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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 44)

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Khushi was walking here and there just in front of RM in order to decide whether she should go in or not. It was past midnight and she was not sure to go in at this hour but at the same time her heart was not letting her leave without getting her questions asked. What should she do? She was thinking from god knows how much time when she saw someone from the inside run towards her. She looked closely in the rain and figured out it was a male figure but when finally the gates of RM opened she was shocked! It was Arnav!


She saw him nearing herself, and shivered not because of rain but because of the intensity of some kind of emotion she saw in his eyes. He just came forward and held her hand that had gone cold due to rain and numb due to his presence and pulled her inside and ran with her besides him. Khushi at first protested but then he literally dragged her with him. He knew she was prone to diseases and standing in the rain would do no good to her health. 


As soon as she was in the insides of RM she started screaming.


"HOW CAN YOU DO THIS!!! I CAME TO TALK!!! AND WHERE ARE YOU DRAGGING M-" before she could yell any more and nani comes out, he closed her mouth by his palm and dragged her in his room, which had a fireplace and luckily Arnav had already lit the fire in it to make the room warm.


Seeing him dragging herself to his own room made Khushi tremble with fear. She was in his house and that too all alone and moreover drenched! She tried getting out of his grip again when he came closer and whispered in her ears, "Shhh! You're so cold; I just want you to be a little warm. I wont touch you, I promise." A shiver kept going up and down her spine and moreover in her whole body when she heard his husky voice and that too just besides her lips. But she some how trusted him enough. If he said he won't touch her then he wont. She knew it.


As soon as he opened the door of his room, sudden warmth took over the shivers of her body. Her dress was completely drenched and she thanked god that it wasn't transparent or she would have been hell embarrassed. She quickly wrapped her dupatta around her and directly moved towards the fireplace. Arnav smiled at her being comfortable and not to mention so DARING to just walk in his room. Because you need so much courage to go to any man's house at this time of the night and that too in the nightdress and in this bad whether but he surely dint mind the weather tonight. Whatever the weather outside, he knew it's going to be a nice weather inside!


She was sitting in front of the fire and was warming up her hands by rubbing the warm palms together. Arnav saw her shiver a lot and closed the door to not let the warmth of the room go outside. As soon as Khushi heard the door close she got up and looked at him, not frightened but surprised. Arnav quickly moved towards the closet and started searching some of the cloths for her to change but all his shirts and pants were so big for her that she can probably drown into it.


But he found something she could wear, he was not sure if he should give to her cause he himself never touched it since years. Once again he looked at her and saw her drenched form. A sudden gush of protectiveness flowed into his heart seeing her so vulnerable condition. And he decided he would give it to her, after all she's the one who owns his heart. It doesn't matter. He took out some really small sized cloths from his closet and handed it to her.


She saw him searching something in the closet and then finding it but then he was not sure but a determination came in his eyes and he handed her the cloths. She looked at the cloths in his hands. A simple blue colored nightdress that had a thin line of short fur around the buttons and at the ends of the full sleeves, the design was a little old though. But all in all it looked cute but little girly. NO WAY, this could be Arnav's.


She smiled looking at the dress but then she became confused. Should she take it? But then again she shivered and she took it nonetheless. After she took the dress from his hands he motioned her towards the bathroom and she got changed in them.


Surprisingly it was a perfect fit! But then she had an unknown happiness of having it. She dint knew why but she was happy wearing it. She came out and found out that Arnav was not in the room. She saw everywhere in the room but he was not there. After 2 minutes she thought maybe he was out on some work so she just admired the room. Looking at the room, the words that kept ringing were – beautiful, lavish, classy, rich, comfort and not to forget! Everything in the room just shouted one thing! "I AM EXPENSIVE!"


But the room had minimum furniture and more space for them to just sit down and have hot chocolate together. She hit her head lightly. What made her think that! Just sit down and have hot chocolate together!!!


She laughed at her 'first' fantasy with Arnav. She knew he dint like being all so romantic like a teenage boy in love and also not so –


Her thoughts were disturbed when Arnav entered the room with two big mugs in his hands. Soon she hoped for her fantasy to come true. He came near her and extended the mug towards her. She looked at him asking him through her expressions what it was. But her heart was just screaming- tell me its hot chocolate!! Tell me its hot chocolate!!


He smiled and said "hot chocolate!" the bliss and happiness Khushi felt at that moment, she dint even feel it when she was in school and was waiting for holidays and finally got it!


Arnav was swelled with happiness seeing her eyes turn dreamy and starry at the name of hot chocolate. Girls! He thought and mentally rolled his eyes. Khushi took the mug and quickly asked, "what's in yours?" Tell me its hot chocolate!! tell me its hot chocolate!!


"Umm, its my sugar free coffee." The stars in her eyes soon became shooting stars! Some men would never even learn the spelling of R-O-M-A-N-C-E. Coffee? And that too sugar free? Yuck!


The sudden change of expressions made him worried. "What happened?" he asked confused.


"Nothing." She gulped down her first teenage fantasy that was on verge of coming true but – ah forget it!


Arnav knew there was a lot more hidden behind that nothing of hers but he wanted to go slow! As nani instructed! In future I am going to marry her not adopt her! So give her some space!


There were several large colorful pillows in his room. Actually the 'only' colorful things in his room. Or else everything was either black, white or gray. When Arnav was thinking of sitting in the couch Khushi opted for the pillows and carried one near the fireplace and sat on it like a 4 year old. After sitting she noticed Arnav staring at the couch, so she looked at him for a second and he smiled again, and brought a pillow for himself too and sat just besides her.


Khushi desperately wanted to start a conversation but was stuck in an awkward situation. Can't he start a conversation! Khushi distracted herself and looked at the wall above the fireplace and looked everywhere but him. She was then lost in thinking how nice would it be if he were also having hot chocolate like hers.


"So, (after a pause) why were you, I mean, why were you disappointed when I told you I was having coffee?" Finally he started a conversation.


"Actually I was thinking of having my first fantasy come true!" she said in a hurry and then her eyes widened and she saw him smirking, her eyes widened more, then she looked away and then she shied.


So to say Arnav was surprised, would be an understatement. He was SHOCKED! So this girl DOES have fantasies and that too with ME! Interesting.


"What kind of fantasy, Khushi?" he said raising his eyebrows and a husky voice escaped from his mouth when he said fantasy.


Now she was embarrassed. What would she tell him now? She ignored his question.


"Umm, so why aren't you having hot chocolate?" she tried to turn the conversation.


"Don't try to change the subject, Khushi. I know you. You have to answer my question." He said a bit sternly.


"Exactly what type of fantasies are we talking about?" again Khushi opened her mouth to be embarrassed again. This was the wrong question in the wrong situation.


"That's what I want to know! Tell me." he said looking directly at her eyes and a wide smirk on his face. Khushi knew if she told him he would tease her to death and if she dint then he would ask till death so she chose to be teased.


"I- I was- I was just imagining- I mean, just thinking of having hot chocolate with you sitting near the fireplace." She said not looking at him even for a second. But then when he dint spoke for 3-4 seconds or he didn't even let out his famous mocking laugh, she looked at him. And the affectionate eyes he was holding mesmerized her.


Arnav just looked at her with all the love he had for her, and she could just drown in that love. She could actually feel the warmth, his eyes were providing. It was so different from the other meetings she had with him. Earlier his eyes made her feel cold and usually his look sent shivers in her spine. But today, they were speaking some other language, something so alien that she couldn't figure it out.


Arnav was just looking at the innocent girl present in front of her. She was indeed, one of a kind. She was sitting with him, in this rainy night, in his own room, she could have asked anything to fulfill her any type of wish, she knew he wouldn't refuse. But all she asked was to share some hot chocolate with him.


If any other girl would have been in her place she would have made the biggest wish of her life but everything this girl asked for was to have a cup of hot chocolate with him, when he already was having it with her. Well not technically as he was having coffee but still. He was just overwhelmed for some reason. And if the unknown reason made him feel this, then wanted to leave it unknown.


When Khushi saw a lost expression in his eyes, she waved her hand in front of him. And he was back from his mental ride. He saw her and she was expecting something. Maybe, his cup of hot chocolate. So he just got up, went out and came after 2 minutes holding another cup and this time he sat besides her but more closely and showed her what he was having. It was hot chocolate!


Khushi smiled and her eyes brimmed with happiness and she banged her cup with his, lightly and said 'cheers'. He again smiled and sipped his hot chocolate.


Khushi was finally feeling warm. She was now feeling comfortable in his presence. He was also looking a bit different. Maybe he had something else in his mind. What would he have when a girl would pop up in his house at this hour! Her mind retorted and she rolled her eyes.


 Arnav saw her thinking something and then rolling eyes at herself. He chuckled inwardly. With her, Life can be anything but boring. He thought to himself and smiled. He had now finally started thinking of having a life with someone; while sometime earlier he just thought of having one night stands. But now he was sure of two things, one, that he was in love with her. two, she dint have any idea to what effect she had on him. Or else she wouldn't have come to him at this time of the night.


Arnav was having a hard time keeping his hands to himself. He ridiculously wanted to touch her, feel her. But now only they have developed some affection towards each other, actually, SHE has developed some affection towards him, and he didn't wanted to ruin it at the first step itself.


Arnav saw her mentally debating with herself. He looked closely and was awestruck to see how can someone be this cute! She was unknowingly shrinking her nose and moving her eyes as if debating in full energy mode.


Then suddenly out of the blue, she asked him, "why are you doing this to me?" she asked totally concentrated and serious as if she was the most straightforward person in the world.


"What?!" Arnav was taken aback for a second.


"I mean, why- I- I mean why do you like me!" she knew she had to ask him, it was now or never kind of situation. And when she saw his expression she was shocked. She expected him to be serious as she was but all he did was smile.


Arnav knew this question was coming. Coz no girl, that too like Khushi, would come to him dragging herself in the rain just to fulfill her fantasy of having hot chocolate with him. He knew something serious was coming up. And after what happened between them in the hotel, it was obvious that Khushi would be having a lot of questions. Which he knew he should answer with honesty.  But knowing to be honest and being honest is far different from each other. Likewise, Arnav wanted to her to suffer the slow torture which he endured while he figured out that he is in love with her, similarly she too will have to endure a slow torture from him to know that he loves her. And he will go to any extent to make her believe himself.


"I like you? Why do you even think so?" he said looking up and down at her and her normal expression of being nervous turned to be really nervous.


"I- I-"


"You can't even say a sentence without repeating 'I' so many times and you are asking me this question?" he said as he made a serious face, but internally he was smiling at her childlike ability to not even guess he was kidding.


"I –umm I w-" Khushi tried.


"See I told you! You can't even say a sentence without repeating 'I' twice!" he said and came closer to her and she moved a bit back, but as she was sitting on a pillow she couldn't move or else she would just stumble upon it.


"I was saying, I mean- I thought you liked me that is why you ki- ki-" she saw him coming more close as she was about to say kiss.


"Kiss!" he said looking at her plump lips. "The word, you weren't able to take out of your mouth is kiss." Khushi suddenly blushed crimson and was not able to concentrate, as she knew he wanted to kiss her.


"No!" Khushi said certainly denying but then he gave her the look and she gave up. "Yes, I was asking about the ki-kiss." She said and looked down.


"Oh, very well. What were you asking?" he said as casually as he could.


"I was asking why did you kiss me in the first place when you dint like me or had any kind of feelings towards me!?" Khushi said now a little angry at his super cool attitude.


He then, in a bolt of a second kept his cup aside and took her in his arms and now she was practically sitting on his lap and he was holding her from her waist. She knew trying to move away would only make him tighten his grip so she stayed, where she belonged.


To Khushi's utter surprise, Arnav did nothing after that. If she knew him correctly she expected him to kiss her twice already but nothing came. So she was relaxed a bit but still she was anxious. Arnav pulled her closer like holding a baby and bought her near his heart. Khushi was now leaning on his chest and was compelled to hear his racing heart. WAIT! Racing heart! To confirm she leaned on his chest and heard his heart thumping loudly. She was happy at the moment, as she knew his heartbeat increased too, by having her close to him.


"So your heart also beats wildly. Mine too." Khushi admitted foolishly and Arnav grinned.


"Nope! A guy's heart beats loudly. Its normal." Arnav lied bluntly.


"NO! I have heard UV's heart! His heart is so much calm! Yours is like running on a treadmill." He was shocked hearing her innocent confession. But Hearing UV's name in their private time he became angry. It showed in his eyes that he was furious, no raged!


Khushi's eyes widened seeing the anger and she tried to get up. But as soon as Arnav saw her try moving away he said gritting his teeth, "don't even think about it!" he looked at her eyes and she looked at his raged ones. "Don't even try going away, Khushi. I want you! Right now!" as soon as she heard him. She unconsciously placed her lips on his and he was shocked.


Khushi placed her warm and trembling lips on his and he was surprised. This girl never fails to surprise me.


Khushi placed her lips on his but was unable to do anything, coz she dint knew what and how to do. Every time they kissed, Arnav was the one to fully kiss back but she; she just opened or closed her lips on his. That's it! Then she moved away and saw Arnav closing his eyes. He was lost in her, his anger forgotten and rage left behind. Khushi unintentionally chuckled and this made him open his eyes, all the rage and anger gone in a split of a second.


He was surely going mad! He didn't imagine this girl to be this unpredictable! At first she came to his house, then she talked all nicely then all of a sudden she threw questions at him and then she was scared but then again she smiled! Unbelievable.


Khushi chuckled and then shied away. Arnav loosened up his arms on her and she was relieved. She tried changing the topic.


"So I guess, you don't like me. Maybe I got all my answers." Khushi said when she looked at him and he looked concerned. "Maybe, I should get going. I- should leave now. It's getting late." She again came in her shy-and-looking-away mode and looked everywhere but him.


"You got your answers but I dint answered them!" Arnav said, as he looked closely, her expression transferring from confused, happy and then again confused. Gosh she's just as readable as a book.


"What do you mean?" she asked confused.


"That's for you to figure it out. If I would do everything for you, what would you do? Sit there listening?" he said and looked at her and she was now getting his point. Yess, he has feelings for me! yess!


She brimmed and now he knew he hit the right chord. He wanted to kiss her so badly but then he was reminded of nani's words. He should give her some space. But having her this close was making him affect now. Soon she would be able to feel it too. So he got up and made her stand too.


"Umm, you were right. It's getting late, you should get going. Come I will drop you off." Arnav said but Khushi had another question stepping out of her eyes and Arnav couldn't stop himself laughing at her state, she ALWAYS had so many questions! "What is it?" he said and Khushi looked at him. She knew he would ask. She didn't know why and how she knew but she just knew!


"Why did you wear such a girly dress?" she said looking at the furry material in her hands.


"It was when I was 15. My mom got it for me. She loved furry things and hence, she bought it, I disliked it and even hated it but wore it 2-3 times nonetheless, but just to show it to her that I liked it. And after some days she bought this for me, she passed away. And then I was left with this dress and emptiness in my heart. I still see this dress when I miss her. And find her smiling at me. This was the last gift from her to me." Arnav confessed honestly and sincerely. Khushi was touched. She was overwhelmed. He valued her so much that he trusted her with his most touchy thing! She was happy but as said she should be sad for him, revealing his dark secret to her but she just couldn't be sad knowing he valued her the most. She just hugged him tightly. (The way she did when she met Arnav when he was kidnapped.) And then kissed his cheek.


Arnav too was touched. She can be so mature and childlike at the same time.


Then Arnav got her to her home and she quietly sneaked in to it. And went straight to her bedroom.


No one of them was going to get sleep tonight.





After a week.




There was a big award function organized in uv's hotel. He was busy with the preparations that he could barely talk to somebody. He even ignored meals and skipped food. Khushi knew he would do that, as she knew him very well. So she cooked his favorite pasta and took it for him.


As soon as she looked at the hotel from the inside, it was a total mess. The things were being shifted and the furniture was getting replaced. She sighed and went directly towards uv's cabin. He was barking on someone from the phone. As soon as he saw Khushi he lowered his tone and gestured her to sit. She sat and opened the box she bought; UV saw his favorite pasta in white sauce and smiled. He hung up and sat on the chair and rubbed his hands together and grinned seeing his favorite meal. As soon as he touched the fork, Khushi slapped his hand away. He looked confused and she gestured him to see his hands, which were dirty by helping the people move some furniture himself.


His smile died, as he knew she wont let him eat unless he washed his hands. But his hunger increased ten folds seeing the delicious pasta and he dint wanted to waste a single second to eat it. Khushi knew him and then decided to feed him herself. Uv smiled and opened his mouth and Khushi started to feed him. He just licked his lips unlimited times, devouring the taste of the tasty pasta made by Khushi.


"so what's this 'special' party going on that you even skipped your meals for it?!" Khushi said as she fed him pasta one more time.


"hmm, thwes pwarthy ish phor bushinwess-" he tried saying while he chewed on the mouth full of pasta but Khushi interrupted.


"ok ok, first you finish this then we will talk! Or else you would just invent a new language!" she said as she fed him continuously. He was indeed hungry and a best friends company to have lunch is indeed the best way to relive it.


They finally finished and Khushi wiped his lips after feeding him his last bite while he was reading a file.


"So what were you saying?" Khushi again asked and he smiled.


"Hmm, (keeping the file away) this party is for Business Man of the Year." He said and Khushi took it casually, but then it struck her! Arnav was too a businessman!


"Oh em gee! So you know the nominations! And the winner!" Khushi said suddenly excited and UV laughed at her antics.


"Of course! And the nominations doesn't matter, Arnav Singh Raizada is nominated and when he is nominated in anything no one wins but him!" UV said proudly.


"Is he so influential?" Khushi misunderstood and UV sighed.


"No silly girl! (Hitting lightly on her forehead) he is the AWESOMEST!" he said with a dreamy look to be like him some day. "And you know! This time it will be his fourth win in a row!"


"Oh you look so pleased with his achievements, don't you?" Khushi said and looked at him closely.


"Of course I am! I admire him!" UV said casually, but Khushi was in a good mood to tease him.


"Uh hmm! I can see that! You ADDMIIIRREEE him!" she said singing out loud the word admire.


"Oh come on! You know what I meant! You cant do this.!" He said getting irritated and Khushi loved it when she teased him and he got irritated.


"ohh… uv admiiirrreee's Arnav Singh Raizada! Ooohhh!" she said moving along his desk and roaming in his cabin. Uv had had enough of teasing now he chased after her, yelling.


"You little spoilt brat come here!!! Because of you half of the London thinks I am gay!" he said as he chased after her and she kept on going in circles around his desk.


"Me? What did I do.!!" She said running.


"WHY? Didn't you spread the rumor that I and my classmate, Karen, were 'dating'!!" he said he made a face in disgust of even thinking such a thing!


"I dint say it! People just figured it out! And why wont they! If you go to late night dinner with him and that too not once but 10 to 12 times then why wouldn't people make gossips?! And he stayed at your house too!" she said as she tried dodging him with the chair.


"That was because he wanted some experience in hotel management and he was from New York so he didn't had a place to stay and he was my classmate so I helped him! Its just that!" he said trying to catch her." It's your deed! I know you were behind that rumors, Payal told me! You told your school friends that I had a crush on him!" he said again making puking faces.


"So? You fought with me at that time! It was my type of revenge! hehehehe" Khushi then thought of him at that time and laughed and he caught her.


"So it was your revenge and here is mine!?" he said and started tickling her. She burst out laughing and he continued to do it..


"ahh! So-(laughs) ahh, hehe sorry, (laughs) I wont do (laughs) it again. I promise (laughs)." After hearing this he left her and she sighed.


"Uv admires Arnav!! Yayyy!!" she took out her tongue and teased him and ran out of the hotel leaving UV to laugh at her.



(Next day, award function day)


Finally the day arrived. The officials of the award function invited Arnav to the party and this time he took Anji with him too. He just dint wanted to leave her alone. Coz from the beginning of the day he was getting negative vibes. He dint knew why but he felt extra possessive of Anji being at home 'alone'. So he told her to get dressed and they were leaving for a party in evening.



At night, the Uday niwas hotel.



Uday and two more people came to receive the great ASR and Anji. Anji smiled at Uday and then became serious; as she knew her brother's mood was a little off since morning. Arnav offered his Arm to Anji, in a formal way and she too tugged her hand on his arm gracefully. He held her possessively and walked in. everyone followed him, the media, reporters, camera, the flash light was making Anji's view blurry but Arnav held her hand so tightly that she knew he wouldn't let her fall. She just kept walking with him and they were finally inside the venue where the award function was to be held. The big grand lawn of UV's hotel and the stage was as big as anyone could imagine. And there was a big picture of Arnav smiling proudly in his black Armani suit. And there his name was also written, "Business man of the year – Arnav Singh Raizada" it was his fourth time and he was used to this but still, there was an uneasy feeling. But he couldn't show it to anyone. So he applied his usual proud smile and walked like a lion with his head held high.





Somewhere in middle of the crowd, there was a man, who was dressed in complete black. And his face was hidden. He saw Arnav and Anji enter. Then all the reporters throwing questions at him and the cameras clicking pictures.


Then everybody got up and gave a thundering applause to the ASR. And he just walked through the crowd and sat on the stage with Anji beside him and his larger than life photo just behind him. And the person in the crowd just looked at the two.




PRECAP:  Arnav saw him. His blood boiled at the highest degrees possible. He wrapped his arm around Anji in protectiveness and walked out. He knew he would follow them. So he just called his bodyguards and they came in a jiffy. His men made a huge circle around Arnav and Anji. So that they can walk nicely and be a bit away from the crowd. But the man followed them nonetheless.




Hey people,

So who do you think he is? vij or aarav?

Please read and reply.



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dumas IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 11:02am | IP Logged
loved the update loved asr and khushi conversation loved how he went and got the hot chocolate so one of her fantasy was fulfilled he is so possessive loved her and uday bond so cute besties loved how he was tickling her because she took revenge but tell others he was gay loved it asr having bad vibes loved the update hope the 4 of them don't get hurt thanks for the pm loved the update   

Edited by dumas - 11 July 2012 at 11:10am
ashred12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 11:13am | IP Logged
i love uv-khushi bond...its sad arnav sees it negatively...will it cause history to repeat, i wonder...i think precap guy is arav...
Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 11:15am | IP Logged

she is getting comfortable in his presence..

continue soon..

thnx for PM...
-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 11:17am | IP Logged
I love UV n Khushi's frndshp
Its awesum
Loved that Khushi got what Arnav feels n evn Arnav's changed attitude
It was awesum
laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 December 2011
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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 11:21am | IP Logged
loved the divine friendship bet khushi and uvi. cute and adorable.
arnav, the possessive one, suspenseful precap. enjoyed the chapter thoroughly, waiting to read the next , update soon.
saad2604 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 11:22am | IP Logged
was waiting for the update for a long time
ur writing damn cool yaar
update soon
soni4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Awsum update luvd it x plzz cont soon x

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