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Dial A Secret... MG FF (thriller) part 13 (Page 19)

princess_mimi Senior Member

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Originally posted by sayaneegupta

interesting update ... gr8 jobClap... ur work on the characterization is gr8... 

n me totally loveing MAAN n ADRIAN f8... both r HOT n both r strong in own way

though Love MAAN n Adrian is quite annoying ... stillWink

n loved the last MAANEET scene... poor MAAN ... phass gayyaa 

asking GEET for helping in her shopping is d most stupid thing MAAN  did LOL

eagerly waiting for d masqueradeDay Dreaming... cont soon

thnk u 4 d loong cmnt.. more fight scn s coming..

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Originally posted by 9n9i9s9h9u9

so party dear
its really mixing up holll thing in one bottle

its clear that maan and geet have a scene

but what is with this adrian

so much ego
dash it dear

hmm. well all of them have ego problem..Smile
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Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

awesome, brilliant part
loved it
poor maan got exhausted after too much shopping
well girls r  girls like that
something is there and wrong with that CD and y he kept with him.
secret keeper still sending them msg
precap is interesting
continue soon

thnk u 4 d long cmnt.. nd shopping is one of the most important things.. guys won't understand..
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Originally posted by panchaali

Awesome story line Thumbs Up

Breathtaking Clap

Hero or Villain...Adrian is getting most of the flashlight

But you have sketched the character superb Thumbs Up

He is  not at all our cutie pie Prince charming Adrian Shocked

Update is wow  Thumbs Up

thnk u.. Adrian s gttng spotlight and free free free gali
princess_mimi Senior Member

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Originally posted by Netz

part 3
kya party hain... sabki really hoshudhh gaye.. spcl geet ki...
adrian s so mean n cool n calm n stylish n hv attitude n hard 2 read...
ufff cnt describe him more dan dat.. ohh lst wrd diffrnt frm d original cute love boy ivashkiv bt interesting...

thnk u thnnk uthnku thnku thnku .. n identity of secret keeper wl b unveil at the end..
princess_mimi Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2012 at 1:10pm | IP Logged

guys thanks for ur comments.. hope u wl like this part too..


Part 5: Put The Mask On


Finally the ball day arrived. All of the invitees of the ball came to hall within time. But they had to maintain a few rules. They couldn't come with any girl. It has to be a secret who is your partner until the first dance end. It was the most fun part of the dance. The entrance gate of the guys and girls were different. They had to wait in different rooms until the anchor announced the dance to begin.


Maan was there within time in his Armani shoot and hawk like mask. 

Most of the people didn't arrive till then he spotted Brandon standing in a corner with a black featured golden mask.

 He went towards him.


After returning a welcoming smile Brandon spoke first. "secret keeper is sending msgs from different no."


"I know. And I have did a lil research.. all of the number is owned by the dead lady." Maan replied instantly.


"not only that I've even tried to track the numbers. But he's too smart. He switched off the sim after sending sms so that none could track his position." Brandon sighed.


"Do you think it's Damien?" Maan asked raising a bow.


"I'm not sure but I think it's him. Who else will want to irritate us like that?" Brandon replied confidently.


"but he couldn't kill a guy just to scare us. He doesn't have that much nerves." Maan replied nodding negatively. They were almost lost into their own thought. Suddenly a lots of hustle and bustle. A group of guys entered. Maan take a look on all of them. Adrian was among them. Both of them looked at other for a moment than looked at other direction. Both of them were in ignoring him mood. Good for them as well as others.


Suddenly their phone buzzed. Unknown number again. They were sure it's secret keeper's another number. Well they weren't wrong. They got more irritated than scared seeing the msg "welcome to masquerade. Secret keeper blesses you." Instantly  Maan called on the number but it was already switched off.


"Guys you've got it right?" It was Adrian with annoyed expression. "I'm gonna kill that son of a b**ch Damien."


"how you guys can be so sure it's Damien?" Maan asked confused.


"who else?" he got same answer from Adrian. "if not him it's my dad hired a spy to take an eye on me." Adrian sighed.


"well my dad has enough confident on me that he won't hire a spy." Maan said sarcastically. "but I still think Damien won't kill a guy to scare us."


"Khurana he is desperate now. He can do anything." Adrian said wisely.


Again a silence gulped them. The anchor announced two minutes left to the dance and to take their position.


"Hey." Adrian made a weird sound. "if I knew it it's not only masquerade but a Halloween party too I would have dressed like headless horseman."


"What are you talking about? Halloween stuffs? You yourself have dressed like Phantom of the Opera with the famous mask" Maan said mockingly.


"well than he's more weird." Adrian said fixing his gaze on someone. Others followed hiz gaze to find a guy wearing an evil mask. The mask was fully covering his face that none could even see a glimpse of a part of his face.


"let's find out the man behind the mask." Adrian said enthusiastically but to his utter disappointment anchor announced the beginning of the dance.


All the girls and the guys stood in a line facing each other. Maan easily spotted Geet who was wearing the dress he said will look best on her. The mask was making her more beautiful. 

She was talking with the girl on her left side who was wearing a white dress with white mask.

That must be Naomi. Uff this two girls. They seem to know every gossip of NYC. Maan grinned.


The dance started with a classical music. Girls were changing partners clockwise and guys were changing anti clockwise.


Geet was gossiping with Naomi, actually finding the latest and hottest gossip.


"thank god all have started to forget Damien." Geet whispered.


"hmm. Don't talk about that now. The name of Damien spoils my mood." Naomi said while started dancing. Geet was a few hands away from Maan. They were getting closer with every changing partners.


"Geet." Naomi said looking at his new partner. "u know, I think Maan likes you."


"You think so?" Geet replied after a few seconds without looking at her.


"I'm sure." Again a partner change. "that night you were so scared he took care of you."


"hmm. You know I went to shop with him this time. He's not at all boring and really cute natured. And look at my beautiful gown, he chose it for me." Geet smiled foolishly.


"look at you girl." Naomi gave a sweet evil smile. "you're blushing."


"no I'm not." Geet answered instantly. "you didn't told me with whom you went to shop?"


"with Brandon."


"Brandon? Didn't he go with his girlfriend? Kate?" Geet said raising a eyebrow.


"Nope. Kate went with Adrian. I don't know how Kate can be his girlfriend? Brandon is really a cute well behaved guy on the other hand Kate is a snobbish, spoilt brat, who knows nothing but.." she was going to continue but was cut by her dance partner.


"well I don't know why am I hearing gossips about my girlfriend without saying anything."


"what? Brandon is it you?" Naomi asked her partner confused.


"why? Kate has any other boyfriend?"


They were going to continue their talk but luckily or unluckily partner changed.


"Geet, tell me it was a nightmare. I never thought I'm gonna get caught like this."


"Naomi you have became red. It's really difficult to recognize guys like this. All are wearing black suit and in the mask it's next to. Impossible." She sighed. "God knows where is Maan."


"Geet look at you. You're already missing him. You are falling for him." Naomi said in a sing a song  voice.


"really? Am I?"


"I think you should invite him to join our trip over China." Naomi replied.


"yes..yes..yes.. I will." Geet said with excitement. "but at first let me find where is he."


"Miss Geet Handa." Her new dance partner replied and the voice was known to her. "thanks for asking me to join your trip. It's my pleasure to join."


"Maan is it you?" Geet asked with shaking voice.


"any doubt?" he gave a mischievous half smile.


"Oh God I hope he hasn't heard anything." Geet blabbered.


"Sorry to disappoint you Geet but I'v heard everything." Maan smirked and hold her more tightly "by the way you look more pretty in mask."


"but you look more gorgeous without it." Geet returned a naughty smile.


After half an hour of dancing the bright light started to dim slowly. The anchor announced it's the time to remove mask and dance without mask with your recent partner. The anchor started to count backwards from 10. Geet was standing in front of the Halloween masked guy.


"your mask is weird." Geet said frowning.


"Geet.." he said in a hissing voice. "but you're looking gorgeous, Geet."


A chill ran down her spine hearing his voice. Before feeling anything else he bring his mouth closer to Geet's ear and spoke in his hissing voice. "secret keeper blesses you."


She felt so scared like she couldn't utter a sound but she wanted to scream loudly. As loudly as possible. She collected every bit of her energy just to scream.


"stay away from me." Geet shouted jerking herself  away from secret keeper.


All were shocked hearing her shout. "stay back.. don't try to come close.. Maaan" she shouted again. Maan sensed something wrong "Geet!" As soon he started to move towards her the guy started to run towards the exit door.


"Khurana follow him." He heard Adrian shouting from somewhere but before getting his sound he had started to run after the guy. It was difficult to get to the door as lots of people were creating crowd around them. He pushed others out of his way. After a few minutes he exited the hall and ran towards the main road. He looked everywhere to spot him but he was nowhere. Like vanished into thin air. "Damn it." He shouted being frustrated.


"Maan. Watch out." He heard someone's shouting. And in a sec he saw a car coming towards him with full speed. Just a few sec before he moved from the way of the car.


Some one threw something out of the car. Maan went near it. it was the mask and a note was inside. "Secret Keeper Blesses You."


Five others came out of the hall. Geet was crying out of fear, Naomi and Nicole were supporting her.


"Geet." Maan said protectively placing his arm around her shoulder and patted her back "nothing happened.. let's go home."


"guys you all should go now." Adrian said. "I'm gonna get back inside."


"Adrian don't be so mean. You're still interested in party?" An angry Nicloe replied.


"not the party, I need to take care of something." He headed inside.




Within a few minutes they reached her penthouse. She was still holding Maan's hand tightly and was refusing to let it go at any cost. "Geet it's ok. All of us are here with you." He said caressing her hair as she buried her face in his arm.


After a few seconds Brandon's phone buzzed.


"who is it?" Maan asked frowning.


"Adrian, saying emergency meet me at my place." Gotta go" not waiting for a reply he left.


"We gotta go to." Nicole spoke and was going to leave but Maan stopped them. "don't. I can't leave you two alone after what happened today."


"Please stay." Geet spoke in a low tone which Maan couldn't ignore. "Girls" he turned towards the sisters. "stay here tonight. Geet needs you." They agreed.




Adrian filled two glasses with expensive wine and one of them moved towards Brandon.


"Adrian are you sure we should still hide it from Maan?"  Bradon questioned taking a sip.


"hmm. He's too honest to know it. no just keep quite." He was cut as his mobile started to ring. A call from Maan.


"so what's gonna tell him now?" Brandon raised an eyebrow.


"not more than he needs to know." Adrian replied and pick up the call.


"how's Geet?"


"stable. Sleeping now." Maan replied taking an eye on Geet. "what did you find out?"


"well you're gonna get shock of the life. The man who was checking our invitation card he said the weird mask came at last and he was wearing the mask even when entered so the man couldn't see his face but show me his invitation card. Now surprise surprise. It was addressed to Damien." He spoke in a breath.


"Damien!" It was Maan's turn to be surprised. "God! I never imagined he would became so desperate.."

"forget this now. I've heard you're going to China for holiday? Go and enjoy and don't let this thought cross your mind."


"you guys are going to Spain no?" Maan asked in a low tone. "Enjoy. I know why you still wanna go to holiday. You wanna see if secret keeper spying us there too."


"Umhmm. Good night." They cut the line.




After two weeks


Maan was back in NYC after the trip of China with Geet, Sen sisters and a few friends of them. It was two weeks of no secret keeper no NYC gossips and no paparazzi.


Four of them were at Maan's hanging out.


Maan's phone beeped with sms tone. just arrived. It was from Adrian.


"Adrian and Brandon just arrived." Maan passed the news to others.


Again mobile beeped again from Adrian. and secret keeper gave us a worm welcome.


"and secret keeper welcomed them." Maan announced again.


"come at mine. Having a blust here." Maan replied.


"guys secret keeper that guy is just a psychopath." Geet said sitting beside Maan.


After a few minutes others were there.


"hey how was the holiday?" Maan welcomed them with a warm smile."


"had a blust." Adrian replied that too smiling.


"well well well am I dreaming pinch me." Geet said in a dramatic tone.


"what happened?" Nicole asked frowning.


"Maan and Adrian both are in good mood, talking to each other that too in a decent way? SHOCKED!" Geet gave a mischievous smile.


"actually it's effect of the tour. Traveling always makes me happy." Adrian said sitting on a sofa. "let's finish the exchange gift ceremony."


After exchanging gifts Adrian threw a small box to Maan. "it's for you Khurana."


It was a diamond studded wrist watch. "A watch." Maan smiled. "thank you."


"you're still crazy for watches. God.. you're gonna never change."


"hey describe us the 'still'." Geet said elbowing Maan.


"it's nothing." Maan replied but instantly cut by Adrian.

"Oh! It was so many thing. From NYC to Dubai, from Sydney to Tokio if he found a good wrist watches he'll just get crazy."


"then let me tell you your story." Maan said straitening his back. "at first Addrian used to buy a suit than after a few days he will notice he didn't have shirt which will look good with the it. Then his best buddy Kate will bring out a perfect shirt and his dialogue used to be 'alredy wore it two times not gonna wear it again." And at last he would end up at store."


All burst out into laughter when Maan stopped.


"you guys were not always like that no?" Geet asked. "what happened."


"people changed Geet. We just changed." Adrian replied in a casual way.


After five minutes their phone beeped with sms tone at the same time. It was from the detective. "We found Damien's dead body. It's a murder case now. Have to interrogate you guys again."


They couldn't get a moment to realize what's happening before that secret keeper's sms snatched the land under their feet. "Liked my gift? Secret keeper blesss you."


So how was it??? i m w8ing for ur comments frnds..

friends I have started a D3 FF.. if u wanna read here is the link








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Mind blowing.

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kamiya Goldie

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awesome n superb update
loved it
who is this secret keeper 
police found damien's body
what'll happen now
update soon 

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