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All of them were busy preparing for the farewell , this will be the last occasion in their life in this college to which they were connected physically , emotionally and socially''.there had been many exciting , touching and not to forget also the worst memories which have been connected to them. There will be always a special place of this place in their hearts''

 The girls were engaged in their dress and accessories cause they have to look the best .

And boys they were secretly wishing to kill that person who invented shopping cause they the poor chicks who suffer a lot in this process''.

Geet and Meera have decided to go together to the farewell along with maan and yash'..

In the evening one of the most awaited moments of their life arrived'.this will be their last meeting probably without any kind of stress in their lives'..from now onwards'.they will be engaged in their life , carrier''and may be will not get time for each other''''..

While yash reached meera's house with maan he was literally drooling over his lady love she was looking enchanting with her knee length dress'.and he was teased by maan for doing the same''.  

 then the three went to geet's residence to pick her up''..when they entered they were complimented by geet's parents'.meera was highly admired by geet's mom amd she admired her that she is looking no less then a princess while the boys look handsome and charming prince''soon geet joined them,,,,and they went for farewell bidding goodbye to her parents''.

Although they had decided to go together but were like meera and yash in yash Mercedes while maan and geet in maan's  suv'''however maan had not expressed his feelings till now but he couldn't get his eyes off from the enchantress sitting beside him''he only knew what effect he had of her when she first came down looking just an innocent beauty with seeming like epitome of purity'''.

When they reached the venue they were greeted the students , their juniors''.they were having fun'.as all the boys were shocked seeing geet and meera in modern dresses coz they had only seen them in Indian traditional wear while the girls were busy in drooling on the good looking and striking maan and yash'..

They met there classmates''some congratulated yash and meera while maan and geet remain silent when someone asked about their love'..their life further with their soul mates''

Not only this the culprits sameera , tushar  with their so called friends rehan and riya were also present in the party''.meanwhile sameera was fuming  and was enraged on maan and geet ,''.tushar and sam had made their plan to take the revenge''they were so intended to destroy geet's life'..they  even crossed all the limits of humanity''''

Soon the DJ was on its peak all the couples and singles were invited on the dance floor''

Since meera and tash joined the dance floor geet was sitting alone as maan had got a phone call''

Meanwhile''a waiter came and offered geet a drink '.geet silently started gulping her drink''and started to feel uneasy''

Geet: hey'babaji'..what is going on my head '..why my head is spinning'..she got up to call maan while she started feeling dizzy'..

before anything could happen maan caught her'..and in sudden panic asked her'''.

Maan: geet '(cupping her fac)'.geet what hapeen are you alright???...while geet meekly nooded and said maan I am feeling light'maan I want to dance '.lets go..lets dance'in between maan smelled geet's drink and his suspision got cleared that someone had mixed geet's drink'.now maan was having hard time in with a drunk geet'.he decided to leave the place'.as soon as possible with her''before anything could happen'..

After making geet comfortable on the passenger seat and tying her seat belt'' the mean time he explained yash the whole situation and told them to inform dhruv ( geet's brother)'.and make him understand the situation''

Yash and meera immediately left the party and went to geet's place and  made the situation under control'.

On the other hand in the car''geet was continuously pouting and making cute baby faces towards maan that she wants to dance'..maan was having difficult time with his sweet seductress and he deliberately''.control his urge to kiss her rose petal lips'..

Suddenly it started raining heavily and geet  while taking out the car keys''.amde both of them to get drenched in the rain'.

While geet wanted to dance with maan''.maan completely ignored her and dragged her to the car'..

Geet cutely making a baby face'in drunken state said'..

Geet: maan''.maan why you donot want to dance with me?????'''why you are not talking to me for1'2'..3'.4'..and  so many days'.(while counting on her fingers)'.you know how do I feel' feel miserable''you know I missed you so much'..but you '.you didn't missed me ''.did you???

No na'..i knew it you didn't'.with that she started coming close to him without her acknowledge tears were falling from those hazels''..and suddenly due to alcohol effect she went unconscious''..

Maan: knowing her condition'.quickly scooped up in her arms''and made their way to her house'..when they reached dhruv was already waiting for them'.

Maan coming out of the car and dhruv extending his arm to thank maan'.

Dhruv: thanks mr.khurana''

(guys'.dhruv has worked with maan on a project' he knew him as MAAN KHURANA''not as geet,s bestfriend)

Maan: please call me maan''they both talked '..

and then dhruv scooped geet in his arms'..and made his way inside the house'.bidding good bye to all'and all left for their respective places''


Maan , yash and meera were on conference call''

Meera: maan do you know who mixed geet's drink'

Yash:meera what are you talking how did he knew'..he was not there'..

Meera: will you shut up yash'..maan you say do you know anything'..

Maan: meera first tell me how is she''and yes I know who did this'..

Meera and yash together:WHO!!!!

Maan: guys why are you shouting''TUSHAR AND SAMEERA''.

Meera: those b****** how did you know ''..thank god nothing serious happened '..but how you come to know about this''I thought you were not there ''

Maan: yes, I was not there but I listened to them when they were making the waiter bribed'..and pointed towards geet''but before I could have done anything geet drank the drink'..

Yash: now this is the limit'..i won't leave them'..what if something happened to geet'.i am sure there plan was not completed with this only they had something more'

Maan: yes'.they were intended to destroy her life'they wanted to'( he left his words in the middle) couldn't gather his courage to complete that horrible sentence'

Yash and meera together: maan this is the high time to confesss your feeling tell her'.before its too late'.


Suddenly geet called meera'..

Meera: guys , geet is calling wait  let  me connect her'..

Yash: nooo''.. meer'..i am going'. I don't want her teasing'..bye meera bye yash'

While meera thought maan had also cut his line but he was on line'.

Geet: hello'..meera 'where were you????why you were not picking up my call''

Meera: geet I was downstairs'(lied to geet)''geet how are you???...are you alright now'..

Geet: ya'.i am fine 'just having little headache'.meera I won't leave that person'..who mixed my drink'..

Meera: do you know who is it???

Geet: yes'.MAAN!!!!!...i just hate him meera''how can he do this to me'..

Meera:(shockingly)'..MAAN!!!!!!!!!...are you out of your mind geet'..who told you this''

Geet: no one need to tell me'..i asked the waiter himself''.and he pointed towards'.maan in the party'..i can't believe maan will do such thing'..

Meera:(in an angry tone)'''..shut up geet'.just shut up'.how can you even think of him like this'..he love you'.meera blurted out'.

Infact he was the one who saved you from that devil's trap yesterday''' and explained  everything''now geet was again in tears''.and sobbing''

Geet: meera '.i am sorry'.i didn't knew this''maan loves him ''.meera he loves me truly'..but I '..i am such a fool and not worthy for his pure love'..meer''I am so bad''this Is the second time I have doubted him'..i don't deserve his love meer'..i don't deserve and started crying loudly'..

Meera: geet'calm down' are the only one who deserve him'..and I know you love him madly''am I right geet???

Geet:'.between her sobs'.yes meer(sob)'I love maan(sob)'..but how can I tell him that I doubted his love'..

Meera:'..forget all''just confess your love to him'before its too late'.

While they were taling maan was patiently listening to their convo'.he was not angry on geet '..when she said he is the one who did all' fact he was amused that his geet can never change'..and now he knew she love him'..he will make her his'..

After a few days'..maan called geet and told her to meet him at his farmhouse''as he want to introduce her to his love''.

Geet was first very angry'.but then thought'..he deserve someone better than her'so as a good friend she decided to meet him'..

When she reached the farmhouse no one was there''

Geet: while entering the farmhouse''MAAN''.MAAN''but there was no response'.suddenly someone touched her from behind '..she was about to scream''suddenly maan covered her mouth with his hands''..while geet looked at him with wide eyes'..

Maan: geet 'why are you shouting'like this'.then..realease his hand from her mouth'.

Geet:glaring at him'.U SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME''maan'..why do did this'.i am going 'and turned to move out'..

While maan grabbed her wrist and jerked her towards him''she landed on his hard chest''

Maan: geet don't you want to meet the girl I love'.she's waiting for you'.won't you meet your best friend's love'.

Geet: (suppressing her cry and sadness)'lets go '..

Maan took her upstairs to a room'the room was dark'.and left geet there'.when suddenly the room was lighted'..geet saw that the whole room was filled with mirrors'.on evry wall there were mirrors'.geet was amazed seeing this'..

Maan came and said huskily into her ears'.geet' do you like my love'..

Geet with a shocked turned and look into his eyes which were reflecting only pure love''

Maan: on his knees '..with a ring'.geet will you marry me'''while geet was just looking at him in amazement'it took some time to her to register his  words'.

Geet bending down on her knees'while precious pearls were flowing from her eyes'..maan I don't deserve you'..i don't deserve your pure love'.i doubted your love twice'.i am a culprit''

Maan wiping her tears''''

Maan: geet I know what you did 'and why that happen'..we both are at mistake'..and it was not your fault'.i know you better than yourself''and the circumstances them those moments''I love you geet'.will you be mine'..

Geet: nodding (overwhelmed bu his pious love)'.yes I will be yours'..foreever''for every life of mine''and hugged him'.with all her love''

And maan after seeking'.her permission'''took her lips for their first''lovable kiss'.he caputed her rosy lips'nibbled them'..and entered her mouth to explore her secrects'..after sometime they were kissing as if there was no tomorrow' got out when they were out of breath'''.  

And there first so ever kiss was the witness of there love there confession and cherished friendship'''''''''. 

guys do tell me about my crazy writing...

if u like plzzz press like button and leave ur precious comments

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Nice part

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Like maan said...geet will never change..
Loved it a lot..

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amazing update
loved the story
thanks for pm

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Awesome update...
loved it!!!!

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