrishikesh Gandhi. Have any one ever read this book by Harper Lee titled ' "To kill a mockingbird???" There's one quote when Atticus the protagonist teaches his daughter about judging a person. Here it goes:-

"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."

I always try to get into the skin of the person from whose POV I decide to analyze the episode. Remember the analysis when I had a special talk with the Superiors of SP and 4 Lions??? That day my entire thought process was from their POV and not my sitting overseas. For today's episode I will put myself into the shoes of SP/PH and the writers'. Both.

Let me start with the pointers:-

1.     Where is the continuation from Friday??? The emotional intensity in experiencing the "VOID" while Khushi was missing, I was eager to watch today's episode; but when I was actually watching it, I felt it's completely MISSING. A person who practically didn't see the face of his girl for almost 2 full days, when he heard her voice, he turned around immediately and instantly without any inhibitions started following the sound that leads him to his girl. What his reaction was??? Excuse me, did I hear something??? Where the hell was his reaction??? It was only "what the hell is happening". Is that it??? That's the reason on Friday you all had given the best Rabba Ve till date just to continue with his gobsmacked reaction afterwards??? Where was his happiness upon seeing her face after the worry and tension??? Where was his anger for her disappearing act which would have leading to a fight???

Now, let me tell you why that didn't happen??? It will happen; definitely it has to happen and the only continuation they showed today is when Khushi turned around when she realized that she is giving him "Silent Treatment". But this was in the later stage. Before that ASR saw her and went straight to the hallway where he met Naani. Now, this just happened because they need to make this episode filler. You know why???  It's because today was Mumbai's match and they expected majority will not even watch the episode as people will catch the repeats. This is from business perspective. Now, to satisfy the business needs they have to produce the creative measurements. How they do that??? To continue the silent treatment and hence one option, mellow down ASR. If we see ASR's characteristics then he would not have reacted like he did after the "havan" scene (as the situation was different then) but he definitely would have reacted for making him emotionally a bit tortured. Yes, he was tortured and he would have at least demanded the answer. But, instead the track was dragged.

2.     Khushi- Arnav's Maan-Abhimaan part II. Since they dragged it, they did it in a funny way. They have used the "Beauty and the Beast" story that will help these two extend the period of "Maan-Abhimaan" second part through "kabutar style love letter delivery". What a massacre and death of Arnav Singh Raizada's character portrayal??? I would have never mind if they had used it somewhere before the wedding or after the MU is cleared but NOW??? Can you all believe this??? At this juncture his thought process would have been ' she is missing for 2 days, Di is staying somewhere overnight, Shyaam is not being seen, where are these two??? First of all he didn't react and then the family clarified all above doubts by saying Khushi was planning this business since one day??? Helloo CVs, where the hell is Naani's thinking cap??? Her grandson has no idea that his wifey is doing a business and you have no signs of concern here??? Now, I ask the CVs where is the character consistency of Naani here??? Answer me. Damn it. You CVs are so convenient, whenever the track needs logical explanation then the "dimaag" of side characters' always lightens up and when it's not needed then they are shown "fused".

Now, let me explain why the inconsistency. IPL is going on and how much people say the craze is not there but still people will keep a track; whenever people will walk on the streets, whenever people will have luncheon in the cafeteria, whenever the college goers will have a chat in the cafe, whenever they will ride the transports - the billboards, the various bus shades, the various pole kiosks, the various news and sports magazine, the various debates about the matches, the various updates in social networking sites will be interrupting their daily thought process. Here is the picture of REALITY that SP and 4 Lions are facing and will be facing daily till May end.  Here goes the consistency down the drain; here is why we saw Naani not having an iota of doubt that the husband has no idea what the wife is up to and she was eagerly explaining the process on how Khushi's Tuition Business came into action. Where was Arnav's worry then that he needs to pretend in front of his family ' "everything's fine between them"??? Where did all the reasonings go when Khushi did save Arnav with the fake romance when Naani was eavesdropping their conversation in the episode where Arnav's voice came back??? Damn it CVs answer me??? The only thing I liked is the "letter conversation" and as they are not conversing then it was a really good touch on their "maan abhimaan" stage but at the cost of ASR's character, mind it and I didn't like them "Doodling". Period. 

3.     Another thing is contradictory is Khushi understanding "the beast and the prince is the same person". I mean helloo??? If she has this much intelligence to understand that the beast and the prince is the same person then how did the writers fail to see the biggest FLAW here??? The flaw is if she has understood that this Beast is her Prince, then the beast part doesn't exist NOW et all. Does it??? No. It just cannot be right.

4.     Then comes the second important message in the episode - ASR realized Khushi's inner opinion that she thinks him a Beast at one moment and a Prince in another moment. Now if this doesn't inspire him to connect the dots, then I have no say. This is one of the biggest HINT he got today and is the message of today's episode; Khushi even in the stage of "Silent Treatment" had provided him the hint on a silver platter.

Coming to the 3rd point. How contradictory. The moment she would have realized that he is not a beast but a prince, she should have changed all her views. The dialogues were not perfect here. Instead she should have said - I don't understand this person at all.  On the contrary, if this girl has so much intelligence that she can differentiate between the beast and the prince, then why the hell is she not connecting the dots??? Why the hell is she not wearing the thinking cap and understanding his actions and trying to find the reason behind his actions??? She will not as the IPL is going on and SP and 4 Lions have already wasted a month on Star Parivaar awards and right now they have to drag it by hook or crook as all  the IPK viewers are divided. This is the reason we will have to wait for fillers like this. Just notice nicely, all the tracks are 2/3 episodes long and this B&B story will also be 3 episodes long.

Now the 4th point. Love changes people and I didn't mind the kids' involvement but currently the situation different. Where is the consistency??? For heaven's sake she is a betrayer to him and also confusing him at the same time. Where is that dilemma in his mind??? He should be irritated at his thought process; there should be helluva series of monologues within him as to what he is seeing is true or what he is hearing is true??? This is the major flaw in this entire process and this where the beads are not fitting in. If I justify from the writers POV then I can say that the letter exchanging "Maan-Abhimaan" part has happened after Khushi's judgment about ASR being a "Beast" at one moment and being a "Prince" in another moment. That statement in my opinion should have stirred up the emotions in him but instead we see the extension of Maan-Abhimaan track. The writers did a judgment to the request of SP and that's where this track fits in absolutely BUT at the cost of ASR's character. ASR in any way cannot be the person who would be involved in an old style of having conversations but here, no other option is left. Stop showing ASR Doodling. 

5.     The last part was the confusion in Anjali's character:- I mean she concluded reading the letter that "these two are having a fight"??? Damn Anjali, where are all your so called "Love lectures" to Arnav??? This is what you figured out from the letter??? Even the kiddo understood that the love letter exchange is going on and she could make it out as "FIGHT" ' just another feather in their Cap??? Excuse me??? This is where Anjali's character is brought down to???

Where is the damn progression in the story line??? How long the drag will be here??? First, she is the one confessed that these two will spend their life with fighting; she is the one witnessed the Holi episode; she is the one witnessed their Heer Ranjha act even when they were fighting; she is the one who witnessed Arnav's restlessness in the Havan episode; she is the one witnessed them in the bangle scene. I mean grow up lady; don't you still know them??? Didn't you know how these two converses on a daily basis??? The first couple of sentences of the letter said it all that it was kind of sweet pains transversing between them and still she didn't get the gist??? I am SHOCKED. She thinks it's again a fight between them and she took the letter???

Now, if I need to justify this dumbness of Anjali then from a writer's POV will say, this will lead to either another round of dumb torture for the audiences or the letter will fall in the lap of Shyaam who will actually get the right message ' that there is LOVE blossoming between Arnav and Khushi and Shyaam will start planning conspiracies. We need one mistake from Shyaam to further start the process. I have not seen SBS/SBB, so I donno the future track but this may go either way. This is one justification for Anjali's dumbness apart from the fact that Anjali keeps Arnav-Khushi together.

Grow up CVs and even during IPL at least don't sabotage the side characters.  I know you need to show Arnav and Khushi for the entire episode just to grab the viewers during IPL session. This is why I said, you didn't think it through earlier that the 2nd match daily will clash with IPK and not any other SP serial. It's a fact and we all have to deal with the absurd track each and every day. So, just watch the episodes as a standalone episode and not as an integrated story. That's my viewpoint. I have showed all Redux readers the thought process of PH and SP along with my own POV at the same time, so you yourself judge where is the serial going forward and whether they are really doing justice to the viewers or not. 

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Newbiesoapfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Lovely fairy tale ...and lovely analysis . How well their tale mirrors that of "Beauty and the Beast". I hope that Arnav noticed today that she said that the beast and the prince were one and the same ... it was an almost confession from her through her realization.

I think that there are enough hints that we will get an ASR childhood track soon --- Khushi is bringing out the child in him and soon the elders will be talking about the naughty ASR and his antics ( glimpses of which we got during New Year)... waiting for this whiff of the past !

The kids rocked as did Barun today in the letter scenes... these two kids are so pig-headed that they want to outdo each other in pig headedness ... and the kids play along !

All fairy tales have a happy ending when they walk into the sunset and live "Happily ever after"? Hope that day comes soon-- this one will be "Happily ever after until the next MU or blast from the past "!

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pamk06 Goldie

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I did not like today's episode. I felt it was a filler and not even a good filler. There was no acceleration to the story, there was no continuation, there was nothing to fulfill those expectations that we were all waiting to see since Friday.   I thought it had many inconsistencies especially with ASR's character and my "PS" says it all but saying all this, let me repeat my daily mantra, your post was "A-mazing". I enjoyed reading that more than the episode which was a one-time watch episode for entertainment sakes.

Below is my analysis:

Today, there were letters passed between Khushi and Arnav. I felt these letters though had love, a love which only these two can understand, it also had underlying meanings that hinted at the mistrust, the hurt that they share. There were also clues which if deciphered correctly by these two people, if used in the right way would have moved the story a little bit further, instead of it being just an exchange of "love letters". 

Also, before I start, I think that some thought process of Arnav should have started exactly at the exact moment when Khushi said that her prince and beast are the same but as CV's wanted to waste that hint, we will waste it too...

First Letter: Arnav to Khushi: "Bachose to Jhoot mat bolo"

This was a very vital hint to Khushi. The letter said, at least do not lie to the kids, at least being the key word here. She at this point, for a second, should have thought that he thinks, she has lied to someone and if he is writing that means she has lied to him. According to him, she has. She has given him wrong hopes, wrong signs, wrong indications about a love which she does not share with him but with Shyam. She has lied to him about her innocence and care that she shows to his family and his sister. For him, she is not only lying to his sister and his family but she is also being dishonest to the sanctity of marriage that she says she so respects.

This clue was just like that  ""Mujhe jo chot pohchahi uska kya?" clue which Khushi should have used to demand answers from Arnav, to start connecting the dots. We did not get it today but hopefully we will see it in future or this will also go down the drain like all the other clues.

First Letter: Khushi to Arnav: "Jo sach hain unhe nazar aaya, Hum Sundari hain, aap Shaitan"

This was a vital clue to Arnav. Arnav should have thought that when he was right, Khushi was wrong, why is she calling him a Shaitan. Isn't she the person who is having an extra-marital affair, isn't she the one who should be feeling guilty, isn't she the one who should be the "shaitan". He should start thinking that why a girl like Khushi who gives so much of importance to marriage, who gives so much of importance to family, does not feel an iota of guilt  for having an affair with the person who is on the verge of having a family himself. He should think that why is she blaming him for the marriage, when she should be aware of the reasons behind it, when she should know the conditions behind it, when she herself and her actions are to be blamed. He has seen Shyam and Khushi interacting, that means according to him, Khushi should be aware via Shyam that Arnav knows the truth. Thus, he should at least be wondering  why is she behaving as if she is unaware of the reason or acting as the person who is in the dark. They say, kids rely more on the inner beauty than outer one, so if kids were able see the innocence, the care, the purity of Khushi, the same thing that he is able to see, which his heart is asking him to see, then he should have questioned himself why is it in direct contrast with what his mind is trying to portray and what Shyam has told him.

His thought processes had numerous locations to kick-start today but alas his brain is still in hibernation.

Second Letter: Khushi to Arnav : "Sapne ki duniyase bahar aao Khushi, bacho ko apne jaisa mat banao, yeh zindagi hain, koi pariyon ki kahani nahi"

This was a way of Arnav to tell Khushi to stop dreaming, stop dreaming that she will get your "Rajkumar". Here Arnav was not referring to himself, he was referring to Shyam, because according to him, Shyam is her Rajkumar. He was telling her that in reality she  will never be able to unite with her Rajkumar because reality is way different than fairy tales where despite all odds the princess get her prince. In reality, her rajkumar is already married, he is already committed, and its next to impossible that she will get him. He was asking her to accept her reality, accept him because in reality  the princess will never unite with the  prince she wants, the princess will get the prince she hates, that prince who can only hope for her love.

He was asking her not to make the kids like her, not to make the kids believe in fairy tales, to make them aware of the reality because  in real life there are only facts and fact is that Khushi is not a Sundari, she is a home-breaker, a heart breaker and a family breaker. They say mirrors never lie, and he wanted her to see the mirror,see the reality that he can see and has seen.

Well, only time will tell, who is Shaitan and who is Sundari because IMO they are both are Sundari and Shaitan, they both have done the bigger bad for the larger good, but does the bad justify the good, only time will tell. 


  1. Where the hell was the anger and relief on Arnav's face, where was the reaction after he saw Khushi, whom he was missing for two whole days. There was a time, when he created a ruckus when she was missing for a few hours (remember Havan) and today there was nothing. I agree that the situations are way different but today, there should atleast have been one percent of that reaction of his, which we saw that day.
  2. Payal: Mami was making fun of her sister and brother in law and this girl was smiling. Pray tell, when did her bonding with Mami became stronger than Khushi or did I miss an episode.
  3. Nani: This was the same lady who was trying to unite the love birds just two days back and she does not find it odd, that Arnav does not know the whereabouts of his wife, that a husband was finding information about his wife from her.She is a Nani right, the elder of the house, shouldn't all her red flags go up immediately at this point but no, she was laughing.
  4. Arnav Singh Raizada has difficulty interacting with elders, with Payal, how is it that he was so nicely interacting with the kids, kids that he does not even like, kids that he hates or has he also adapted this personality trait from Khushi in their one month of marriage. I do not mind seeing him interacting with children but how can you show it just out of the blue. CV's, you just change things as per your convenience so what if you have to change a trait in the character or be contradictory of your own work, right?
  5. A person who constantly has anger on his nose, finds out his plants, the thing he loves most next to his Di, are missing, They have been moved by these "superhuman" kids in 5 mins flat and what was his reaction. Blankness, acceptance, quiet questions??? Where the hell did that Arnav go, who brought the whole house down when his model was broken, model he does not even care for and these were his plants. Oh I forgot, love has mellowed him down, right? He just cannot afford to make Khushi more upset or should I say Khushi's supporters so what if the cost is his plants or his sister's marriage???
  6. I thought Arnav could not read Hindi, how was he writing so fluently in Hindi and exchanging love letters???. Isn't this the same guy who could do anything for his sister or has he changed to the guy who can do anything for Khushi even if its means exchanging love notes with the girl who is going to break his sister...Is this the Arnav Singh Raizada that you have been showing us for last 10 months??  Way to go, ...

Gosh CV's, today you guys did what I never thought you would do, you thrashed Arnav Singh Raizada's character, that character that you loved more than we did.

I can only say "Buckle up", IPL is there but that does not mean you guys just lose the grip of the story, butcher the main characters, forget the side characters, forget the villian, forget the plot and most importantly forget your faithful viewers.

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mommamia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 12:03pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Jhalak29 IF-Rockerz

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Hiya to Tants, DB, Anna, Shanti, Vasi &  Everyone else
I guess thats what surprises me DB that suddenly no one has the thinking caps, today when we saw the episode for the first time I felt a let down with the entire series, my mind dished out today that no matter how brillinatly the leads are performing, are we spending our 25 mins for this kind of kid stories, i mean dishing them one after another, back to back,then I awaited Redux after reading Tanthya analysis I got a bit settled, I went to rewatch the episode, yet somewhere I still didnt get a satisfaction of njoing my 25 mins, I would rather spend those on watching some older episode which there was consistency.
I missed the intensity which was shown on Friday, the incompleteness of Arnav, his eyes &  his subconscous both in sync for missing Khushi. I would hv rather enjoied if after listening to her voice, with the jerk he moved, he saw with kids, A faint sigh of relief and then may be a Intense Question which brings reaction. Answer can be gvn by anyone but the satisfaction of the perfect answer comes only with Khushi
Anna I loved your analysis.
PS:: Wish they could gv us the day count i mean 6 months is 180 days ,  sometimes 3-4 episode cover one day & sometimes  2 days are covered in 5 mins, I agree to the fact that some days a lot happen between them in terms of interaction & some days its less, but day count would help me understand the time limit so much better, HIGHLIGHTED Day 1... so on,,,,,,,would be such a help for us to understand

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awwwwwww Senior Member

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
brilliant analysis as ever,
my favourite  fairy tale,favourite show,favourite analysis,
what more I wish ?

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