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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 16)

Usma55 Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 7:53am | IP Logged
I love the story can't wait for the next part
When will the romance start

mayabhi Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 9:57am | IP Logged
its actually an interesting concept. not every1 may like it. but there definitely r ppl who lookforward to it. so pls don b upset. maybe as  the story progresses more ppl wil take note of it. pls don keep those who already appreciate it waiting like this :(
nia252 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 9:59am | IP Logged
eagerly waiting for ur next update

angeldream14 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 10:36am | IP Logged
im eagerly waiting 4 next update plz update soon
jd08 Groupbie

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Posted: 06 May 2012 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
waiting for your update great story till now

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nia252 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 May 2012 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
plzzz give the next update soon
wanna see  how arnav deals wid khushi now
MastiMuskaan Goldie

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 1:12am | IP Logged


Part Four



"hi I am Arnav Singh Raizada, anjali's brother!" he took out his hand to shake with Khushi but she was already shaken.! From the fact that HE was ARNAV Singh Raizada! Moreover he was anji's brother who she just called as Aryan and a close friend! Oh no! she stared at his hand which was still extended and she could not meet his eyes. Arnav smirked inwardly and had a fit of laughter inside seeing her expressions and he could tell she was biting her lips inwardly too. He would surely teach how to bite those lips, soon.


"Please, come in!" Arnav took his hand back and gestured them in. UV held her hand and brought her out of her dreamland. Arnav clenched his teeth, once again that UV touched her, and once again she avoided touching him by not shaking her hand.


They came in and Khushi saw the most beautiful house. It was so big; sorry it was so huge and decorated with each and every detail. Even the atmosphere looked so lavish that she couldn't explain. She felt a certain liking towards this house. The dcor, paintings, furniture, stairs, even the texture on the wall was so nice that she couldn't take her eyes off. It was like the person who arranged this house has taken personal care of each and every detail.  Even the flowers kept in the vases at the corner of the house were giving the definition of being perfect.


As soon as Arnav entered the house, prakash brothers who were going here and there, roaming in the house, stood in line and greeted him.


"Good morning, Arnav." The older prakash brother, Om, greeted him. Arnav hated being called sir-sir every time in the office and home too and he hated being called "Arnav baba" as it made him feel of some one of 10 years old. So he told everyone to call him by his name.


"Good morning OP." Arnav said in authority.


Any other girl, in the place of Khushi would have been highly impressed by the authority in Arnav's voice but not Khushi. She was annoyed by this Arnav who kept the people of this house under certain dress codes. Actually she dint understood that they were the servants as they dint call him sir or used any other salutation.


"Why are you guys in that black and white uniform like thingy. (Seeing their black pant-coat and white shirt) Is there a certain uniform of black and white to enter in this house!? Thank god I also wore white or else I wouldn't get to meet Anjali." Khushi saw Anjali wearing white dress and Arnav wearing black suit with white shirt too. Udayveer chuckled and Arnav was amused at this girl who dint understood the simple concept of having servants in uniforms. Unbelievable!


"They are the caretakers of this house so they have uniforms." Arnav said suppressing his urge to laugh at this girl.


Uv's cell rang and he picked it up. "Yeah. Oh ok. I will be there. Ask them to wait in the lobby." Uv hung up and moved towards Khushi and Arnav looked narrowing his eyes. "Baby, I have to go. Some special clients have being coming today. I have to attend them." Khushi made a face at him. And Arnav clenched his teeth for the umpteenth time. "Oh well, who was following you that time? Did you note the number? I will talk to the cops right away!"


Uv suddenly remembered why he came after Khushi.


"ohh ho. That was nothing. I had a misunderstanding, uv." She said brushing off the topic.


"Ok then. Bye." He said and went off, leaving Khushi sad and Arnav, angry.


"So now that your boyfriend aka your UV is gone, can we have a word!" Anjali teased Khushi and she used to tease her every time she saw UV with her. But hearing the word 'boyfriend' left Arnav to the edge of his anger and he was now seething with furiousness.


He thought "boyfriend, eh? We'll see to it!"






While chatting with Anjali, Khushi forgot the time and it was now evening. Khushi specially kept in mind to not to leave Anjali's side as that Dracula was freely roaming in the house. But just then OP called Anjali to finalize the menu for the night and Khushi was left alone in her room. Khushi felt awkward and she decided to go downstairs. She was walking through the long corridor of Raizada mansion, which made her remember the school corridor in which she used to twirl around when walking, she was nearly at the stairs when she was grabbed and pulled in one of the rooms and again was being held by the same man with his hands on her waist and mouth.


Arnav kept his hand on her mouth, as he knew she would scream.


Khushi as soon as saw him catching her again she started struggling and wriggling in his embrace. This angered him to no bounds. "She can go and hug that UV but couldn't stay in my arms!" thought Arnav angrily.



"Umm-ummm-mmm-umm---aamm" Khushi tried to scream although he had his hand on her mouth.


"Shut up!" Arnav whispered tightening his hold.


"umm--" Khushi tried again.


"You always compel me to do this" saying this he removed his hands and replaced it with his lips. And kissed her again.


He moved his lips to hers and seeing him coming closer confirmed his ideas to her and she silenced suddenly. After feeling her making no efforts of going out of his arms as his act left her stunned, he poured all his anger in the kiss. He was punishing her, punishing for having a boyfriend. Punishing for even having another man other than himself near her. She was so stunned at the moment that she couldn't figure what to do. She just stood there having no movements left in her.


Arnav moved his lips inside her mouth to deepen the kiss. But she was not responding! Again! Like that night! Like last night! He thrusted in his tongue and tried to get some response but no avail. She was just like a statue.


He abruptly left her mouth, turned around and ran his hand through his hair. Khushi was still in the reverie. Arnav took long breaths as he tried to control his anger. He was so angry that he could take her then and there and no one in this house could stop him, not even his own sister.


Khushi came to reality and saw him turning again. Before he could turn fully she placed a tight slap across his face and he was shocked at the audacity of this damn girl!


He glared at her and saw her angry too. He grabbed her arm and pushed her to the bed and got on top of her. Khushi was so shocked and moreover scared that she just stared at his eyes. Arnav stared at hers too. He was trying to find his answers in her honey orbs while she tried to find the cruelty in his dark ones. But she was unable to find any type of cruelty she just saw possessiveness and stubbornness in his eyes while he saw anger and shock in hers.


This man was building alien feelings inside her. Which she never felt before. Maybe it was his strange eyes, or his strange behavior. She couldn't put her finger on her certain feelings but still she was so sure that she dint like this man a bit.


She again started struggling and pushing him aside. Wrong move. He pressed her hands on the side of her shoulders and pressed his arousal on her. Feeling him so intimately she left a gasp from her mouth and was now on verge of crying. Arnav felt her wriggling decrease and she turned her head on her side revealing his bite to him.


He saw a purple-blue mark on her neck and recognized. It was from him. He could recognize the teeth marks as his


As she has turned her head, he could see the tear drop escape and sit on the edge of her eyes. He quickly kissed it away. Khushi again looked at him wide eyed.


He let go of her this time. He got up from her and stood aside from the bed. She hesitantly got up too. She was standing at a fair distance. Arnav knew he was doing wrong to this innocent girl. But damn! He couldn't control his urges for her! He wanted to consume her fully. But he knew right now would not be the good idea.


Just then the intercom in his room beeped and it was automatically answered after the second ring.


"Bhai food is decided! It's Indian! Khushi likes it. Do you want something special or other than that?" Anjali's voice came.


"No. I am okay with Khushi's Indian style." Arnav said looking at her top to bottom and said to Khushi more than to his sister.


"Ok!" Anjali said and hung up. Arnav looked at the intercom for once and as he looked towards Khushi again, she was not there. She moved out in a jiffy.


"Escape. But not next time." He smirked and passed a cruel smile to himself.





It was dinnertime and the dinner was served. Khushi and Anjali sat at the lounge area to have food as they were having some work done by the carpenter in the dining area. Arnav was upstairs in his room when Anjali called him too but he dint budge from his room. He knew if he saw her one more time he wouldn't be able to control himself. So he decided not to go down. After some time he had to see the work, which was being done by the carpenter, so he went to the stairs.


He went to the stairs and stood there mesmerized. Khushi was laughing full heartedly with Anjali and she was saying something in her ears. Anjali said something again and Khushi burst out laughing again. But suddenly her laughter seemed to decrease. Arnav frowned seeing her getting serious again.


Khushi was laughing when she felt his presence again. How can she mistake his cologne. The thing, which drives her crazy. She then felt his eyes piercing through her body. She looked here and there and finally spotted him to be on the upper stairs. She avoided his eyes, afraid to find the same possessiveness in them. She quickly wanted to run away but Anjali was here too. She quickly asked her where the kitchen was and went in by the excuse of getting water.



Meanwhile HP went to the dining area and saw the carpenter has left his knife which he used to cut leather sheets and thin wooden cardboards. He thought of keeping it safely in the kitchen as it may harm someone on the way. He picked it up and started walking towards the kitchen.


HP was on his way when the lights of the house went out and then there was a blast like sound too. Everyone got scared. Arnav quickly ran towards Anjali with the help of his mobile light. Khushi was terrified by the sudden darkness and saw someone coming towards her. She looked closely and saw someone holding a big knife on her.


Darkness, a man, a knife, unknown place; she was alone, no one to protect her; She was reminded of the same incident which happened years ago.


Soon she was surrounded by the images of the day. She saw him moving towards her. In the same way holding the knife as that man was holding to harm her.


"NO!!!" Khushi screamed. "NO DADDY DON'T!!" Khushi shouted at top of her lungs. Her eyes glittering a bit by the lights of the moon.


"DON'T KILL ME!!" she started moving back and was terrified to no bounds to see the person move towards her.


"khushiji ?" hp said confused, not understanding the reason of her sudden outburst.


"NO!!! PLEASE LEAVE ME!!" Khushi again shouted and this time Arnav and Anjali looked at each other and Arnav quickly flung towards the kitchen. Anjali ran across the area not caring about the darkness and things she might bump into.


"AHHH!!" Khushi shouted as she hit the panic attack inside her.


Arnav and Anjali reached the kitchen and saw the horrified act. Khushi nearly at the corner of the kitchen and HP holding a knife in the darkness. Arnav and Anjali were shocked. Arnav, because he dint understood what was happening and Anjali, because she knew. She quickly picked her cell up to call UV. Only he was the one who can handle Khushi at this moment.


"Uday come soon Khushi--" Anjali choked while talking.


"AHH!!" Khushi screamed again and UV heard her in the phone.


"Khushi? What happened why is she shouting like that!" UV got up from the chair in his office.


"She- she- the darkness, there was a blast and lights were gone, and - panic attack- seeing a knife." Anjali found difficulty making a sentence out of the words. But it was enough for UV to understand the situation and he left the meeting and went straight to his car and was already on his way when the call was cut.


While Anjali was talking to UV Arnav was scared to see her in this state. She had her eyes widened and was screaming. Poor HP seeing the scene was not able to understand too. He went near her to tell her that it was he not anyone else and he would not harm her.


"khushiji, its me -" hp went forward and Khushi quickly got back hitting herself in something sharp and having a cut on her elbow. But the pain was not recognized by her as she was terrified by the knife in his hand.


She held her elbow that now started to bleed. Arnav saw this and firstly he held the knife which hp was holding and threw it across the room. "OUT!" he ordered him and soon he went out without any word.


Arnav then began walking towards her in order to calm her down.


"NO DON'T!!" Khushi pointed a finger at him with her bleeding hand and Arnav saw the blood drops dropping on the floor. He could clearly make it out in the moonlight, which lit the room in sufficient light to see.


"Khushi you're bleeding!"


"ITS BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU HIT ME HERE!!" she held her shoulder which had a big scar. But he can't see it in the darkness.




"YES YOU!! I M SORRY!!! HOW MANY TIMES DO I TO SAY I M SORRY!! I DINT WANTED TO KILL MY MOM, I WAS TOO YOUNG! Please daddy, don't kill me! Please daddy!" Khushi said and Arnav was surprised and tensed. She was thinking him as his daddy and saying she dint kill her mom? Why?


"Khushi I-" Arnav stared at her and she hit the wall behind her and slid down while saying the last bit- "I am sorry."


Arnav came to her and held her firmly by her shoulders, unfortunately holding her on the same place where he dad hit her with the knife.


"NO!! STAY AWAY!! HELP!!! UDAYVEER!!" Khushi screamed his name, thinking he was still outside the house waiting for her and Arnav who was already confused was now again angry to hear his name from her mouth. He held her tightly and tried to make her see the reality but she was gone to the past years of her life.




As soon as he heard 'dead mother' he abruptly left her and saw her taking deep breathes and her hands clutching to her dress near her chest and her cheeks were tear stained. Anjali who was just seeing this understood that Khushi has mistaken Arnav as her dad and she quickly held him away.


"Bhai go away. Don't go near her! She will freak out more! She is scared of you!" Anjali tried but Arnav was not in his senses.


Why was she screaming to not to kill her, he was some killer or something? Nope.


"You don't know anything! Please!" Anjali said but Arnav dint listen to her. He again went near Khushi to touch her elbow and find out if she was more hurt.


"Khushi are you hurt! Khu-"


"LEAVE ME!" she snatched her hand away and pushed him back. Arnav stumbled on the ground and Khushi pushed her little body to the corner. As she saw him stumble back she thought he would harm her more then she held her knees to her chest and hugged herself.


Arnav now knew he had to stop this or else she will grow violent.


But soon from nowhere UV entered the kitchen and held her in his arms.


"Khushi!" he looked at her and she again pushed him too.


"LEAVE ME!!" Khushi shouted at him.


Uv looked at Arnav and Anjali "please are there any lights, torches or candles! Please light them."


Anjali quickly got the candle from kitchen shelf and lit it all, nearly 6-8 candles.


As there was light in the room now, UV saw her drastic state. Her hairs messy, eyes swollen, cheeks were stained by her dry and fresh tears and her hands clutching her knees and her elbow was bleeding.


"Khushi!" he whispered towards her and held her fully in his arms, tightly. Khushi struggled with all her might. But it seemed as if he was holding his dear life, with all his strength.


"LEAVE! PLEASE!" Khushi shouted as she tried to open her arms free but UV held her tightly as he hugged her.


"Its me!" UV whispered in her ears and she looked at him for the first time. Khushi couldn't believe what was happening.


"Leave me." Khushi said in merely audible voice.


"I wont. I will hold you till my last breath! No one will harm you!" UV assured but Khushi still had doubts.


"You wont kill me?" Khushi said still in a trance of him being her father. (Whoever came near her at this moment she confused him of being her father, who wanted to kill her.)


"I am not him. I am Uday. Your friend!" he consoled and in a swift movement he held her soft and little form in his embrace and now he was sitting at the corner with Khushi fully on his laps.


As soon as Khushi saw his face clearly and touched his shoulder, confirming him to be real she hugged him fully and sobbed.


"He- he will- kill me. He hates me- he -"


Khushi tried to continue but UV stroked her hairs and calmed her down.


"He is in jail sweetheart! He is not coming back! I wont let him. Promise!" UV consoled but Khushi was sobbing like a 4 year old who cried for an hour.


OP came running to Arnav. "Arnav, the blast was from the electricity room of the house. That is why there were power cuts and no lights-"


"shHH!" uv gestured towards Khushi and Arnav gestured OP to keep quiet and OP went out.


Arnav seeing the current state was confused. He wanted to be angry but was satisfied that finally her crying and shouting for help was stopped. He was more concerned for her than her being in someone else's arms. Khushi hugging UV fully now by sitting on his lap! And his hands were on her hairs consoling her. She was keeping her chin on his shoulder and was facing the wall, sobbing. Uv sat there nearly for half an hour and Arnav-Anjali just stayed there looking at them. Then after some time when Khushi was not looking, UV stealthily put his hands in his pockets and took out a syringe and a small bottle.


He poured the liquid from the bottle to the syringe and Arnav was horrified! What was this man doing? He got forward to stop him when Anjali held his arm and assured him by her expression that everything is going to be fine. Uv left her firmly on his lap as Khushi was holding him tightly. He took her arm, which was circling his waist and put the syringe there, on feeling some thing painful in her arm Khushi tried to look but he moved his face towards her not making her able to turn her face and put the medicine on her arm.


"Ah!" Khushi mumbled on his shoulder.


"shhh! Its okay!" UV whispered in her ears. Then he took off the injection and Anjali took it and disposed.


Soon after few minutes Khushi's head felt heavy and she was under the effect of the medicine. She moved a bit back, looked at the faces of each and every person, but her vision was blurry. She could not make any sound from her mouth. Her face fell back and UV held her from backside and picked her up carefully. He took her out to the car.


There were some cops who came enquiring about the blast. Arnav asked them to do the enquiry later as they had a patient with them and went with UV to the hospital.


Arnav was utterly confused, there were some questions which he needed answers for.


Why was she calling everyone her dad?

Why he wanted to kill her?

Whom did Khushi kill?
Why was she sorry?

What happened to her all of a sudden?

Why was Udayveer able to console her?


These uncountable questions popped up in his mind but he drove off to the hospital quietly.






I will pm next part to ONLY THOSE READERS who comment on this part and ask me to pm them. WinkI will write down their names and will only pm them. NO SILENT readers please.!Sleepy If you guys are stubborn then I m one of you too!LOL Hehe.Embarrassed there many silent readers who do not comment. so here's the solution. i will PM the next part to the ones who comment on THIS part.(no more buddy list also) LOL clever huh?Winkso if you want the update then comment!Star



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dooo continue i absolutely loveddd it ! it wasss amazinggg

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