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Chapter 5: 911!


Day 3 was not amazingly interesting. Malfoy did learn how to dress like a Muggle, though Snape had not lost his odd sense of style. He had been dressed in a green plaid kilt, a yellow polo shirt, sweatpants, and sneakers.

Today was a different story, however. Snape called his group together. "Settle down, settle down. Today, we will be going food shopping, because pasta was a fiasco, and there is not a lot of food in the house. So I will be driving us to a supermarket, where we shall pick out Muggle food and try to cook, upon reaching home. We must think of cooking as Potions class. Every ingredient is important and vital to the final product."

They squeezed into the car. Harry, who grimaced at the thought of sitting beside Snape, was in the front. Ginny sat Ron's lap, as she was his sister and felt that she was allowed to do that, and Hermione and Malfoy were squished into the other back seat. Hermione looked extremely annoyed at having to sit so close to Malfoy, who was equally unenthusiastic. Ron was extremely nervous. "Professor, are you sure we can't just, erm, walk to the supermarket or something? It might be, um, safer, you know?"

"Of course not, Weasley. I can drive. What do you take me for?"

"Erm, well—"

But Snape was too preoccupied to answer. He was pulling out of the driveway, at top speed. "TOO FAST, PROFESSOR!" yelled Harry. Snape obliged by slamming on the brakes and flinging everyone forward. Malfoy, Hermione, Ginny, and Ron were alright, as they were in the back and only hit the seats in front of them, but Harry sustained a serious nosebleed from being slammed into the dashboard.

Hermione screamed. "Harry! HARRY! Are you okay?"



"Try to hold your nose for a bit, Potter; it might stop the flow. I don't have my wand, so I cannot help you with that. My apologies."

Harry held his sleeve to his nose. Of course, blood spread all over his face, making him look like some demented wild animal. Failing in stemming the flow with his sleeve, Harry desperately needed several boxes of tissues, and asked, "Professor, just how far are we from the supermarket?"

"Oh I don't know. Actually, I was planning on driving until we saw a supermarket."

OH SHOOT thought everyone. Hermione spoke up. "Professor, is there a map in here? And a directory?"


"Let's ask someone, then."

She stuck her head out the window and yelled loudly at a large man with an amazing moustache. Harry recognized him immediately, and slid down as far as he could in his seat.

Hermione began to talk to the man. "Excuse me, sir? Could you tell me where the closest supermarket is, please? We're from out of town."

The man smiled kindly at her, something Harry did not believe possible. "Yes, of course. Continue down this street, turn left at the corner and drive along until you see it."

"Thank you." The man left.

Harry turned and hissed, "You are very lucky Uncle Vernon didn't recognize us."

"Well, I had to ask. Besides, he can't be all that bad, now, can he?"

"Oh, yes he can."

Snape broke into the conversation. "So, Granger, I just continue down this street, turn, and continue down the other street?"


Snape managed to drive down the street without any sort of bad incident. It was when he turned the corner that the accident did occur.

Snape was not accustomed to driving, obviously, and he did not know one of the most important rules of the road: look before you turn. Unfortunately, he did not look when he turned in the direction of a large Toyota Forerunner…


The Mercedes skidded off the road into a fire hydrant. Ron and Hermione had grabbed Harry before any more harm could come to him, but Snape was much less lucky. Unfortunately, Snape had never really realized the importance of the seat belt, so he went flying through the glass, which is not always the safest place to fly through. He lay unconscious on the pavement, his head bleeding terribly. Ginny and Hermione screamed.

Fortunately, several passing people whipped out cell phones and dialled 911. About five minutes later, an ambulance arrived. Paramedics loaded Snape onto a stretcher and placed him in the ambulance. Ron, who was very white, ran up to one. "Excuse me, but could you tell me how long he'll be there?"

The paramedic looked very sympathetic as she answered, "I'd say about a week and a half, at least. He's in pretty bad shape, but he's still alive."

Hermione and Ginny looked frightened. Harry's nose had stopped bleeding, and he looked scared. Malfoy was crying his eyes out for his favourite teacher. It was Ginny who broke the nasty silence, which was so palpable; one could have cut through it with a knife. "What are we going to do now?"



To be continued...

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Chapter 6: Draco Malfoy: Fiend, or Friend?

Malfoy, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Harry were at a complete loss as to what to do at this point. Their supervising professor had just been in a serious accident involving a fire hydrant and seat  belts, and was not expected to return from the hospital for ten days. "What are we going to do now?" Ginny had asked in a horrified voice.

Harry knew the area fairly well, well, having lived there for ten years straight, and coming back every summer. "We'll go back of course. I guess we'll have to make do until Snape comes back home. We have no choice."

"Do you know how to get back?"

"I should. Aunt Petunia used to make me run errands in this area of town, quite a bit. You know, food shopping, returning Dudley's films to the library, that kind of thing. It's not too difficult, just a little long."

Feeling that he had to yell at something, Malfo chose Harry. "So you knew where the supermarket was, and you could have said something! Snape would never have had to stop to ask for directions and would never have crashed, had you not kept your stupid mouth shut!"

"Pardon me, dear Draco, but even if I opened my stupid mouth, as you so eloquently put it, Snape may have crashed anyway. I would have told him to go in the same direction, if he'd asked me. He was just a bad driver. You can't deny that one."

Malfoy opened his mouth angrily, but Hermione cut in. "We are never going to get home if you two keep sniping at each other. Just be quiet would you? Malfoy, it's not Harry's fault that Snape's been hospitalized. Harry, Malfoy's upset, can't you see that? And you've got to show us the way home, and we're walking, because the Mercedes is a wreck."

Yes, it was a wreck. A tire lay sadly on the sidewalk, the hydrant was leaking badly, and the body of the car was smashed and battered beyond recognition.

Harry glared at Malfoy, but the angry look in his eyes soon melted away and the willingness to give a nasty, sharp comment to Malfoy left him, when he considered Malfoy's circumstances. Snape was really the only friend that Malfoy had had in the group, and he was the only friend that Malfoy would have for the month that they were spending as Muggles. He, Harry, had his two best friends, Ron and Hermione, and his girlfriend, Ginny, but who did Malfoy have? Only Snape, the mainly hated Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. And now, Snape was gone for a while, at least. Harry sighed. This was not going to be easy. "Come on guys. Back to the house then. Just keep going straight until I tell you to stop."

Hermione, Ron, and Ginny walked ahead and talked among each other about the accident.

Harry walked next to Malfoy, who walked slightly hunched over, and was lagging behind. Malfoy was deliberately ignoring him, but he tried to engage him in conversation. "Hey—Malfoy…"

"Go away Potter. I don't want to talk to you."

"Look, Malfoy…"

"Didn't you hear me? Are you deaf, Potter? I don't want to talk to you! Leave me alone!"

"Malfoy, listen to me!"



"All right. What do you want?"

"Look, Malfoy. I know that we hate each other. But Snape is in the hospital, now, and we need to work together, as corny as that sounds. I mean, we basically have no one at this point. Truce?" he held out his hand.

Malfoy regarded him dubiously. Then, he sighed and shook Harry's hand. "Truce. Friends for this month, okay? But once we get back to Hogwarts, I get to hate you again. If Crabbe, Goyle, or Pansy see me with you, I'll never be respected again by any Slytherin."

"Fine." He grinned, and they both sprinted ahead to catch up with the others. Malfoy, now Draco, would be a friend to Harry, the Weasleys, and even Hermione, as a Muggle.

Harry led the group up to Number 5 easily enough. Dudley, his friends, Malcolm, Piers, Dennis, and Gordon were hanging out in Number 4's front yard. Upon seeing Harry with two fiery haired people, a pretty, but vicious-looking girl with a lot of brown hair, and a pale boy with (for some strange reason) pastel-pink hair, they fled into the Dursleys' home, with terrified shrieks.

"I'm hungry," Ron announced, as they entered the house. "What's for dinner?"

Hermione looked tired. "We don't have much. We'd better do the food shopping tomorrow, because there is, like, nothing in this house."

Ginny poked about the cupboards. She held out a cardboard box and smiled. "Well, there's pasta."

Harry, Ron, and Hermione said, in unison, "Malfoy is NOT making it!"

Ginny grinned again. "Fine, Malfoy, go set the table with Ron. Hermione and I will do the cooking."

"What about me."

"You're still covered in blood, in case you haven't noticed. Go wash your face!"

And thus commenced a very peaceful and happy meal between the members of the group. Though their supervisor may have been severely damaged, they were happy, at least for that time. Little note however, Ron and Ginny thought Harry was just being somewhat nice to Malfoy, because Hermione forced him to. So they really didn't realize that all were supposed to be friends, clearly shown by Ginny's next prank.


To be continued...

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Chapter 7: The Dark Dream and Ginny Pranks Draco


Draco woke up in a good mood. I have friends. Yeah, okay, it is totally pathetic that they're all in Gryffindor, my father was trying to kill one of them, two are blood-traitors, and the other is a Mudblood…he shuddered, but still, they really are nice. And I have had friends before, but I like these guys better. They're not stupid and malicious. So what if one of them turned my hair pink…hmmm, come to that, I don't know which, but Hermione is going to turn it back to blond for me. At least it's not violet, which would be pretty scary.

He slept again and dreamt…He was back home at the Manor. The Manor had been in the Malfoy family for a long, long time. It was large, elaborate, cold, stately, and very ugly. Not in look, but in "demeanour". Its massiveness could scare anyone. He was a baby. He suddenly saw something with his father. He was not sure what it was…only that it had narrow, red eyes…

He was five years old. He decided to explore the house when Father and Mother were not at home. He was inside the drawing room. Suddenly, he tripped and slammed into a small vase, which fell and broke into several pieces. He was frightened. What would Father say? Quickly, he tried to hide the pieces under a rug. He saw a heavy, iron ring under the rug. Curiosity overcame him. He pulled it up to find a set of stone stairs leading downwards. Climbing down the narrow staircase without a light scared him. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of something. It was a small, black book. How uninteresting. Still, there might be something in it. He opened it. It was empty. There was an inkwell next to the book. He thought to write something down, just to see what would happen. Dipping a quill in the inkpot, he wrote on the yellow page, Malfoy. Suddenly, the word vanished and was replaced by a threatening message: I know you have forsaken me. Once I am strong once more, I will find you, and you will regret that you have forsaken the Dark Side. I will find you, coward that your are. He screamed and slammed the book shut…

Draco woke up, scared. He looked about him, and saw a blue-painted room and sun streaming through the window. He leaned back on his pillows. Whew. Thank goodness. Some phantom writer was not threatening him after at. Still, I am not going back to sleep. I'll dream something worse. I'm getting a book.

He crept downstairs to find some form of literary entertainment when he bumped into Harry. "Hi Harry."

"Hey Draco."

"What are you doing?"

"Looking for a book. And—AHHH!"



The Mercedes was sitting, red and repaired, outside the window. How it had gotten there, Harry did not know, but he had a thought. "Dumbledore's here. He fixed it for us. Maybe he can heal Snape."

Draco was slightly doubtful. "I don't know how good Dumbledore's healing powers are. That's more of a St. Mungo's thing. And they're not supposed to be involved in this whole project thing."

Harry frowned. "Oh well. The car's useless, then." He walked into the kitchen to get some water. "I'm going back to sleep."

Draco decided he'd get a book, read, and sleep as well. He found Oliver by Dickens and read.

Ginny was bored, yet again. She didn't know that Malfoy was now a friend, as Harry had not enlightened her or Ron, yet. He had told Hermione, since she was the only one who did not run up to her room to mope over the sad accident. Ginny thought that Malfoy was still evil, and decided to play another prank on him after reading about Cosette's mistreatment at the Thnadiers and the doll that a mysterious stranger gives her. It is a beautiful doll that Cosette calls "Catherine", with a pink dress and real, blonde hair. After reading this touching scene, Ginny put down the book and tiptoed across the room, as to prevent waking Hermione, who was sound asleep. She remembered how Malfoy had stupidly blamed Harry for Snape's accident. She wouldn't take that kind of thing at all! No way. Malfoy had to be punished. She snuck into the bathroom closest to Malfoy's room. Hmmm. What could be messed up here? She saw the white tube of toothpaste near the sink. She opened the medicine cabinet. She saw a white tube, the same size as the tube of toothpaste, full of hand cream. Ginny grinned to herself. Gently, she switched the tubes…

Draco finished reading and thought to go down to breakfast. It was about 8:45 am. Most of the group would be up by now. He went into the bathroom to brush his teeth…and got a mouthful of Cetaphil. "AHHH!"

Ginny, who was sitting in the kitchen with Hermione, heard the scream, and smiled again. Oh, life was good. Life was very good indeed. Hermione looked perplexed. "Ginny? What happened?"

"Oh nothing."

"Why is Draco screaming? I know you did something. You're smiling."

"Oh, okay, I switched his toothpaste for Cetaphil."


"No. Do I look like I am?"

"Ginny! He's a friend! Don't kill him, for goodness' sake!"


"No. Harry and he decided to stop hating each other, until we get back to Hogwarts."


"Yesterday, when we were coming home. Harry thought about how few friends Draco really had, and how he had none, when Snape was hospitalized."

"No way! I turned his hair pink, flushed the toilet when he was in the shower, and poisoned him with hand cream! He probably hates me!"

Hermione gaped at her. "You did what?"

Ginny flushed. "Oops."



To be continued...

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Thanks Soniya. You'll have to wait to find out what happens next. Wink
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wonderful sriClap
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Thanks Varsha. Big smile
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