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When Dreams Become Nightmares: thread 2 link: p161 (Page 119)

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Can We Expect Update Tomorrow ?! Embarrassed

sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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UPDATEEE; It's 12th Septemberrr Dancing
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Okay just caught up on the last couple of updates n i gotta say that they were incredible n amazing!! Thank god Khushi made it through! Vij is really evil n i hope he get caught very soon!!! hope Anjali n payal r fine though!!!Star

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Still Waiting Embarrassed
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"Payal is missing!"


"WHAT!?" Arnav asked horrified. He ran his hand through his hair "how! WHEN! I mean, -" Arnav couldn't say what he wanted to ask. He was too shocked.


"It was nani on the line, she said Garima and Shashi had gone for the temple and Payal was at home reading her books and when nani went up to chat with her, she wasn't there and then she searched the whole house. Then she tried calling her but her phone is unreachable, and its been and hour that we have no trace of her!"


"Just a sec!" Arnav said and grabbed his phone from the table.


He punched some numbers in it and called, no one picked. He cursed under his breath, and dialed again. No one picked!


"DAMMIT! PICK THE DAMN PHONE!!" he barked as if his voice could reach the one he was dialing to.


"Who are you calling!?" uv said loosing his cool.


"The damn guards, who were appointed for Payal. They should be behind her, or at least near her, keeping an eye on her whereabouts! They might tell us something!" Arnav literally punched the keys and they were about to break due to his angry pressure.


"DAMN!" Arnav said and ran a hand on his forehead, wiping out sweat, as he feared for Payal but still maintained his cool. He should be in his right mind so that he thinks wisely and takes correct decisions.


"We should rush home. Maybe gupta uncle and aunty would know!" UV said and Arnav nodded.


"I just wish that man is not behind Payal's disappearance or else, I don't know what am I going to do with him!" Arnav said and UV joined, "me too."


They both ran out of the office as if racing and the employees passed a weird look to each other.


"UV, you go home! I will go search her in her library!" Arnav shouted in between his run, and UV nodded.


They both separate their ways and headed to the place they expected they would find her in. Payal loved books, not her textbooks or course books but novels and love stories, she had a capacity to eat down 2 books in a day! So most of the time when she is not with Khushi or her friends, she is in the nearby library or book stores, reading a book!


Arnav literally hoped that there was nothing wrong with her, she took care of Khushi the way much better than any real sister would take, and he owed a lot to her for taking care of his Khushi when even he was also not there in her life to protect her. He built a certain bonding with everyone related to Khushi, not just because they were related to her but also because he was going to be a part of them too, as Khushi's would be husband.


Arnav smirked a little when he thought of 'would be husband' phrase, but it vanished as soon as it came coz he concentrated on Payal.




Arnav reached the nearby library to his house, in which he hoped he would find Payal, sitting in a corner and reading. He saw every nooks and corner but couldn't find her. He sighed and tried his luck on the nearby store that keeps a good range of exclusive books. But, no luck. Se wasn't there. He even showed the shopkeeper her photo which was saved in his contact list, the shopkeeper said she came 2 days back and bought 4 books from him but she didn't showed up today. Arnav sighed and was about to go and check another store but his phone rang.


He didn't even see who was calling and picked it up hoping it was UV.


"Did you find her!?" asked Arnav breathless.


"Yes, I did!"


If there was a scariest moment ever in his life, it was this. This was that man's voice he cannot mistake it even if listens to it in a scratched record!


"Cat got your tongue, Raizada?" vij spoke evilly on the phone.


"BAST*RD! I will kill you!" Arnav said and he heard him laughing.


"Come on, search me down first!"  He said mocking him and Arnav felt his anger rise to an unbearable pressure.


"I will KILL YOU!" Arnav said as his voice rose as his anger did.


"Come on! Give me better replies! Uv too had the same thing to say, that he would kill me, so here are some suggestions- bury me alive and burn me and what not! I am bored of listening to these kinds of things! You are very much intelligent! I know it! Come on show me some of your intelligence! Catch me if you can!" vij dared him to an extent Arnav felt his veins on fire.


"All hell would break loose, when I catch you!" Arnav said as he gritted his teeth.


"Aw! That was a heart-warming reply!" vij said faking an excitement.


"Was it? Then I promise, when I meet you, I will set you on fire!" Arnav said and cut the call as he heard his laugh again.


He then took his car and rushed towards the RM.






Uv had already received his call and his conversation was also the same as Arnav's, heated. Uv was pacing up and down already. Shashi-Garima and nani were present too. And the only persons missing were Anji, Khushi and Dan.


Arnav looked around the house and saw them nowhere, "where are Anji and Khushi!" asked Arnav horrified even more.


"Khushi has been gone to her college, and Anji bunked her classes and sneaked out to meet Dan. (uv sighed) Dan said he is with her and they are on their way to home. I called their security, they are alert and are bringing them back home safely."


Arnav sighed too, "at least Khushi and Anji are safe." He then looked at Garima and Shashi.



Garima had her eyes swollen by now. She was crying continuously when UV to inform to rush back home called her. They knew something was going to happen that is why they went to temple, to pray that the feeling that something might happen be their useless worry and their kids remain safe and sound, but before their prayer ended, their hopes did.


He kept a hand on garima's shoulder and consoled her.


He then saw the latest entrant in the house, the cops.


He saw towards UV questioningly as to how come they knew that something was wrong.


"I called them." Uv clarified.


"Hi. John Winsley." The cop introduced himself.


"John, Udayveer Singh." UV shook hands with him.


"I have been informed about the kidnapping of miss gupta. I am afraid, we missed to trace the calls when the kidnapper called." He looked at UV and Arnav and they went in little private to talk. So that Garima doesn't get more worried.


"Mr. Raizada." john referred to Arnav, "Mr. Singh told me he is a psycho, I have done a case study on people who kill for pleasure but I don't find him mentally disturbed, keeping in mind his police records. I mean he never had a fight in the police station, he cooperated in the jail and other works that were assigned to the prisoners, he was a well-behaved man, like he has totally changed. But now, I can't say the same."



"Its all bullsh*T!" said an angry UV. "That man is so clever in changing moods and personalities that you cant even define, who is the real vij!"



"HEY ALL!! HOW IS EVERY THI-" Dan entered very much glad at something but his happiness died as he saw the cop inside RM, and then worried expressions on uv and Arnav's face.


Uv saw Dan and then at his back but didn't see Anji coming, "hey where is Anji?" UV asked expecting her to come in a minute, following him.


"She isn't with me. Infact, I didn't even meet her today." Dan said casually but the cop irked him, "what is this cop doing here?" he asked and Arnav loosed his cool completely.


Arnav barged towards him and held his shoulders in a firm grip, "this is not a JOKE!!! WHERE IS ANJALI!" Arnav asked and Dan got scared.


"I-I-didn't- didn't meet her today, I do-don't know." he looked scared at him and UV came to him. He kept a hand on Arnav indicating to calm down.


"But I talked to you a while ago! You said she is with you and you are bringing her back!" UV said getting hyper too.


"Come on! I was in a critical surgery whole day! She called me asking if I was free but I denied! I am an assistant neurosurgeon and I was in OT all DAY!" Dan said clarifying, "I didn't even see her! Forget meeting her and I even lost my phone! So how will I talk to you?! I was happy I will spend the whole day off tomorrow with Anji but you are asking me if I- " then it descended upon him! Anji! They thought she was with him! But she was not! Then where is she! "Oh. My. God. Where is Anji?" Dan was asking them and they had their jaw opened, except one jaw clenched.



"He is dead!! He is so dead!!" Arnav said punching some numbers again. The phone rang and he took names of each and every god he remembered and asked them to make Anji pick his call.



"Hello! Anjali?" Arnav said half happy as Anji picked his phone call.


"Surprise surprise! Ha ha ha! How was it, Raizada!" all blood drained out and Arnav looked more like a ghost in just a split second, hearing that man's voice in his sister's cell phone.



"YOU FREAKING BAST*RD! I WILL KILL YOU, SON OF A B*TCH!!" Arnav roared through the phone and for a second he pushed the phone away from his ears coz he was too loud.


"Uff! You are too loud on ears, Raizada. Calm down." Vij said as if nothing happened.


"You are going to pay for this! You are going to die and I swear it will be coz of me!" Arnav said in his intimidating tone.


"ohh! I am scared!! I am so scared, Raizada!" vij said sarcastically.


"You should be! And I swear, being scared would be your last emotion!" Arnav said in deathly voice.


"Look who's talking! I have kidnapped your sister, I have her tied in front of me and I have the wish to kill her or not and you think, I will be scared? You really disappoint me with your intelligence, Raizada! I thought you were worth it! But I am sorry I was wrong."


"Not as sorry as you are going to be, Vijendar Thakraal! I will NOT kill you, Vijendar, I will make you beg me for it! I promise!"


He heard him laughing mockingly and after getting no response for a minute from his side, Arnav threw his phone on the floor and it broke into uncountable pieces due to force he applied on the innocent piece of metal.



"I want the whole police department in my house. RIGHT NOW!" he said in the deathly tone of his. And the cop in front of him nodded.






Soon Khushi's car entered the Raizada mansion. The guard at the door informed Arnav inside as soon as her car entered the grand gates.


"Okay." Said Arnav on the house phone.



"Everyone! Khushi is coming!" said Arnav out loud so that the cops hide and everyone wipes out their tears, and angers and behaves normal.





As soon as Khushi entered RM she could feel something different, something was missing, the house was way too calm and quiet.


She entered the living room where numerous cops were standing a second ago but they all hid in any place they could get, and the house members were normal but way too quiet.


"Hey everyone." She greeted and everyone forced a smile. She felt her instincts react and looked around her. But there was nobody except the members of the house.


"why is everything so quiet?" she asked, "where is Anji? She left college before me." Khushi said looking here and there.


"Well she is gone out with Payal. To the near by store, to buy books." Uv lied before she enquired about Payal too.


"But she already got 4 books 2 days ago! She read them all?!? She's turning a bookworm!" if it was any other day, UV would have burst out laughing but all he gave was an understanding smile right now, it was all he could manage in this situation.



"What's wrong?" Khushi said looking around but finding nothing wrong with the surroundings.


Everyone laughed loudly at the same time and started to blabber with each other about nothing in particular.


Khushi looked around the people and muttered, "Strange." then looked around again but no Arnav. If everyone is home, he must be too. Maybe in his room. Thinking this she went upstairs as she saw the other members talking with each other.



They saw her going up and sighed.









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Khushi knocked in his room and Arnav looked away from the door, trying hard to control his anger but getting his and Khushi's sister kidnapped, he could not control his rage which was building up and up by each passing second!



Khushi entered after getting no response.






Her soft voice left him breathless. He will not be able to do this, to pretend that everything is normal when it really isn't!



"Khushi, leave!" Arnav said not wanting to see the hurt in her eyes.


"Arnavji?" came her again so soft and melodious voice. He cannot hold more! Why cant she obey him the first time, ever!.



He turned, locked the door and grabbed her waist, pulling her close and kissed her. Everything happened in a second that she didn't even get time to comprehend what happened, she just saw him turn and the next thing was he kissing her.



He held her possessively and sucked her lower lip. He was so harsh that he didn't recognize her flinching at his touches. Khushi felt pain on her lower lip as he bit her for entry and she opened her mouth, giving him what he wanted. His palm and fingers digging in her slender waist and she moaned in pain, she tried to push him away coz he was being ruthless, something he was never before. Not for her at least. Arnav put in his tongue inside her mouth and sucked deeply. Khushi arched her back and this gave more access to him. He was being totally a monster, taking out his anger on his prey. And he was doing the same. Too bad, Khushi always chose bad timings to see him. Khushi was scared, he was in his foul mood and she was at his mercy. "ah.." Khushi flinched back abruptly when he bit her inner lip and she could taste her own blood in her mouth. Arnav was nowhere near stopping. He was taking his anger out on the wrong person. His heart yelled out to him but his mind, refused to listen. Khushi held his shirt in her fist and tried to push him, she nearly succeeded when his mouth was about to leave hers but he held her hairs and pulled them back in his fist and kissed her again. It was all him in the kiss, his dominance. He then suddenly pushed her on the bed and got on top of her, pinning her hands above her head. She got scared but then nothing came. He just stared at her eyes while she did the same too. She knew he was angry the instant he kissed her but she tried to find the reason in his eyes. All she could see was hurt. Deep hurt. But by whom? She wondered. She saw his lips near hers but not moving towards her to steal another steaming kiss. She looked at his lips and then at him. Why was he not kissing her again? That's why he pushed her to bed and pinned her. But now all he is doing is seeing her. She then leaned and tried to initiate a kiss herself, but is lips moved away. She moved a bit forward too but he had her hands pinned, she failed and fell back on the bed. His lips neared but he didn't kiss her, she again tried touching them but he again moved back. He was not kissing her and not leaving her as well. She was confused, why is he so strange.


Arnav looked in her eyes to find hurt, he came to his senses while kissing her and then pushed her to bed to find her hurt but instead she was hurt because he stopped! She tried kissing him but he backed out coz he thought he had done wrong. He was angry and he shouldn't have done that. But then her eyes longed for him to kiss her, he tried but he backed out on his own accord, not acknowledging it.


He was staring deep into her eyes, so his grip on her hands loosened and she grabbed this opportunity to free her hands and pull his head lower to hers in a kiss. This time she held his face and brought him down on hers and kissed him softly, just licking him. Arnav groaned as he tried to resist but then she threw her tongue inside his mouth and his hand came towards her face and held it lightly, licking her lips too. Trying to be gentle. But it seemed she didn't like him the gentle way. She bit him on his upper lip and he let out a moan resisting it again but then he thought hell with resistance and started his steaming kiss again, pushing her tongue out of his mouth and pushing his own inside her. She smiled at his gesture of dominance and he noticed, he created havoc when he touched her bare skin of her waist. But then again he came back to his senses; there were more important works to do then to pleasure him or her. 


He left her mouth and got up. Sitting on the bed. She got up and sat on his lap, nearly touching his aroused parts.


"Khushi, you have seen the demo already, don't come near me now. I am way too angry to stop if I get started, so please." Arnav said making her understand that he didn't mean to harm her.


"Arnavji, you never harmed me." she said softly and pecked his lips gently.


"Khushi please, leave. I am sorry I am being rude but its for your safety." Arnav insisted in the calmest voice he could manage.


"Safety? From whom? You? You wont hurt me." Arnav looked at her eyes, full of trust.


"Khushi, I am a beast! And right now, in a mood to devour you! SO please." Arnav cleared his intentions.


"Then do it." Khushi said but she didn't really know what affect it had on him.


Arnav clenched his fist again to control himself, "you dont really know what it means, Khushi. And now no further discussions! You are leaving the room right now!!" he said in a stern voice and Khushi got up angrily.


"Okay!" she said and left the room. He heard a loud slamming of the door and knew it was Khushi. She was making sure he knew she was angry.






Arnav composed himself and went down.


"What happened?" asked UV, "I saw her angrily getting out of your room."


"Just fought with her." he said casually. Everyone knew they never made it together. They fought every single time! That is why no one suspected them being together. "But this time, intentionally." He said and UV looked at him confused.


Arnav looked at Dan who was besides Garima and consoling her. He nodded him to come. And Dan did,


"I want you to drug her." Arnav said seeing him and said sternly.


"What??" asked both UV and Dan together.


"Yes, I want you to make sure she sleeps throughout this session. At least till the time we get Anji and Payal back."  He said confusing them more.



Arnav looked at their confused faces, "I am telling you to make sure she sleeps and doesn't know about all this happenings. If she is sound then how are we supposed to find Payal and Anji without getting her to know that they are kidnapped!" Arnav whispered in case she was eavesdropping.



"I am sorry you can do that, sir. You can't drug an innocent like that." John (the cop) said.


"I am Arnav Singh Raizada and moreover this is my house. I can do whatever I wish." He said sternly and the cop knew better to argue with him when he is in this avatar.



"But - " Dan tried to protest but Shashi came forward.


"Arnav is right, Dan. We can't let her know he is alive and that too so evilly back that he already kidnapped her sister and best friend. She will die if she knew." He reasoned and then moved to the cop, "and I am her legal guardian and I allow dr. Daniel to drug her enough to keep her out of all these matters and make her oblivious to everything that is happening or is going to happen. Will it do for you now?" Shashi said as he was fed up of this cop interfering rather than helping.



Dan took a sigh and gave a nod. He then tried going out of RM to get the things he would need.



"Where are you going?" arnav asked.


"To the hospital, obviously." Dan said not interested to talk anymore.


"The guards can bring you the things you need. Don't go." The last two words held care for him.


"Why?" Dan asked back.


"Listen! We have already been in a big mess and I don't want one more family member in his clutches! So please be here, call the hospital and ask them to bring here the stuffs you need. Understand!" Arnav said sternly but no one could miss the care he had in his stern voice. Yes it was already 2 people with him and didn't want Dan to follow too.


For a minute Dan's eyes welled up hearing 'family member' from him for himself. He instantly went and hugged Arnav tightly.


"I am sorry." Dan said meekly.


"No I am sorry for how I talked to you. You had done nothing wrong but I blasted at you-"


"No, I can understand." Dan said and hugged him again and went away to call the hospital staff.






Soon the equipments Dan asked for arrived with an experienced doctor and a helping nurse.


He went on in Khushi's room and made an excuse that she needs an injection for her better health. She was so nave, she agreed. She slept on the bed and Dan gave an injection in her arm.


Soon in 5 minutes her eyes dropped and she slept. He then attached a ventilator to see her steady heartbeats, just in case they need it. Then an oxygen cylinder and mask if she needed.


The doctor took the charge, as Dan needed to find Anji and Payal too. He gave full charge to the doctor, as he trusted him the most and moved out.






Dan descended the stairs and nodded, "I have given her light sedatives to keep her sleeping for hours and in case she wakes up, we will make her eat and then again will give the medicine."



"It won't harm her, right?" UV asked concerned.



"No, its just like sleeping pills. But more effective. That's it." Dan said and smiled.



Just then they turned and saw the cops entering and they hoped they got some information.



"Sorry Mr. Raizada. No traces of him. He didn't even use his credit cards incase he has them. And no one has seen him too. But-" the cop hesitated.


"But what!" Arnav asked helpless.


"Miss Payal went out to the shop nearby and bought a book and after that she disappeared. A man saw Vijendar in that street today and miss Anjali, she was kidnapped near the hospital, Dr. Dan works in."


The cop was saying and Arnav came forward, "that is all that doesn't matter! What matter is if we found them! No matter discussing now how and why it happened! We got to find them rather than wasting our times thinking what might have happened. So please put your all efforts in finding the clues that could lead us to them!"



Arnav had a point and the cops took some boxes in.


"These are some equipments and tracing devices we would need." The cop told.


Everyone nodded and tried to help in each and every way they could. The Raizada mansion was soon a frontier where everyone was fighting to get a clue of their loved ones.






Vijendar was very delighted! Very, very delighted!



He tied the girls to the chairs they sat on and their were 20 to 25 men surrounded them. Anji and Payal sat back to back and they were tied together, and the man behind all this came forward and slapped Anjali.








Payal looked at the men in front of her. The night was taking a toll on them and there were only 10 of them now. The other ones went out of the room. That's when she passed a smile to herself.




". . . . . bhaiya, I never told you this I am sorry, I love a guy named Tom in my class, I am so in love with him that I even love his house and the surroundings. They look so familiar. I hope you understand and forgive your little sister. Please think wisely and try to understand me. I am sorry again." Anji said and Dan's jaw dropped.



He was about to speak when Arnav held him from back and closed his mouth by the help of his hand and continued.


"I will think about it." Arnav said looking keenly at the phone.


"You're the best, bhai!" Anji chirped but the look vij gave her froze her.


 THANKS A TON PEOPLE! these are the ones who replied and now will receive pms. (the names are in alphabetical order) thanks you guys! you make me write more and more!! 



 i am sorry i can not reply to each and everyone. had a very hectic day yesterday so couldnt update but took the day off from college today! just to update! (i know, i am so sweet nah!WinkLOL) the buddies who didnt reply will be deleted, sorry if you feel bad, but i cant help it. Smile

so how was it!??


Was it worth the wait??


Please tell me. I am sorry I couldn't update yesterday. But I did today..


So thanks a lot! To the people who commented.



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Originally posted by -Tintin.


if i go on replying then it would take 2 hours to update...are you okay after 2 hours???Wink i am waiting...i will reply if you say...Big smile

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