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New FF:Part 4:The Party Pg#9 (Page 6)

niniborn2rule IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 8:06am | IP Logged
well writtenClap..looking forward to the next parts

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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 10:07am | IP Logged

Hey All Sorry for the delay in posting Part #3.

I have tried to make it a lengthy one Wink

Part 3 : Nidhi's Family & Ashu's Past

Finally its evening time & the first day's internship is coming to an end.Nidhi reaches the parking lot & offers to drop her 3 friends who after much persuasion finally agree.

Dr. Ashutosh too didn't had any case hence he also started for home.

Nidhi is driving the car when it starts raining, she gets excited & halts the car.

Tamanna - What happened Nidhi why did you stop the car.

Nidhi - Hey comeon everyone lets step out in the rain' Its such an awesome weather.Big smile

Janvi - Are you mad??LOL

Nidhi - Not mad Janvi.. I just love drenching in rain

Sonia - I agree with Nidhi come girls lets go out.LOL

Tamanna & Janvi refuse to come so Nidhi & Sonia gets out of the car & with in seconds completely wet. Nidhi looks up to the sky and  rain drops fall on her face she starts playing with the rain trying to catch it in her hand when Sonia too joins her.

Nidhi - Wow Sonia I just love the smell of rain, I feel like dancing now

Sonia - HeheLOLLOL Nidhi hold on we are on the main road'

Janvi - Nidhi Sonia enough of drenching come lets go, its getting late.

Nidhi & Sonia finally return to the car.

Tamanna - Look at the two of you completely soaked, what if you guys fall ill

Nidhi - Oh don't worry Tamanna I am used to getting wet in rain & I wont fall sick.

Janvi - You better be alright Nidhi because from tomorrow you will be starting to work under Dr. Hardstone & he will not tolerate any mistakes.

Nidhi - Dr. Hardstone?? Who's thatShockedShocked

Tamanna - Oh Nidhi its Dr. Ashutosh LOLLOL*giggles*

Nidhi - What Dr.Ashutosh & hardstone, how can someone call him like that he is such a nice person.

She hears a chorus woooSilly from her friends & stops herself.

Nidhi - Oh shutup all of you... stop teasing me... well you all know how he helped me today so after that can anyone term him as HARDSTONE... No way .

Saying so Nidhi starts the car . She fails to see a black car standing just meters away behind her car in which was Dr. Ashutosh who was spellbound looking at her playing in the rain.He had a smile on his face which after a few seconds suddenly disappeared as if he remembered something unpleasant. He started his car & headed in the direction of his house.


Nidhi reaches home at around 6pm. She is met by her grandfather in the lawn. The house where they stayed now belong to her naanu. She was only 5yrs old when her father left home & never returned back. Had it not been to their grandparents Nidhi wondered what would have happened to her & her mother. Though she had asked several times about her father she never got a proper reply from her mother & since her repeated questioning was hurting her mother she had stopped asking. She had just accepted the fact that she didn't had a father and just her mom, nanu & nani.

Her nana & nani loved her immensely & being the only child in their family she had a luxurious & memorable childhood. It was their desire to see her become a doctor & she was most eager to fulfil their wish. And today when she was finally beginning her career they were the happiest.

Nidhi - Nanuuu (She hugs him tightly from back & Nanu is shocked)

Nanu - Nidhi finally you are home.. why so late & you are completely wet.

Nidhi  looks mischeviously at him & tells - Nanu you know me na

Nanu laughs and realizes what she is been upto & asks - How was your 1st day Nidhi.

Nidhi - Oh Nanu it was very good & you know what I will be working in neuro science department as a intern to  Dr. Ashutosh.

Nanu - Nidhi you mean the famous surgeon Dr. Ashutosh, oh I have read so much about him in newspaper, I am very happy beta because you will get a lot to learn working under him.

Nidhi - Exactly Nanu the same Dr. Ashutosh & yeah I am lucky to be his intern.

Nanu - My best wishes are with you Nidhi hope you too become a successful doctor like him.Now go and change your dress luckily for you your mom & nani have gone to supermarket. 

Nidhi - Thanks Nanu for all your support, I will just come in 5mins then we will have coffee ok...

Its about 9pm in the night and Nidhi is having dinner with her family.She briefs her mom & nani about her day and how she made new friends.

Nani - Nidhi yeh tumhare naye dost kaha ke hain aur kaise hain mera matlab '.

Neha (Nidhi's mom) -  Maa yeh kaisi sawaal hain

Nani - Neha main sirf yeh poonch rahi thi'

Nidhi - Nani meri 3 dost yahi Lucknow ke hi hain aur bahut ache hain aap chinta mat kejiye.

Nani nods in affirmation & they finish their dinner. Nidhi says goodnight to all and returns to her room. Its still raining and she stands opening the window and watching the rains splashing over. She has flashback of the day's event & without knowledge her thoughts settle on Dr. Ashutosh. She tells his name aloud and her heart skips a beat & she feels a shiver through her body. She immediately pushes away the thoughts and starts listening to some music.

Same time Ashutosh is also standing in the balcony of his room and is watching the rain. He remembers Nidhi whom he saw just a couple of hrs back playing in the rain & thinks there was a time when he too loved getting drenched in rain becoz... Someone else felt the same (his mind automatically remembers the person whom he had tried best to forget)... Tanu.

It was during one such rainy day that he had seen Tanu for the first time and those memories though he tried best to forget were still fresh in his mind. He goes to his desk drawyer and retrieves a picture of Tanu. She was a beautiful women but more than her face it was her nature which had drawn him towards her but alas...

Ashu puts away the photo back in the drawyer & lies down on the bed. His thoughts again hovers on Nidhi... He gets agitated for repeatedly thinking of her the whole evening... somewhere her presence reminds him of Tanu the one person he wished not to remember. He decides that from tomorrow he will not interact much with her and will be strict to her afterall he was called Dr.Hardstone at his back and he thought this is one time he should act so...

Next morning Nidhi is on the way to the hospital when she witnesses a hit & run case on the road. An old couple are coming in a 2 wheeler when a Van hits them & droves off. Nidhi immediately rushes to them. Luckily the couple were not seriously injured though they were bleeding.

Nidhi - Maa ji aap thik hain - Haan beti main thik ho par inhe toh bahut chot aaya hain.

Nidhi says - haan par ghabraye mat main ek doctor hoon aur aapko abhi  hospital le-jaoongi.

Nidhi takes the help of a few men and makes baba lie down in her car & takes both of them to MCG. On reaching the hospital she takes them to first aid room and slowly cleans Baba's wounds & does dressing.

Janvi happens to see her - Nidhi what are you doing here what happened?

Nidhi quickly explains her the situation.

Janvi - Oh Nidhi that's so kind of you but you better hurry up as Dr. Ashutosh is furious with you as you are late to work. We are having a guest doctor today who will be addressing us today but they all are waiting for you.I came looking for you as you didnt show up.

Nidhi -  Oh no I will come right away you go. Nurse can you pls give them an anti tetanus injection and also these medicines. I will be back in some time.. Maaji aap chinta mat kejiye baba bilkul thik hain aur unke chot jald hi thik hojayenge.

Baba - Tumhara bahut ehsaan hain beti hum par, bhagwan tumhe har khushi de.

Nidhi smiles at him & leaves for the convention room.


Meanwhile Dr.Ashutosh was getting furious with every passing minute. How can she be so careless... He had thought she would be different...

Just then Nidhi comes and looks at him with fear.

Dr. Ashu - Dr. Verma finally you got the time to come to hospital.. Oh what was the need to come so early... you could have come by afternoon ...

Nidhi is shocked to hear him talk so sarcastically to her. She turns around and finds all the 9 interns staring at her & also the guest Dr. Sanjay Mehra , Dr. Ranganath.

Nidhi - Sir I was coming to hospital on time but...

Dr. Ashu - Will you pls stop giving excuses like a school girl, if you cannot be punctual and responsible then you don't have any place in this hospital.

Nidhi was trying hard to control her tears but couldn't. Everyone were looking baffled at Dr. Ashutosh whose behavior shocked them all.

Dr. Ashu - Dr. Verma I cant tolerate this level of negligence I...

Just then the Baba intervenes & stops Ashutosh.

Baba - Doctor saab is ladki koh daantiye math, yahi paas mein mera accident hogaya aur isne hame yaha laake hamara ilaaj kiya. Aapko khushi honi chaheye ki itne acche zimmedaar Doctor aapki haspatal mein kaam karti hain. Nidhi beti tumhare bahut shukriya ab hum chalte hain.

Nidhi nods at Baba & turns towards Ashu. Ashu is standing transfixed and looks from Baba to Nidhi but runs away from there in tears.

Ashu -   Nidhi ... Nidhi...

Looking forward to your comments...


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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 10:15am | IP Logged

@AMBIKA2561979Thanks for liking my FF & I will try to write lengthy parts from now on.

@rabzonedgeThank you dear, I want to show a subtle attraction initially.

@PoojapangeThanks Pooja, they are just thinking about each other & still in initial stages, will make future parts a long one.

@SwastikAshNiThanks dear My FF will be very different from the show

@Binat Thanks dear

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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 October 2011
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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 10:27am | IP Logged

@Blushsarika Thanks dear .. I am just portraying Ashu as a very good doctor & at the sametime someone who is tall & handsome too but ashni love will take time to happen..

@karajekar Thank you dear

@ayushi.luvsid Thank you dear for ur appreciation

@Deepikikamandal Thanks dear

@vanillaflowers Thanks Vanilla I will post lengthy ones henceforth

@rrdus Thanks dear

@ niniborn2rule Thanks dear 

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niniborn2rule IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 February 2012
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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Interesting story...grt going..update fastTongue

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Armu4eva Coolbie

** Super Coolbie **
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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Aarati.. lovely update... aww Nidhi .. n the rains... such an awesome combination Heart

Absolutely loved it Embarrassed 

Ashu seems to b still reeling under the effects of the past... looking forward to seeing how Nidhi will brighten up his present n future! Day Dreaming

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SwastikAshNi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Interesting story,wd like to know the next AshNi convo soon.
Now both of them has felt a mysterious attraction for each other.So looking forward to c how it improves.Pl update soon.

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rabzonedge IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 April 2012 at 11:09am | IP Logged

Aarathi...Great FF...Story is unfolding in interesting way...Clap

1.-Nidhi and her freinds are damn cute...loved their masti in rain...Nidhi is mischievous,caring person...Best part was her freinds teasing her..and saying...'wooo'...LOL 

2.Nidhi's family intro is Nice..here you have given twist about her Dad..wow...

3.Dr Ashutosh has a Past...Hot babe named Tanu..Wink..Nice name...She loved Drenching in Rain..and so is nidhi..excellent connection between past and present...

4.Dr Ashutosh..furious on Nidhi...And nidhi is not at fault...How is he going to rectify His Mistake...

Love Story starts..Eagerly waiting for Next update...Smile

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