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yahiya123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
How was the movie super hit flop??

Yuvika_15 Moderator

The Chappal Free Head
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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Preeti-

I Know yaar ... I just love HSSH to the COREEE ... Like evreryt PP scenes of tht movie makes meBlushing I can watch them whole dayyyEmbarrassed
4gt 2 comment on this... yh surprisingly they neva did a movie after HSSH, despite the fact tht they had such gr8 chemistryEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Yuvika_15 Moderator

The Chappal Free Head
Joined: 25 July 2005
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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
@kinma... preeti wil b so happy 2 c these creations...she loved PP in HSSH...lol
@yahiya... its nt a flop...its 2 early 2 decide...it onli jus released 2day... we'll need 2 wait a while 2 decide hw wel its done... bt predictions so far say tht its dne reali well! it was predicted 2 break agneepath's records of 27crore in 1st day bt nt sure if is has...

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Metis Viewbie

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 5:56pm | IP Logged
I went first day, first show and man was it good. Dancing My review:

The movie was good overall. The idea, the plot, and the songs were lovely. Salman was wow, like always! But it's also true that the movie didn't have the same feel for me as Bodyguard or Dabangg or Wanted did. These movies I can watch over and over again without getting bored, but I feel that ETT may only be a one or two time watch. That said, I recommend it highly to any Salman fan. Katrina also had a really good role in the movie. For the first time, I really liked her. She had a different role from her regular Barbie role. I've already said too much. LOL Go watch the movie!

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.SalmanDeewani. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 6:10am | IP Logged
Add me too..Embarrassed
Hws the movie Ek Tha Tiger..?Smile

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-Preeti- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 9:16am | IP Logged

I Loved ETT. The movie had every element that one movie watcher would need. It had Romance, Action, Emotion, Comedy and Suspense. For me it was a COMPLETE ENTERTAINER.

Yes i did feel that the End was abrupt. They could have shown more but then may be they didnt wanna drag. I would love to have a sequel to this. I wanted more of Tiger and Zoya.

The Movie Rocked to meThumbs Up Kabir Khan, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ranvir Shorey, Girirsh Karnad did a Marvelous Job!!!

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Metis Viewbie

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 9:18am | IP Logged
You know the thing that confused me was that Kabir Khan said that Saiyaara revealed too much about the movie that's why they can't release the song. But I never felt that anything was really revealed in the song when I saw it in the movie.
-Preeti- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 August 2012 at 9:23am | IP Logged

Ek Tha Tiger sets new record - is biggest opening EVER

Salman Khan has once again proved that he is the undisputed king at the box office today.

His latest film Ek Tha Tiger, which released on August 15, has managed to rake in a whooping Rs 32.95 crores at the box office on the very first day.

As a result, the film has succeeded in beating Agneepath's record first day collections of Rs 25 crores, which was the biggest opening for a Hindi film until now.

Media professional and industry observer Abhijit Mhamunkar confirms: "The opening day collections of Ek Tha Tiger is Rs 32.95 crores. It has set a new first day record."

Director Kabir Khan was ecstatic with the numbers. "We very happy," he gushes over the phone. "It's a mind-boggling opening. I never predicted any figures but this is beyond belief. I am happy that people have loved the film."

The director claimed he was not competing with any other film. "I am not comparing my film's box office collections with any other film's. We are sitting on a good amount. I am sure this good run will continue at the box office."

Earlier this year, Agneepath had toppled Salman Khan's [ Images ] earlier blockbuster Bodyguard, which had collected Rs 21 crores on the first day of its release.

Mhamunkar adds, "The film was obviously going to take a big opening but it has surpassed everyone's expectations."

Ek Tha Tiger opened in 3,300 screens with almost 100 per cent occupany as compared to Agneepath, which opened in 2,700 screens with a 95-100 per cent occupancy.

One of the major reasons for such a huge first day collections was the increase in ticket prices. "The prices of the tickets have, on average, been increased by Rs 20. This has played an instrumental part in adding to the box office collections. The price rise has contributed to 20 per cent of the total collection," Mhamunkar says.

Be it single screen or multiplexes, the advance booking for the film has been incredible. It will be interesting to see how soon the film reaches the Rs 100 crore mark.


Aniruddha Guha reviews Ek Tha Tiger — Method in the Salman madness

Film: Ek Tha Tiger (U/A)
: Kabir Khan
: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ranvir Shorey
: ***

Ek Tha Tiger (ETT) is probably Hindi cinema's best action film yet. Conrad Palmisano, who's been stunt co-ordinator on films like the Rush Hour series, the Robocop series, Batman Forever and Romeo Must Die, directs four brilliantly put together action set-pieces. They are all lavishly mounted, shot at breathtaking locales, and executed with skilled precision. In the midst of it all is Salman Khan, Hindi cinema's poster boy for escapist entertainment. Thankfully, ETT is the rare Khan film that has a plot too, thin as it may be.

After having acted in some good, bad and terrible films for over two decades, Salman Khan's Chulbul Pandey regaled masses in Dabangg, Abhinav Kashyap's quirky take on the masala genre. This was soon after Wanted brought audiences back to single screen cinemas.

Since then, it's been one monstrous hit after another for Khan, although the films have had little going for themselves other than the not-so-towering, bare-chested presence of the actor himself.

Most of these – Wanted first, and then Ready and Bodyguard – have been poorly written, haphazardly put together films that more or less follow a simple formula – piggyback on the 'Bhai' persona, and play to the gallery. ETT is similar in some ways – it's a film that presents Salman as a larger-than-life, superhero-esque secret agent. There's action, romance, music, all of which is infused to satiate Khan fans.

But, surprise surprise. Kabir Khan makes sure you acknowledge the director too. He banks on Khan's stardom, no doubt, but ensures he makes a spectacle of it. "I'll show you how to do it in style" — his film arrogantly seems to be telling other directors aiming for box office gold. There's method to the madness, and an ingredient almost entirely missing from most other Salman films — wit.

Tiger's a R&AW agent – the best there is. The film opens with an action sequence shot on the outskirts of Iraq. Tiger kills a bunch of agents after bumping off one of his own men, who defected to Pakistan's ISI. Back home, he's yearning for another mission.

He's sent to Dublin to keep an eye on acclaimed scientist Professor Kidwai (Roshan Seth), believed to be sharing nuclear secrets with Pakistan. There, Tiger meets Zoya (Katrina Kaif) and the expected happens – the two fall in love. But the revelation of Zoya's true identity throws things out of gear. Can a spy afford romance? And what if the lover might be the enemy?

The narrative is linear. Kabir Khan keeps the storytelling simple and the runtime short. Designed to be a two hour-long adrenaline rush, Ek Tha Tiger doesn't pause for breath. The pre-interval portions, establishing Tiger and Zoya's romance has some dull patches, but once the plot is established, the film moves swiftly.Rameshwar Bhagat's editing is watertight. Aseem Mishra's cinematography does the film's scale justice.

Hindi cinema's tryst with the spy genre has been scattered.

Dharmendra's Aankhen, Jeetendra's Farz, Mithun Chakraborthy's Surakshaa and the Mahender Sandhu-starrer Agent Vinod all met with varied success. Sridhar Raghavan's tongue-in-cheek take on the last one flopped just a few months ago. All of these films had 'khufiya agents', 'dushman-e-mulk' and double crossing femme fatales.

Where Ek Tha Tiger scores is the balancing act — it's a full-blown Hindi film, with desh prem, farz and mohabbat as part of the recipe. But Kabir Khan treats the film like a stylised Hollywood actioner, never getting into graver issues but using the set-up as a tool to regale. His plot takes the characters around the world a la James Bond films, each of the locations woven cleverly into the screenplay.

A spectacular action sequence in Havana is enough to get back your money's worth. It delights you with its choreography as much as it does with humour. Sample this: Having landed in a house inhabited by an old couple in-between a chase sequence, Tiger struggles to open the exit door to the apartment. The old man calmly gets up and opens the latch to let Tiger and Zoya out.

The film is well cast, with seasoned actors like Girish Karnad, Roshan Seth and the reliable Ranvir Shorey making up the ensemble. Khan's in his element, even though the film strips him off some of his antics – there isn't too much dialoguebaazi, neither is there scope for slapstick. But the usual Khanisms remain. In one scene, TigerMan halts a speeding mono rail with nothing but brute force – the scene is as believable as a shirt tearing off his muscle-rippled body, but should do the trick for his obnoxiously large number of fans. Katrina Kaif looks smoking. She's especially sexy to watch while kicking some ass.

Ek Tha Tiger, as expected, is an out-and-out Salman Khan film. But it's also smart and stylish — not qualities you associate with a Sallu film. Escapism isn't always this much fun. Go watch.


Ek Tha Tiger Movie Review

FACT I: On August 14, by 9pm, all 16 shows at IMAX, Wadala, for August 15, were over 70 percent booked. The first show at 9am had a 90 percent turnout. I'm sure by the time the day ended, the results were better than the first show. Add to that the fact that there are more than 1,250 plus shows in Mumbai alone today. Multiply that by shows all over India and you will get a fair idea of what the first day collection will be. Methinks this will be a landmark film in BO collections on the opening day itself. A smart move by the producers.

view more EK THA TIGER videos

FACT II: Salman Khan is a phenomenal craze. He has risen to cult status. Never mind the content of his films, just his presence alone is enough to ensure the returns for his investors. His fans just need to see him on screen. The ceetis and taalis flow when he is in action mode. And in EK THA TIGER, though his shirt comes off for a few fleeting seconds, there is an uproar in the multiplex; it's as though they were waiting for this to happen.

REVIEW: Kabir Khan's EK THA TIGER by no means is any patch on the director's earlier work, NEW YORK. But with the Tiger in his den, Kabir manages to weave action with emotion to dish out an entertaining fare. What works for the movie are its action and the Salman-Katrina jodi. Music is an irritant that was not required. In fact, when they break into the first song almost 45 minutes into the movie, it's like an afterthought (chalo ab ek gaana dalte hain). It slackens whatever momentum was gathered up until this stage. The only song that has any spunk comes on after the end titles begin to roll.

view EK THA TIGER stills

view EK THA TIGER stills

Tiger (Salman Khan) is a RAW agent who is the most experienced in the team. Shenoy (Girish Karnad) the RAW chief is proud of his agent and entrusts him with the most daring of assignments which spans the entire globe. So you have the film beginning in Zako, Northern Iraq, then moving on to Ireland, Istanbul, Havana, and London, apart from India. On an assignment in Ireland to track down a retired Indian professor, who apparently is sharing Indian secrets with the ISI, Tiger runs into Zoya (Katrina Kaif). He takes her help to gain access to the recluse professor and his home. From action to romance to action to spying, Kabir brings the film to a nice suspense point at the interval.

What works for the film big time apart from Salman Khan is the action. It's slick and woven well into the script. It pushes the story forward unlike the song which jerks it backwards (by many miles). Also, the fact that Salman is gung-ho about the action and romance in this film is a huge plus. Clearly, he is having the time of his life, doing what he loves to do best and in return getting appreciation from his fans.

Here is the break-up of the 5 star rating.

Two stars are for action and the remaining three for the fact that this is a Salman Khan film and is guaranteed to rip open the Box Office!

A Salman Khan film does not need a review!

FACT IV: This one will wipe out whatever deficit Yash Raj Films may have accumulated with their last few releases.

Ratings : 5/5


Review Round-Up: Roars and Snores for 'Ek Tha Tiger'

Ek Tha Tiger

What happens when an Indian intelligence officer falls in love with a Pakistani spy? That's the premise of this week's major Bollywood release "Ek Tha Tiger," Hindi for "There Was a Tiger." In it, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif play the roles of the Indian and Pakistani, respectively.

But the hotly-anticipated Independence Day release is not just another first-date romantic drama. It's packed with oodles of action and plenty of death defying stunts, a genre Mr. Khan has dominated in recent years.

Though the film was embroiled in several controversies in previews — most recently its ban from Pakistan — it garnered substantial praise from Indian critics on its release Wednesday. There were others, however, who criticized the film for its haphazard plot.

Here's a roundup of what critics said about the film:

"Ek Tha Tiger, by far, is Salman Khan's most entertaining and accomplished works in recent times," Bollywood critic Gaurav Malani wrote in the Times of India.

Praising the spy-thriller's "tongue-in-cheek" dialogue, "credibly crafted" screenplay and skillful direction, the film, thought Mr. Malani, scores above most Indian espionage flicks for its ability to maintain a cohesive narrative.

Mr. Malani also was impressed with the movie's "imaginative" action sequences which break free from the stereotyped "exaggerated, convoluted and commonplace" action in most masala entertainers. Director Kabir Khan, he noted, "strikes a perfect balance between heroism and realism in this department."

"A two-hour long adrenaline rush" is how film critic Aniruddhha Guha summed up the "action extravaganza" in a Daily News and Analysis review.

"Kabir Khan doesn't leave things to the Salman factor alone," Mr. Guha noted. "There's style, there's slickness, and there's an ingredient almost entirely missing from most other Salman films – wit."

The critic went on to praise the film for its "racy" plot, "riveting" action, "breathtaking" stunts and "watertight" editing, which in his view, made the fast-paced Bollywood flick the equal of any "stylized Hollywood thriller."

"Ek Tha Tiger, at the end of the day, is an out-and-out Salman Khan film. But it's the rare well-made one," said Mr. Guha, giving the film three-and-a-half-stars out of five.

But not everyone was as impressed as these two. Though news portal Rediff's Sukanya Verma was all praise for the cast and the "snappy, snazzy and substantial action," she noted that the narrative "wasn't always brimming with bright logic."

"It has its share of loopholes, convenient bending and tweaking of a hazy script packed with diplomatic protocol inaccuracies," she said.

The "sluggish" screenplay, "mediocre" songs and "subtle" humor were shortcomings "hard to forgive," she added, giving the film three stars out of five.

A Zee News reviewer shared similar views. The movie "compels you to wonder if you truly want to ridicule your intelligence," wrote Gayatri Sankar, giving the spy-thriller two stars out of five.

Even though Ms. Sankar commended the film for its scintillating action sequences, "foot-tapping" score and sizzling onscreen chemistry between the lead pair, she found the script a big letdown.

The movie "falls into the same trap" as most Salman Khan-starrers: dollops of action but no meaningful content. It "will certainly entertain you if you leave your brains outside the theatre!" she said.


Movie Review: Ek Tha Tiger is an exciting Tiger and Kat chase!

Movie Review: Ek Tha Tiger is an exciting Tiger and Kat chase!

by Rubina A Khan Aug 15, 2012

#Ek Tha Tiger #Ek Tha Tiger Review #Independence Day release #ISI #Kabir Khan #Katrina Kaif #Ranvir Shorey #RAW #Salman KhanPrint

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Movie Review: Ek Tha Tiger is an exciting Tiger and Kat chase!

A poster of the film Ek Tha Tiger. Courtesy: Yash Raj Films

Salman Khan plays Tiger, a RAW agent, one with Herculean physical strength that can take on the world and leave the might of super heroes far behind in his action packed missions to save India. There's no wall high enough for him to scale or a plane slow enough for him not to leap into mid-air. And of course, there's no enemy, namely Pakistan's ISI agents, strong enough to break him and his nationalist resolve toward his country.

The film opens in Zakho, Iraq, with a flying kick so hard, it sets the action tone of the film right away. Tiger reports to Shenoy (Girish Karnad) in New Delhi after every field mission for the last 12 years and this time is no different. The two share a warm camaraderie over drinks and a special daal dinner, with Tiger raring to set off on yet another mission. He leads a boring, undercover life, not to mention single too, in a spartan home in a Delhi neighborhood where his good looks, physique and mysterious comings and goings are more exciting to the women around than the television serials. Of course, their men aren't amused by their fascination with the mysterious neighbour. And before he can get into his buying milk from the milkman morning routine, he is assigned to keep a close eye on one Professor Kidwai (Roshan Seth) who teaches at the Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, who RAW suspects is sharing integral missile information with the enemy. Fellow RAW agent, Gopi (Ranvir Shorey) accompanies Tiger on this mission.

A poster of the film Ek Tha Tiger. Courtesy: Yash Raj Films

Professor Kidwai is batty and Tiger, relentless, in the guise of Manish Chandra, a writer, in befriending the old geezer. Zoya (Katrina Kaif) a student, who is also a part time caretaker of the Professor's home and dog, Rocket, aids Tiger in the process. This is one Tiger that needs no saving on any mission, until he falls in love with the beautiful Zoya and the song Banjaara visualizes his love-struck state of mind amidst the Irish landscape. Many romantic interludes later, you are smitten by Tiger's unspoken love for Zoya, where terms of endearment between them are Zee and Doordarshan, which go on to play a bigger role in the scheme of things to unfold post the interval, where the story takes a very surprising turn.

Without giving away what follows the exciting and unpredictable turn in the plot, the film traverses Istanbul in Turkey and goes on to Havana in Cuba with the leading pair of the film lending their beautiful selves to the exotica of the locations, especially in the song, Laapata filmed in Havana. What comes between their love? Do Tiger and Zoya survive the international chase of RAW and ISI heads and agents? Ek Tha Tiger wouldn't be a thriller romance if I told you anything more!

The action in Ek Tha Tiger is spectacular and every bewildering, unrealistic action sequence is just that much more exciting with Tiger enacting the same! From stopping a train to leaping off a motorbike into a plane already in mid-air, Salman Khan makes it real! The cinematography by Aseem Mishra is seamless and brilliant, not once invading the space of the characters at work in the foreground. The background score attempts to incorporate the local sounds of music when in Havana and Istanbul especially, and it works. The dialogues are "very Salman-esque" like "Main dress de raha hoon, utaar thodi raha hoon!" and only he can carry off these lines with his easy charm and panache on screen.

Salman Khan's portrayal of the RAW agent, Tiger in the political jungle of life, is forceful and subtle at the same time. In the stylised action scenes, a bruised and wounded Salman exudes a rockstar like cool that's very, well, cool. But when he plays the love struck Tiger, Salman's the undisputed Khan of romance with his expressions of love! Ek Tha Tiger feels more a love story set in an action thriller plot line when the Tiger-Zoya love story commences, but the film straddles the divide well in shifting gears from action to romance ably.

Katrina Kaif looks stunning, playing Tiger's feisty Tigress in the film, but it's her action scenes that add dimension to her character. She has a hero's part almost in the film, with a well-written character and her striking presence in literally, every frame of the film. She, too, balances the different shades of Zoya well with her able performance and has gone far beyond her initial days of just being the pretty girl in the film.

Girish Karnad's performance as the RAW head is mediocre, but doesn't hamper the film given it revolves primarily around its two main protagonists, Tiger and Zoya. Ranvir Shorey is good in his Gopi act.

The director, who has earlier directed Kabul Express (2006) and New York (2009) has a firm grip on the story and the screen play, without compromising on the entertainment value of the film at all. There's everything and more in Ek Tha Tiger that you'd want to see in a film – good looking lead cast, story, glamour, an endearing romance, good performances, some laughs, picturesque locations, thrilling and exquisite action, patriotism and most importantly, a good time at the movies!

Rating: ****


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