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What Indira needs

-Rinky- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 12:17am | IP Logged
Hello Guys,
          I have been thinking about the show for some time. Its plot and its developments especially Indira. And this is what I came up with...

      Indira is a girl who is burdened with too many emotional and real life burdens. Not only does she have to take the responsibility of a family which is crazy and dysfunctional. She also needs to face her own demons everyday. Fear of being rejected and having her trust violated , yet also coming face to face with this contradictory feeling of needing love and trust makes her a complicated personality...

     Feeling so unwanted in your own family is a very difficult feeling to handle.Yet Indira is so immersed in this negative surrounding that she wants to forever take care of this family, maybe because this is all she has. All she knows about. She does this because she believes that some day in future they will understand her worth.Sometimes some people end up being obsessed with people who cause them maximum pain.That is Indira's case. 

    So what is the remedy to Indira's double edged problem? I think it is the need of a friend and
sympathiser.A life outside SN. Maybe a female friend from her past or even Videeth Bhaiya would do. I am not convinced she needs romance in her life right now. Cause I believe if she does get romance maybe she will damage it badly. Her impression about man woman love is highly adultered thanx to her father. Going by her track record with men its not possible for her to surrender to love completely. Firstly she needs to feel emotionally balanced and complete to allow a man into her life...I don't believe in the concept that anyone can complete you emotionally, you need to be secure in your space yourself to have a secure relationship...Unresolved issues just makes relationships complicated...

   Maybe she should just accept that Inder Sharma really doesn't care a shit about his family, his wife and his children. He just feels a tad bit guilty sometimes when he sees his daughter in so much pain but mostly he is a cowardly selfish man who is best suited for Jhumpa who can keep him under control...

   I am hopeful the prescence of Videet in her life would relieve her a bit of her responsibilities. Having someone within her family who would support her, if not economically atleast emotionally. would help her emotionally.Whose prescence would make it easy for her to deal with life...

    Indira's true strength lies in her being hitler, I hope she does not lose it completely cause that what sets her apart and makes rowdy elements follow her rules and line...She should never be cured of her rude/obnoxious nature completely cause thats what helps her survive and makes her so real to watch...It is impossible for real people not to show some evidence of struggle and grimness when they face the kind of life she does...

   Irrespective of all her faults Indira is still a very relatable character simply for the helplessness she feels in being Hitler. Her reckless strength in dealing with stress everyday, her taking out her shoes to beat up men or insult people to an extent that they don't know where to hide makes her iconic.Her need to met out justice and stand by justice come what may. No I am not supporting Indira's aggressive nature, nor am I going into right and wrong. I am just saying that it makes her who she is and this should not be affected to accomadate any romantic relation...
    Let Indira live the way she is. Hitting out at the world when it requires some punishment. Why should she have to become like other females who feel obliged to silently suffer and suffer and suffer and then smile an angelic smile when things get worse? how may of us would be so angelic in times of trouble? atleast i can't...Indira should and will soften and smile and love like an ordinary girl does but she needs time...and a change in her character cannot come to overnight...I believe CVs should give her the time to slowly change...while maintaining her true essence...

    Indira right now needs more acceptance for being who she is than a need to convert her into other females of tellydom...So lets celebrate Indira for being unique...and enjoy her slow metamorphosis...
I hope I have been able to put down my thoughts properly...this thing has been bothering me from some time now and like ranbir kapoor said in rockstar...jo bhi mein kehne chahoon barbad karein alfaas mere...Ya ya yah'.LOL

thanx for reading such a long post...Big smile

do reply...Tongue

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-Rinky- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 July 2009
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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 12:44am | IP Logged
it seems i am the only person interested in my topic...

     So i will add a few more points to my already long post...LOL

One of my favourite female characters of english literature is Scarlet O'Hara. I don't like her cause she is a great woman, I like her cause she is so interesting and real. I loved her spirit I loved how she used to say Tomorrow is another day. She is one of those characters who just enters your system and doesn't let Go. Indira is one of those characters who just made me think, even though I still watch the show mainly to support Rati and not Indira...One day I want Indira to become to powerful as a character that I can say I watch this show for Indira and not Rati...

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jjkg Senior Member

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 1:07am | IP Logged
good post RinkyClap

I have 2 quick points in response

1. Anger at her father's betrayal
This is her major trauma, more than the daily stresses and neglect, often emotional abuse inflicted on her by her mum, munnabhai, bhabi, mandira  etc.
She really needs to come to terms with this betrayal, let go of anger and accept a deeply flawed man as father. 

What is surprising for me is she is very exposed to the outside world, and deals with men on a daily basis. She must have come across many who are good providers, a few who would sacrifice their lives for kids. Even many philandering men are good fathers.
She needs someone to make her see them, remove blindfold from her eyes.  A good trusted friend can do that, someone like amma.

I just watched feb 2 episode where Inder comes home from the hospital, and Indira gets mad at Rishi for getting mad at Inder and telling him some bitter truths how how he and his family have ruined Indira, yet she still cared for him enough to spend a night sitting on the floor, cradling his head.  Indira overhears this and gets mad at Rishi for saying that she still cares for her father.
Rishi then tells some bitter truths to Indira too, some plain speaking that is long overdue. 

Indira is hanging on to her hurt like a security blanket, not wanting to deal with insecurities that come with loving and trusting people. People we love are going to disappoint us, fail us. It goes with the territory. But they also bring us much joy and warmth.  This is what Indira has not learnt.

That is why I say she is still that 17 year old teenager whose father abandoned her.  In many ways she is dealing with negative emotions such as anger like a 17 yr old teenager, not as a mature 25 yr old who has been out in the world for 8 yrs

which leads me to my second point.

2. Aggressive behavior, and its equivalence with strength
This is where I disagree with you.

I intensely dislike her slapping people, mistreating subordinates, and lack of respect for other people's egos.  This is not strength. In fact it is weakness which stems from insecurities. Her insecurity is trust. She does not trust her family to execute their responsibilities, and neither does she trust her staff.  That is why she blows up at their slightest mistakes.

Strength is not letting go of one's goal even when the going gets rough. Her strength is shown when she always saves her family from their ill fated scrapes, using the last vestiges of her emotional reserves to save Inder etc.  IMHO, this is what makes her iconic.

Also, there is aggressive and there is aggressive. Slapping people, ill treating her subordinates is bad aggressive, the immature variety.
Good aggressive is not giving up, like getting Rishi to the hospital, like getting Inder to the hospital, not letting go till he got good care, or demanding boss gives her the difficult task of debt collection from Sameer etc. This is good aggression.

my 2 cents.  thanks for starting this discussion

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-Rinky- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 July 2009
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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 1:20am | IP Logged
Thank you for replying...i was not able to understand where this discussion would lead...As i was not sure what made me write this topic at all...LOL

I do believe indira is stuck in her 17-18 time frame...still angry...not able to see beyond her father's betrayal...one of the reasons I want her to go out and see the world...See movies, make friends...

As for her negative aggression...I somehow think it is required of her...Especially for those delhi men who take advantage of women. Can she really show positive aggression towards them and expect anything positive? 

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Yukti22 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 2:07am | IP Logged
Rinky thumbs up to you for writing this Topic. Surely you're able to put your thoughts in a nice manner as you're Brilliant Writer.
Now coming to the topic. Indira's family is surely dysfunctional and worthless.But what makes Indira to still work for them,feed them listen all their complaints is that somewhere in the corner of heart, she needs support that love that care which she hasn't got yet and she expects that she can get all these from them only.

    So what is the remedy to Indira's double edged problem? I think it is the need of a friend and
sympathiser.A life outside SN. Maybe a female friend from her past or even Videeth Bhaiya would do. I am not convinced she needs romance in her life right now. Cause I believe if she does get romance maybe she will damage it badly. Her impression about man woman love is highly adultered thanx to her father. Going by her track record with men its not possible for her to surrender to love completely. Firstly she needs to feel emotionally balanced and complete to allow a man into her life...I don't believe in the concept that anyone can complete you emotionally, you need to be secure in your space yourself to have a secure relationship...Unresolved issues just makes relationships complicated...
Character transition is the main aim of the show.I agree with your above words. She needs a friend, a close friend not romance. Because romance can transform her. I am not saying that I don't want her transformation, I want it badly,I want Indira to smile,live life to the fullest but not so early.She still have long way to go if we look at her past experiences(it's not easy to forget her father's deeds as well as Vidit's condition).Now after all this, she needs emotional support from her brother to whom she is very close. I want a slow transformation of Hitler to Bably. Even I love some traits of Hitler which I don't want her to change like dealing with eve teasers, answering them, etc casue that shows her female power.

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The.Lannister IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 2:38am | IP Logged
I will go point wiseSmile

Her Family: When Inder left his family for Jhumpa, Indira very ably shouldered all responsibilities of her family. However, unfortunately her love & care for them was never reciprocated. her trust was broken by almost everyone in the family. initially being a good daughter, sister, SIL, etc is all fine. but as time passes & u gather more experience wudnt it be wise if she set her priorities correct? i will never say she should leave them to their own fates. because the day she leaves them, there will be no family left. but she also needs to understand her own worth. she needs to understand than she is more than an ATM. she views herself as nothing more than an ATM, then how can she make her family understand her true worth. i feel behind all this hitler avtaar lies a bit of an inferiority complex which stems from a broken family, broken trust, loneliness & is the main cause of her aggression.And it is this which makes her do things for SF time & again in spite of constant betrayals & backstabbing. She feels satisfied when she meets her family's demands because that is one thing she is really good at. She needs to understand that she is just one person & her family's demands are limitless. One day she too will grow old, will retire & then she will be the one who is in need of some support. She needs to start thinking about herself ASAP!

Her Hitlergiri, her aggressiveness: Any reaction should be in direct proportion to the main action. e.g.: when pappu asked her out to coffee i never did understand y she hit him wid chappal? ok, the guy is a flirt & had no business asking u out. but a simple NO, i m not interested would have served the purpose as well. same when she slapped the guard outside the Diwan builders offices! u need not always take out ur chappal. u can convey ur sentiments wid ur body language as well. n for people who dont understand subtlety, and every girl has met atleast one such jerk, hence she knows, they are best ignored! Also, quick anger should not be a cover for illogical thinking or not thinking at all. i think Sameers character was introduced in the show so as the situations which he causes for indira make her realize her limitations. knowing ones limitations isnt bad...in fact it can be life saving at times. i too do not want her to turn docile, a garib gaai but neither do i like her aggressiveness. when u step out of ur house its best to have an ice slab on ur head & a sugar coated tongue. it does wonders. n she shouldnt change to accommodate any romantic relation, but because she herself realizes the need for it.

A friend:  I totally agree wid u on this part. she does need a female friend (girls understand each other bestLOL)who can reintroduce her to the world outside. she needs to live life rather than just go thru each passing day. she needs to do what girls of her age do. and most importantly she needs someone with whom she can share her thoughts & feelings so that they can guide her impartially. this will make her more realistic & practical & will give her some much needed joy which will in turn decrease her frustration.

Remedy to her double edged problem
  • She needs to start loving herself & understand it is not the same as being selfish!
  • She needs to realize her self worth
  • She needs to open up & trust again. Life doesnt come with guarantees & hence one bad experience shouldnt stop u from living life entirely. take ur time, lick ur wounds & then start living life once more!
  • Happiness doesnt come knocking at ur doorstep, u need to pursue it & grab it when the opportunity comes! d day she feels she deserves happiness...she will actively pursue it & will soon find it as well

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misty85 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 2:42am | IP Logged
Nice post Rinky. Well I feel  jjkg has raised some good points. Indu might have grown up but still she is insecure from inside. It reflects in her behaviour.
I agree she needs a friend... but where to find such a friend. Amma was her biggest support system who was also her good friend... but thanks to CVs she has disappeared from the show... Ishaan also understands her well but he is too small but talks big for his age that too because of rishi's influence on him. We are thinking about vidhit also but his condition is not that good. I'm not even sure about his character... he seems not so strong...& we can't expect him to be very strong after a series of problems which he underwent in his life... if he emerges that strong it would be like superhuman quality...
Coming to rishi... he has provided her support in all conditions as a friend & lover both... still Indu never opened up to him... though she loves him she never became friendly with him... so trust factor is missing... but it's not her fault completely...
Still I feel rishi can also become her friend... & no external force is required.

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-Rinky- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 3:10am | IP Logged
I am still not convinced in the romantic relationship between her and Rishi...Cause now Rishi is unempoyed, has no family responsibility...can he juggle being Indira's aid/lover and also his own life life later? he currently has no other job but to be with her, what will he do later? 

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