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FF: The Hidden Truth|Ch27,Pg96 **A MUST READ** (Page 91)

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Originally posted by -Priya01

Awesome update dear ...hope UV will be there to stop the wedding...thxs for the pm Hug

thank you
no probz

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loved the update uday never finds anything wrong with her loved it she forgot her birthday it happens awesome update loved it thanks for the pm

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Originally posted by dumas

loved the update uday never finds anything wrong with her loved it she forgot her birthday it happens awesome update loved it thanks for the pm
thank you
yep uday is really sweet for trying to be positive about her LOL
no probs
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Niha dear really really sorry 4 the late reply. Aahana nd the others r really sweet. Eagerly waiting 4 the gate crashing part. Btw how is your holiday going?
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Originally posted by Jarin04

Niha dear really really sorry 4 the late reply. Aahana nd the others r really sweet. Eagerly waiting 4 the gate crashing part. Btw how is your holiday going?
dont worry no probz
thank you
its going gud thx

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Firstly Sorry for late reply Niha BachaHug

Amazing Update
What a nice birthday surprise no1 ever throws me a bdy party they always tell me we are doing your party at home or if we're going out etc... I cant believe she forgt her birthday how is that possible unless you're really stressed... where is Uday he beta stop this dumb wedding
Cont Soon I'm looking forward to the next part
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Originally posted by Anam Ali

Firstly Sorry for late reply Niha BachaHug

Amazing Update
What a nice birthday surprise no1 ever throws me a bdy party they always tell me we are doing your party at home or if we're going out etc... I cant believe she forgt her birthday how is that possible unless you're really stressed... where is Uday he beta stop this dumb wedding
Cont Soon I'm looking forward to the next part

Oyee mummy don't worry about it, i'm not angry at allLOL
thank youuu <33

Inoo, no one does that for me but I love to give people surprises. When I went on holiday I gave my aunty and uncle surpirse birthday parties and they were really shockedLOL yeah she doesnt bother keeping the dates anymore, loaads of stressLOL lol you'll find out in the next update.

Will try to update soon
-Niha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 5:39am | IP Logged
Hey guys, here's chapter 27. Sadly this will be the last chapter for the hidden truth and I have said that I'll be trying to finish this FF ASAP. But on the other hand, as a memory for manveer I'm thinking about doing yet another follow up to kidnapped and the hidden truth but this time with a pleasant ending. Do enjoy reading, and please do comment. Sorry for updating after a long time.

Chapter 27
The Wedding...


I apply some moisturising cream onto my face before I put on make up. I can't believe that I had forgotten my birthday yesterday, but the surprise was really nice. Today was Dad's wedding. Soon our plan will take in place. It took us some time lst night to think over it but it was calming to go back to the meadow. I then put earings into my ears. It seemed like I was done getting ready. I look at myself in the mirror. I looked... different. Then Uday's words repeat in my head 'fallen angel'. An angel that fell from the heavens above. That must mean it that it had done something really wicker to have been kicked to have been kicked out. Kicked out... turning into a rebel... Fallen Angel. I guess it was the best way to describe me. All my life I've been good until Sanya walked in and ruined my life.

I shake my head. Because of Sanya everything had changed. I won't let her go. I have to teach her a lesson, I promise myself. I get up, about to leave the room when my phone starts ringing.

"Hello?" I say.

"Princess, I need your help," Uday says.

"With what?" I ask him.

"With which tie I should wear," he tells me. I remember back to the first time when I helped him with his tie.

"Don't wear that weird cartoon one. What about the pink one?" I suggest.

"No, not that one again," he protests.

"Do you have one in red?" I ask him.

"Wait a second. Let me check," he says. In the background I hear him opening some doors and then Unnati talking.

"Hey Manyata," she says through the phone.

"Hi Unnati. How's Karan?" I ask her.

"He's fine. You know, Dada is looking very handsome today," She says in a teasing tone.

"Oh really, well too bad I can't see him right now," I say.

"Don't worry, I'll send dada over soon," Unnati tells me.

"Theek hai. Make sure you and Karan come to the wedding too. We have a surprise for the couple," I say.

"Hayee, can't wait. Will be at yours soon," Unnati says and then the phone gets handed back to Uday.

"I found a red tie. Thanks for helping," he says.

"No problem. See you later," I say and I cut the line off. I smile as I grab my black purse and slip my phone in. Then I lookout of the window. The snow was still there but it was starting to melt. 

Then I decide to go out of my room. That's when I realise how quiet it was in the apartment. Aahana and Sanya must have gone to the beauty parlour. Aahana was always following Sanya around. I wonder if she knew about Sanya's true colours. She probably doesn't know otherwise she wuld have helped me to stop this wedding. If the two did get married today then that would technically make me and Uday step-siblings. I shiver that the thought.

There's a knock on the dorr and I go to open it. Uday comes in but Unnati remains outside, gasping. I laugh a bit, finding it awkward.

"Unnati, it's only me. I haven't been possessed. Are you going to stand outside like that all day or you gonna come in?" I say.

"Sorry, it's just I though that you'd be wearing a peach or pink dress or something," Unnati says, stepping inside the apartment.

"Oh well..." I start off, but then Uday interupts me.

"-Shouldn't we be going to the place now? We've got to set everything up."

"By the way, does everyone know about our plan?" I ask him.

"Everyone but the groom, the bride and Aahana," he tells me.

"Okay so we're meeting them over there right?" I say.

"Yeah," Unnati replies back to me.


"You ready?" Jay asks me.

"Of course I am. I've never been more excited," I say to her.

"She's really horrible," Unnati says in disgust.

"Don't worry Unnati. We're gong to teach her a lesson," Jay tels her.

"Yeah like Jay saud. This is going to be one day she will never forget," I say. Then Aahana walks upto us.

"Manu!" She shrieks. "What have you done to your dress?!"

"Sorry, I kinda..." I start off.

"This excuse better be good. I told you no black remember," Aahana tells me annoyed.

"Aahana it doesn't really matter. It's just a dress," Unnati says.

"Just a dress?! It's her dad's wedding today!" Aahana exclaims.

"We know," Jay sarcastically says sighing.

"Aahana, you make it seem like its your wedding," I tell her.

"I'm sorry. Now come on, Sanya's waiting for us," She tells me. I nod and follow her outside to the garden. Dad and Sanya had decided to marry in the garden at home. Our garden was really beautiful when my mum was alive. She used to spend everyday in the garden. Well she did before she started to have the affair. I guess Dad had got people to sort the back garden out for the wedding. Most of the snow was cleared out and dumped onto the grass.

We then see Sanya in her wedding dress outside. She was too busy in an eye-lock with my dad to even notice me. I smile at the thought of our plan.

She then walks up the path, which is meant to be her aisle. I look to both my sides. There was hardly anyone here. Only a couple of strangers; they must have been related to Sanya. Once we were at the front, Sanya turns around. That is when she notices me.

"What have you done to your dress?" She hisses at me. I smile at her.

"I didn't like it so I decided to be a little creative," I say innocently. This makes her annoyed and she sends me the evils.

"Don't worry, I'll fix you," She tells me before going up to Dad. What was that meant to be? A threat? But she wouldn't be able to 'fix me' because she won't be able to get married to Dad.

"Today we are here on this special day where Sanya and Brijraj will be united," The priest says. I keep on smiling. Today is the special day when we teach Sanya a lesson where she doesn't get united with dad, I think to myself. Then I notice Aahana looking at me strangely.

"Are you up to something? Your smirking..." She states. Yes I am up to something, but I don't say that.

"Of course I'm NOT up to something. And by the way I'm smiling," I tell her. She then gives me a confused stare and then looks at the couple.

"... Becoming life partners means you will always be together no matter whatever happens. If one has a problem the other will be there to support. There should always be trust in each other. A man should love his wife with all pf his heart and she is too also love him back with all her love..." The priest carries on. I start to look around the place for Uday. He should have been here by now. If he doesn't come on time then it will be too late to stop them.

"Manyata you ok? You look worried..." Aahana states.

"Of course I'm fine!" I sarcastically say. Aahana was started to get on my nerves. I was nothing but fine. Dad was going to make the biggest mistake in his life. I couldn't stop the wedding without Uday being here. Our plan wouldn't work.

"Brijraj, do you take Sanya to be your wedded wife?" The priest asks Dad. My hands start to sweat with all the tention. Then I see Unnati walking up to me.

"Where is he?" I ask Unnati.

"I don't know. We can't find dada for the past hour," Unnati tells me worried.

"Kya?" I say shocked. Where could Uday be? "How are we going to stop this wedding now?" 

"Yes, I do," Dad says to the priest. 

"We're going to have to do something and quick," Unnati tells me. I then look around the place for something. Spoting an open tent, I decide to dismantle it. That should buy us some time.

"And do you, Sanya, take Brijraj as your husband?" The priest asks her.

"Unnati follow me, I have an idea," I whisper to her. She gives me a nod and I make myself towards the open tent. Then I see a string and I pull on it but it doesn't do anything.

"We need to break one of the legs," Unnati tells me.

"I do," Sanya says, there's some applauding coming from the guests.

"We need to be quick," I tell Unnati.

"And is there any objection towards this couple?" The priest says to the people.

"Stop this wedding!" Someone shouts as Unnati dismantles the open tent. Sanya realises what we were doing and she quickly takes a step back. The open tent falls on top of the priest and dad; both stuck. Me and Unnati then turn around to see who objected the wedding when we see Uday standing in the middle of the aisle.

"Brij!" Sanya screams when she notices that Dad was stuck. 

"Dada?" Unnati questions. Uday didn't have his suit on anymore. He only was wearing his trousers and vest top. I notice that he had red lines running across him then I realise that he had been bleeding. I run up to him.

"Uday, Uday are you okay?" I ask him worried. I hold his face trying to see if he was alright. "Where were you?"

"I-I..." He starts of but then I hug him tightly. He had been beaten up badly but who could have done this? It could have only been one person.

"She did this to you didn't she?" I say. He then hesitantly nods. "That's just crossed the line too far!"

I then get up and walk towards Sanya. "Wait Manyata stop!" Uday exclaims.

"Manyata!" Unnati shouts behind me but I ignore it.

I run up to Sanya who was now crouching down on the floor trying to get dad out. Then I push her from the back and she falls on top of them both. a loud moan comes out from the fallen open tent.

"You b*tch, I won't leave you this time!" I shout, punching her when she gets up.

"Wh-what are you talking about?" She asks me.

"Oh don;t act like you don't know what is happening. You've crosses the line too far!" I say.

"Kya?" She asks confused.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. You kidnapped Uday and beat him up. How did you know about our plan? Why are you after my dad? Why are you always breaking families up? Don't you have anything else better to do?" I question her. A hint of realisation hits her eyes, and I lose my temper. I punch her across the face and she falls to the ground again. When she looks up at me she has a gush of blood running from her forehead. She gets up and punches me. This annoys me when more and I pull on her hair. She screams for help.

"Manyata, stop it now!" Uday exclaims trying to pull me away.

"No Uday!" I shout at him. Once Sanya recovers, she slaps me across my face. I then slap her back and she pulls on my hair. Grabbing some strands of her hair again, I pull it and we both fall onto the ground.

Dad soon get out of the open tent and starts to stop the fight. "Moniya! Stop hurting your step mother!" He yells.

"She's not my step-mother yet! The priest hasn't offically-" I say but then Sanya kicks me.

"Sanya. That's enough," Dad carries on trying to pull her away. I hit her in the stomach and then she kicks me again.

"Princess! Stop it!" Uday says, pulling me away. Soon we're both pulled away, and we both struggle in their arms trying to get out.

"Shall we talk all of this over?" Dad says.

"I think they should," Uday says, finally letting me go.

"Okay then," I say, giving Sanya the evils.

"Fine!" Sanya exclaims, returning a look to me. We then walk inside the house and we walk into the living. Sitting down on the sofas, Uday closes the door and sits next to me.

"We're going to sort out all the differences between the two of you. Let's first start with Sanya," Dad says.

"That's not fair, I should go first," I protest.

"Moniya," Dad firmly says.

"Fine then. Let her talk," I say giving up/ She smirks at me.

"Like I said, I don't know anything," She says.

"You do know! Your just trying to look good infront of Dad!" I say.

"Moniya, that's enough. Sanya is meant to be talking, not you," Dad tells me.

"One moment we were getting married and then the next moniya and me were having a cat fight," Sanya states. "She even ruined her dress I brought her." 

So now she wanted to get me badly told off. I'll tell him about her true colours, and I've got witness too.

"Moniya, is this true?" Did you ruin the dress?" Dad asks me.

"Okay. I admit that I did. She brought me the world's ugliest dress, I hated it. So I changed it to look nicer. She brought me that dress purposely so she could make a fool out of me," I say to him.

"Is this true Sanya?" Dad asks her.

"Of course not. Aahana was the one who choose it, not me," Sanaya tells him.

"Is that all you have to say Sanya?" Uday questions.

"Yes, that's all," She says.

"Moniya, you can speak then," Dad tells me. I didn't know where to start off. What to tell him. I look Uday for some hint, but there was nothing. But instead of accusing Sanya, I ask him a question that I've always wanted to know the answer to.

"Dad... were you involved in my kidnapping?" I ask him. Sanya looks at us both confused. "Please tell me the truth. I am your only daughter."

He hesitates for some time. A silence falls up on us, no one wanting to break it. But then finally he speaks up.

"Moniya beetha, I was involved in it," Dad says, looking away in shame.

"Kya?" Sanya says shocked.

"I knew it. If you could kill mum then why not kidnap me?" I say. This shocks Sanya even more.

"Brij... yeh tum kya kia? Tum... tum murderer ho..." She says, her eyes really wide and tears where starting to form.

"Haan. Moniya is right. I killed my wife and then I got someone to keep an eye on Moniya," He says.

"That means you were the one who got Akash to pretend to help her," Uday says shocked.

"Yes that was me. Akash was the only one I could trust out of all of the others in his gang," Dad says.

But dad, why did you do that? Why!?" I scream, tears rapidly falling down my cheeks.

"Be-because I wanted my daughter to be safe," he tells me.

"I can't believe this. You put me into more danger than keeping me safe!" I say to him in disgust.

"Please excuse me," Sanya says, going outside the room shocked. Dad cups his face with his hands and stares at the carpet where mum's blood used to be. Uday then hugs me and I silently cry into his shoulders. Because of my dad I had lost my mum. He had ruined my life, made me go into misery. He was the criminal, a criminal that had yet not been discovered by the police. I then look up and wipe my tears. My make up was now smudged but I didn't care.

"Dad there's something I have to tell you," I say.

"What is it?" He asks me.

"Sanya... she's not what you think," I tell him.

"Yeh kya baqwas hai?" He asks me. Uday then tells him everything about Sanya. Breaking his family up. How he divorced his dad after his mum's death. Then we tell him that she was only using him, she didn't really love him.

"You shouldn't go dating someone who's half the age as you or who's young enough to be your daughter," I tell him before getting up. Uday then follows me and opens the door.

"Let's go," he says. I then follow him to his car and sit in the front seat.

"Uday, did Sanya torture you?" I ask him. He hesitates for a moment.

"Yes she did. But I got away and stopped the wedding," he says.

"Yeah, we stopped the wedding," I correct him. He then pulls on a spare jumper which was in the back of the car and then starts the engine. "What do you think will happen now?" 

"I don't know princess. Now that the truth is out anything could happen"

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