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FF:WeWereMeantToBe Last Part + Epilogue Page 62 (Page 31)

shona. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tani91


I bow down to your brainStern Smile why cant you write for TV shows, how amazing would they be rather than the dupatta romance we get or the fifty thousand hour eye locksSleepy like seriously.thank uHuglol but no one will watch the show...believe it or not so many ppl love these dupatta n eyelock scenesLOLit sends phangirls into 7th heaven...but wont get any of that in my FFs...thats way beyond me and my logic

Lol wildest first date everLOL I loved how everything seemed to be spinning out of control but Ayan managed it and I agree with Vipu I like this Ayaan better than the other AyaanEmbarrassed the diamond wala comment it so aptDay Dreaminglol its a SuYaan date that too a first one so it's gotta be memorable...aww im glad u like this Ayaan more...i enjoy writing him more...

And WOHOOO RAABTA this is one of my fave songs like ever Day Dreaming me too like love it Just love it love it it's amazing. These two have such a sweet relationship you know how it's not like Star One ish (if that makes senseConfused like you can actually feel their connectionEmbarrassed love that about them) they arent like a desi tv couple who take months to confess n all that...they're normal ppl cant wait to see what Rohan has to say about this crazy dateROFLI miss writing Rohan but he is gonna be back with a bang in next update

Jaldi update kar, I'm depressed from that DanEm fight in the last episodeCryi wud update today but like i was so depressed today,,,first DanEm fight...her bloody moment with Jack...then CSK lost...but thanks to urs n Vipu's comments and my superman Virat im in a better mood now so will probably update tomorrow n it will feature "Pareshaan" n Suhana's sorta feelings for Ayaan n Suhana-Sanya moment...have most of it written but cba anymore

anyways thank u Chandz
HugHugfor the comment n compliment

and have a look at my dabba(DanEm)-they so have to be endgame!

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shona. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -MadRaginiFan-

Read it on the day u updated but was too lazy to commentTongue lol its ok read n comment wenever u can i said before...I am in LOVE with Ayaan [I love this Ayaan moree than Blast from the Past waala AyaanEmbarrassed]yes i love writing this Ayaan more...i can imagine Harshu as this Ayaan more easily

SuYaan/HarshIni create magic in this FF & the credit goes to ur AWESOME way of writing..
Plz accept a THANK YOU from my sideHug
aww thank u so much for  that compliment...actually lifted my depression
n why u thanking me just glad u like Suyaan/HarshIni in this FF...its gud to live up to the expectations

Gosh I am dying to see them togetherDay Dreaming
& Aaj kal I am missing Ragini a lott...yaar...its going to be a month next week that we havent seen her onscreenCry yes missing her on tv! i mean we're getting so many interviews of her but still wanna see her back properly on tv

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Tani91 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
OMFG I cant believe its been a month since we've seen Ragz...I mean thank god for the SBS interviews and suchCry

oh HugHugHug yeh le hug...OMFG that DanEm sig is GORGEOUSDay Dreaming I was drooling all over know I'm glad they made up in the end of the episode I hate when they fightCry 

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_Procrastinator IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 May 2012 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shona.

so will probably update tomorrow n it will feature "Pareshaan" n Suhana's sorta feelings for Ayaan n Suhana-Sanya moment...have most of it written but cba anymore the next update will be even more AWESOMEEmbarrassed
Just cant wait for Rohan-Ayaan & Suhana-Sanya momentsDay Dreaming & Yipppeee as u'll add "Pareshaan" Party

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shona. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 3:14am | IP Logged
Chandz- i know thank god for the interviews...god cant she just come back on tv soon

yup but Emily's more focused on the bloody briefcase n i  think Ashley will tell Danny abt Emily-Jack...i seriously dont think the wedding is happening at beginning of next season...

shona. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 3:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -MadRaginiFan- the next update will be even more AWESOMEEmbarrassed
Just cant wait for Rohan-Ayaan & Suhana-Sanya momentsDay Dreaming & Yipppeee as u'll add "Pareshaan" Party

will try to make it better than this one
i think u gave me the idea to use Pareshaan to show Suhana's feelings n im sticking with that!
hope u like the part

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shona. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 3:47am | IP Logged
ok update time

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shona. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2012 at 4:02am | IP Logged
Part 11


Suhana tried singing along ,"tu hamsafar hai phir kya fikar hai jeene ki waja yahi marna isi ke liye..." and stopped, her eyelids tried to stay open but gave in and she was asleep.

"kuch toh hai tujse raabta," Ayaan sang to her almost, noticing how incredibly adorable she looked sleeping so peacefully, he wanted to reach out and touch her face, maybe move the strand of hair from her face but refrained and continued driving.

He stopped the car outside his house, he didn't know what to do, should he take Suhana with him? what would she think? should he wake her? After a minute of contemplation he decided to call Sanya and ask for her opinion but saw the time, it was 3:45am.

He gently woke Suhana, "Suhana...Suhana"

"umm lemme sleep," she said like a child being woken for school early

"Suhana...get up...we've reached my house,"

"yeah but what about my house?" Suhana said sleepily

"you had to evacuate you're house remember?" Ayaan said

"oh yeah...can I sleep here?" Suhana asked

"why? I have a can sleep in one of the rooms..." Ayaan said yawning,"are you ok with that?"

"yh whatever...can I just sleep now?" she asked and without a reply fell back to sleep

Ayaan smiled to himself, he parked the car inside the gate, he couldn't be bothered to take it into the garage, got out of the car and went over to the passenger door. Opened the door and very gently carried Suhana out. He carried her inside, his watchman noticed.

"kamaal kar diya Ayaan bhaiya ne...agar chahe toh ShahRukh, Salman, Ranbir sabko takar de de hero giri mein," he said to himself smiling. Like the rest of Ayaan's staff the watchman was also fond of Ayaan and was happy to see him with Suhana.

Ayaan took Suhana inside the mansion and upstairs to the second best bedroom in the house, it was a magnificent guestroom, he laid her gently on the bed and tucked her in. Not knowing whether she usually slept with air conditioning he switched it on all the same and left it on a lower setting so she wouldn't feel too cold if she wasn't used to it. Then for a minute or so he gazed at her sleeping peacefully and recalled  his time with her, their first collision, their first car ride, when he offered her a lift, when she agreed for the date, the date itself and now here...Ayaan smiled to himself and left only to turn back at the door and take one last look at Suhana before switching off the lights and heading for his own bed. He was so knackered he fell asleep in seconds.


Ayaan's alarm went off, it was 7am and he had barely slept three hours. The first thought that crossed his mind was Suhana and what if she'd woken up. He sat up in bed totally exhausted.
He also had to get ready to go office, he had a meeting at 10:30am and needed to prepare for it with Rohan.
He first went to Suhana's room and checked that she was still sleeping, which she was. Upon returning to his room he called Sanya

"hello" Sanya said and from her tone it was evident that she was still in bed

"morning San," Ayaan said

"Ayaan." Sanya registered,"dude mein chutti pe hoon! why are you calling me at 7am,"

"Sanya I need help...I mean there is a situation..." and he went on to explain to Sanya what happened the previous night, "so can you come down my place...stay with Suhana, I'll finish off my work by the afternoon and be back then, she's been given leave all day,"

"ok fine I'll come down after a bit" she replied, putting the phone down. Ayaan headed into the shower.

"Ayaan bhaiya ye rahi apki coffee...table pe nashta aur saar dard ki dawai raki hai, apko aur kuch chahiye?" asked J.P (Ayaan's servent)

"nahin...tumhe kaise pata mere saar mein dard hai?"

"bhaiya app raat ko der se aye aur itni subha uthe isliye saar dard toh hoga na," J.P said and suppressed laughter

"kya?" Ayaan asked buttoning up his shirt

"bhaiya, watchman pata raha tha ke apke saath koi heroine bhi thi," J>P said giggling slightly

"Shut up J.P," Ayaan blushed,"uska naam Suhana hai and woh guest room mein soh rahi hai...Sanya ayegi and lunchtime tak mein bhi aaja un ka so lunch ready rakh na...aur haan Suhana ke liye uski pasand ka nashta bana de na,"

"ok bhaiya,"J.P said and then added,"bhaiya app bhi day-off le lo na...apko bhi aaram ki zaroorat hai,"

"mein teekh hoon...lunch tak kaam khatam kar ke aajaun ga,"

Sanya arrived at Ayaan's house an hour and a half later while Ayaan arrived at his office.

"J.P has Suhana woken up yet?" Sanya asked coming inside

"nahin didi woh abhi soh rahi hai," J.P replied

Sanya made herself comfortable in Ayaan's house, his staff were used to his friends being around.

Ayaan meanwhile went into his cabin. Rohan was already there, resting his head on Ayaan's table

"morning.." Ayaan said and Rohan yawned in acknowledgment. Ayaan was on the phone,"Soumya I want you to consult a top broker and get me a list of best and reasonably priced flats in a good neighborhood near Medical Boon Hospital, thank you,"

"bro ghar shift karne ka irada hai?" Rohan said sleepily.

"no...Suhana ke's a long story.." Ayaan said opening a presentation on his laptop and checking it through

"yeah I'm listening..." Rohan said,"date kaisi thi?"

Ayaan recalled the incidents of the previous night and burst into laughter,"Epic" he managed to say.

Rohan smiled,"dude always keep Suhana by your side...since she's come into your life you've been so happy,"

"I never want to let her go..."Ayaan said and then he told Rohan what had happened the previous night

"wow," Rohan said,"so much drama on your first date,"

"my last night's adventures explain why I'm sleepy but why are you so sleepy?" Ayaan asked

"I was at a party and met some cute chick, didn't realize the time man...couldn't even take the morning off...Boss I refuse to work for these early morning meetings," Rohan said sipping coffee

"so you meeting her again?" Ayaan asked

"no...I mean we wouldn't work out..."

"Rohan you say that for every girl,"

"because my friend no girl I know has been awesome enough to be with him like that...I mean I've never felt a connection with any girl where I want to keep meeting her, know her,be with her...the things you feel for Suhana...and I'm not looking for anyone now anyway...I can't deal with the tension...I enjoy my freedom,"

"I'm still free," Ayaan justified

"yeah of course you are...what have you thought most about today...Suhana...dude you're in love or almost there...not that I'm complaining...she brings out the old Ayaan in you...the Ayaan we've been trying to find for a while,"

Ayaan thought over his words but couldn't consider them any longer as his clients had arrived. He cleared his head and went for the conference with Rohan.


Sanya went into the guest room. Suhana was still asleep though it was 10:30am. Sanya opened the curtains and Suhana stirred in her sleep which was evidently disturbed by the sunlight

"Good Morning Sleepy!" Sanya greeted Suhana. Suhana sat up

"morning" she said taking in her surroundings and recalling the previous night, she faintly remembered Ayaan waking her up in the car and saying they'd arrived at his house.

"I hear you had an adventurous night yesterday," Sanya said as J.P came with a tray of beverages for them

"Sanya didi nashte mein?"

"Suhana kya logi breakfast mein?" Sanya asked

"umm...anything you've made" she replied

"ma'am Ayaan bhaiya ne kaha ke apki pasand ka nashta ho...ap kya lengi?"

"umm...kuch bhi...whatever Ayaan had," she replied, she didn't want special breakfast made for her. J.P left.

"yesterday was quite something...I can't call it a nightmare but it wasn't an adventure was something unexpected," Suhana said to Sanya.

"did Ayaan go over board? Suhana first thing you should know about Ayaan is he's extreme...his care, kindness, affection,'s extreme...he can go to any lengths and he will and another thing you should know is he will treat you like a princess...I mean he pampers us so much so with you I'm sure he's dying to take you on some crazy shopping spree or something" Sanya said sitting on the bed with Suhana

"I'm figuring that out...I mean we're both coming to a middle...but when's around there's this unexplainable vibe of safety...he told me yesterday not to panic and relax and I couldn't help but do that...I feel so safe and at home when he's around" Suhana said.

"Suhana that's not a bad thing...I mean Ayaan is such an amazing person...and his best quality is his incapability to hurt someone...if there's one guy in the whole city you can trust it's Ayaan,"

"Sanya there is something inside me that tells me,he's so right for me...but I feel scared that maybe I'm getting too ahead of myself,"

"hmm...I think you connect with each other so be honest I think he feels the same way about you...I've never seen Ayaan so comfortable with any stranger like he is with you, you guys have something special and I'll just say don't back away from it, coz it's probably the most beautiful feeling in the world..."

Suhana sat there going over Sanya's words then asked "where is he right now?"

"he's at his office, he said he'll be back by lunchtime...then you guys are going in search for a new apartment..."

"oh yes, need to do that," Suhana said, she didn't like the fact that Ayaan wasn't here

"ok...why don't you go get ready...all your stuff is here anyway..." Sanya said. Suhana went for a shower while Sanya was listening to music on the guestroom tv.

Suhana thought about her encounters with Ayaan...yesterday when he reassured her everything would be fine, how he took control of everything so easily, the look in his eyes...was she falling in love with him or was it just an infatuation...she thought as she dried her hair.

She smiled listening to the song on tv, it was so apt for her she thought and she and Sanya sang along.

Main kya se kya ho gayi
Zara zara fitrat badal ne laga dil mera
Zara zara kismat se ladne laga dil mera
Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan

Aatishein woh kahan
Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan
Ranjishein hai duan haan

Main pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan pareshaan"

Precap: Suhana: wow Ayaan ko Gujju food pasand hai?

J.P: haan Ayaan bhaiya ko khadi khichadi bohat pasand hai

Suhana: toh Ayaan ke liye lunch mein cook karungi

finally finished

thank u Chandz for the beautifully blended pics...looks lovely...n i know ur  happy with the precapLOL

please leave ur feedback guys

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