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DO SAPNE-THREAD 01 (Page 98)

spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 June 2012 at 11:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by geetsrir.maan


            Guys am not getting enough comments here for Maan Aur Geet Do Jadugar so i've decided to discontinue this ff here and am typing this ff in Facebook and if some people have the interest to read this ff then u can come to my facebook account and read it there this my facebook account

yaar me not on FB and then how can i read and comment?

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 June 2012 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Sasha stay in ur limits else Maan will chop u...
cont soon dear...

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-Gemini- IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely teaser yaar ,jaldi update karoSmile

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Donnaa IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 June 2012 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
lovely teaser...
update soon...

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Dei_Gratia IF-Dazzler

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devil sasha ka kuch karo...
Now sasha is going wid amarnath vry good...aisa hi hona chahiye uske sath...
Do update soon...

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Vinsh23 IF-Dazzler

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nice teaser...w8ing 4 the updateEmbarrassed

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suhaaana IF-Stunnerz

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k...will read on ur fb account

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geetsrir.maan IF-Dazzler

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Next morning sun once again shined on the beautiful couple's face who were cuddled up in each other's face and was sleeping peacefully feeling contented.Geet had an innocent smile and her mangalsutra shined when the sun's rays reflected on it.This was the first morning after their secret marriage and it was blissful that Geet's face had shown a strange glow.

Here face was smiling when she slept inside the arms of the protective husband the great Maan Singh Khurana who had encircled his hands protectively around her waist and he had kept his other hand in her back and held her possessively.He was also sleeping peacefully inside Geet's embrace.Maan had kept his head on Geet's chest and Geet had slept on his right arm and her hands were around his waist holding him possessively.

The sun disturbed Geet's sleep as it was shining on her face.Geet stirred in her sleep and shielded her palm to sun's rays and slowly opened her almond eyes seeing around her.When Geet opened her eyes then a happy scenes came to her vision.There slept Maan feeling contented holding her waist possessively and protectively.Geet saw the face who was sleeping peacefully with pure love in her eyes.

Geet slowly took his hands off her waist and was abt to get up but Maan frowned in his sleep and his heavy hands once again held her waist possessively.Geet saw Maan who was sleeping next second holding her waist tightly.Then Geet once again tried to take off his hand fm her waist but her skin was crushed by Maan's fingers.Geet's eyes popped up feeling the sensation which was created by Maan.

Geet saw him suspiciously that is he awake or not but Maan pretended to be sleeping and he was seducing her by moving his fingers on her waist.Geet saw that his eye lid r moving inside his socket and a smile has been crept on his M shaped lips.Geet saw that he's trying to seduce her and slept inside his embrace and pretended to be asleep and snored loudly so that he can get that Geet had gone to sleep once again.

When he heard Geet's snores then his eyes popped up hearing her growling snores and saw her apprehensively.Geet was sleeping peacefully and was giving loud snores for which Maan got irritated.Maan tried to get up fm there but Geet pulled him back and slept on his chest peacefully snoring loudly.Now Maan was super irritated with her snores and squeezed her waist for which a moan escaped fm those petal like lips.

Geet's eyes popped open and glared at him angrily showing her beautiful almond eyes.Maan came forward and kissed those almond eyes and said,"Good morning jaan...!!!!!!"When she felt the warm kiss on her almond eyes then her anger vanished into thin air and she gave cheeky smile and said,"Good morning Maan...!!!!!"Then Maan hovered on her immediately turning her under him and saw those almond eyes and pierced her soul with his intense burning gaze.

Geet blushed furiously seeing his intense burning gaze and she lowered her eyes immediately.Maan lifted her chin and said,"Mujhse nazare mat chura karo jaan...kyunki tumhaari dil ki haal toh yeh tumhaari aankhen hi bataati hai...!!!!"Geet saw his chocolate brown eyes with pure love and he took her petal like lips immediately.Geet was shocked with his sudden gesture but she closed her eyes feeling the kiss and lost in it.

Maan sucked her lower lip and he bit her soft upper lip.Geet parted her lips and Maan's tongue entered and explored her honey sweet juice.Maan's tongue explored her every corner of her mouth and sucked her juice and their tongue entwined to each other.Geet's throat went dry and she whimpered for breath then Maan left her lips and he went to her milky shoulder.

Maan slid her top and kissed her white creamy soft skin and devoured it.Then he bit it and Geet moaned and then he licked the love bit to soothe the pain and then  he came back and took her lips once again.He was slow and steady.He kissed her lips slowly and his hands roamed all over her body.Geet moaned feeling his hands on her body.His hands went on her curves and he squeezed it softly above her barriers.

Geet moaned feeling his hands on her curves while he squeezed it softly and kissed it softly.Geet's pleasure was towering and she bit his shoulder and marked her possession.Maan groaned and an extreme heat was produced inside him which made her burn with desires.Maan couldn't tolerate his devil and he ripped off her top and her inners and kissed her curves and bit it and made her moan his name loudly.

Maan came downwards and kissed her front waist and bit it marking his position.He took off her bottom and kissed her bare thighs.Geet moaned badly his name which made him so soothing and he was controlling his desires due Geet's health.Maan came upwards and took her lips once again kneading her curves and squeezing her hard buds.

Geet moaned his name once again then his phone started to ring as he had given alarm to his phone at 7am.It made them both to come out of the trance and saw their positions which was in the position of intimating which made Geet blush furiously.Maan helf-heartedly got up and said with raged breath trying to calm himself,"Geet...i can't control it anymore..aaj hum uss doctor ke paas jaa rahe hai tumhaare health ke baare ein poochne ke liye...!!!!"

Geet nodded politely while Maan went to hv the shower.He turned the cold shower and let out his all the desires in the water.He couldn't control his desires now after Geet's maturation.Geet was looking even more beautiful after her maturation.Maan didn't know now how to control himself & he remembered doctor's words that he can use protection.Maan's M shaped lips curved to a naughty smile and he said,"Geet...aage ke liye tayyaar rehna...!!!!!"

Geet couldn't tolerate her devil which he always provoked and left in mid way becoz of her health.Geet was getting angry on herself and without thinking she entered the washroom in the half naked state and said hugging Maan fm back,"Am sorry...mere wajaise aapko yeh sab kuch sehna pad raha hai am sorry...!!!!"Maan saw her almond eyes which were glistening in tears and he frowned and kissed away the tears.

Maan said hugging her tightly while her soft bosom touched his hard chest and his skin burned with desires,"Jaan...mujhe dard dethe hai yeh tumhare aasoon...inhe kabhi mat bahaavo...mein sirf tumhaare aankhon mein yeh sharam dekhna chaahtha hoon..sharaarate dekhna chaahtha hoon...!!!!!!!"Geet saw his lovely eyes and blushed furiously and Maan said,"Yeh hui na baat...!!!"

Geet's eyes turned to mischievousness and she sprayed the cold water on him which made Maan glare at her.But Maan pulled her under the hot shower and she resisted the water and shouted angrily,"Maan...!!!"Maan pulled her inside his embrace and said smiling mischievously,"Kya huva Mrs.Khurana bahut hot lag raha hai jab tum mujhe tang karthi ho har baar apne is sexy body ko dikhaakar tab mujhe kaisa lagtha hai jaanthe ho...!!!"Which made her blush her furiously and her cheeks turned apple color.

Geet wacked his arms and said blushing,"Maan..!!!!"Maan bit her cheeks and bit her nose which had turned to red color.Geet winced in pain and she rubbed her nose cutely and frowned at Maan.Maan now lost himself and took her lips immediately and gave a very passionate kiss and Geet ran outside with shy wrapping herself in the towel.

Maan tried to stop her but she ran in top speed with full of shy.Maan said to himself smiling naughtily,"Aage aage dekhiye Mrs.Khurana..abhi toh sirf shuruvaat hai...!!!!!"WinkMaaneet got ready after lots of romance in their room.Maan didn't let her go for a second also and would pull her and would take her petal like lips and would devour it.Geet always lost in his kiss and she lost the count also.

After numerous time of ripping Geet's sari by Maan and kissing her all over the body he couldn't satisfy his inside devil till he was thirsty of her love.He wanted to make love to her peacefully wid out any interruption and that was their business trip.Geet was tired seeing his naughty moves and ripping her every fav sari's which she wore for work.Maan didn't bother abt her tantrums and would start love her when she was seen in his dream colors which would be on his beloved.

Geet was amazed to see this side of his crazy love and she loved this side of him.After numerous love making which made Geet totally exhausted she ran fm the room immediately not tolerating his crazy love which is not gonna stop till her death that she once and for all she came fm the room with clean sari but his numerous biting marks were visible on her body.Geet shied seeing those and carefully closed it so that she can't become the teasing piece to her mother-in-law and dadimaa.

Geet ran immediately gulping down the breakfast before Maan comes and starts his romance there and then only.Geet entered the HI office and went inside her father's cabin who was talking to a handsome man.Meanwhile Maan knew that she had ran fm his crazy love and taking some break fm him to her office.Maan also went to his office wearing the office attire.

Amarnath saw Maan and whispered in his ear,"Maan..aaj aap bahut late aaye hai...!!!!!"Maan saw the time and it showed 11am.Maan's eyes popped up and he composed himself and said,"Woh client ke saath meeting thi usse khatam karke aa rahe hoon...!!!"Amarnath asked grinning naughtily,"Achcha yeh client ka naame kaun hai????"Maan stammered,"Woh...!!!!!"Amarnath said immediately,"Mrs.GMSK ke saath aapki meeting thi na achchi chali kya meeting...!!!"

Maan without thinking nodded politely and his eyes popped open and asked,"Aapko kaise maaloom...!!!!"Amarnath said shamelessly,"Wahi dikh rahi hai...yeh aapke gaal pe lipstick mark aur aapke gardan pe...!!!"Maan saw his face immediately on the mirror and closed his cheeks and neck and ran into his cabin immediately.

Amarnath smiled slyly seeing his son's color turn red with shy and running into his cabin feeling embarassed.Sasha saw this and her eyes burned angrily and showed that she's spitting the fire seeing Maan's state.Amaranth saw Sasha and called her immediately.Amarnath said to Sasha,"Sasha aap aur hum noida jaa rahe hai ek business meeting ke liye aur Maaneet dono jaayenge business trip..!!!"

Sasha argued,"Lekin air..MK jaa rahe hai humaari company ke business trip ke liye aur usme Geet kaise aa sakthi hai...!!!!"But it was cute across by Maan who came there immediately & said,"Sasha shaayad tum bhool gayi ho ki Geet ke dad ki company aur humaari company collaboration mein hai toh koi toh honi chaahiye ne Geet ke company se represnet karne ke liye aur Geet us company ki CEO aur woh mere saath chal rahi hai isiliye...!!!!"

Sasha nodded politely and went fm there with bottled anger.Sasha cursed Amarnath,"Yeh buddhe ke saath mein jaavoon nahin mein toh MK ke saath jaa kar hi rahoongi aur unke saath us Adi ko bhej doongi aur kaise bhi karke Geet ko MK ke saath aane se rokna hoga...!!!!!!AngryHere Maan came to Geet's office after his workd in KC and knocked Geet's cabin.A soft voice came fm the cabin come in...!!!"When eh entered then he saw a handsome man sitting in the chair opposite to Geet with full of attitude.

Maan eyed the handsome man angrily as if what he was doing alone with my wifey as he know that his wifey is naive.Geet said,"Maan...yeh Rahul hai humaare company ke naye architect..mere under kaam karen waale hai...aur Mr.rahul...!!!"She held Maan's shoulder lovingly and said,"He's my husband MSK...!!!!"When Maan saw her lovingly then Rahul was shocked then he saw the mangalsutra dangling around her neck.Rahul eyed Maan with jealousy and Maan saw Rahul with attitude.

Rahul said giving fake smile,"Pleasure to meet u sir...i've heard abt u so much...!!!!!"And he shook Maan's hands vigorously.Rahul said seeing the two love birds and smiling,"I'll take my leave...!!!!"And he exited the cabin while rahul came outside and dialled to someone and said,"Oye...woh MSK yahan bhi aagaya hai ab hum Geet ko kuch bhi nahin karsakthe...!!!"And he disconnected the phone with panic.Here Maan thought that he has seen him somewhere but he didn't remember the memory.

Precap-Geet is trapped in lift and the lights went off & she saw a light which came fm lighter & she saw a face and she shouts with panic.Maan hears it and runs towards the voice of Geet with panic.Shocked

Previous Part 28-

Next Part 30-


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