Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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loved it Smile

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great update dear 

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Awesome update dear!!!
Loved it... plzzz cont soon

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part 79
lovely part...
would be parents...
well here it the beta beti fight...
cont soon dear...

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loved it the way Maan taking care of Geet
Cont soon

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Maan was so careful with Geet.He was insisting that Geet's surrounding will have to be clean always.Geet wasn't given permission to work in the kitchen & the duties of the KM were once again transferred to dadimaa as Geet was pregnant.

Maan forcefully made this decision & gave the keys to dadimaa.Maan didn't wanted to give Geet any stress & those household works were always making Geet tired.Geet protested this decision then Maan glared at her making her slient.One glare would make her dumb these days.

One day Maan came back from the works feeling tired & Geet served dinner to him.Maan asked,"Tumne khana khaaya???"Geet said,"Aaapne kabhi mujhe aapke bagay hi khaana khaathe huve???"Maan nodded dismissively but said softly,"Ab se aadat daaldo Geet...kyunki ab tum do log hai...!!!"Geet said angrily,"Ab mein pati ke saath baith kart khaana bhi nahin kha sakthi???Us khwaish se bhi mujhe rok laga deejiye...akele baithkar khaana khaaoungi...!!!"

Geet's eyes welled up & tears poured down from those almond eyes.Maan closed his eyes with guilt for making her cry & made her sit on his lap & said lovingly,"Aisa nahin hai jaan...tum galath samajh rahi ho...mein ye keh raha tha ki mujhe office mein bahut saara kaam hoga aur mein nahin chaahtha ki meri wajaise tum aur baby dono bhooke baithe...!!!"

Then he fed the food to Geet lovingly and wiped those tears which were glistening from those almond eyes.Geet fed him & said making puppy face,"Mein aur baby itna strong hai ki woh apne bhook ko jhel sakthe hai apne papa ke aane tak...!!!"Maan said lovingly,"Zid mat karo Mishti...ab woh sun city project haina woh bhi rok gayi hai kissi kaaran ke wajaise...aur mujhe roz jaana hoga kaam dekhne ke liye...!!!Ab agar tum aur baby bhooke rahenge toh mujhe kaam par nahin sirf aap dono par hoga mera dhyaan...!!!"Geet thought & asked worriedly,"Wahan kyun kaam ruk gayi hai...???In fact wahi par toh kaam bahut achche se hoti thi baaki projects ke zyaada...lekin aisa kya hogaya hai ki wahan rok gayi hai...!!!"

Maan said still feeding the food lovingly,"Kuch nahi jaan mein sab dekh loonga...ab tumhe uske baare mein sochna band kardo...!!!"Geet got up from his lap & said,"Aap jaayiye room mein mein yeh sab saaf karke aati hoon...!!!"

Maan said sternly,"Bilkul bhi nahin...mein isse karloonga tum jaakar aaraam karo...samjhi tum...!"Geet made a baby complaining face & went from there cursing under breath,"Dusht danav...!!!"Maan smiled at her antics & went to clean up the table while Geet kept his night dress neatly on the bed while she got the phone from her mother.

Darji's family were happy that Geet is pregnant & was keeping the tracks of the health.When Rano came to know abt Geet then she was dancing in tip toe happily.Geet said,"Hello...!!!"Rano said happily,"Geet...mera bachcha...kaisi hai tu???"

Geet smiled & said,"Maa...kaisi hai aap...mein bilkul theek hoon...!!!"Rano asked,"Mein bahut khush hoon beta...!!!"And she gave the big lecture to her not to work which made her pissed off becoz of her lecture.When Maan came there then her face had become gol gappe...and was cursing her breath.

Maan had seen Geet keeping the mobile back & asked,"Kiska phone tha Geet???"Geet said angrily,"Aapke saasu amma ki...!!!"Maan asked curiously,"Toh phir tumhaara moo gol gappe ki tarah kyun bana huva hai???"Geet said angrily,"Maa bhi itni badi lecture dedi ki kaam mat karo...zyaada bhaari saamaan mat uthao...!!!"

Maan smiled seeing her angry face which was resembling the apple fruit.In these days she was looking more beautiful with more anger & mood swings & more adorable with her antics.Maan had the urge to eat her alive but resisted & said," bhi kehthi hai...achche ke liye kehthi hai...tum kyun unki baat nahin maanthi...!!!"

Geet glared at him & twisted her lips pouting & went & slept turning that side angrily.Maan nodded dismissively smiling seeing her antics & changed the dress & came & slept beside her.Maan kept his hand around her waist while Geet threw his hand angrily.

Maan repeated that once again & she melted in his touch & went inside his embrace & kissed his chest softly.Maan's skin burned when he felt Geet's warm lips on his chest.Maan pecked her lips & said,"So jao Geet...tum thak gayi hogi...!!!"Geet said pouting,"Nahin mujhe ab neend nahin aa rahi hai...!!!"

Maan asked,"Kyun???"Geet came still inside his embrace & said breathing her hot breath on his lips," chahtha hai ki papa unhe kahaani sunaaye...!!!"Maan was shocked,"Mein...kahaani...!!!"Geet asked with amazement,"Ho...aapko kahaani sunaane nahin aati...!!!"

Maan nodded cutely yes & started..."Ek din...Geet...!!!"Geet said immediately,"!!!"Maan said nodding,"Haan...ek din baby..kya huva tha ki...!!!!"Geet said pouting,"Ek din MSK tha jo unhe kahaani sunaana nahi aata tha...!!!"Maan saw her  innocently but Geet smiled widely & said,"Chalo so jaathe hai...!!!"Which made him admire her smile cutely.

Maan came & kissed her forehead & said,"Good night...!!!"Geet smiled widely & said,"Good night...!!!"At midnight...Geet couldn't sleep & got up & shaked Maan.Geet said,"Maan...!!!"Maan didn't answer just said,"Hmm...!!!"Geet said,"Maan...mujhe kuch khaane ka man kar raha hai...!"

Maan asked sleepy,"Kya khaane ka man kar raha hai Geet...!!!"Geet said cutely,"Maan...mujhe mitti khaane ka man kar raha hai...!!!"Maan said sleepy,"Toh khaalo...!For a second he didn't heard what she said but immediately got up realising what Geet asked & said with amusement,"Mitti...yeh kaisi dish hai...!"Geet laughed & said,"Maan..mitti ka matlab hai soil...aur hum usse hi apna khaana grow karthe hai...!!!!"

Maan didnt' understand & scratched his head & said,"Tum paagal ho gayi ho...yeh mitti khaane ki cheez nahin hai...!!!Raat bahut ho gayi hai ab so jao...aur waise bhi baby tumhaara bak bak sunke  kaan band  kar ke baitha hoga jao Geet...!!!"Geet glared at him with her almond eyes & said,"Yeh meri nahin baby khwaish hai...!!!"

Maan said angrily,"Geet is aadhi raat mein mein kahan se mitti ko...aur us mitti mein ktine bacterias aur viruses hogi pata nahi...aur tum mitti khaana chaahthi ho???"Geet glared at him & said angrily,"Aap nahin dena chaahthe toh theek hai...mein chali...usse khaane...Aur waise bhi aap usme bacterias aur viruses hoti hai yeh kisne kaha...kitna achcha khushboo aati hai jab us par pehle mahine ki baarish aati hai...aur woh mitti ki khushboo toh baat hi kuch aur hoti hai...!Maan mujhe usse khaana hai...!!!"

Maan thought Geet had gone mad & ran to meet dadimaa telling that he'll bring soil to Geet stopping her.Maan banged the door with panic & shouted,"Dadimaa...dadimaa...!"Dadi opened her door rubbing the eyes & saw who is it & asked,"Kya baat hai Maan bete...aap itni ghabraaye huve kyun hai...!!!"

Maan said worriedly,"Dadimaa...Geet ko kuch hogaya hai...woh mittit khaane ki zid kar rahi hai...!"Dadimaa said casually,"Toh de deejiye na usse...kuch nahin hoga...abhi bhi toh mood swings haina unki...toh dedeejiye...!!!"Maan was shocked hearing dadimaa's answer & asked,"Dadi...aap pagalon ki tarah baat kyun kar rahi hai...woh mitti pooch rahi hai...koi insan mitti khaata hai kya...!!!"

Dadima laughed at his concern & said,"Maan bete aise samay mein bachca kis tarah sochtha hai ussi tarah maa bhi sochthi hai...yeh baby ki khwaish hai...aur ek insan ne khaaya tha mitti ko woh the bhagwaan shri krishna...!!!"But still Maan argued,"Dadimaa...bhagwaan shri krishna ne khaaya tha uski maa toh nahi...aap bhi na dadimaa...!!!"

And he went from there & tried to convince Geet but Geet was in full on sherni mood & she went outside to eat mitti.After one hr,Geet was sitting on the floor relishing the mitti & Maan had kept his hand on his forehead & observing  Geet's expression.Geet smiled at Maan showing the soiled teeth while Maan composed himself giving weak smile to her.

After sometime she got terrible nausea & started thrwoing up everything which made Maan alarm.Maan said with panic,"Geet...tumhe aisa kyun ho rah hai...mein abhi Vicky ko bulaatha hoon...!!!"And he ran to call Vicky who asleep peacefully holding a photo frame.

Maan banged inside Vicky's room & shouted,"Vicky...!!!"Vicky woke with a jerk & asked in panic,"Kya huva bhai...aap itne pareshan kyun hai...!!!"Maan stuttered,"Vicky...ussne mittit...khaayi aur pata nahi...abhi usse ultiyaan ho rahi hai...!!!"

Vicky took his medical kit & stethescope & ran towards Geet's room where she was still relishing mitti peacefully.Vicky asked,"Bhai...yeh aap kya keh rahi hai...bhabhi kuch kha rahi hai...aur woh bhi shanti se baith kar...!!!"Maan said,"vicky ek baar...usse check up kar lo...!!!"Vicky nodded & he checked Geet up & said to Maan that she's alright.But Maan didn't convinced & he took Geet forcefully carrying her in his arms to the hospital next morning...

Geet protested this but Maan made her shut up & made all the test for her then the reports became normal.The senior doctor of Rajji asked,"Mr.Khurana...lagtha hai ki aap apne biwi se bahut pyaar karthe hai...!Kuch nahi huva hai Mrs.Khurana ko...aap khaamaka pareshan ho rahe hai...!!!"Maan said worriedly,"Lekin doctor kal raat ko toh isse mitti khaane ka man kar raha tha...!!!"

Doctor smiled & said,"Haan Mr.Khurana...kyunki isse hi mood swings kehthe hai...kuch nahi huva hai aapke wife ko aur baby ko bhi...!!!"Lastly Maan was convinced when he saw abt this in internet while Geet's eyes popped up seeing the gol gappe vendor & asked innocently,"Maan mujhe gol gappe khaani hai...!!!"

Maan smiled at her mood swings & took her to the gol gappe vendor & she exictedly said to vendor,"Bhai saab..mujhe ek plate gol gappe dena...ek dum teeka waala...aur usme bahut saare aloo aur chatni bhi daalna...!!!"Maan asked worriedly,"Geet itna teeka tum khaa sakthi ho...aur baby resist karega kya???"

Geet assured him smiling,"Kuch nahi hoga Maan...!!!"And she started eating spicy gol gappa happily.Maan observed her expressions...her almond eyes which had turned into excitement while eating gol gappa...the way her luscious lips twisted relishing it...she was looking adorable & had the urge to eat her alive there only.

Maan took care of Geet very much after that mitti incident.Now Geet was asking to bring raw mangoes which has sour taste.Geet was becoming fat these days & Maan was teasing her.Maan said,"Hello moti mombatti...!!!"

Geet would glare at his taunt & would wack him from the stick or any other thing which she was holding in her hand.Maan would like all hr antics these days as she was like a baby...for a big baby a small baby was growing inside.These days baby would respond to its papa's argument which would make Geet teary eyes becoz of Maan's possessiveness.

Precap-Some problem in sun city project site & Maan is injured & Geet's worried becoz of the incident.Shocked

Previous Part 79-

Next Part 81-

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awesome update ...loved it
n thanks 4 pm...

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