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When a man loves a woman, he neednt be Devdas (Page 8)

JWMRK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 4:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by segad

very nicely put.  You verbalized exactly why i like this show / ASR/ Arnav/Barun Sobti.  tortured, complicated yet real!

I don't get that from Khushi's characterization as yet.  Today's episode was the best IMHO.  i hope and pray she doesnt go back to OTT comedy next week.  The silent treatment works. It is effective and also shows maturation in her character, something that has been severely missing.

hey many thanksBig smileGlad to be on the same pageSmile
I will wait till Monday to determine whether there is any maturationLOL...the problem I think is that the Creatives are not sure how to project her...bubbly dukhiyari or something else...its to Sanaya's talent and credit that Khushi is played well...else the number of times CVs have change her core traits is too much

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JWMRK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 4:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by DaShIng_GiRl

i hate you. dil se.. Cry i just finished rulaana dulaana in the AT on this and ways to get it back really!!

it is thank goodness that i watched the epi first and then the spoilers.. cringes to read that! but perfecto CVs! practice what you preach; eh? make ranjha of all people say that he regrets whatever he has done and then live upto it.

HIS STORY.. he loves her; he misunderstands her; he hurts her; he is angry with her; he repents; he falls back; he hurts himself; then he loves her back... and the other side of the story is a pretty blank.. we never know. there are no thought bubbles.

we all want to be loved honey. and this guy will sure repent some madness and give her what she is due. and who loves the lover? me maybe? LOL someone did say that there is only one thing that can break down the guy's shield - undying love! and i agreed! and what does he get in return? we do not know.. but he gives some and more. yeah; its not his hotness or his poetry (BTW read that) that i fell in love with.. you can bet Pinch
Hiya sinnieHugHug
And I adore you ...dil seBig smile
well said in the boldClapClap...totally get his actions and why he is doing it as the CVs give us a few monologues to link the reactions
I love the lover tooBig smileLOLLOLLOLLOL

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pooja_k93 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 4:58am | IP Logged
nice post...a beautiful episode and u summed it up beautifully!

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SunoNa... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 5:38am | IP Logged
Hug for this post..

Reason 1 to 10, aptClap

And feels really sad to knw about ur mom's friend, but hats off to her to recover in this way.
will edit bck

Edit: Your post is so wonderful tht i hv nothing to add for the first time. 
U hv mirrored my thought's JWHug Fantastic post on a Fantastic characterHug 

All i can say is the man will move heaven's to earth for his loved one's..

p.s: Until nd unless the repentance is from both sides, his one sided repentance will just nt be justifiable to me, that will never work for me. She needs to repent as well.. 
Repentance nd earning each other should be from both sides as for me both are equally wrong and equally right. 

p.p.s ; And koi shaq?? After the truth is out, he will let her go honoring her wish, the day she wants to walk out ..  But as always in the back ground where none see his goodness, he will be her shadow, protect her from falling and will never even let her know of his goodness coz he has never defended himself for any act of his nor has he ever spoke of the good deeds he has done.

If some day she can ever see his undying love for his beloved people nd for her, that day she is truly his. He is an ocean , until she gets deeper into him she will never be ble to appreciate him as a human coz he is not a man of words rather a man of action's and one needs to know him to understand his action's. 

p.p.p.s: But seriously i felt bd for Kushi as well today. Arnav and Kushi's childhood has been so terrible that they are waiting for that undying love in their life. Though Kushi has so many ppl around her, she is still alone, always felt n outsider to their family , she longs for his love, for the first time ever i felt this girl longs for his love, she badly badly wants to be loved from him. 
And he, though he has so many around him, he just stays a backbone to his family, a sole bread earner, a wall which protects his family from any tide or evil,he loves his beloved one's unconditionally, but has never had any with whom he could share his pain, his grief, his all pain has been hidden deep inside, their has been none to nourish his pain and get him out of that darkness , a very young child grew up as a man very quick for his di, lost the very important part of his life his childhood.. Its only and only kushi who can get him out of this darkness, he is dying his love to be reciprocated by her, he is dying to be loved by her ..

Oh god when will these two get to know about each other's love.. 

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asha... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 6:06am | IP Logged
Hey JW...

Great post as always... :D

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SunoNa... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 6:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Opti

Quoting you here:

Hey Opti, i really hope u wouldnt mind me replying. Embarrassed

"who despite what he has seen ...time and again"

Don't know if you are referring to the terrace scene and the auditorium scene where Shyam and Khushi were seen together. If you are let me tell you that all he saw was Shyam hugging Khushi and not the other way around.  Yes, he saw Shyam grinning like a Cheshire cat at Khushi after the competition and she seemed to be spending quite a bit of time with him but he did not see her smiling at him or holding his hand. Granted that for an over-possessive lover even these scenes are too much to take.   Yet we do not see him barge in and break the so called cozy time these two seem to be having with each other. The first time he was in so much shock that he went away before he could even hear the whole conversation and the second time he was too slow to react that these two managed to 'escape' before he reached them.

She is referring to both the scenes. Yes he did not see her smiling at shyam but he neither saw her freeing herself from Shyam's arm's as well,had she pushed herself back from Shyaam's arm's he sure wouldnt have a second thot on that, but unfortunately he couldnt see that. Overpossesive lover or a normal lover, anyone under such circumstance would think the worst, had they had trust between each other then it was a total different scenario, but right now both of them dont trust each other..
He feels she loves Shyam but somewhere has a tiny hope that she might love him back someday, When the organizer said she went out with her husband and when he came out and saw kushi with Shyam , he sure saw Shyam's smile but he could neither see Kushi struggling to get her hand away nor her disinterest in Shyam, and its neither Kushi's fault that she couldnt show her disinterest nor Arnav's fault that he couldnt see her reaction coz it was supposed to be shown like that, and he was not being slow, he feels she loves him,  he retreats quietly, honoring her wish, hiding  his pain ,  his sister forgotten , the reason for marriage forgotten only anguish love lost, love never won  prevalent within him.. 

Contrast this with the numerous instances he has seen of Khushi's care for him. Isn't it strange that for a woman who is apparently carrying on with a married man even after her own marriage, she would jump to rub his head when the rod hit his head, would spin like a top to keep the house clean so that he gets back his voice, volunteer to be his 'voice' for a whole day without taking advantage of his handicap to trap him (after all the guy has given her enough pain to warrant that treatment even if she had chosen to meat it out to him)?  More importantly if she is still seeing Shyam and talking to him about their 'relationship', how come she still keeps bombarding him for the reason for their hasty marriage? 

Their i agree, And Cvs have failed to show both Kushi and Arnav not having their thinking caps about each other, Arnav has dropped too many hints to kushi as well, but has she picked up anything?? No! Merely coz CVs dont want them to. 
But again, he feels she is doing this to be good to his family, he has never witnessed Kushi being hesitant near Shyam or he has never witnessed her cold nature with Shyam, until he witnesses one how is he to know her equation with Shyam. 

Bombarding about hasty marraige?? She says she doesnt wanto be with him, she wants to leave home ?? For him it speaks like she doesnt wanto be with him and wants to be elsewhere with someone else, if u remember he did say that, i know where you wanto be but u cant be their, remember this convo has happened?? 

The woman is absolutely attached to her sister and her family. Would she risk their happiness by carrying on with the damaad of the house? The woman was willing to sacrifice her own happiness for her sister and would still skirt danger?

He has lived under the same roof with her for nearly two months. Even in her sleep she can think of only her family and not her 'lover'. They say that one reveals one's true feelings when in sleep and yet there was not a single instance when she even inadvertently  slip Shyam's name. 

As they say, one can see what one wants to see. Arnav can continue having doubts about his wife's character even when the truth is blatantly staring in his face.

When the day comes for him to realise how wrong he has been in judging his wife (the guy has already seen several instances of his misjudgement in the past and still has not learnt from it), I want him to go first grovel, begging for forgiveness for being such a first class idiot  and then go all out and wooo her back.  It is high time ASR comes down from his high horse.  He can climb right back on it with his wife firmly pirch in front of him after he had won her back.

Ur right one see's only what they wants to see. 

When Arnav broke his relation with LA, Kushi saw only what she wanted to see. She jumped the bandwagon without even listening to his part of the story. 
When the capsules were switched, she jumped the bandwagon and thought he changed the capsules to get payal kicked out of home, did she think why would he risk his own mami's life for it, and she already has witnessed several instances about his care towards his family?
When Arnav kept threatening bout divorce paper's of payal-akash, did she think a guy who got them together, now why would he break them??
When She stared feeling dhak dhaks, she thot he did black magic and mixed something in drink, did she think why he did that?? 
Arnav said he married her to save someone's life, did she think whose life he wanted to save and how is that related to her??
Arnav said he will never let do anything for his di, and he will never let nything hppen to his di, did she think why is he acting this way, does he think i will do something to his di?? 

There are many many instances where even she has thought the worst of him. 

Yest looking at Arnav and Anji she thought, this guy has so much love for his sister but hte for her, did she recall the number of instances of his love and care for her??
Him caring for her when he though she met with accident cupping face in road, tying bandage when her finger was bleeding, or the one in below image. As much as he has hurt her, their has been innumerable times he has took care if her, why would a person with so much hate take care of her??  

To err is human. Kushi and Arnav are human's. 
They see and hear what they want to, when their vision gets cleared and trust builds they will have a very clear picture about each other and it should be in both ways.

Im in no way justifying his character or his acts. I have time and again said in many posts that he has to repent for what he has put her through, coz she dint deserve it. 
At the same time, even she has to repent that her hididng such a bg issue has put so many lives at stake, what if Anjali would die as per shyam's plan of killing her, would kushi herself be able to forgive herself has Anjali been dead. No!! 
Yes she is still a young girl, mistakes happen's they are human's, im a women that doesnt mean i never make mistake's, i learn from my mistake's. 
She also need's to learn her part of mistake and repent over it. Why only her i will include payal as well.  

Both have been wrong in many act's and im sorry SI's cuteness or BS's hotness doesnt cover up their mistakes for me, cute or hot i have the vision to see and differentiate between right and wrong.  Their is nothing wrong in learning from their mistakes. I would want repentance from both sides. They need to earn each other's trust , both of them dont trust each other, they have to make themselves worthy of each other. 

I hope u dint mind me responding on behalf of JW, i hv read ur symbolism's most of the times, i hv known u here past some time, so thot of making JW's post more clear. 

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momma1128 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 April 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by JWMRK

Originally posted by momma1128

I wholeheartedly agree with reasons 1 through 10.  It was just a showcase of all the shades of ASR.  To tell you the truth I cannot imagine him as a Romeo/Majnu/Devdas type.  He was never one to patronize Khushi.  Ever.  He is the only one who can handle her sanka deviness.  He will definitely lash out at himself for the hurt he has caused her (IN PRIVATE), he will apologize and he will set it right (as he did when he fixed Payash wedding).

I love ASR because he owns his flaws.  This is me, take me for everything I am, and if you are lucky and if I trust you and myself in your presence, I might show you a glimmer of the man I could be if I wasn't busy holding up my family.

He doesn't apologize for his anger, he doesn't apologize for his arrogance, he doesn't apologize for not believing in God.  Love the I don't care about anyone's opinion of me because those who know me, know that I care - give him back love with interest and he will bring you the world.  And I love that it is so directly a foil to Shyam who is such a people pleaser with  a heart of poison.  

Arnav Singh Raizada - man of action, very few words, but his eyes say it all

Hiya AnuBig smile
Hows it going...thanks muchBig smile
Anu I dont mind being the only one who thinks this...sure I think ASR has done several things wrong...none of which are justifiable...but he is not the only guilty here...and no I am not waiting for him to be punished...because in the same breath ASR has done several good things which quite a lot of the characters here have not done

I also do not want him to be punished as I think the punishment he can give himself is far worse than what Khushi can imagine.  The man is wiling to bleed for her (when he thought she was in the ambulance, he did that to himself, to punish himself).

If ASR is made to grovel and beg and do a Majnu, it is to satisfy the blood lust for a section of the viewing audience's need for retribution and vengence - not because the story of these two who find each other time and again within each other's arms DESPITE shitty words and actions on BOTH sides, needs it.

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.Sad.But.True. IF-Sizzlerz

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Love the title and ofcourse loved your positive post..I really hope ASR doesnt become one Devdas in the future once he finds out the truth...For some reason i liked this weeks episodes better than previous week's..And O yes Barun is seriously he is the king of expressions and emotions ClapClap..He has the ability to take an epi at some other level..And  i always like it when ASR is in ASR mode.

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