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Arshi SS:'Such Ki Saamna - Facing The Truth' Pt.23 (Page 68)

..Anita.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 July 2012 at 8:51am | IP Logged
Awww their day out was cute!!!!
They still know how to make each other jealous

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Sona257 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 July 2012 at 11:12am | IP Logged
loved it!! they r so cute
laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 July 2012 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
found this FF, read all the 16 parts in one go. lovely story.

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Zaya.Beintehaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 July 2012 at 4:08am | IP Logged
very nice update...

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Posted: 07 July 2012 at 3:50pm | IP Logged
Aww It was a really sweet update <33
 Loved it :)

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hajmaz Senior Member

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Posted: 09 July 2012 at 8:47am | IP Logged
awww that was sooo cute i got a 50% mother and 50% father shirt from mothercare for my nephew very cute

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Zaya.Beintehaa Goldie

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Posted: 16 July 2012 at 12:48pm | IP Logged

Hi People

Ok so I know I haven't updated in time yes I know it is bad... sorry well busy with the exams a and stuff but I am not active and will try to update more... as I always try to comment and read when I have time... thanks anyway for the comments. That loool


Zaynah Embarrassed

Thanks for the comments guys love them all.

Part 17: Crazy Family

Arnav drove back to RM and while the way there they were fighting again about the clothing and who will be doing what with what and thinks they would do with the child.

Arnav: ok Khushi come out carefully ok.
Khushi: Arnavji I can walk you know... just because I am big and carrying MY baby doesn't mean I can't walk... look yeah I will be in labour in that pain while you will be standing there just doing nothing but telling me to ssshhh or Khushi shut up... or get out to the male doctors
Arnav: no I won't Khushi don't worry.
Khushi: why?
Arnav: oh because I am talking you to a only women hospital
Khushi: very cleaver thank you... but look don't say I broke your hand after waves
Arnav: I am strong enough.
Khushi laughed: yeah right.

Arnav helped Khushi out of the car and up the stairs while the whole way she was looking at him and smiling she loved the new Arnav, she loved the way he looked after her and the way he always was there for her she was now so happy.

Arnav knocked on his door as he wasn't in the mood to take out his keys as always, they waited and HP opened the door for them and as they entered they heard shouting, they both exchanged looks and they hurried to see what happened.

Khushi: di what is the matter, is everything ok.
Anjali: Khushi di you know this.
Khushi: know what di.
Nani: about Ina and Nk

Khushi looked around the room she didn't know what to say and when she saw Arnav she was scared how could she tell everyone that she knew about Ina and Nk relationship, what would Arnav say, that she knew and never told him what the... and what if he shouted at her and all.

Arnav: Khushi what happened... I mean what is wrong what did you know.
Khushi: well di I I I yeah di I did but not for long di I wanted to tell but but they stopped me. Khushi pointed at them which both stood there scared of Arnav's reaction to all this they thought Khushi will tell him and then he would tell the family but no it will be different now wouldn't it.
Arnav: know what?
Nk: look Nanav it isn't that a big thing.
Khushi: no a big think not a big think are you sure about that
Ina: Nk it is a big think stop make her angry.
Anjali: angry who said we were angry... I am so happy omg my Ina.
Ina: thanks di
Nani: no I am not angry I am happy for both you just should have told us
Mami: I am very happywa... my Nk and Ina so cute.
Arnav: what the...
Khushi: Arnavji well...
Nani: chote you know Ina and Nk like each other. So they wanted to get married but not yet as they told Khushi bittiya they thought she will tell you and so on but we found out as Anjali had over heard them talking.
Arnav: WHAT!!! Nk and Ina are you mad no... Ina please tell me this is not true
Ina: well bhai it is true...
Arnav: Khushi you knew about this and never told me... how can you not tell me Khushi
Khushi: sorry Arnavji I wanted to but I didn't find the right time I thought of telling you today but I forgot when I saw the gol gappe
Arnav: dam you gol gappe Khushi... my sister my little sister likes this Nk and wants to get married to him and you forgot to tell me... oh gosh just get out of my way.

He walked pass them all angrily even pushing pass Khushi but instead of hurting herself Nk was there to steady her.

He walked up to his room and slammed the door, he thought why didn't she tell him, why was he the last to find out, and then he remembered he slightly pushed Khushi while moving out from there, he started to worry what if she got hurt and what about the baby he felt a bit guilty now and wanted to see if she was ok but didn't want to face anyone right now.

Nk: Khushi are you ok
Nani: Khushi sit down
Anjali: has chote gone mad, doesn't he know not to push a pregnant girl and that to his wife... what if she had fell and hurt herself, Khushi are you ok
Mami: hello hi bye bye... this Arnav as well
Payal: Khushi do you need something to drink I mean do you feel dizzy
Ina: this is my entire fault

Khushi looked at all of them she felt dizzy as all of them were crowded her, she did feel a bit pain as he pushed her a bit back and she hurt her leg but she was fine and also he shouted at her which she got scared and she started to tear up, they her baby kicked really hard which hurt her more, but then looking at the whole family all worried about her made her feel overwhelmed of the love she had.

Khushi: no I am fine don't worry... I didn't get hurt
Payal: is that why you are crying, Khushi please don't lie, tell me the truth
Anjali: yeah Khushi tell us, please we will take you to the doctors
Khushi: no di it is fine
Nk: no Khushi no... Look at your face it is all pale, di I think we should take her to the doctors she won't tell us the truth come hurry let take her
Nani: yes Anjali take her go
Akash: I get the car
Payal: I will come with you
Nk: so will I, Nani you stay behind with di
Anjali: no I will come
Nani: yes so will Me Anjali you stay I will call as you also have Karan
Anjali: ok Nani
Khushi: don't worry... ouch...

Khushi felt pain as the baby had kicked again, she wanted to tell them to calm down but they weren't listening she didn't know what to say but just to listen to them as they helped her up to take her to the car.

Anjali: Khushi stop it now we are taking you now
Nani: it is hurting
Payal: see I told you don't lie to us
Nk: I will get the car
Akash: so will I
Payal: come Khushi
Ina: bhabi come I help you
Mami: comes on hurries

They all went and dropped Khushi into the car and drove to the hospital.

Nk, Nani, Ina and Khushi in one car and the other mami and Akash and payal.

When they reached they all asked the doctor to see Khushi at once they were shouting all of them at once.

The doctor saw them and as she was Khushi doctor she took her in but left the rest outside and all worried.

Arnav was sitting on his bed, he thought Khushi would have come up by now but no, he started to worry as he couldn't hear anyone so he made his way down and saw Anjali with Karan in her arm walking up and down all alone, she also looked worried he hurried and went to her

Arnav: di... what happened are you ok
Anjali: chote are you made (she is crying) if anything happens to Khushi watch
Arnav worried: what happened di is she fine, where is she
Anjali: they took her to the hospital

Arnav felt like his world just crushed, he didn't move he couldn't he felt like someone just hit him in the face. A tear rolled down his cheeks thinking what has he done, did he hurt her and the baby.

Arnav: what but why, di is she fine, please di please tells me which hospital
Anjali: no chote she was in pain, she went all pale and she kept on gripping on to her stomach, chote if anything happens to the baby I will never forgive you, why did you push her
Arnav: I didn't mean to di, where is she
Anjali: they took her city...

Without hearing what else he just walked pass her and out of the door and into his car and drove to the hospital the whole way he was scared he kept on saying that if anything happens then he wouldn't be able to forgive himself.

Khushi: I told them not to worry but they didn't listen
Doctor: oh it happens, they worry for the baby and you Khushi it is so cute you are lucky to have a family like that.
Khushi: very lucky... but that so called husband shouted at me
Doctor: Khushi it happened but don't worry... in a few weeks when your baby comes he will be all cutes with you.
Khushi: maybe but watch... when my baby comes I won't let him touch it.
Doctor: Khushi... ok you are all fine... the baby kicks sometimes maybe telling you and Arnav not to fight all the time and just look after the baby.
Khushi: maybe... doctor I think we should go out and tell them that I am fine before they all start to get worried and sick
Doctor: oh yes come.

They got up and walked out to inform them.

Nani: nothing are you sure... she looked very pale and she was in pain
Khushi: Nani the baby kicked nothing to worry about I told you not to
Nk: thank god nothing happened
Akash: yeah what if something happened it is better that nothing happened
Ina: yeah
Payal: good my sister and her baby is fine
Khushi: I was fine but you didn't listen
Akash: come let's go home

They all left the hospital laughing and smiling and as they left Arnav entered but didn't see them and either did they.

Arnav looked everywhere and when he saw their doctor he rushed up to her and asked her where is Khushi, she smiled but then she had an idea.

Doctor: oh Arnav you need to look after her, she is well but please don't be harsh on her, she only has a few weeks left and please don't shout at her... give her love
Arnav: I was and I am but I got angry with a problem
Doctor: it is fine but please thinks ok
Arnav: will do but where she is how is she
Doctor: they took her home just now... she is alright
Arnav: they gone home
Doctor: yeah just now.

Arnav smiled and rushed back home wanting to see Khushi and his child, he was so scared and now he wouldn't never shout of scare her again he wouldn't even annoy her.

They doctor smiled while he left...


Khushi Acting Like She Is Angry
Arnav Tries To Make It Up To Her

Thanks for reading

I gave you a long one as it was late, ok so I hope you liked it... ha the doctor played with Arnav loool she was fine but she said she is alright and stressed out... cleaver lady.

Comment and like


Zaynah Embarrassed

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Diaphanous Senior Member

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Posted: 16 July 2012 at 1:02pm | IP Logged

So cute. love nk and ina together.
arnav pushed khushi, awww.
love how he got so scared.
anjali cares so much about khushi. telling arnav she wont forgive him if anything happened to the baby or khushi.
loved it!!! update soon!!!

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