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ArHi FF: Lie To Love Part 2 @ Pg 8 (Page 3)

Malvika18 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 12:44am | IP Logged
Hey, this sounds really interesting and intriguing!.
Looking forward to the story. Do update soon!.Wink

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--Siva-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 2:12am | IP Logged
Nice start Daksha..

Update soon. Thanks for the PM..

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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 3:05am | IP Logged
loved the concept
waiting for u to update

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koolgurl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 7:43am | IP Logged
nice it seemd to be guuud thnxs for PM cont sooonnn

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arhi-raizada Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 9:40am | IP Logged
loved the concept
thanks for the pm
do continue soon...

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
Looking Forward :) Embarrassed

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.Daksha. Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2012 at 10:14pm | IP Logged

Raizada Hotel, Branch Delhi

A young person got down from his BMW. Shoes shining as mirror, one could see his reflection in them. Dressed in a beige Armani suit, he is being followed by four assistants and his secretary Aman. Traversing along the hotel lobby, each staff person stood straight to pay respect. Every staff member was sweating and praying to God that their boss does not find any flaw in their work. As he was passing through the reception he saw the attendant's shirt button open and he reached to him. Aman at the back was giving hint to the attendant to close the button but it was late, Arnav the CEO of Raizada Hotels reached to him and closed his button.

"Visitors look at you while booking and you'll present this image in front of them." He shrugged his shoulder "Take care from the next time."

Arnav reached the banquet hall. He found manager of the hotel Annie making arrangements. As she saw Arnav she reached to him. "Preparations are done, Mr. Arnav."

Arnav looked around checked the lightings and after aprooving the arrangements, he left from there.

Meeting of UN Delegates, Delhi

A girl dressed in jeans and loose white coloured shirt announces on the mike, "Now, we present to you the traditional Rajasthani dance infront of you. Please give them a big hand."

Dancers took their position on the ground. They danced and the delegates enjoyed the performances. The girl was also moving on the tunes, clicking photographs. She was breathing heavily and reached the helpdesk. A colleague called her, "Khushi, nice preparations. Everyone is loving the event." She smiled and thanked him. "Whose idea was this?" She picked up the bottle and started drinking water.

"Now, don't show that you are better than us. Have you eaten something?"

"No, I have not even eaten breakfast. I am dying of hunger, God!"

Then suddenly a bee humming around disturbs her. She makes it flew away.

After a while the minister comes and Khushi and all her colleagues are introduced to him.

"Whose idea was this?"

Khushi hesitatingly puts her hand up, "Mmm..mine"

"So you are responsible for all the arrangements?"

She nodded her head in yes.

"Good, after the event gets over take care of accommodation of the guests. All you need to find is a good hotel. Well done, Miss Khushi good job."

Khushi was giving interview to media persons when suddenly a wasp of bees attacked all the people present there. Everyone ran around here and there, getting rid of the bees but in vain. The tent, the furniture everything ruined and the preparations messed up. Khushi stood on the stage to make everyone quiet but no one listened to her. Her hairs were messed up. Media was shooting all the happenings and bee which was following her stung her.

Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi

A young lad pulling a suitcase trolley and a jacket hanging on his arm came out of the airport. He sat in the taxi. Driver asked him, "Where should I take you?"

He replied, "Mmm…where should I go. Take to the city first."

He looked at his passport it mentioned the name, Nandkishore.

In the office of the Department of Tourism, everyone is applying medicine on the bee sting. Khushi is standing in front of her manager.

He taunted her, "Very good preparations, Miss Khushi."

"I am sorry, Sir. First I should contact someone at the Ministry of Culture."

"Wait a minute, on whom are you putting the blame. Minister is still at the hospital. You made all the preparations. Write a letter of apology."

"But, how can I take responsibility of beehive…"

"I don't know anything, you have to write a letter of apology."

"but sir…"

"In total 30 emergencies were made to the hospital and so many people and tourists were hurt. What am I going to answer."


"I think a letter of apology will be too much, you better write a letter of resignation"

Khushi left the place in anger.

At night, in The Tango Bar.

NK was enjoying in the bar, dancing with girls, flirting around and drinking. He saw Khushi there. She was blabbering around. "Why the music is so loud…. Someone put off the music." She was drunk.

NK smiled looking at her. He sat beside her.

Arnav was resting in casuals in his house when he received a phone call. "Aman, I told you to get back home after work."

"What? Who? He is in Delhi."

"Are you sure?"

"No, I am going alone. I can take care of that." He took the keys and left the house in hurry.

In the bar, Khushi was drinking bottles over bottle. NK was talking to her.

"You know they told me to write resignation. I hate them." She was about to throw the bottle when NK stopped her and gave her a tissue paper. She looked at the tissue paper. "You know, I'll write my resignation now, on this." She searched for a pen in her purse and after much difficulty, she found a pen. She wrote an informal kind of resignation.

She ordered one more glass. NK asked her, "Will you be okay?"

"No, I am fine." She said taking a hiccup.

NK took the paper and started reading it. 'Letter of Resignation. I am leaving you Punks. Go to hell. Khushi Gupta."

He smiled, "So your name is Khushi."

"No, I am going to blow my nose and throw it to them." And she laughed and laughed.

Arnav drove to The Tango Bar. He came inside but NK saw him. He got away from there. Arnav followed him but in vain. NK quickly got out of the bar. In the meanwhile Khushi realised that her resignation is missing. She followed NK too. She came out of the bar shouting "Thief, Thief" where Arnav was already standing. He looked at her. She was all messed up, not in her senses and suddenly she fell on him. Before Arnav could realise, she fell on the ground. Arnav got away from her. Everyone came out. They were murmuring, "What happened to the lady? Why did she fell?"

"What a weird person he is? Standing there. Haven't we seen him on TV. Is he a famous person."

Arnav looked around and finally took her to a hospital.

In the hospital, Doctor asked Arnav if she took drugs along with drink. Arnav told that he doesn't know anything about the girl. Nurse asked, "Guardian, should complete the formalities."

Arnav replied, "I am not the guardian" but Nurse left before that.

In the morning, Khushi gained consciousness. Doctor came. "Are you fine? Say your name."

"Khushi Gupta….. What am I doing here?"

"You passed out because of Acute Alcohol Poisioning. Did you take any drugs?"

"No, I'll never….never take drugs in my life."

"Its okay, take some rest then you can leave."

After doctor left, Khushi held her stomach, "oh God! I am feeling so hungry…"

Lady on the bed beside her gave her an orange. "have this."

"Thank you. But I don't know if I can take this."

"Oh take this, if you don't take this then give it to your husband."


"Yes, husband…. He was taking care of you all night."

"Looking after me?"

"Yes, he was sitting completely still. Where is he?"

"He is not my husband."

"Oh….then boyfriend."

Khushi then saw Arnav coming. She pulled up the cover and slept on the bed.

Lady said, "Your girlfriend is awake."

He replied harshly, "She is not my girlfriend."

Khushi got up slowly. She was not able to meet his eyes. "Who are you?"

He replied coldly, "I don't expect much. But I waited in case you know…the man you met last night in the bar…."

"What? Bar?"

He smiled, "Oh, forget it..leave it."

Nurse came, "Guardian, please wait."

He shouted, "I said, I am not her guardian." and left in anger.

Khushi got down and followed him. "Excuse me, hello."

He turned, "What?"

"No…. my bag, my things. I think I left them at the bar."

"I have paid the hospital bills. Don't you have someone at your home."

"No… I mean yes I have but how can I call them and say I was taken to emergency because of alcohol."

"So, do you want me to give you some money" he starts taking out his wallet.

"Do I look like a beggar to you? I am saying that we can go to the bar together. When I'll get my bag, I'll pay the hospital fees."

"No, its ok. It was not much. I am Ok with it."

"But, I am not ok with it. Atleast, tell me your account number so that I can transfer the fund."

"No, thanks." Saying this he sat in the car and left the place.

"Oh.. what a cold man." Khushi rubbed her hairs.

Arnav drove to his office. Everyone was shocked to see him in casuals. The person who never missed to put a tie was coming in casuals to office. He reached to his cabin.

"Did you met NK?" Aman asked.

"Oh… get me some clothes."

"Yes.." Arnav went inside his cabin.

Arnav was rubbing his forehead. "Oh God, I didn't even slept. I feel like I am going to die."

"The what were you doing whole, if you were not sleeping?"

Arnav heard a familiar voice. He looked up and found Manorma standing in front of him. She was an elegant and sophisticated lady, what is required for being an owner of Raizada hotels, clad in cream coloured silk saree, she proceeded towards Arnav.

"Oh, you're here at this hour. So early?" Arnav stood up from his chair.

"I think you have forgotten your promise to meet Chairman Oberoi's daughter."

"Oh that.." He looked here and there rubbing his neck "Yes I'll go."

"Don't go half heartedly. Be serious."

"Aunt… I mean President. I'll really go." Saying this he smiled.

"NK is expertised at all this."

"Don't take his name in front of me. Till when will he play Hide and Seek with us? Now where is he in Melbourne or Mumbai?"

"He is back in Delhi."


"Yesterday afternoon I verified, he came in through IGIT Airport."

"Don't look for him, until he apologizes and comes on his feet, don't look for him ."


She patted him on the shoulder.

"Chairman Oberoi's daughter is a nice girl. If you like hime then get married to her."

Arnav looked at her.

"Ah… if you are a businessman than the wife thing is necessary."

"If you are not going to get married by this year, then I'll throw you out of this position."

"You said that last year too."

"By the way, where were you last night? Are you meeting some girl?"

"Oh aunt….not again"

After getting her belongings from the bar, Khushi left for her house. She entered the lawn quietly and found her father meditating in the garden. She went near him and shouted at his ears.

"You didn't even cared to ask my whereabouts. Were you not worried?" She said making a puppy face.

"I would be worried if my daughter who is in her 30s would come home on time."

"Aww…I love you dad" saying this she hugged him from dad. She then ran inside.

"You were on TV last night." He shouted

"Really, how was it did you recorded it?"

Khushi watched the sequence. They showed the mess created at the event.

"That's it?"

"Why? Was there something more?"

"They interviewed me and now….." she closed the TV "I don't like this." She got up and left the house.

She was walking on the street, when a kid called her mom and said, "See, this aunty was on TV."

Khushi became angry, "Who is aunty here? Call me Didi."

She moved further and someone called her, "You are the one from Youtube na? Your videos are flourished on Youtube."

Khushi hid her face behind the purse and ran away. "Oh God!"

Khushi reached the hair salon. She told the hair dresser, "Just do something, so that no one identifies."

She mocked, "Then you must be at wrong place. You should visit a plastic surgeon."

"But this time I am depending on you." She also mocked.

Hair dresser placed rollers in her head and she was sitting on the couch, reading a magazine. She was turning the pages when her eyes stopped at an article having photo of Arnav.

"He is that punk." She murmered. She read further "Arnav Raizada….. Young enterpriser to lead India."

"Who will he lead?" she turned pages in anger. She again turned back and started reading the article.

At Raizada Hotel

Arnav is at restaurant of his hotel. He is with a girl, daughter of Mr. Oberoi.

"I read your article in a magazine. You were chosen to be the leading enterpriser from India."

"Oh… our hotel doesn't promote itself. But they are good at selling." He smiles.

"Have you been a lot to such meetings?" she asked

"No, its my first."

"I've been to many at nagging of my father."

"I see."

"Since, this is your first, I'll make the first move." She said "What kind of woman you would like?"

After a pause, Arnav replied, "A woman who understands what it means to be Arnav Raizada's wife. I am responsible for many things. She should remain quietly by my side, so that I can remain on ground."

"Quite impressive. Unfortunately, I heard that you were engaged before and then broke it off. Can I ask you why you broke it off?"

Khushi was reading the article in the salon. "He manages Raizada Hotels and is one of the most eligible bachelors in India…."

While she was reading someone called her name, "Khushi?"

Khushi looked back. It was a lady. "Oh, yes it you Khushi. How long has it been? How are you?"

Khushi's face squeezed on seeing her. "Payal" she murmered.

"Right, it has been three years?" Khushi said

"Has it been three years?" she smiled sarcastically "It was the last time we met."

Khushi didn't like her. She thought What are you doing here?

"It was not right to be in contact with you since then." Khushi said quietly.

Payal got up and called, "Honey, Honey!! Aakash"

Khushi became awkward. She said, "Oh!! Please don't call him."

Aakash came there talking to someone on phone.

"Oh Khushi, it's been a while since you have seen him."

"Aakash, look who I ran into….Khushi."

"Khushi? Khushi Gupta?" Aakash looked at her.

Everyone dreams of meeting of their first love again. But, why does it have to be now? Khushi thought.

"Oh I didn't identified you Khushi." Aakash said.

"Oh Aakash loves me so much." Payal wrapped her arm around his waist.

She is as sly as always. Khushi thought.

"Did you marry Khushi?" Aakash asked

"What do you mean married?" Payal said. "She is Khushi."

"What do you mean? You haven't got married yet?" Aakash asked.

"Marriage is not anyone can do it, Aakash." Payal looked at Khushi.

Khushi's phone rang. She picked it up. To get this song as your callertune dial….

Khushi took this as an opportunity, "Oh Honey!!!!! I miss you too. Yeah, I'll be coming soon. You need anything? A Kiss….oh don't say such things in day."

Payal's face was to be seen. She was fuming with anger.

"You didn't know? I got married." Khushi said looking at Payal. She smiled sarcastically.

It always starts with a small lie and then it grows and grows and grows. Stay tuned to untangle the threads of lie but will it help?

How did you like the first part. Do leave your comments.

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wow...nice start...loved arhi met...waiting 4 update...

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