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New Maaneet FF Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na#2 link#3 pg142 (Page 55)

arhi_maneet Goldie

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cherieLover Goldie

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Maaneet4eve IF-Dazzler

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Maan did this intentionally!!!!Angry
I mean i am sure that maan will not agree to this marriage that easily!!!!
What is he trying to do???
How much more will he hurt Geet???
Is it not enough that he has hurt her more than she could ever handle in the past??
Feeling disgusted with Maan...
Hope he recognizes the true love Geet has for him!!!

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loveugeet Senior Member

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waiting for an update CryCryCry
piya- IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks for your love and support dear friends


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piya- IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks for your love and support dear friends. Here is the next update I hope each one of u would enjoy reading it
Everyone was very happy with the outcome of this incident
Maan requested the director to cancel the day's shoot as he wanted to spend some time with his wife
Like a true gentleman Maan held the hand of his lady and walked towards his car; he opened the door and requested her to get into the car
The media people were trying to capture the minutest detail of all the proceedings
Maan got into the car and ordered the driver to direct the car towards his bunglow
Geet's heart was dancing in joy she was still trying to live this moment as she was afraid that it might turn out to be a dream and all her aspirations would once again get washed away
As she was lost in her thoughts Maan placed his hand lovingly on top of her hand and started caressing it
She felt shivers running down her entire body
Geet looked into the eyes of Maan and could find love and happiness in those eyes
Maan placed a kiss on her hand; this small act of Maan gave a new life to Geet she lowered her gaze and her cheeks turned into a crimson red shade
Geet knew Maan was busy admiring her and this realization was not allowing Geet to stop her innocent and sweet act of blushing
Geet: (thinking) Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana... kabhi socha nahi tha k main puri diniya k saamne iss naam se jaani jayungi kitna perfect lagta hai ye naam sach toh ye hai k ab tak mera astitva adhura tha par aaj Maan ka saath milnepar mujhe ek nayi anokhi pehchaan mil gayi hai [Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana... I never thought that oneday this world would call me with this name... it sounds so perfect it seems that my personality was incomplete till today and Maan has completed me by making me an integral part of his life... he has given me a new unique identity]
Geet: (thinking) Shukriyaan babaji mujhe toh laga tha k mere sapne kabhi pure nahi honge par aapne toh ek hi pal mein mere sapno ko unki bulandiyon tak paucha diya...Maan ki nafrat se darr lagta tha par aaj aapne mujhe unki mohabbat ka saagar taufe mein de diya shukriya babaji shukriyaan [Thanks a ton Babaji I had a feeling that my dreams would never turn into a reality but u changed my entire life by bringing about a beautiful turn in it due to which my dreams have succeeded to touch the sky...I was scared of Maan's hatred but today u gifted me an ocean of his love I am really grateful to u Babaji]
Throughout the journey Maan was silent but he kept on reading the facial expressions and body language of Geet.
Most of the time Geet was busy thanking her Babaji but inbetween she tried to steal glances of her husband and everytime she used to be caught as Maan was constantly busy admiring her innocent side
As the distance towards her new destination was reducing her heartbeats started increasing as she was busy thinking about the incidents that would take place once they go to their house
She knew that her formal Ghrahpravesh won't occur but her heart was content with this simple thought that she would take the first step towards her blissful life by holding her Maan's hand
She knew that there won't be any arrangements for the ritual of games that a married couple plays after making an entry into the house but she was happy and satisfied that this missing part would be covered up by the teasing and mischievious looks that Maan would be showering her with
She knew that no one would decorate their room for their first night together but the thought that tonight she would be submitting herself completly and in every true sense to Maan's love was enough to generate goosebumps
Her expectations... her dreams were reaching new heights; she didn't even realize that the car had come to a halt
Maan opened the door of her car and placed his hand in front of her eyes
Oh she felt like a princess... these small gestures of Maan were healing every wound of her heart and making her feel extra special
Maan once again placed a kiss on her hand and requested her through his eyes to place her delicate legs on the ground
Geet did exactly what Maan wanted her to do
Geet held his hand firmly and started walking but Maan stopped her from proceeding ahead
Geet gave him a guestioning look but Maan gave  her an assuring smile and scooped her in his arms and started walking towards their house
Oh the reality was more beautiful than her expectations she was taking the first step into their married life in the arms of her prince
She hid her face in Maan's chest and Maan placed a gentle kiss on her head
The servant opened the door of the house and welcomed the newly weds with immense happiness
Maan placed Geet on a chair and ordered the servant to go and purchase some sweets to celebrate this auspicious occasion
As soon as the servant left Maan closed the door and crushed Geet in his embrace
Geet responded with equal love by hugging him back
Maan: Oh Geet I love u Darling
Geet hid her face on hearing these words
Maan: Sach mein Geet main akfi lucky hoon jo tum mujhe mere best friend k roop mein mili kitne achhe se samajthi ho tum mujhe [I am really very lucky Geet to have got someone like u as my best friend u understand me so well]
Geet: Puri tarah se toh nahi par jitna bhi samaj paayi utna mere liye kaafi hai [I may not have understood u completly but how much ever I know u that much is enough for me]
Maan: Nahi Geet agar tumhare jagah koi aur ladki hothi toh najaane main ye situation kaise samaltha [No Geet it would have been very difficult for me to handle this situation if any other girl would have been there with me]
Geet: Aisa kyun keh rahe hai Maan main har haalat mein har modh par aapka saath dethi aappar khud se bhi zyada vishwas hai mujhe [Why r u telling this Maan I will always be by your side irrespective of circumstances as I trust u more than my life]
Maan: Jaanta hoon Geet tabhi toh maine itna bada risk tumhe bina inform kiye hi le liya aur dekho mera plan successful bhi ho gaya [I know Geet that's why I took such a big risk without informing u and look I have successfully executed my plan]
Geet: Risk? Plan? Ye aap kya keh rahe hai? [Risk? Plan? What r u trying to tell?]
Maan broke the hug and held her shoulder lovingly
Maan: Geet ab acting karne ki zarurat nahi hai maine saare naukaro ko kisina kisi bahane se bahar bhej diya hai [Geet there is no need of acting right now as we r all alone in this house]
Geet: Main kuch samjhi nahi Maan [I didn't get u]
Maan: Samaj gaya tum chahthi ho k main ye raaz khud apne zabaan se bayan karu theek hai toh suno sach kahu toh mujhe starting mein humare asli shaadi ki baat sunkar kafi gussa aa gaya tha par phir maine socha k tum bhi toh kuch khaas interested nahi thi iss shadi mein tum bhi toh iss shadi k bhoj mein unnecessarily phas gayi ho tab mujhe laga k hume ek aisa solution dhundna hoga jisske k hum iss situation ko aasani se handle kar paaye [Okay I understood u want to hear it from my mouth so herre we go to be frank enough I was really angry when I realized that we our real marriage had taken place but after analysing the situation I realized that even u were not interested in this marriage both of us got unnecessarily trapped in this alliance so it was necessary to find a solution so that this situation could be handled with care]
Maan: Jab maine TV pe saare news channels par humare shadi ki khabar dekhi aur usse bhi zyada jab maine humare crazy fans ka paagalpan dekha toh maine socha kyun na iss unchahe risthe ko hum apne fayde k liye use kar le [When I saw the footage of our marriage on all the news channels and more importantly when I saw the reactions of our crazy fans I thought of using this unwanted marriage in our favor]
Geet was still confused or to be more precise her mind knew what was going to come but her heart was not ready to accept this truth
Maan: Ab tak nahi samjhi chalo main batatha hoon dekho Geet iss incident ki wajah se humare movie ki muft mein publicity ho gayi hai, iss shadi ko accept karke hum dono k fans ko humne ek nayi khushi di hai aur isse humari image media mein aur bhi achhi bun chuki hai aur jaanti ho jab humari movie release hogi toh har show houseful jaayega kyunki ye movie humare shaadi k baad ki first movie hogi...Dekha hoon k nahi main smart phir maine wahi gise phite romantic dialogues media k saamne bolkar tumhe propose kar diya par Geet ye plan tumhari acting k bajaye pura ho hi nahi saktha tha maan gaye tumhe media k saamne kya acting ki hai Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana banne ki haha kitna funny sound karta hai ye naam Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana [Still confused? Let me clear all ur confusions look Geet due to this incident our movie got publicity even before it has been released and most importantly by accepting this marriage both of us were successful in maintaing a good image in the eyes of the media and the public just wait and watch Geet once our movie hits the theatre it would run houseful for months as this would b our first movie after marriage... Look I am so smart I just vomitted some stupid romantic dialogues in front of the media and acted as if I am proposing u but this plan would have never been a success if u would have not supported me...Wow Geet u r a great actress u did the role of Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana really well...Haha this name Geet Maan Singh Khurana sounds so funny isn't it?]
It seemed someone had snatched her breath away...she felt helpless
Maan: Ab tum ye soch rahi hogi k main ye baat tumhe car mein bhi bata saktha tha par Geet car mein wo driver thana aur mujhe apne ghar k naukar k saamne bhi koi risk nahi lena inn media walo ka koi bahrosa nahi wo bade aasani se inn logo se information ugalwa sakthe the par ab koi tension ki baat nahi hai hum log inn naukaro k saamne bhi husband wife ka drama khelthe rahenge par akele mein na tumhe tension lene ki zarurat hai aur naahi mujhe humara relationship waise hi rahega jaise pehle hua karta tha haan fark ye hai k pehle hum ek flat share karte the aur ab hume ek room share karna hoga [Now u would be thinking I could have told u these things in the car itself but dear that driver was present in the car and I didn't want to take any risk in front of these servants as these media people could get hold of them and remove the truth behind our relationship easily from their mouth. So basically we would continue enacting the drama of husband and wife in front of the entire worls but in reality there is no need for u nor for me to take any kind of tension as our relationship would continue to be the same as it was before the only difference would be that initially we used to share a flat but now we would be sharing a room]
Geet was trying hard to control her tears
Maan: Chalo Geet ab main fresh hokar aata hoon tumhare saare kapde aur zarurat k saaman tumhare bunglow se maine mangwaliye hai kuch der mein aa jaayenge par yaad rahe ye baat hum dono k alawa kisi aur ko pata na chale after all hum dono k career ka sawal hai [Okay Geet I will freshen up and come I have informed one of my servant to get all your dresses and accesories from your bunglow but do remember this secret should be between the two of us as it is the question of our career]
Geet: Maan Naintara ko bhi nahi batauge? [Maan won't u inform Naintara?]
Maan: Geet Naintara toh meri jaan hai wo iss waqt abroad gayi hai aur jab bhi wo koi movie ki shooting k liye bahar jaathi hai toh inn media se dur rehthi hai ye khabar ab tak uss tak pauchi nahi hogi jab wo India aayegi tab main usse batadunga tum fikr mat karo wo mera pyar hai aur mera pyar mujhe behet achhe se samajtha hai aur pehchantha hai. U have a nice time baby [ Naintara is my life she is out of the country right now and whenever she goes for a foreign shoot she avoids these news and the media people so there r very less chances about this news reaching her once she comes back to India I will explain every thing to her in detail u need not worry Geet as Naintara is my love and my love understands me very well]
Maan was about to go when he stopped for a moment and placed a kiss on Geet's forehead
Maan: Mera saath dene k liye shukriyaan Geet [Thanks for supporting me Geet]
Maan started walking towards the washroom
Maan: Mrs. Geet Maan Signh Khurana how funny dude haha haha
Mujhse hui bus ye khata maine tumhe chaha sanam...
Geet stood there like a lifeless soul as Maan had crushed her dreams with the sword of his selfish words. She was angry on herself as she was the one who allowed her heart to weave a dream which was beyond the reach of her hands
Chup Chup ke rothe rahe tune diye kaise ye gum...
She did not allow tears to roll down her cheeks but her heart was crying silently and once again she was all alone as she could not share her grief with anyone yes this was the punishment that she had decided to give herself for the sin that she commited the sin of dreaming...the sin of loving him unconditionally
Oh Bekkabar berehem karle chahe jitne setam
Na chahat kabhi hogi kum mujhe inn aasuyon ki kasam
She was ready to hate herself to blame herself but she was unable to hate him she still loved him...for unknown reasons
Maine kiya hai tujhse sachha pyar...Maine kiya hai tujhse sachha pyar...
She looked at the mangalsutra and kissed it as if trying to indicate that for him maybe this realtionship is a game or a drama but she would remain commited and sincere towards this special bond 
PRECAP: Will Geet's proximity have an effect on Maan?Confused
Note: Guys let me make one thing clear Geet is a strong girl her love for Maan is unconditional but that doesn't mean she will go on tolerating everything silently. I promise to show the strong side of Geet at the appropriate time as being a girl myself I understand what importance does dignity and self respect holds in a girl's life.
These twists are just small steps which will lead to a major twist of this FF that will give a complete U TURN TO THE STORY. Right now I can only say trust me and be with with the story I won't disappoint u

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