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Arsha OS:Birthday wid a twist!! Updtd pg 36 (Page 34)

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Sorry...really sorry for d long wait...I told Kolaveri di but at that time I really had so many crazy ideas which according to me will be so lame to keep on for now. So Im backdropping Kolaveri di but DID complete wil be here.Hope you wil like it n dis is d final updt of dis OS...I posted only a small part n wil complete it by tommorow. This is d last updt of dis OS.

                                 SCROLL DOWN FOR D UPDATE

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Snigs. IF-Sizzlerz

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Amar tuned d music player n did his practice alongwith Neerav with their groovy moves, Amar wearing a grey t-shirt accompanied with a formal cream pant. They were practising on d final remake of "pungi" song from Agent Vinod. They did their last practise session n headed out walking towards d exit.


Shakti was leaning on Amar's bike with her hands crossed on d chest.She was wearing a white top with pink inner sleeveless one with black 3-4th pants. Her hair tied with a small clip.Amar n Neerav who was at a distance noticed her, Neerav did a fake cough raising his eye brow on Amar. Amar looked uneasy a bit he quickly gasped a shirt breath n told, "Good nyt Sir...C u tommorow".


"Gdnyt...sweetdreams wid shakti!!", Neerav replied whispering d last words but for Amar it was audible. He always know Neerav suspected dem from the very first beginning, he often asked him too for which he regretted to answer or just diverted d topic. He bidded good bye to Neerav n walked towards her.


She glared at him impatiently, how he wanted to pull her into his arms n kiss her d earnest but d whole place was somehow surrounded by d knowns n unknowns so he had to keep himself in control. She moved to her left a little for giving him a chance to hop onto d bike, he did so n started it. He dint speak anything instead he waited her to take d place behind him. After a brief time, he felt her hand on his shoulder for a support, he had a simple sweet smile getting plastered on his face, she got onto d bike n settled herself. After making sure she was pretty safe, he increased d speed highly which made a jerk n she was almost on him for a second. He felt her heartbeat rage faster n he chuckled softly as she started cursing him under her breath. "Hold me if you want to be safe", he told before riding onto d busy roads. "Imnt scared" was all she replied. He gave her a mischevious smile before getting in action, he rode in a full speed until her hand clutched his shirt, she almost yelled him to stop. "For god sake pls drive slowly Kunwar", she retorted. He did as he was told n he directly drived to his place in d heavenly silence, nor did she question him or stop him.




He got off d bike n made her too without any much of her efforts n as soon as she did dat, he immediately took her lips into his pushing her to d bike. It was an unexpected reaction from him, but soon she started responding by kissing him back, her hands brushed into his hair as he nibbled her lower lip n her other hand moving on his back. His hands cupped her face n brought her closer to him as his tongue slid in to explore her sweetness. He controlled himself n parted way confusing her. He had a small guilt smile on his face looking at where exactly they were...they were still outside d house. Amar made his way to d door n paced in while Shakti followed him with her tensed thoughts thinking what wud really happen if they proceed in d same way. "Nothing...exactly nothing until u can keep urself in limits", her mind instructed her as he got in.

He stopped after getting in n closed d door as she made her way in. Her heart was racing in a jet speed, here she was, she got on d bike without hesitation, never did she ask him where they were going to, not even did she dare to stop him from kissing her but still her was feeling uncomfortable at what she was now, she was even avoiding to see him, to make an eye contact with him. She felt him tap her shoulder making her shudder from her own thoughts. She stood rooted to d place unaware of wat to do next.

"Shaks u can sit..", his voice made her a bit easy. She immediately went n sat comfortably on a coach.


He disappeared for some time n came back with 2 cups of coffee, he handed one for her n d other for him. He sat down on d coach giving a distance between dem. He was back wid his million dollar smile.

"So u missed me??", he questioned.

Ofcourse yes!! Cant he understand that?? her mind yelled.

"No.." was her answer.

His smile widened into a grin.

"Even I dint miss you Shaks.."

Her expressions changed to a frown...she wanted to listen something exactly opposite to dis...though she know he missed her she wanted it to hear from him. She heard him have a grumpy laughter, she enlightened her face pretending to be normal. She prayed god for distracting him, his cell was ringing at a distance. He went to pick it up...he gaped d screen n then at her which was really enough for her to suspect him...she snatched d cell away from him n before he starts protesting she lifted d call n put it on a loudspeaker. She closed into a fist n demanded him to speak.

"Hello", the voice from the other side spoke.

Shakti's eyes fumed in anger. She gave him some death glances n signalled him to speak.

"Hello Charlie...u at dis tym??"

"Oops...Did I disturb ur sleep?? Usually u wud b awake at dis tym na..."

Shakti's eyes widened more wid d answer. She knows his timings too!!

"Charlie I will speak to u later...Im lil busy right now"

"No Amar...pls can u do a favour??Pls..pls..pls"

Favour??What type of favour is she going to ask me now?? God pls save me from dis two gals..

N before he cud speak out charlie continued, " Can u come to my house now??"

Shakti lost her total temper...she kept d cell in his palm n started to walk away when he disconnected d call n stopped her by pulling d wrist.


"Shaks stop..dont jump into conclusions without knowing", was all he yelled.

"Enough is enough Kunwar...leave my hand"

"Not really enough.."

He said pinning her to d nearby wall with his hand holding her wrist on d back. On d other hand, he had cell, he called back Charlie.

"Amar u r coming...", her voice squealed.

"Why do u want me to come to ur home now??", he questioned angrily.

"Is anything wrong??", she questioned back.

"Answer my question", he stated.

"I want you to drop me at Salman's house n my car is punctured"


"Sorry Im very busy right now..."


"Its ok..bye"



The call was disconnected. He slid his phone back into his pocket.


"I think ur doubts got cleared...its not me n Charlie...its Charlie n Salman...Charlie is just my friend", he said leaving d grip off  her wrist.


"Then she can call him na Y u??", she almost yelled.


"Mayb she found me more interesting than him", he said wid a smirk followed by a chuckle checking out her expressions.


"Anyways dis shudnt b affecting you ryt...", he added.


"Who told you it does so?? It doesnt affect me in any sense", she replied backing off to d balcony.


Her black orbs concentrating on d busy city or pretending to be, she looked over to see where he was, he was standing a bit far glaring at her. She shifted her gaze back to d crowded roads until she felt his muscular arms lift her off d ground, her she was looking into his deep blue hazel eyes trying to figure out what exactly is running in his mind. Her heart almost skipped a beat whenever she thot of how he was holding her n wat he wud do further.


"Kunwar", she managed to call out.


"Sshh..", he hissed making her lie down on d bed.


Her eyes widened wid terror, her heart galloped in her chest as d smooth texture of bed was touching her body.


"Get some good sleep...its already too late", he said giving a kiss on her forehead.


She smiled all d way he left her n settled back on d coach. She loved d way he was wid her, his caring n affection always locked her heart with his. She shifted herself sidely n watched as he slept peacefully. She took d opportunity gladly n went to him. She brushed d hair back from his forehead n caressed his cheek.


In d morning, he woke up quite dissatisfied with d uncomfortableness in d coach, to his amusement, Shakti was sleeping hiding her face in d crook of his neck. He caressed her hair as he got off d coach, he took her placed her back on d bed again for a good sleep n himself went for a bath. They headed to her home after dat n went together for d practise sessions.  They were left free at afternoon n were told to come by evening.




Shakti was in d makeup room getting a final touch of make over by d very kind lady ever. Kruti was deir standing next to her talking n blabbering all d while making sure she wasn't annoying anyone in her presence. Den a camera zoomed in to d room by a cast member of DID to record behind d scenes...Shakti felt a bit hitched but she spoke well n they went out. She gave a sigh of relief as she was left free...she checked out to make sure she was looking good. A knock on d door, d lady opened it after asking Shakti if she cud. A sweet n delicate girl greeted her at d door n asked her for an interview to her fans. She gave d interview peacefully n calmly n then went to d stage where d celebrations where going on. Arsha shared a secret smile. They took d cake piece n feeded d awesome trio judges. The whole sets was cleared after a while n a perfect stage for d performaces was made up while every1 where sent to change into their costumes.


Both of they came out as soon as they were ready, they settled in d places assigned for them, Amar sat beside her since some more time was left for d performances to be started. They were having a normal talk among themselves n d others wid dem. They quickly snapped a photo for a memory of future n Amar went back for sitting with Neerav.





They dispersed d place after having a cordial talk n a hug with their friends. Amar insisted Shakti to come to his house, as they went in Macci n Charlie was sitting impatiently on d coach. They gave sheepish smiles on seeing Amar.


Mac n Charlie...W*H?? Shakti's mind have a thought.


" I called dem", Amar snapped as like he was reading her thoughts. Shakti looked at him questioningly. Breaking d eyelock, Charlie got off her place n gave Shakti  a hug. They parted off soon n sat down while Amar n Maccie went out talking abt something. Uneasiness was clear in d atmosphere, both Shakti n Charlie dint speak a word but waited for Amar to come.

Amar's face gloomed back sadily. How he silently wished these two girls to be friendly quite often...but never they were. This was his last trial he decided. Four of them got into Mac's car n went to a beach where the others accompanied them. Shantannu, sneha, Alisha, Archi, Priyanka n Vrinda were sitting there involved in their talks. Sneha n Alisha gave a bone crushing hug to Shakti n they sat having their girly talks.


"Its so good to see you again Shaks", Sneha said excitedly.


"Y did u go from d party without informing??", Alisha questioned.


"She might have got some work", Sneha answered in favour.


"Shaks...y did Amar plan dis suddenly??", Alisha questioned to which Shakti shrugged.


"Even I don't kno... u can ask ur babu na", Sneha said giving a slight hit on Alisha's shoulder.


"My babu is too busy talking wid his boyfriends", Alisha giggled.


Vrinda n Charlie who were talking to each other until now accompanied d other four.


"Hi Charls", Alisha said.


"Hi Alisha..", Charlie replied.


They were sharing some girly talks while d boys where having fun. Charlie leaned in n whispered something in Alisha's ear...Alisha gaped at Shakti n was back to normal.


"So whats cooking??", Alisha darted a question at Shakti.


"Wat??", was all she cud answer back.


"You n Amar??", Alisha questioned again.


Gosh...these gals!! How did they even kno whats happening b/w us when we never were so optim before dem...did Kunwar tell them dat he proposed me??!! Kunwar u r seriously dead!!


"Shakti", Alisha's voice brought me back to earth.


"Nothing...I mean Nothing is going b/w us", Shakti cleared.


"Oh really but I don't think so..", Charlie said giving a glare behind Shakti.


Shakti at first thought she was looking at her but when she focused on Amar who was busy glaring at Shakti.


Pls do something to dis heavenly creature...y is peaking at me lyk dat esp infront of dese..


She shifted her gaze back to d gals who ever by now smiling at her tauntingly. How she felt d need to hide her face from dem. Jesus bless her, the boys came in at d right moment.


They adjusted themselves in d gaps, Archi obviously beside Alisha...mostly they sat as if they were told to be seated in a D3 interview. They were talking abt d moments they spent in D3. She felt goosebumps travel thru her when he holded her hand wid his n d most outrageous thing was none of d others noticed it. She tried withdrawing it but he holded it giving a squeeze. She looked straight into his eyes n him at her. They were lost for d moment n were back to consciousness when Tannu did a fake cough. She quickly took d opportunity to free her hand. She dint give him a second chance in their presence.


"Guys I have to leave now...c u all very soon", Alisha exclaimed...before leaving she gave a special hug to Shakti n left with Archi.


Every1 left after few words, Amar took d bike keys from Tannu n guided Shakti to come wid him neglecting all their teasing games. He was driving slowly dis tym, he was not even sure when Shakti lied down on him. She was hell tired by the tym they left. Her arms hugged him.




"Happy Journey Shaks", Amar said hugging for what felt d last time. He soon broke off feeling d presence of d people around. Her eyes were ready to form a teary layer, she was pretending to be very normal. Mukti , Neeti n d others gave a warm hug accompanied by wishes. Amar kept down d luggage from d cab.


"I got to go now...have some important work...bye Shaks...happy journey", Amar said.


This disheartened her even more, he was ready to leave her n go for some hell important work!!


"Bye", she said her final word before holding onto her luggage.


Shakti n her family walked into d airport talking all d way. Shakti looked back to see him, if he had already gone, she cud feel his intense gaze on her back. Somewhere within her she felt him to be undergoing d same. She turned back giving her thoughts a rest, he wasn't looking at her, he was busy looking somewhere else leaning onto d cab. A tear strolled down her eye n she went in.


Sorry Shaks...I kno I cant stop myself from crying if I give u a send off there...Im really sorry...I dnt want you to be disappointed by me...4 months!!! I wil wait for you...I can wait for you.


He tried to concentrate on d heavy noises around, it was vain. He tried reading d airport structure it dint help him. He looked into d sky to see d shining stars,  he closed his eyes letting off d hiding tears. He felt her hand on her skin, he opened to see her right infront of him, her eyes wet as his. She wiped d tears off his face n gave a kiss on his cheek. Her lips lingered for what seemed more likely a big time. She breathed in n out.


"Wont u give me good bye kiss??", she whispered into his ears with a hope twinkling in her eyes.


Her hands swirled around his neck n she pressed her lips onto his to feel all d love she wanted from him, to gain all d comfort for d rest of d days. He brought her more closer to him holding her waist by both d hands intensifying d kiss. They kissed to d earnest n broke off panting. He cupped her face, his fingers caressing her delicate skin. He closed  his eyes registering d moments.


"I love you...n will love only you", he leaned in n mumbled.


He took off d ring from his finger n slid it into hers before she realised. They stood their looking deep into each others eyes.


"Shaks...where r you?? Its getting late...come on", Mukti shouted from a distance.


He walked alongwith her n bidded good bye.




"Sorry Sir...the flight is delayed by more an hour", the lady in d enquiry zone told him.


He went back to d parking area, got into d car, sat down on d driver seat, plugged d earphones n played on d music. It dint help him much. He walked all along again.


Finally, d desired time came. He stood anxietedly outside waiting for d only face he wanted to show up. She was finally visible to his eyes, wearing a light pink top which sticked to her figure perfectly, neither too short nor too long, d deep v shape cut of d neck was upto its mark n was in d correct position n a jeans. She was looking like a diva with d sinking attitude. His glance was only on her, he dint even notice to see she was far too close by now. He came back to earth n forwarded his hand to take d luggage. A small smile plastered on her lips n d happiness quickly reached her eyes. She turned to another side as her NY dance partner tapped her shoulder. She realised he was here too. He hugged her n murmured a joke in her ear to which she laughed. Amar who was watching her actually started boiling. Here he was waiting for her ever since n she was hugging some other creepy foreign creature. They broke soon d hug n Shakti bidded good bye.


He kept d luggage in d car n opened d door for d passenger seat. She quickly hopped in n so did he.


"So where r v going now??", she asked excitedly.


"I don't think u need to care about it if u stick to ur words", he said keeping his focus on driving.


He heard her gulp hard n then there was a silence for some time.


"I wil drop u at ur home n then go to my work", he told.


She felt a bit relieved but sad at the same time. She cudnt wait to spend some time with him while she was missing him for a plenty of months by now.


"I wil pick u at evening 8", he uttered.


He dropped her at d home n left off throwing her a smile.




"U r changed Kunwar Amar!!", she muttered as she emptied d whole closet.


"Shaks have u gone crazy..whats all dese??!!", Mukti complained as she entered their common room.


Shakti stopped her actions n sat gloomily on d bed upon d dresses.


"Wait...I will take out d perfect one for you", Mukti said proceeding towards d closet to check out d remaining.


"Here u go..", she said handing her a dress.


"Thanks", Shakti returned with a hug.

Shakti's Dress

Her cell beeped silently. "Im here waiting for you..", the message had. She sneaked thru d window to steal glances but ya she was caught. She hid in d inner feelings running thru her, he was all dressed in black, his formal shirt which clearly showed his workout body n d top three undid buttons showing off his ample free toned skin. His million dollar smile, she blushed as she got down deeply involved in her thoughts. His voice...dreamy n husky was for real. He was now near d stairs waiting for her.


"U look gorgeous", he said watching her creamy cheeks turn into crimson red.


He guided her to d car n they drove to a place quite probably a place where a party was being conducted. It was some wat outskirts.


"Kunwar??", she looked at him hesitating to get into d party.


She unexpected a party all of a sudden. She looked at him for an answer or a reason to figure out why they were here. "Trust me you will like it", his voice made out clear. She nodded in approval n held his hand as they went in. They were greeted by Sneha n Tannu. Sneha gave a warm welcome hug  den Alisha n Archi joined dem. There was none other people than d d3 cast with whom they worked. Shakti heard "Charlie's" name somewhere around. It was Vrinda who said "Charlie", Alisha asked out, "Is Charlie coming??". Shakti was also waiting for d answer praying highly for her non-presence thru out d party. "She isnt coming...Amar dint invite her", Vrinda spoke in a pale n worried voice. "Its ok Vrinda", Alisha said pretending to comfort her.


"Time for a slow dance", Mac spoke out at d centre of d small built stage.


"Yes", everyone around her shouted.


"Dance??", she heard a voice from behind.


She turned around to see Amar who forwarded his hand, she slid her hand into his n they went onto d the stage.  The music was already playing but none of them were ready to pay their heed to d music. They were just dancing their heart out. Shakti placed her left hand on his shoulder n her right holding was holding his.


His right hand circled her n brought her closer. They swayed along without loosing d eyecontact. He twirled her n brought her more closer.






"Dance floor pe sirf hum hee??"


He smiled n twisted her such dat his hand crossed on her chest n her back was in touch with his body. They were quite close. "Kyun acha nahi laga", he whispered near to her ear. He felt her body shiver as his breath hitted her skin. He twisted her again n they were back to d starting position. As d music slowed down, he held her hand n she did a curve movement bending her upper body. He brought d another hand of hers n placed it on his shoulder n pulled her more closer with both his hands around until there was no more gap between.He lifted her off ground suddenly holding her legs, she balanced her position by placing her elbows on his shoulder. She looked at him startled, he gave her a sweet confronted smile n he landed her back on feet as d music volume gradually decreased. He landed her feet safely on d ground without breaking d eyelock. He took her right hand into his n kissed it on d back. The gang started hooting them n were cheering Amar, Shakti was surprised to know what all they did upto now was his planning. He kept a grip on her hand without leaving.


"Shakti Mohan Sharma will you marry me??", he pronounced each n every word wid a smile dancing on his lips.


She nodded her head for d approval. Her eyes were ready to brim d tears of happiness.

"Aise nahi chalega...come on Shaks tell it loud", Archi shouted from a distance n d gang followed him.


He cud feel her cheeks turn pinkish red, her eyes twinkle like pearls. She wasn't ready to say dose words n dat infront of their friends who once teased dem wid just getting d hints.


The gang maintained a pin-drop silence too anxious to hear d words of love from Shakti. Amar n Shakti had an eye talk. He cud tell her what she was feeling right at d moment. He got back on his feet n became serious.


"Guys I want to speak something to her personally cud u pls give us sometime", he said angrily.


Every1 stood their amazed n shocked doubting Shakti's love for Amar. They gave some way between dem for dem to pass by. Amar walked front n Shakti followed him, they were far from deir gang by now. Amar stopped at d spot n turned around happily .


"Kunwar...I...I...I want to marry you", she said stumbling in between.


She lifted her by d legs n turned round n placed her back on d foot walking forward n she walked back until she was blocked between a wall n him. Her heart galloping in her chest. His hand touched her cheek n brushed thru her hair , he leaned in until there was a minimal thing.


"I want to hear d other three", he said.


He kissed her left cheek mumbling, "Ur 4 months time is over..".


"Kunwar I love you", she let it out in a go.


He made some distance to look at her.


"Say it now!!"


She nodded her head from left to right. He came closer aiming at her lips, "Ur wish...better u say or I wil make u..", his lips slightly brushed over hers. She almost stopped breathing, she tried pushing him off. He created a gap n was repeating d same sentence again when she pressed her lips over his n made it a passionate kiss. They broke off panting.


"I love you", she said panting still.


She saw him smiling thru his half  breaths n she was doing d same. He hugged her whole heartedly taking d pleasure in his arms.


"Waah beta...shukriya", a voice almost yelled.


Amar n Shakti broke off feeling caught by their nautanki gang.


"Kya acting Kya acting...aur Shakti ji aap", Archi said almost drunk.


"Tu aa", he continued pulling Amar. The boys took Amar to a side n started their teasing games n d girls started pulling Shakti's leg.


Arsha managed to share d blissful glances amidst of deir presence.


Pls give ur reviews.

Any typo errors pls ignore.

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Okay so all n all i loved this os...

last chapter rocked yaar...

okay so i loved how u described the flow of their relationship...

u know how he was nervous and how she was jealous...


the best part was her coming at the airport to him for kissing...

u know loved the overall feel u gave out...

the hesitation for a relationship ut at the same time wanting it baly...

it was so aptly described...

the concept was in all unique.. i always tell u na...

the proposal was so sweet...

loved it...

awesome update...

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this is for my excitement...

yayyy.. i commented first...

i know i cheated heavily...

lekin baccha hun yaar...

u know excitement is always there...

so yeh ussi ke liyte tha...

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Wil be updtd by tmrw.

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Awsm update di!

arsha were too good!

thanx for pm

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1st part was HOT enough! 2nd part was full of PASSIONS &..3rd part,,, omg! Simply BREATH-CATCHING!!!

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