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REDUX ;Ae Ajnabi, Awaz de kahin Se !!* updtd (Page 2)

razor12 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
Hi Sathya,
  That was one of my favourite songs that i am very much attached to...
it suits well with Arnav's state of mind in yesterday's episode.
Waiting for your post and Doodle's take.Star
Finally, we get to see some reaction and pain angle in Kushi's character.
Thank you and Doodles for your insight into episodes. I am a silent but an addicted reader of your posts.

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siamesecat IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
I cant believe my bad luck: I wrote a 10 paras post and then I lost it due to power breakdown.Ouch Cry Angry Shocked
Anyway, I don't have time right now to rewrite everything. maybe later.
So, ladies, once again, great analysis. Today, we saw the return of the true IPKKND. 
Cvs, Please continue it like so. no more OTT comedy with the tuition kids, please.

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sunshine99 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 12:03am | IP Logged
 Doods :As always fantastic  insights into the episode. 
Tanthya :Loved the song selection. Waiting to read your take on the episode. 
Liked yesterday's introspection by Khushi, her dejected demeanor on her realization that Arnav has only hate and fury for her. I felt that Arnav 's caustic words later and Khushi's decision to maintain her distance from him is a prelude to the start of the widening emotional distance from her end.
Sanaya's portrayal today of khushi's  varied emotions of sadness,hurt, loneliness and an yearning to be loved  elevated the scenes by a notch for me.

Ironically Arnav starts missing Khushi's quirkiness, incessant chatter, laughter and her infectious happy spirit. He has unknowingly embraced and fallen in love with it once more. He takes his first step to go in search of her.The journey of Arnav towards his love has started again . He has an uphill task of bridging the gap in their relationship.  

The million dollar question that is plaguing my mind this weekend. 

Will we see Arnav on this road from next week or  will it be dropped like Khushi's momentary flash of brilliance( arnav is aware of khushi's connecton with shyam).

Our dear cupid villian is back to his scheming ways.His previous follies of trying to kill Anjali led to the rapid progress of the love track to the point where Arnav was ready to confess his feelings for Khushi. 

This time what will it lead to ?

Clearing of the veil of mistrust between them or  further deepening of the  MU. If the track is to be stretched than maybe the latter. In that case what new low will be touched in Arnav and khushi's relationship ?


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dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 12:04am | IP Logged

@ Tant, earlier i was a fan of ur writing, today u just floored me wth d choice of ur song. have been humming d same since yest eve after watching d episode.

@ Doodle, abhimaan strikes d love birds. loved yr choice of words.ClapClapClap
I am going to talk  about d gradual progression in Arnav's character. Would start from d green room scene when he says that don't believe what u see. Isn't that what he was doing so far. Or has he mend his ways? So practicing what he himself [preaching. That's why he starts questioning Khushi kahan thi tum? He wants to give her a chance . answer  which can pacify him for the time being, can soothe d lava in his heart right now.

A very age old truth from d matriarch of the family: waqt insaan ko badal deta hai: isn't it changing the man ASR himself. He has realized that he can't let go Khushi out of his life. She has to, need to, destined to be with him because heer ke bina ranjha adhura.

He is ready to bend, ready to confess within himself. He cant apologise to Khushi when he hears d reason of her disappearance act with Shyam because of his bloated ego. Still feels its Khushi's fault, memories keep on haunting him'. Why didn't Khushi refuse to go with Shyam. This is d possessive lover thinking' when he cant say no to Anjali.. infact none of d family members do so' then how can Khushi overrule her instruction.

Arnav says its good that Khushi is not talking but actually he has started missing her constant blabbering'her nonsense talk. Khushi has already started residing in his heart so obviously d room is crying loud of her absence.

one thing just came to my mind: why were they having the fight in d staircase? Arnav bends ...pulls Khushi up to him... khushi pulls him back... she is about to fall.. when arnav held her and this time he didnt honor khushi's choice ... he held her close to him... does all this means they r going to hold each other from falling apart... saving each other... staying together in d ups and downs of life. can this be of any symbolism or am i reading too much into it.

Absolutely loved:
    Arnav's early morning reaction of getting up and looking at d bed. Looking out for d face which he announces he hates to see. His ears eager to hear d monologues or at least d anklets.
  1. Arnav declares almost to himself; Main khud dundh lunga


Did you notice: todays convo between payal and mami was devoid of her signature dialogue'. Khun bhari tangue>


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Nia.D Goldie

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 12:07am | IP Logged

"Silence is a girl's loudest cry. You know she's really hurt when she starts ignoring you" - Anon

Alrighty, this week was filled with good episodes, where the CV's maintained the track, characters, and intensity. After a lot of displeasure exhibited by the forum members over Thursday's episode, I see it overflowing today with everyone going awww-awww over Arnav missing Khushi! Such romantics we are, I tell you LOL


The episode started well from where it stopped on Thursday, Khushi still hurt from Arnav's words and actions sees him taking care of Anjali and wonders how he can have such strong contrasting feelings for two different people ' utmost love and affection for his darling sis, and deep dislike for her (Khushi). Loved Sanaya's expressions ' especially the hurt and pain in her eyes ' it was so beautifully portrayed that she too longs to see the loving side of Arnav toward her. People have been saying that Khushi doesn't really express much, but I don't know, I've always found that Khushi expresses a lot of her love through her impulsiveness, her actions and her general behaviour toward Arnav. (Even when she refuses to answer him, or gives it back to him in an argument ' it all speaks about the love she is unaware of). Oh, while we are on this scene, I don't think this will happen, but Khushi seeing Arnav caring for Anjali should remember his previous night's line - 'Main tumse nafrat karta hoon, iska matlab ye nahin ki main saare duniya se nafrat karta hoon' ' and connect it. But the moment passed, and I'm not sure if she will remember this in the future.

Also, learning (gradually) from Tanthya and DB about the 'Triangle' ' noticed the Anjali-Khushi-Arnav triangle today, which to me meant, that Khushi will always value their relationship, and will do everything in her power to preserve this sweet bro-sis relation. (Me treading a bit into this new territory of the triangle).


I was a bit puzzled as to how to interpret the wallet-key scene. What I came up with was that, the key represents Khushi's innocence, honesty and truth regarding the whole MU. And that Shyam knowing the reason behind Arnav-Khushi's marriage will try to hide this factor of Khushi from Arnav. (Sounds a bit ridiculous, I know), but the wallet does represent something valuable- Arnav's heart? (Will read others' posts to get a clearer insight into this.)


Moving on, the small Shyam-Khushi MU (not really an MU though) in Arnav's mind being immediately dispelled by Anjali telling him that it was she who had sent the two of them for her medicine. And here, my leetle heart filled with quiet happiness when Arnav immediately got up to rectify his mistake (this is a BIG change from our earlier ASR, who wouldn't even accept his mistakes). It was an impressive action by him ' going after Khushi ' to kind of apologize for his anger that he vented on her the previous night.

And again, Khushi, still mad at him from their last spat gives her piece of mind to him in a short, firm sentence and leaves from there. This is where it got a bit interesting for me, Arnav is left there fuming at her statement, remembers the terrace scene and the function scene of Shyam-Khushi, and wonders to himself 'Woh Shyam ke saath jaane ke liye mana bhi toh kar sakti thi' ' this line of his struck me as odd, because I felt that a person like Arnav, who seems to believe that Khushi loves Shyam wouldn't really make a statement like this unless:

1.       Somewhere in his heart he knows that Khushi doesn't love Shyam and maybe loves him

2.      Jealousy

I think that the second option is the more probable one. The first option is a bit far-fetched for right now, and all I could think was that if I was in Arnav's place, and if I believed that the person I loved is in love with someone else, I would find it perfectly normal to believe that the two of them  went out together when they were given such a great opportunity by Anjali ' the above line of Arnav's would come to me only if I'm really jealous, and didn't like the idea of them together, or if I doubted that the person I love really loves the other guy (this option doesn't really fit into the story right now). My mind is still pondering about it' This scene also showed me a bit of Arnav feeling like he 'owns' Khushi, like he has a 'haq' over her, a husband kind of ownership/possessiveness over Khushi. Seeing more of this from both sides these days.

Okay, after that, Arnav being disturbed by Khushi's dhobi line and she clears the dupattas away ' I felt that in time, Khushi will clear away the doubts arnav has about her regarding the MU (feeble explanation, but this is the only one that's come to my mind).


Oh and the next part makes me laugh' hey DB (Doodleberry), Arnav played our 'schizo' role yet again today! LOL Tells Khushi that he's happy she's not talking, at least there's peace in the house, and then later on is disturbed with the silence and her absence.  ASR!! What would we do without your schizo tendencies, I don't know!

The scene where Arnav is dishing out his lecture to Khushi (irritated with her silence, even though he claims it's a good change) and Khushi is with dear Lakshmi made me think the following:

1.      Arnav will be oblivious to the hurt his words causes Khushi, her back  is to him and he doesn't see the pain, sadness in her eyes

2.      Khushi will return to the Gupta house to get over Arnav (somehow, Lakshmi, to me, represented domesticity ' and that's why I thought of the Gupta family) ' soon after, Khushi calls Buaji too ' so, they will help her get away from Arnav


I liked that Khushi gave the silent treatment ' nothing else works as good as that! I couldn't repress a smirk (not a totally evil one, just an about-time-you-realized-how-much-life-she-fills-in-your-life smirk) when Arnav was itched by her absence. I loved Barun in the scene when he comes out of the bathroom and mouth 'Khu...' and stops when he realizes that she's not there. Excellent gestures and expressions!


Also, liked that they showed two days pass in one episode' helped drive the effect of Khushi's absence in Arnav's life quite well ' what with the new slow and beautiful Rabba Ve, and him remembering her before he goes to sleep and after he wakes up.

The windchimes, to me, represented a signal /a wake-up call to Arnav to emphasize how empty his life will be without Khushi. He immediately looks at her side of the bed on waking up (totally fell in love with this action of his) ' and sees it empty. Barun is simply amazing at conveying emotions without words!! He looks 'eagerly' toward the bed to see if she's there, and then a hint of dejection sets in when he doesn't find her there.

He returns home to find his room khaali again. And you can see the slight desperation, wondering where the hell this bubbly spirit which has been dampened lately has gone off to. He sees the stars  that she hung above her bed ' and she is like a star, a bright light, the twinkling essence in his empty life ' sparkling with humour, wit, spirit, fire and loveStar Star Star ' and oh gawd' Barun, your expressions will just make me swoon helplessly one day ' he touches the star so delicately, and loses himself in her thoughts. There's quite a connection with the stars:

1.      The first time he apologizes to her, she tells him that her ma-bauji are stars in the sky, and that they look down at her from there

2.      When he remembers his mother after reminiscing about her with Anjali, he asks Khushi if his mother is a star and whether she would be proud of him

Hmm... well, two days of not seeing Khushi drives this man to seek her out within his home. Note, he didn't even think that she would have left home, simply knows that she'll be around in the house somewhere, even though he doesn't vocalize it. Clap

I felt like hugging and smirking at Arnav, both at the same time... sigh, the things this guy puts us through! It did prick my heart to watch the poor guy searching for his wife, but he asked for it, and this is a good remedy to all that he's been putting her through (yes, yes I know that both are at a loss at understanding the whole situation, and that their minds are warped with doubts, this is just all my emotions talking right now.)

Arnav's instant about-turn when he heard Khushi's voice!! Awwwieee... Embarrassed I'm just at a loss of words to describe how Barun's minute body language gestures are done just right! And even though we didn't get to see Sanaya much today, her hurt, her pain, her sadness at being the recipient of malicious words, hate and anger from the man she loves so much - was heart-rending!


There was a certain calmness to the episode, due to no fights between the two, but one can't help feel that something is brewing under all this. What amused me most was that the clam and peace in the show entered our forum too! All oooh's, and aaah's, and awww's .. chuckles. Big smile

Yesterday's episode, had a smooth flow to it, though there were a few places where the editing could have been better (but it's okay)... I'm praying that the CV's stick like super fantastic glue to the current track, and I hope they don't resort to un-necessary comedy scenes. They have maintained the intensity quite well throughout this week - Barun and Sanaya have delivered spectacularly in this week's scenes - crackling, and heating up, war of words, pain, sadness, guilt... An overall NICE Friday episode, unlike last Friday's death round ending!


The song 'Ye Dooriyan' from the movie Love Aaj Kal came to my mind when I saw Arnav missing Khushi. The lyrics actually fit the situation:

Kyun koi paas hai
Door hai Kyun koi
Jaane Na koi yahan pe

Aa Raha paas ya,

Door mein ja raha

Janu na mein hoon kahan pe

Yeh dooriyan

In raahon ki dooriyan

Nigahon ki dooriyan
Hum rahon ki dooriyan
Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan


Have a good weekend folks!! Smile


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-cherryblossom- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 12:24am | IP Logged
amazing analysis as always...loved yesterdays episode... the scene which i liked the most was.. arnav missing her presence... well its was only 2 days back he flatly said it was just a act... ranjha... saying.. "door chala gaya.. mujhe koi farak nahi padta"...and look what happened ... 1st day he was kind of fine... but day 2... he just lost it... all flustered up and missing her like hell...cant wait to see how he is going to handle himself whn he finds out about the truth...

well as spoiler said he will go win her back... wel all know is a extreme in every for his di, his work, his family... the lover in him has only come out very few times but always goes back hiding... but once its out in open.. that will be to the max.. and only some one like khushi cant handle him... Smile

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Doodle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 12:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by showstruck

Hi was just yesterday you said Anjali will clarify Arnav's doubt and it came true do you know them so well?? Hats off to you once again.

Had you not mentioned it, I would never ever thought the 7-9 plea was for us to watch SP. The forum and me too getting worried thinking Khushi's OTT might come back with the's a relief...Thank you , thank you thank you so much for taking the effort.

SS Hugzzz Hug

Thanks . You forgot my little chat with the superiors???? LOL See how we roll from both sides...LOL

Well, Anjali, yeah I knew ...bas plain logic. but the loop not yet closed. It will close when ASR will know that Shyaam and Khushi were engaged and why she cried that day... abhi lamba chalega woh loop...Big smile

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Doodle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 12:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Anna--

Sathya, Doodhs and all Redux Members - Hiii! Hug Happy Weekend!!! Smile

 One thing I did not understand - why dint shyam just take the key when he picked the wallet up!? Arnav would not have checked it there and then right!? Now - one more move from Shyam that we can expect is to try steal the key and either get caught or be successful - and finally let us know what is the mystery behind that file!


Anna, hugzzz and thanks Hug
Yeah Shyaam could have picked up the key but CVs will use the thread as "Hint" and not let Shyaam even have a pick at the file. Like the Scorpion thingy... LOL

So, I say W&W, therez more to it. 

Rest, I loved your analysis Clap Clap Clap Since it's the first 2 pages, so didn't quote it.

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