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New Maaneet FF TUJHKO JO PAAYA #5 link#6 pg131 (Page 89)

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Thanks for your love and support dear friends. Here is the next update I hope each one of you would enjoy reading it


                                         PART 44


Geet: Wo main Dadima ke aashirwaad ka matlab jaana chahthi thi [I wanted to know the meaning of Dadima's blessing]


Maan smiled at the smartness of his angel


Maan: Kaunsa aashirwaad Geet [What was the blessing Geet?]


Geet shivered with Maan's look


Maan's love filled look was enough to make Geet insane but today he was giving her seductive looks making her completely paralysed


Her breaths were coming unsteady


Maan traced her neckline with his tongue and once again repeated his question


Maan: Tum detail mein samajna chahti thina? Bolo Geet? [U wanted to understand the deep meaning of this blessing na answer me Geet]


Geet was lost in Maan's charm


Geet: Haan [Yes]


Maan: Toh batau wo Aahirwad kya tha [So tell me the words of the blessing]


He gifted her series of soft gentle kisses from the length of her neck to the side of her face


Geet was not in a position to answer but with great difficulty she uttered these words


Geet: Dudho nahao phuto phalo [Have so much money that u bath with milk and have such a long life that u can see and play with your grandchildren]


Maan let out a groan and bit her shoulder aggressively


He started lifting her kurti and exposed her belly partially


Geet :Maan ye aap kya kar rahe ho? [Maan what r u trying to do?]


Maan: Apni zindagi ko humari aanewali zindagi ki sabse badi khushi ka matlab samjane jaa raha hoon [My life I am going to explain u the meaning of our most beautiful moment of our coming life]


Maan allowed his hand to caress her belly as if trying to indicate the depth of his words through his actions





Geet closed her eyes as Maan pressed his fingers in a beautiful pattern on her belly as if teasing the chords of a piano

She was forced to drink her saliva as Maan's seductive touch was burning the sensitive skin of her navel

He pulled her closer by holding her waist with his other hand and decorated her face by leaving the magical marks of his lips on her temple, her eyes, the tip of her nose, her upper lip and her chin

Geet wanted him to make her lips pure with his divine touch but Maan left her unsatisfied as he diverted his concentration back on the canvas of her belly


Dhage tod lau chandni se noor ke

With the help of his long finger Maan drew the outline of a small baby on her tummy making her heart to thud rapidly


Ghoonghat hi banalo roshni se noor ke

There was a glow of divinity on her whole face as Maan gave the final touches to the imaginary sketch of their baby


Aa'Dhage tod lau chandni se noor ke

Maan went on his knees and licked her mesmerizing navel with utmost love and with the help of soul searing kisses he wrote the meaning of the blessing on her tummy


Ghoonghat hi banalo roshni se noor ke

"The most precious gem of our love'.our baby will make our relationship more divine and stronger"


Sharma gaye toh aaghosh mein lo

A tear of happiness rolled down her cheeks as Geet understood the meaning of Dadima's blessing


Oh saaso se uljhi rahe meri saasein

Maan had purchased a belly chain for Geet while returning from office

This was not an ordinary belly chain. It was decorated with ghungroos and precious pearls but the eyecatching aspect of this chain was the presence of a small baby right at the center of the chain



Bol na halke halke

Bol na halke halke

Maan had made this chain by giving an urgent order as soon as Geet had asked him the meaning of this blessing on the phone

He removed the chain from his pocket and tied it beautifully on her splendid beauty


Hoth se halke halke

Bol na halke

The baby was positioned right on top of her navel thus signifying the importance of this chain in their life


Bol na halke halke

Bol na halke halke

Maan pressed his lips deeply on top of the baby thus covering a large portion of her navel; with this action Maan successfully imprinted the truth of their future on the love filled pages of her heart


Hoth se halke halke

Bol na halke

Geet's eyes were twinkling in joy

A magical blush made way to her cheeks as the thought of becoming the mother of Maan's child made her emotions to sing and dance in bliss



Maan caressed her belly one last time and stood on his feet.

He looked directly into the eyes of his princess and uttered

Maan: "I love u would be Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana and I thank you in advance for the precious pearl of our love that u would be gifting me in future. The mother of our future child I love u"

Geet couldn't stop herself from melting in his intoxicating folds

Tears of happiness were sparkling like diamonds on her face

Maan placed his warm lips on top of her pearls and gave it a heavenly touch by drinking the beauty of her heart with such grace that for a second Geet felt as if she was flying in the sky


Aa neend ka sauda kare

Ek khwab de ek khwab le

Maan kissed her mesmerizing eyes and scooped her in his arms

He walked towards her wardrobe and requested Geet to open it by brushing his stubble on her smooth cheeks


Ek khwab toh aakhon mein hai

Ek chand ke takiye taale

Geet followed his instructions. Maan entangled his fingers with her hand and directed it to a red color duppata which had a golden and white border on it.

This duppata was extremely beautiful and it looked like the viel of a newly wed bride

Maan placed their joint hands beneath the duppata and lifted it and carried Geet to the center of the room



Kitne dino se

Ye aasman bhi

Before placing her down he kissed her feet and asked for forgiveness that he himself was making her angelic prints to touch the dust of the floor


Oh soya nahi hai

Isko sulade

Geet was bowled completely by this gesture of his; his mere presence was enough to make her fall for him all over again


 Bol na halke halke

Bol na halke halke

Maan brought their epitome of love "the hand built Taj Mahal" and placed it in front of her eyes

He encircled the TAJ with aromatic candles and lighted them


Hoth se halke halke

Bol na halke

He took some rose petals from her garden and smashed it to make a beautiful sindoori color paste

He placed the photo of Radha Krishna in front on a table and removed a box and kept it in front of the Almighty


Bol na halke halke

Bol na halke halke

Geet was busy admiring him when Maan placed the red colored viel on top of her head in the most heart touching way

He went on his knees and bowed his head completely and asked her the permission to become the lucky man who possessed her forever and ever


Hoth se halke halke

Bol na halke

Geet was so touched by his gesture that she was about to touch his feet but Maan understood the language of her breath

He immediately stopped her and took her hand next to his heart and held her waist with utmost love as they entered into a trance of a beautiful eyelock



Mapadani '.Pani sada'..

As their eyes started weaving dreams of a heavenly future their legs started moulding these dreams into reality as both of them started to take the 7 divine vows of marriage by taking circles around the Tajmahal

Geet rested her head on his chest and got drowned in the musical rhythm of his heartbeats which were singing a melody of her love

With every phere that they took Maan cuddled Geet very close in his embrace and promised to love her till his last breath

Both of them were walking together as this is how they wished to see themselves always

With the completion of the pheres Maan scooped Geet and took her in front of the Radha Krishna photo

He opened the box and removed a chain from it

He placed the chain in front of the Almighty and showed it to Geet

This chain was extraordinary as it had a special locket


Umrein lagi Kehthe hue

Do lafz the ek baat thi

One side of the locket had the left side of Maan's face and the other half had the right side of Geet's face merged together

A small confession was written beneath the locket "U MAKE ME COMPLETE"



Wo ek din sau saal ka

Sau saal ki who raat thi

Geet parted her lips to say something but Maan marked the importance of these words by sealing her lips into a soul searing kiss

Geet declared her submission by encircling her arms around his neck and responding in to his kiss in a beautiful way which narrated the importance of him in her life



Kaise lage jo

Chup chap dono

Pal pal mein puri

Sadiyaan bitha de

They continued to taste each other's nector as Maan tied the chain as a Mangalsutra on her neck

Before breaking their kiss Maan locked his hand with hers and touched the lines of the locket and whispered huskily by moving his lips on her petals "ARDHANGINI" [MY BETTER HALF I LOVE U]



 Bol na halke halke

Bol na halke halke

A tear drop rolled down her cheek but before it landed on the floor Maan collected it in his finger and touched his head with it and declared that "MY GEET IS MY DESTINY"


Hoth se halke halke

Bol na halke

He took the sindoori color that he had made with the help of rose petals and decorated her maang with the unconditional colors of his love in the form of a sindoor


 Dhage tod lau chandni se noor ke

His happiness knew no bounds as he saw his name on her maang


Ghoonghat hi banalo roshni se noor ke

She was ready to die in his arms today as this was the most divine moment of her life


Sharma gaye toh aaghosh mein lo

She submitted herself in his embrace


Oh saaso se uljhi rahe meri saasein

Maan hugged her back and scooped her in his arms and carried her to the bed


Bol na halke halke

Bol na halke halke

He placed her gently on the bed and kept on admiring her


Hoth se halke halke

Bol na halke

Geet invited him by spreading her arms


Bol na halke halke

Bol na halke halke

Maan accepted the invitation and entered the magical territory of their love.

He decorated her nape with wet and loving smooches as she pulled him closer making him realize that he had complete authority on her


Hoth se halke halke

Bol na halke

He pressed his chest with her soft curves and lifted her chin by holding it in between in finger

Their eyes meet and without any delay they narrated the tale of their boundless love by submitting each other's existence through a never ending kiss



The gungroos of her belly chain started moving in a melodious tune as if declaring the happiness of their beautiful dream; their future child which will be the strongest thread of their love



PRECAP: Dadima, Rano and Mohinder give a strict punishment to Maaneet






Part 45: Page 11(new thread)                                 

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Lovely and So romantic update...
the way maan made her made understand was so romantic...
i was cutely blushing..
he gifted her a waist chain with a baby in it...
That was totally unexpected...
They almost married each other..haye...
Ayyo!i can't wait for the next one...
Ardhangini part was just awesum...

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Hi thanks 4 da pm n beautiful emotional update! Awesum song choice! Superbly written! Loved it! Maaneet immense love ! Geet overwhelmed! Maan explains dadi 's blessings ! Gives Geet a waist chain! Maanet in their own world ! Precap is fab! update soon! Pls update Ikraar by chance !thanks
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Loved it :D
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Mind Blowing And Beautiful Update
Continue Soon
Thank You So Much For The PM
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superb eagerly waiting for next part
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Wah!! kya tareeka hai samjhanekaWink

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