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New Maaneet FF TUJHKO JO PAAYA #5 link#6 pg131 (Page 9)

-knirwal- Goldie

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Posted: 12 April 2012 at 7:20am | IP Logged
waiitng di...

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piya- IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks for your love and support dear friends. Here is the next update I hope each one of you would enjoy reading it
Maan was busy the whole day. He returned back only in the late evening
Maan: Ye ghar pe itna andhera kyun hai? Sab kaha chale gaye? [Why is it so dark over here? Where has everyone gone?]
Maan: Dadima...Adi...Nakul
Maan: Kamaal hai ek saath sab kaha chale gaye? [Strange where did all of them go together?]
Maan goes to his room. As soon as he opens the door someone covered his face with a shawl and forcefully made him sit on a chair
Before Maan could do something the attacker tied his hands to the arms of the chair
All this occured too fast for Maan to react
He was still trying to register these events in his mind when someone switched on the lights and Maan could now see the face of his attacker
Maan: Geet tum? Ye kya shararat hai Shehzadi? [Geet it's u? What kind of mischief is this Princess?]
Geet: Chup chap bina harkat kiye wahi baithiye Mr. Khurana kyunki aapko aapki Shehzadi ne kidnap kiya hai aur agar aap apni salamathi chahthe hai toh aapko waisa hi karna hoga jaisa main aapse kahu [ Sit there without doing any movement Mr. Khurana as u have been kidnapped by your Princess and if u want to stay protected then u need to follow my instructions and do exactly like I want u to do]
Maan: Shehzadi main kaha tumhare lafzo k daaiyre se bahar hoon tum bus keh doh tumhare liye main kuch bhi kar saktha hoon apni baat manwaane k liye mere haath baandhne ki tumhe koi zarurat nahi hai bus hukum karo [I am not out of your words I can do anything for u; u need not tie my hands for getting your wishes fulfilled just order me]
Geet: Aaj aapki meethi meethi baatho ka mujhpar koi asar nahi honewala aaj toh main aapko saza dene k mood mein hoon [u won't be able to melt me with your sweet talks as I am in a mood to punish you today]
Maan: Saza kis baat ki? [Punishment but for what?]
Geet: Batathi hoon par pehle aapko saza milegi phir saza ki wajah pata chalegi aur aap bina kuch sawal kiye apni saza ko buktoge vaada kijiye [I will u but before that u need to go through your punishment and the reason behind the punishment would be revealed only at the end u need to promise me that u won't question me till your punishment is over]
Maan: Vaada karta hoon [I promise]
Geet took a cloth and blindfolded Maan. She switched on the dim lights which gave a romantic feel to the atmosphere
Geet brought a jar full of ice cubes and placed it on the adjacent table and made herself comfortable on Maan's lap
Maan was cursing the ropes that were tied to his hand; if his hands had been free he would have definetly crushed Geet in his arms as soon as she would have settled on his lap but he was helpless and totally at Geet's mercy today
Geet (smirk) Ye toh shuruwat hai Khuranaji aage aage dekhiye hotha hai kya [This is just the begining Khuranaji just wait and watch what all do I do with u now]
She moved her long finger sensually from Maan's forehead to his  slender nose and as her finger made way to his lips she started rubbing his lips passionately giving him a dose of  sweet unbearable torture
She touched his lips gently with hers but before Maan could capture her sweet petals with his love she moved back
Maan let out a groan voicing his displeasure
Geet went on repeating this act many times; whenever Maan was very close to claim her lips she used to move her face away from him and instead of kissing his lips she would go on kissing his shoulder and neck
It was becoming impossible for Maan to bear this torture; he tried hard to remove the rope from his hand.
Geet was enjoying every moment of this so called punishment session
She adjusted herself in such a fashion that she could actually feel his manhood 
As soon as Maan sensed the touch of her feminine part on his manhood Maan let out a load groan
Maan: Geet ab mujhse aur bardash nahi ho raha pls mere haath khol doh [ Geet I can't take it any longer pls open my hands]
Geet did not give any reply she started unbuttoning his shirt with the help of her teeth
She purposefully started leaving her marks on his perfectly toned chest as she took her own sweet time to open all the buttons of his shirt
Maan was totally out of his senses and he was not sure what else has Geet planned to do with him
Geet licked his nip***s with her tongue and gracefully moved her hand towards the ice jar and took one ice cube from it
Maan wanted to grasp her hair in his fists and  desperately wanted to suck and taste her soft milky white skin but alas his tied hands were not suporting him in his mission
Geet placed the ice cube in her mouth and took it to his nip***s
Maan got the biggest shock of his life when Geet started sucking his nip***s by placing the ice cube on them
It seemed fire was set to the rain; the touch of her warm soft lips and the cold drops of water were creating havocs and were arousing him to an uncontrollable limit
Only if his hands would have been free; for the first time in his life Maan was feeling so helpless
Geet kissed every inch of his bare chest and sensually managed to wet his upper half with the ice cube
She continued this session till the ice melted completly
Once this was done she gracefully placed her arm on his neck and started licking all the water droplets that was present on his upper body
Wherever she could see big droplets of water she made it a point to bite that area passionately and declared that only Geet had the right to claim Maan
She dug her nails and scratched his back as she continued feasting on her priceless posession; her Maan
She took another ice cube in between her lips and in one qicuk movement she untied the rope and opened the blindfold from Maan's eyes
Without a moments delay Maan crushed Geet in his arms and took her inviting lips within the territory of his love
Both of them started kissing each other passionately; the ice cube was acting like a hinderance for Maan he tried to finish it as soon as possible
In the entire process the ice cube sometimes made way within Geet's mouth and sometimes it entered Maan's mouth
Whenever the ice was inside Geet's mouth Maan used to generously explore all the hidden secrets and delicacy of her mouth in the pretext of taking the ice cube
Same was the case with Geet she too tasted the sweetness of Maan's mouth whenever he took the ice in his mouth
This was their longest kiss ever; both were out of breath but none of them was ready to stop
Geet went on pulling Maan more towards herself as Maan happily went on tasting her sweet nectar
His one hand made way inside her kurti and started relishing her back whereas his other hand were busy squeezing her belly increasing her want her desire with every passing moment
Geet started moaning his name as Maan finally left her lips and started biting her neck and shoulder leaving his marks on her delicate soft skin
Their hearts were beating rapidly; Geet hugged Maan immediately as she was unable to bear any further distance
They remained in that position for sometime and allowed tried to calm down their burning desires
After some time
Maan: Geet ek baat puchu tumne mujhe itna kyun tadpaya? Kis gunah ki saza thi ye? [Geet why did u give me this punishment?]
Geet :Maan aapne mera khayal rakhne k liye Adi ko college mein admission lene k liye force kiya bus ussi baat ki punishment thi ye [Maan u wanted to take care of me but for doing so u made Adi to join college forcefully I punished u for this reason]
Maan: Mujhe maaf kar doh Geet tumhe meri ye baat achhi nahi lagina par main kya karta mujhe tumhari fikr thi aur main jaanta tha k Adi tumhara achhe se khayal rakh saktha hai [I am sorry Geet but I was worried for u and I knew that Adi was the right person to look after u]
Geet: Galat agar aapko wakai mein meri fikr hothi toh Adi k bajaye aap college join karte kum se kum issi bahane aap chaubiso ghante meri aakhon k saamne toh rehthe par jaaiye aapko meri itni parwah thodi na hai [Wrong if u really cared for me then u would have joined college instead of Adi atleast by doing so u would have been in front of my eyes always but why would u do this u no longer care for me]
Maan was surprised to know the reason behind Geet's fake anger
Maan: Aisi baat hai Shehzadi toh abhi jaakar tumhare college mein admission le letha hoon ab toh muskuradoh? [If this is the reason then I will take admission in your college right now now commom give me a smile]
Geet hit his chest playfully
Geet: Iski zarurat nahi hai main toh bus aapko ched rahi thi [There is no need for this I was just playing a prank with u]
Maan: Achhaji ye baat hai toh ab meri baari hai tumhe saza dene ki [Oh really then it is now my turn to give u your punishment]
Geet moved back and looked into Maan's eyes which had a mischievous glint in them
Geet: Kaisi saza? [Which punishment?]
Maan took the rope and the blindfold and started walking towards Geet
Maan: Wahi jo tumne mujhe kuch der pehle di thi [The same punishment that u gave me a few moments back]
Geet: Sapne dekhna chod dijiye Maan aapki Shehzadi aapke haath nahi aanewali [Stop dreaming Maan you won't be able to get hold of your princess]
She showed a thumbs down to Maan and ran away from the room
Maan: Main bhi dekhtha hoon tum kab tak mujhse bhagogi Geet saza toh main tumhe aaj dekkar hi rahunga [Let me also see for how long can u run away from me; u can't escape from your punishment today]
Maan smiled at his own thoughts and started following Geet
PRECAP: Will Maan be successful in making Geet understand the love of her parents?

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awsome update

wht a punishment

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KYA SAZA THI...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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Hayeee... So passionate and romantic update...

Loved it...

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awesome update
cngrats for new thread

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Awesome, too good.

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