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Sushpective: Logic that follows emotions... (Page 4)

.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 7:59pm | IP Logged
@Vee, LOL about the mega million. Khushi did look gorgeous and she continues her go getter attitude. So Arnav closed the doors on her dabba business, she immediately opened another door for herself and looks like now she'll be back to working with kids. Love her for this
I loved seeing Arnav missing her, here he is trying to convince himself how peaceful it is without her around but it was the exact opposite. He is haunted with memories of Khushi, it bothers him that he has gone two whole days without seeing her or fighting with her. Serves him right, should teach him a lesson to be careful what you wish for. The other lesson he should learn out of this is that sometimes an apology is not enough, words hurt and his were very harsh
@Shastradhari, a spoiler posted has me hopeful that Khushi won't be so forgiving when Arnav learns the truth.
As for the silent Khushi, I am liking it because she is taking a more mature approach in dealing with him while keeping her self respect intact. Khushi refuses to have her heart stomped upon again
@showstruck, love your display picture! Yes, I am glad that unilke the wedding track where the day seemed never ending things are moving forward here. If other shows can be shown taking huge leaps in years then it won't hurt for this show to take a leap by a few months.
@Soshy, yes she yearns for his love time and time again but sadly he crushes all her hopes in an instant with his harsh words. This is why I want him to be shown repenting big time, hopefully what we saw today is just a preview of things to come
@Ratna, I did the same thing. I kept refreshing in hopes of seeing Sush's post. I've become addicted to reading Sushpective everyday
Khushi's wig is getting to me too, I felt like screaming as I watched it during her scene with Arnav today.

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
Hi Sush, took a while finding your post and was a bit restless like Arnie till I had found the landing spot.

Loved today's episode even though am not sure exactly where we are going with this. While it focused on feelings of hurt and hate, it was a feel good one for me in the sense that the characters stayed true to what they should be feeling given Thursday's incidents.

Khushi is rightfully hurt and not ready to pander to hubby's whims and mood swings. Also, more than the silent treatment today I felt like she genuinely thinks he hates her and that the situation is not redeemable.

ASR- oh boy! You have no idea what you are setting yourself up for. Today's barbs seem to have been inserted into the script only to make his path of regret that much more difficult. He is going to have hell to pay for and I can imagine FBs galore from today's epi. Ofcourse only if ever the CVs decide to clear this MU!!

AsR had wardrobe changes galore which was refreshing (though I did not care much for that all brown suit, shirt, tie et al) and in IPKKND time they actually showed two full days!!! Will miracles never cease

All in all a great end to the week. Now if only I had not watched the spoiler segment which indicated that the screaming-like-a-banshee Khushi is not too far away. Sigh!

Off to blow a few balloons for the party now...

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sugar_babe IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
Oh heyyy!!!

So as exams draw nearer, I'm not at all mad that the show has gotten sooo much better, I mean, its not like they plan to have the best tracks at times that I am busy.. Evil Smile

Loveddd the episode today. It was dark though. Lots of progress, but very dark. And its only a foreshadow, it will get depressing to watch when the truth is out and the RTR begins if CVs don't incorporate comedy into it. I'm really hoping this time around they give it to Sobti, I'd love to see ASR do crazy antics to win Khushi back... (omg, an "aati kya khandala" number pls, he's already a pro at the matchstick trick!!! :D)
I anticipated a leap in yesterday's episode with the repeated mention of the "6 month contract", and it was confirmed by Zee_News yesterday so looks like we're going to take small, big steps for the next couple of days. Looks like this ME might be Maha afterall. It better be, I'll be done exams, I deserve a reward!

I really liked Khushi's character growth, today Sanaya was brilliant, like she was on the SR episode and the Holi-confession episode. My heart really went out to her. But then, I took that scene with Anjali and Arnav as a symbol of things to change very soon. Khushi, sweetie, Arnav loves you more than you can imagine, he's just caught behind a blunder right now, let him realize it and watch him worship the floor you walk on. Its there, you'll see all off it. She won't replace Anjali, she'll have her own special place in his heart and life, these 2 ladies are the ones he'll show the most love and care towards.
If it was positive, it also brought me to think, hmmm, how will Anjali react when she finds out Khushi was the second person not just in her chotte's life but her "inhe's" life too. I still believe once the redemption and confession is done, when Arnav will be brought to crossroads between his sister and true love (I use true here to objectify it, because in essence it would be completely, eternally truthful now), he will pick Khushi, but seeing that it is spoiling his relationship with Anjali, Khushi will walk away, he won't let her, but she'll ask him and he'll have to oblige. Ofcourse then Babuji will make a recovery and take out the blinders off Anjali, but alas, I want to see Anjali begging Khushi more than Arnav to come back to his life because really she transpired all of this.

Sari, I think the reflections with Shyam will increase now. At least I hope they will. I want that feisty Khushi back who will hurt him for trying to touch her, the same one who threw tea on Arnav. She needs to fight Shyam a couple of more times for him to lose it and slip and Arnav to see the truth in front of him. I'd really not like a "knight in shining armor" approach to this track, I want a Khushi to fight for herself and for Arnav to see that and realize his love has always been right.

Jamba, I think the SBB segment is a short one, I mean, we need a little comedy, the track can get too dark sometimes. Besides, they have to show how she's coping, I mean she's equally miserable, if he has his AR she has her dabba-service to cook for and now these kids to teach.

Finally, I also feel that SBB segment with the kids and a spunky Khushi will make Arnav realize that she's happy away from him, so he might start coming home late so she doesn't have to face him. Love does make you do interesting things sometimes.

PS: I can be a little crazy, but I couldn't figure out BS's wallet brand, I did notice the Gold Master Card though and another one flipped over among the other cards I couldn't see clearly,  if anyone's interested! Embarrassed

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bollywoodcrazed

@Jamba, I totally agree what I was expecting to happen and what ended up happening were entirely different but in a good way.
I too hope when the MU, a good amount of time is spent on Arnav repenting and going out of his way to win Khushi back.
Mandy,  The MU is here to stay .  its not going to be cleared very soon.  And today I did get the feeling that when Arnie repents Khushi will not be too easy on him and rightfully so.
@Sari, I don't think Khushi feels there is anything she can do at this point about Shyam. I know there've been posts about how she could confide in her sister or Bua but that is not who Khushi is. Khushi is someone who keeps her troubles to herself no matter how hard her loved ones try to get her to open upto them, she would rather fake a smile and act like everything is ok.
The trust is being built when it comes to Arnav trusting Khushi but it is slipping on her side with good reason given his actions.
@Mandy Khushi has NEVER confided in her family. All the times when Arnie was mean to her she never mentioned it to anyone.  Also I an looking forward to the events and circumstances that will lead to the truth being revealed to Arnie.  He needs to hear the truth from Khushi coz its only her who can confirm that she never loved Shyam at all else that image on the terrace will continue to haunt him .

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vicqust Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
Sush & Jamba,, love both your analysisClap

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docgirl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
@Sari  LOL at Khushi and Lakshmi being color coordinated. I've resigned myself to the fact that on Raizada planet no one has friends and the folks that you hang out with are rude, without manners and mean. It does say something about Payal who Khushi loves beyond reason that Khushi is willing to do anything for her but make her a confidante.LOL

@Jamba: More Khushi the banshee? I guess my generous mood towards the show creators won't last long! That was quick, huh?

@ Showstruck, On spoilers, everything I hear about them here only confirms my view that nothing good ever comes from knowing what lies ahead! As Jamba and Savvy mentioned I can see why they need to stock Arnav's closet of regrets for use on his redemption trip. So that must mean more hatred and more angry words words for him to look back on with sorrow. 

Maybe the next week will be hanky panky week? Also why is Shyam so fearful of the file? If he is planning to decamp with Khushi post haste, isn't he abandoning his shot at Raizada wealth? Unless the murder Anjali plan is still in play. I guess I'm absolutely confused about Shyam's game. Beyond his obsession to have Khushi, I don't see what his plan is. 

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sugar_babe IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 8:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mdutta0609


Very nice post. Yes, I'm on the same page too. Really liked the episode, so much so that I'm looking forward to Monday.
Things I liked :
- The bro-sis bond is back. Although from Khushi's POV, it is heart-breaking that he shows so much care for his Di whereas has only harsh words for her. 
- I liked the way the CVs gradually build up Arnie missing Khushi. Initially it him just wondering where she was , then slowly and gradually couldn't keep her off his mind. BS was awesome in expressing every little emotion today. For some reason, he even looked better than he has looked in the past few days/weeks. 
- Coming to Khushi, her realization has dawned . Could see the hurt in her eyes every time he tried to hurt her in his non-sensical way . You are so right, it is so much better to see the grown-up i Khushi than the juvenile 19 year old. She has always loved him but never dared to accept it to even herself. But now that she is his wife, she can't stop but love him beacause it is her 'haq'. It was hard to see her this way but this is what I wanted to see since their marriage. I have a suspicion that the CVs had planned this track at least a few weeks ago based on some spoilers I had seen about junoon etc. Something had changed drastically in the production team , the director being one of them and that is when they brought in some filler episodes/tracks of the 100 diff ways, Khushi's dabba business etc. Looks like we are back on track but like Khushi I am scared to dream big. You never know, come Monday we may be right back to comedy. 
- Although I cannot stand Shyam, but have accepted that he is a necessary evil and no matter what he does, it will ultimately bring Arhi closer.
- I'm also very glad and pleased that they decided to close two tracks pretty swiftly , i.e. the dhaga and the fancy dress Mu. 
- Last but not least , loving the perceptive Nani. Please keep rocking!!

Not big on prediction but although it is the general feeling that we are very close to clearing the MU, I do think it may not happen right away. Shyam has to do something about the handkerchief he stole , he has to reveal the fact that he knows about their marriage and lastly the file. Each of these could easily take up 3-4 episodes each. 

I'm loving this Khushi, hope she is here to stay. She is one strong cookie, so can bounce back from any adverse situation. So those of you worried about her, please don't, Arnav is the weaker one.


Sahana, I think the handkerchief is to bring in some more MU and hurtful words like mentioned to increase the redemption FB bank.
I posted a prediction from a member Lyraa where she predicted that Arnav will find out Khushi's innocence first and then start his RTR with a changing, loving attitude. Shyam will notice it, play her and tell her why Arnav married her, thus emotionally separating them even more and making it even harder for her to forgive him. The RTR track is their cash cow, they have to use everything for it.

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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 8:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bollywoodcrazed

@Sari, I don't think Khushi feels there is anything she can do at this point about Shyam. I know there've been posts about how she could confide in her sister or Bua but that is not who Khushi is. Khushi is someone who keeps her troubles to herself no matter how hard her loved ones try to get her to open upto them, she would rather fake a smile and act like everything is ok.
The trust is being built when it comes to Arnav trusting Khushi but it is slipping on her side with good reason given his actions.

Mandy - Like I said confiding in anyone will not help. Until today I thought there was an outside chance she could confide in ASR. But him going hyper over a common pregnancy symptom was out of place & I am not sure he would be on her side.

For an internet savvy ASR who knew papaya is bad it was strange he didn't know women feel giddyConfused He may well accuse her of hiding it & then another MU over her motives. So its better he finds out that she is innocent.

But Khushi at least needs to have a plan. She did think about once before but they never continued with that thought. He lives in the same house & is getting bolder. Khushi never takes things lying down especially not from someone like Shyam whom she doesn't care for. Yes, she is mindful of her family being hurt but she at least needs to have a strategy. Ignoring isn't going to help for a psychopath and she know he is one especially with the response to her thappad challenge yest.

Shyam's motives are now clear; it's Khushi & money.  Today his tactics to find out about the key was weird. I am not sure ASR picked up on it. ASR knows he is kameena but not dangerousOuchThat angle probably will develop soon. Who is his next target? I think ASR!

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