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OS: The Last Revealsion (Intense)

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 2:57am | IP Logged
Hi Friends,

Here I am with another OS which has been lingering for longtime...

maanviluvzvirat it all cropped up from your signature i am using them on my OS. Its a beautiful line. It says

"Love is giving someone the complete authority to destroy you, But At the same time being confident, that he Or she will never do it .."

I would like to start with the scene were he have our handsome hunk Arnav pacing over...

No let me get into serious mood instead of drooling over him...Embarrassed

It has been 2 days since Arnav blurted out to Khushi clarifying all the queries and doubts and the reason why he married her. Khushi stood still as she couldnot believe her ears what arnav told her. and the worst part is arnav never wanted any clarification from her. He was never interested in the other side of the story...It haunted Khushi...She couldnot believe that the person she loves the most didnot see her pain. He didnot even bother to ask whether how much it is true and he only believe in what he saw.

Arnav was pacing in his room...last two day seems like ages for him...his brain told him he is right but is heart...why his heart still beats for the girl who was about to ruin his sister's life...he thought she has already ruined his life then why...why is that he doesnot want her to leave? in last 6 months nothing had happened between them...nothing has grown was all...all hatred...nothing else then why he want s to stop her? Why...WHY...


Arnav was working on his was past mid night...Khushi was still not there in the room.

Arnav looking at the door...Where the hell is she? Why cant she just stop acting good to my family members? His anger grew.

His change of expression...khushi entering the room looking down...all her dreams its just about few more hours and she has to leave RM...RM? Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada's House...she was never her own house...but why she felt that it was her world? Why she always looked upto her husband...Husband...for few more ours...then what? What will he be for me? Arnav Singh Raizada...a rude man who has ruined her life? No she thought he will always be my Shehzada no matter how ill i am being treated by him...he has his own reason to hate me...but i have love for him is beyond his hate.

Khushi went to the bathroom to change...after few minutes she came out still looking down. It was like his presence doesnot matter to her anymore...she was like a stone...a non living being...

She walked passed Arnav taking her blanket and pillow out to the pool-side...Arnav who was minutely observing her couldnot stop himself from saying

Khushi you can sleep inside today.

Khushi was not hearing anything it seemed like.

Arnav: Khushi, I am talking to you...

Still no Answer...

Arnav moves his laptop and catch hold of her arms...she jerks it out...dont you dare touch me Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada...dont you dare...enough of your strong words...i told you 2 days back that you are free to think what you want to but please leave me alone.

Arnav pierced in her eyes...HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THIS? yes i know you dont like me touching only like Shyam...Shyam your lover to touch you...Ghin ati hai mujhe tumse...Even i hate touching you Khushi Kumari Gupta S...

Still holding her arms both of them feeling their love and hate for the same time. Arnav screamed...I hate touching you do you get it? but still holding her arms...

Khushi: I hate when you touch me Arnav Singh feels like i should cut all the parts whereever you have touched is like a sore which will get rotten day by day and will remind me of the pain that you have given me...she bursted out in tears thinking "What am i saying...I dont mean to say these things to him, only i know how much i love your touch arnav ji, everytime you touched me it was an eternal feeling whether in anger or in love...she paused..." she closed her eyes...he loosen the grips feeling equally hurt...Arnav ji, today is the last night we are together please can we have a peaceful night?

Arnav finally releases his grip and sat on the bed.

Khushi: Arnav ji I am going to the terrace, i feel chocked here.

Arnav wondered why she told him and go? This was her last night and tomorrow the last day so she was free to do anything she wanted.

It was a long night for both of them...both still not understanding there worth for each other...both still reacting impulsively...both fighting with their inner feelings...both sailing on the same boat...both feeling emptiness.


Both couldnot sleep the whole night...parting ways was never and option for khushi...she has never dreamt of such situation in her life...

She still standing on the terrace...

Khushi ji

Khushi turns...its was shyam...

Shyam: Khushi ji finally the day has come, aaj aap arnav sigh raizada ka chongan se free ho jayegi...

Khushi notice each and every reaction of Shyam

Shyam: I am so happy finally you will be mine...waise you were always mine just that sone of a bitch forced you to marry him...

Khushi: With a straight face. Mind your tongue JIJAJI

Shyam: Kahe Ka JIJAJI? Khushi ji...Arnav aapke pati thodi hai?

Khushi: Arnav ji mera pati tha, hai aur hamesh a rahega...

Shyam: Oh come on Khushi he has disowned you...stop dreaming...and see the reality...he never loved you...he used you...

Khushi: So what that he never loved me? The reality is I Love Him...and it doesnot matter to me whether he loves me or not. Its totally his choice and I respect his decision.

Shyam who was trying to cup her face...Oh khushi ji.

Khushi: STAY WAY piercing in his eyes...I SAID STAY AWAY

Shyam: Wo Wo Wo you only love your so called husband's touch whether he touches you in anger...only anger.

Khushi: What do you know about love? You yourself is not worth loving by anjali ji,i wish i could tell her every truth about you...

Shyam grabing her hand Oh Khushi ji...

Khushi screamed Haath mat lagana nahi to meye Arnav ji ko bulaungi and aap ka sara sach bata dungi. (Dont touch me shyam otherwise i will call arnav ji and i will tell him everything about you)

Shyam: Call him...go and call him...he will not come...he will not believe you...he doensot love anycase he has ruined you life...

Khushi: Love is giving someone the complete authority to destroy you, But At the same time being confident, that he Or she will never do it. He is my husband and i give him complete authority to mend it, destroy it, take it, or leave it. He is my HUSBANB. And i am confident he will neither destroy me nor this relationship. and another thing whether i am his or not i will never be yours...

Mere haar sawal ka jawab hai woh,
mere har muskaan ka karan hai woh,
mere har mushkil ka hal hai woh, 
Mera tan, man aur jeevan mein sirf aur sirf unka haq hai.
and today i want him only him to be the reason for my destruction as well.

do you understand that? so just stop cribbing about the doll who can never be yourz...

Shyam leaves...

Khushi: just stay over there Arnav ji, wahin rukh jayiye

Arnav who was listening to them stood shocked.

Khushi: dont you dare come near me.

Arnav doesnot listen to khushi and walks towards her...

Khushi: Arnav ji dont...there is nothing left between us to talk...

Arnav: Khushi but...i need to talk to you..

Khushi but i dont moving back

Arnav: Khushi do you realize what you said? 

Khushi: I know what i said arnav ji and i mean each and every word of mine...but yes i dont want to discuss this...Its all over between us...not realizing that she has gone to he edge.

Arnav hold her hand and she is hanging...

Khushi smiles...leave me arnav ji...i am destined to die today...release my hand...its better to one cent for all than seeing hatred for me in your i have no one with greatest support that is you...cuts off by arnav

Arnav pulls khushi and exchange his position now arnav is on the edge and holding khushi's hand...

Khushi: have you gone mad? what have you done? i cant pull you...oh god someone help me please...she was about to scream...

Arnav: shhh! listen to me dheere dheere loosing his grip...TODAY I GIVE YOU FULL AUTHORITY TO DESTROY ME KHUSHI...ITS NOW UPTO YOU WHAT YOU WANT...TO LEAVE ME OR TO LIVE WITH ME. AS YOU SAID Love is giving someone the complete authority to destroy you, HERE YOU GO...Kushi holds his arms which was slipping and pulls him towards her and hugs his as tightly as possible.

Arnav hugs her back and tells But At the same time being confident, that he Or she will never do it.


Thats it folks. tell me how was it...eee...waiting for your comments.

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too gud nd that creepwa abhi tak baaz nahi aaya Angry nyc os Wink

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barunslakku IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 3:06am | IP Logged
it was so good..loved it..

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Parsha Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 3:12am | IP Logged
My My...very intense..i liked ur punch line..heart felt!!! 

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zafi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 3:44am | IP Logged
Awesome os.ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar
Loved it. So wonderful.
Very well written.
Thanks.Big smile

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AnuLovesBarun Senior Member

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this is just wowStar.Star.hope dis happen in d showSmile...

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Good one.. Loved it..

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Stapleton IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Wow wonderful os... Luved the dialogues khushi said...
Thanks 4 d pm

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