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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 46)

casker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 July 2012 at 2:11am | IP Logged
loved it. Arnav and Kushi's conversation it was sweet. And then UV and Kushi their cute friendship.

goguma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 July 2012 at 6:52am | IP Logged
kushi is so carefree arnd uv, but with arnav,  she is shy and self conscious.  Wink

love their convo...
kushi's honesty abt her innocent fantasy
and arnav's cute teasing.
but it worries me that arnav is so quick with his rage...
punam2712 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 July 2012 at 11:39am | IP Logged


MastiMuskaan Goldie

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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 5:44am | IP Logged





Somewhere in middle of the crowd, there was a man, who was dressed in complete black. And his face was hidden. He saw Arnav and Anji enter. Then all the reporters throwing questions at him and the cameras clicking pictures.


Then everybody got up and gave a thundering applause to the ASR. And he just walked through the crowd and sat on the stage with Anji beside him and his larger than life photo just behind him. And the person in the crowd just looked at the two.






Arnav was now so uneasy that he just held Anji's hand under the table. Anji was now worried too. Her brother never ever behaved in such a way. He was always calm and composed infront of her. He looked at her and gave a fake smile. Although Anji knew he was not ok. She just smiled back and the host for the night came on stage.


The host started "hello everyone! We are all here for the known reason! Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada has won the businessman of the year award, yet again. And for the fourth time in a row! The company he won this award for is his so popular fashion house and the biggest brand on earth right now! AR Designs!! Well before 6 years this company was nowhere to be seen but now after 6 years of hard work this company and the sole founder of the company are the biggest names in the fashion world! This young and dynamic guy is from India. He came to London when he was 7 and now he is one of the most powerful men of this whole world! Now may I call upon stage the man of less words but great actions!! Mr Arnav Singh Raizada himself!! And not to forget his sister, miss Anjali Singh Raizada. "


Arnav stood up holding Anji's hand and went on stage to receive the award. Then the host gestured him to take the microphone and he in his ever so husky and sexy voice, just said, "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I dedicate this award to my sister and family as usual. Thank you."


Anji smiled standing there as usual. And then the party started. Everyone went on busy with his or her food and friends where as Arnav dint let Anji's hand slip from his for even a second. He then spotted UV and Khushi, coming towards them. Khushi was so happy seeing Anji there too. Coz now she would just stick to Anji so that Arnav wont get angry for her staying with UV all the time. Even though she hated being away from UV, just because Arnav dint like it but it was better this way or else she knew Arnav wouldn't mind murdering UV. And Anji too told her on the phone that Arnav's mood was off from the morning. So better let the beast sleeping than awakening it.


Khushi was standing with Anji from past 10 minutes but Arnav was not letting her hand go even for a moment! Khushi desperately wanted to go and gossip some really useful info she got about college but this Arnav was just being himself, again!! He was not letting Anji go!


Khushi just made a face at Anji saying I-want-to-talk-to-you-in-private. And Anji gave a helpless expression saying its-Arnav-bro-I-cant-help-it!


Khushi then sighed and went on with UV and Anji just watched her having fun while she was stuck with her now-over-possessive-brother. She wondered why was Arnav behaving so strangely today.


There were big screens focusing on the party and showing how the party was going on everywhere. Arnav was just looking here and there. He kept his security on red alert today. He double-checked everything but just cant get rid of the over possessive feeling he had for Anji. On the screen to the left he saw Khushi eating her favorite Chinese food with UV. Thank god, today UV was with her. He dint knew why but he knew if she were with UV he wouldn't let anything bad happen to her. He trusted him in this matter.


Suddenly his eyes wandered to the screen to his right. And he saw him! It was definitely him! He couldn't forget his face! Even after these years! HE WAS AARAV!! Arnav saw him. His blood boiled at the highest degrees possible. He wrapped his arm around Anji in protectiveness and walked out. He knew he would follow them. So he just called his bodyguards and they came in a jiffy. His men made a huge circle around Arnav and Anji. So that they can walk nicely and be a bit away from the crowd. But the man followed them nonetheless.



Suddenly his mind roared and he held Anji's shoulder possessively. She was confused as to why all of a sudden the bodyguards were called. Now there was a big commotion taken place as to people started wondering why were Mr. Raizada and his sister leaving this early and in so rude manner, with bodyguards and all? Uv and Khushi saw the public seeing at one direction, towards Arnav, and they ran towards them. Arnav was walking out but the party was in full swing and he couldn't move ahead with his numerous bodyguards. Khushi tried coming near Anji but was stopped by the guards. She was confused. Uv too wanted to talk to him about what happened, but the guards that formed a circle around them, listened nothing.


Then Arnav turned towards them and gestured towards the guards to let them in the circle. Then Khushi joined hands with Anji who was now trembling. Soon the guards moved and they were out of the place. Once out, UV asked Arnav.


"What is it, Mr. Raizada? Dint you like the party?"


"No its not that Udayveer, I am just not feeling well. And I want is to go home with my sister." He told him.


"Can we take Khushi with us too, please bhai!" Anji almost pleaded.


 "Do you mind if I take Khushi with me too? Anji is not feeling good as well. She can be with her overnight. Can you tell her parents and inform them?" Arnav said, as he was about to get into his car.


Uv at first was not sure but then seeing Anji really scared he agreed "ok. I will tell them, she is with Anji."


Arnav smiled and said thanks to him and went in his car and drove off.


Both Khushi and Anji were now scared. They knew it was something big. Or else Arnav would not have made such a drastic scene in front of the whole media and top business people. But when it's about Anjali, Arnav cares a damn about media and people.


Khushi saw outside the window, two cars at their front, and three cars on their back following them? What was going on? It looked like they were in a certain movie and were prime ministers with their so much of security. And like Arnav was driving, he looked a total maniac. It was like he wanted to reach RM as soon as possible.


 Right now the best thing Khushi did was kept her mouth shut. Or else she knew his temper. It would just blow off. As soon as they entered the RM, more guards in black and that too with guns came around them. The Raizada mansion looked more like a fortress than a house. It was like they were the soldiers of king, Arnav.


When they got out, they were again surrounded by guards and they were followed them till the insides of the mansion. The guard just stopped when they entered the living room. But she could still see four of them just standing on the doorstep. She sighed at Arnav's moods and went up with Anji to her room. Nani also came up to them and sat down. She saw Khushi for the first time, and smiled at her. Anji introduced them and nani sat there holding Anji's hand.


Anji looked at nani and she too looked worried, as if she knew why was everything happening. But she dint questioned her. Anji knew Arnav would tell her everything when the time is right. Khushi was now out of patience! She wanted to know the answers NOW! Or else she would go mad. She excused herself and went to Arnav.


As soon as she descended the stairs she heard him barking on the phone.


"I DON'T BLOODY CARE!!! I WANT HIM OUT OF LONDON!!! I HAVE A RESTRAINING ORDER ON HIM!! DAMMIT!!" saying so he threw the phone and broke it into uncountable pieces. Khushi flinched and decided to walk upstairs again. She would talk to him when he is somehow 'cool'.


She was walking upstairs when she heard him say again.


"HOW CAN YOU GUYS BE SO CARELESS!! HE BOARDED THE FLIGHT TO LONDON AND REACHED HERE TOO AND I WAS NOT EVEN INFORMED!!!THIS IS HOW YOU GUYS WORK!!" he shouted at the top of his voice and Khushi also trembled in fear. She held her dress in her both fists and again tried to drag her feet upstairs but for some reason she was unable to leave seeing him in this condition.


She turned and saw that he was shouting at a police officer and the cop was listening with his head down. From when did the cops started to listen things! She wondered and unconsciously went down.


When she entered the living room. She saw Arnav was sweating from anger and the AC was trying hard to cool him down but to no avail. As soon as the cop saw her coming, Arnav also noticed her and told him to get lost.


He turned his face away from hers and said in rude manner. "Go to Anji's room, Khushi."


But she being she, didn't even budge. Instead she kept a soothing hand on his shoulder and he turned. His eyes red with anger and nerves trembling to break anything. She felt his body stiffen even more and he discarded her hand from his shoulder.


"Khushi, right now I am in a mode to kill. Don't come near me or else it would be you who would get harmed." He warned her.


"And what makes you think I am afraid of getting harmed?" Khushi said looking at his eyes.


"Khushi this is serious! I want you to be safe too. Even if it's from me!! Just go upstairs Khushi."


He looked at her eyes and they told him that this girl was so stubborn to leave.


"Khushi! I am requesting you! I request you to leave! I am not in my right senses! I may harm you!" he said as he moved away and closed his eyes. He peeked through his eyes and saw her still standing adamant! Not leaving!


Arnav quickly turned towards the guards standing at the doorstep, "Dismiss!" and turned and grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him in a hungry and passionate kiss. His lips on hers were not at all gentle, but instead they were beyond getting harsher. He sucked on her lower lip so badly that they were red and swollen, instantly. She too was surprised by the intensity of this man. She just stood there shocked and he was the one devouring her senses, she didn't protest, coz she knew he was depressed and if she could help him decrease it, she is willingly there to be his this instant!


Arnav desperately sucked on her lower lip making it swell with pride and his tongue desperately went inside her mouth to fight with his own passion. His all-consuming kiss was so intense she automatically wrapped her hands on his neck, but right now he was not ready for this, all he wanted was only he kissing her. So he held her hands and yanked them behind her waist and pulled her more to himself. Her chest was grinding on his and his manhood pressing over her lower abdomen. He just wanted to kiss her senseless. He bit her lip and she whimpered, but he dint care. He again sucked where bit her and soothed her pain. She sighed in his mouth and this aroused him no extent. He just pulled away from her and carried her to a random room, which was nearest to them. Soon he just laid her on the bed and got on top her kissing her again.


Khushi tried touching his shoulders but soon he held them above her head and took his tie out and tied it to the headrest of the bed. Khushi was frightened by this action of his but Arnav was now above rationality. He soon felt her getting hot on her feminine part and spread her legs with his and grinded himself on her. Even though they were fully dressed, Khushi could feel him exactly. It was like he was trying to enter her with their cloths on. Khushi moaned his name uncountable times but he wasn't able to hear a thing. Soon Khushi started to feel some alien feelings on her lower part. She wriggled but he held her in place and she wasn't even able to tell him to stop as his lips were running havoc on her senses.  She tried pushing him but her hands were tied. Arnav kept on grinding himself and kissing her senseless at the same time. He held her waist and became harsher in his movements. He held her waist rubbed himself roughly. Khushi felt something warm in her lower part and was now crying coz she dint understand what was happening to her. She kept taking his name to wake him up from this madness. This is was not right! Not before they get married. She again tried opening her hands but just couldn't. She closed her eyes when the final blow was coming and she became still as she felt herself coming just by him rubbing on her. She felt her insides screaming for him to stop but her heart was contradicting to it! She took a deep breath and Arnav bit her lips again. She let out a frustrated sigh again and tried moving her head away but he held her in place for himself. Soon she came in full force. Her eyes closed tightly, trying to absorb the sudden pain and pleasure. It was her first time ever, feeling this ultimate emotion of getting physical. Her first ever orgasm roared through her body and she shivered violently. Arnav noticed her shivering badly and came to his senses. But it was too late. He saw her face, her lips swollen badly and her eyes closed. She fainted due to the intensity of her first orgasm. She was all-new to this. She couldn't help and understand this. So her mind gave up and she fell in to her deep sleep of unconsciousness.



PRECAP: Evil Smile





So guys!!!! Something is getting hot in here?? What say!!!


Waiting eagerly for the comments!





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roshaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 6:31am | IP Logged
Omg he is really wild n mad
ashred12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 6:37am | IP Logged
all i can say is poor khushi...always surrounded by abnormal men...
casker IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 February 2011
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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 6:40am | IP Logged
Nice hot update loved it
Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 6:55am | IP Logged
simply brilliant..loved it

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