Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Woowww!!! Nice concept yarrr...Smile
Suhana deserved that slap from her father...Smile

Plzzz Continue soon...Smile

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Naintara's baby naming ceremony started while Maan & Geet got ready & came downstairs with Naintara & the baby.Geet wore the usual her favourite color red sari & Maan wore white color sherwani as his favourite color is white.

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Both Naintara & Dev sat in front of the havan kund as dadimaa had kept the havan for this auspicious day.After havan,panditji said that the baby's name will be kept from the va word seeing its kundali & the day it born.Naintara asked Geet,"Geet tumhi rakho apne bhateeje ka naam...!"

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Geet said,"Mein kaise dee...maa baap toh aap dono haina...aap hi rakh leejiye...!"Naintara said,"Geet humein maaloom hai ki hum dono hi iska maa baap hai lekin mein aapko yeh haq dethi hoon...aap rakhiye inka naam...!"Geet smiled & took the baby from Naintara & kissed it while it widened its black grape eyes to Geet & smiled sweetly feeling its badimaa.Geet smiled & said,"Inke wajaise Khurana khaandan ko ek waaris mili hai toh inka naam hoga Vansh...!"

Naintara was happy hearing the name so his name was Vansh while Dev took the baby from Geet carefully & whispered the name Vansh in its ears three times.Everyone was happy with the name Vansh & clapped happily.Panditji also predicted that he'll become the most successful person in his life & loves his family very much.

Dev & Naintara was happy hearing the panditji's prediction as Dev was most successful person becoz he opened the IT office on his own without anyone's help financially & now Dev's company was the most successful companies in the whole world producing successful softwares & hardwares of the computers.

The baby was made lie in the cradle which was decorated with flowers and color papers.The baby gave an innocent smile waving its  tiny legs & hands cutely.The guests came & loved the baby & kept the presents to the tiny fist of Vansh & it held it tightly with its fist cutely.

After the function the baby & mother was sent to rest while Geet & servants cleared up everything becoz of the small party which was abt to be given to the society in the name of Vansh Singh Khurana.Here Suhaana thought a plan & came to the KM wearing the stylish dress to distract Maan once again.

Maan had invited only Om Khanna but Suhaana had sneaked inside KM without anyone's suspicion.When she entered the party then party had started & Maaneet,Devtara,Vicky & Rajji were dancing to the song

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Suhaana's blood boiled seeing Geet near Maan.Geet was dancing comfortably with Maan keeping her head on his chest peacefully closing her eyes.

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Suhaana approached the couple which broke the privacy of the couple & stood straightening themselves.Om saw Suhaana there & went towards them immediately.He didn't wanted any tamasha from his daughter but Suhaana had her will of plan.Maan glared at Suhaana & said,"Meine tumhe nahi bulaaya tha party mein...!"

Suhaana felt bad becoz of his rude behaviour & harsh words.Geet said warningly,"Maan...!"But Maan said angrily,"Nahin Geet...mujhe maaloom hai ki tumhe kisiki battameezi ki baate dil pe nahin leti lekin mein tumhaari insult bardaasht nahin kar saktha...!Tum yahan kyun aayi ho Suhaana...!"

Suhaana said politely,"Mein aap se baat karna chaahthi hoon Maan...!"But Maan said immediately,"Maan nahin...Mr Khurana bolo...yeh naam bolne ka haq sirf mere biwi ka hai aur kisika nahin...samjhi tum...!"Suhaana felt bad hearing his harsh words.Geet was abt to say something but Suhaana said politely,"Mein aap dono se baat karna chaahthi hoon Mr.Khurana...!Ky hum thoda silent jagah par jaa sakthe hai...!"

Maan was abt to say no but Geet motioned no to him & said sweetly,"Suhaana...aap humaara kamra use kar sakthi hai...!And she took her to their room while Maan followed.Naintara saw this & she also followed silently.Geet left the door ajar while Maan & Suhaana entered.Suhaana held Maan's legs immediately & said,"Mein aapse bahut pyaar karthi hoon...mein aapke bagay nahin jee sakthi...papa mujhe UK bhejna chaahthe hai...mein aapko chod kar kahi nahin jaane waali...!Pls mujhe apnayiye...!"

Maan refused her proposal then Suhaana threatened Maan that she will kill herself which made Geet panic.But what Geet can do when Suhaana has become semi crack.When Maan didn't budge then Suhaana took the scissors & cut her veins with its sharpness.

Geet saw this & said with panic,"Maan...!"Maan saw this & was panic & Om came there & held Suhaana's hand & said,"Yeh kya kiya tune...!"Suhaana fanited immediately while blood started to pour from her veins.Geet said immediately,"Maan...aap Vicky ko bulaayiye...!"Maan nodded & went to bring Vicky.Vicky came to the room with his kit & bandaged her wrist immediately & gave the glucose & Calcium injection immediately.

Vicky said with deep calming breath,"Shkur hai...zyaada blood loss nahin huva...aap logon ne mujhe bula liya nahin toh...lekin bhai ye aisa kyun kiya...!Then Maan have to say all the incident which he hid ti from his family.Naintara was so angry on Suhaana that she wanted to kick her out of the house immediately.Dadimaa also came to know abt Suhaana & Om was ashamed in front of Khurana family becoz of his daughter.

Vicky said that she's so weak that she have to take rest in the home only.Om took Suhaana from KM feeling disappointed becoz of his daughter's behaviour.Maaneet took the deep calming breath seeing Suhaana alright.Naintara wanted to kill that Suhaana for spoiling her Geet's life but resisted.

Suhaana got better after the incident while Om had stopped talking to her after that.Suhaana couldn't bear his silence but she still had not left Maan to himself.Everyday she would phone up Maan & would badger him to love her.Maan was so irritated but he resisted becoz Vicky had told them that their rude behaviour may lead to that incident which has happened previous night.

As a doctor Vicky said that Vicky was a bit embarassed seeing Suhaana's behaviour that she's ruining his brother's life.Maan couldn't tolerate Suhaana's torture any more & took his car & went to Khanna Mansion to meet Suhaana there.

Suhaana was so happy that Maan had accepted her at last but she was always wrong.Meanwhile Geet came to know that Maan had left the office to Khanna Mansion in anger.Geet followed Maan behind him.

Maan acted that he has accepted Suhaana & took to the hill top of the Delhi.Suhaana was so happy seeing the scenery there which she was happy.Geet saw them both in the hill top & came there shouting,"Maan...!"Suhaana was so angry seeing Geet there & said stopping her,"Ruk jao Geet ab yeh mere hai...aur unka naam apni zubaan se mat laana...bahut jald hi mein Mrs.Khurana ban ne vaali hoon...!"

Geet was shocked & saw towards Maan who stood there feeling blank.But he had his plans in mind & said slowly,"Meine kab kaha ki mein tumse shaadi karna chaahtha hoon...!"Suhaana was shocked with his words & said,"What do u mean?"Maan smiled evilly & said,"Tumhe yahan laane ke liye meine aisa kaha tha...tumhe kya lagtha hai ki kalayi kat ne se tumhaara pyaar saabith ho jaayega...!"

Suhaana said,"Mere pyaar ko saabith karne ke liye aap mujhse kya chaahtthe hai...!"Maan said smiling,"Mujhe tumhaare pyaar ka pramaan nahi chaahiye...lekin mein apne biwi ke pyaar ka pramaan tumhe dikhaana chaahtha hoon...yeh kehna chaahtha hoon ki mein apni Geet ko paakar kitna bhaagya shaali hoon...!"Suhaana & Geet didn't understand anything that what Maan is saying while Maan held Suhaana's wrist & said,"Chalo hum dono pyaar ke liye kurbaan kar dethe hai...!"

Suhaana & Geet was shocked & Geet said immediately with panic,"Kya matlab hai aapka Maan...!"Maan said immediately pulling Suhaana,"Chalo hum dono is pahaadi se kood kar apni jaan dedenge...pyaar karthi hona tum mujhse...toh chalo hum dono apni jaan dedenge...!"Geet was abt to stop him but Maan said immediately,"Aagr tum wahan se hila toh meri kasam...!"

Geet froze to death hearing his words but said to Maan,"Maan...yeh aap theek nahi keh rahe hai...!Dekhiye aap thande dimaag mein sochiye...yeh aap jo kar rahe hain woh theek nahin hai...!"Maan dragged Suhaana while Suhaana pleaded with fear,"Maan aap galath kar rahe hai...dekhiye aatma hathya karna paap hai...!"Maan pulled her forcefully & stood near the peak & pulled her & said,"Tum toh mujhse pyaar karthi hona...uske liye tumne apni kalayi bhi kaat di mere liye...!Meri biwi ne kya kiya hai woh toh sirf dekhthi rahi...lekin tumne mere liye bahut kuch kiya haina...toh chalo hum dono mar jaathe hai...!"

Geet couldn't do anything she stood therte helpless seeing her husband's madness while Suhaana was afraid seing the depth of the hill.Geet thought,"Yeh yahan se kudne se pehle mujhe kuch karna hoga...!and she shouted,"Suhaana...mein tumhe Maan ko dene ke liye tayyar hoon...!Unhe waapas upar aane ke liye kaho...!"Maan knew that why Geet was telling like that but he had made up his mind.

Maan pulled Suhaana but suhaana pulled herself from his grip & Maan slipped & geet shouted immediately & she came forward & held his hand immediately & tightly.Suhaana stood there with shock while Geet pulled him with panic & he came up with difficulty.Geet's heart which was beating with panic said hugging him tightly,"Kya socha tha aapne ki aap ke bagay mein zinda rahoongi...!Bataayiye...!"

Geet kicked him every inch angrily & said,"Aap marna chaahthe hai...toh aab mujhe maar daaliye aur kuch bhi kariye aapki marzi hai...!"Maan smiled seeing her anger on him.The way she was complaining & the way she was punching he had the urge to kiss her there only but now he have to teach Suhaana the lesson.

Geet said,"Aap marna chaahthe hai toh usse pehle mein his mar jaathi hoon...!"And she was abt to go to fall but Maan caught her tightly & pulled her to the middle.Geet's almond eyes were glistening with tears while Maan held her waist tightly.Maan said seeing towards Suhaana who stood there dumbstruck,"Dekha ye hai meri hai mera pyaar...true love isse hi kehthe hai...tum toh mere liye marna bhi nahi chaahthi thi tumne mere saamne kalaayi isiliye kaata kyunki tumhe maaloom tha ki hum dono tumhe bachaa lenge...!Tum jaanthi ho ki Geet ne mujhe tumhe saupne ka nirdhaar kyun liya...taaki yeh door se hi sahi meri salaamathi dekhe...meri khushiyaan dekhe...!

Maan said,"Tumhe kya lagtha hai ki yeh mujhe tumhaare havaale karne ka faisla kyun kiya...kyunki yah kabhi nahi chaahthi thi ki tumhaari bewakoofi ki wajaise mein apna zindagi se na hath do baithoon...aur yeh sirf mujhse pyaar karthi hai...kisi aur se nahin...jis din se yeh mujhe dekha hai us din se sirf mujhe se his pyaar kiya hai...!Ab dekha ye hai meri apni pati ke khushi ke liye apne pati ko doosre havaale karne se yeh peeche nahin hat din tumne kya kaha tha ki yeh khubsurat hai isiliye mein isse pyaar kartha hoon...nahin mein toh pyaar kiya iski ander ki khoobsoorati ko phir iski baahar ki khoobsoorati ko...and u r no match for her inside beauty...!jao yahan se aur aayind agar mein zindagi mein phir se paav rakhne ki koshish ki toh yeh jo naatak tha woh asli banjaayega...samjhi tum...!"

Geet who was seeing him lovingly listening to his speech composed herself & went from there angrily.

Precap Geet is angry...!AngryAnd Maan manofying herWink

Previous Part 76-

Next Part 78-

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superb kya pyaar haiii

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awsem update

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oh God!!! This sushana is psycho
thank god vicky sved warna naya drama suru ho jata
Maan did the right thing
Maaneet make her under stand what is the meaning of true love
aab Geet is angry and how Maan will manfoy her
Cont soon

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wah maan ji tusi gr8 ho
kya plzn bnaya
hope uss stupid,, duffr , idiot  suhana ko kuj akl aaye...
oops geet angry
chl maan babu ho ja tyaar..

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wowie… loved the update sweety….Embarrassed

Loved the way Maan gave this Suhana a piece of his mind…LOL

Me knew that she didn't have the guts to end her life… She is a coward…Angry

The cliff scene was so intense, me could actually feel goosebumps…Smile

Eagerly waiting for the pre cap!!!!Embarrassed

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