Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Mohabbat Door Jaane Na Dey

laddoo598 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 10:36am | IP Logged
My heart went out to both Arnav and Khushi today..Both are hurting, both are in anguish, both are trying and failing miserably at trying to feign indifference..Yes, they themselves are partly to blame for the mess they are in, but still, you cannot help but feel sorry for these two, who are suffering for no reason, each starved of the others love  which they think they can never have, without knowing that what they seek, what they desire, is already theirs..

Khushi, true to her name, always spreads happiness and colour wherever she went..She loves selflessly, fully, wholeheartedly, and asked for nothing in return..But with Arnav its different..It was one thing if she loved him while knowing that he doesn't know how to love with all his heart and soul..However, she knows this is not the case, if he wants to, then Arnav too can love without any restrain, he too can love selflessly, just like he loves his sister..AnJhali's well being, her happiness, is of utmost value to him, so much so that the Great Arnav Singh Raizada has went on and probably read everything there is to read about pregnancy on the internet, in various books..There he was, fussing over his sister, admonishing her for not taking care of herself properly, doting over her, and the same man had nothing but bitter, vitriolic words for Khushi..Was Khushi jealous of the attention and love Arnav shared on AnJhali? No, she wasn't jealous, she was just heartbroken to see what she was missing out on, her heart ached with the deepest sense of loss, for her hearts most potent desire, which was to be loved back by the man she perhaps loves the most in the world, would never come true..

Khushi, true to her selfless nature, gave into every one of Arnav's demands..If he didn't want to hear her voice, then she wouldn't talk to him, if he didn't want to see her face, then she would stay out of his sight..If her consistent chatter, her things scattered around his room annoyed him, then she would stow it all away..She is tired of fighting now, tired of trying to get an answer out of him..The thought that she did something to cause him immense pain is still clawing at her, so if removing herself from his sight can give him some amount of comfort, then so be it..Little did she know that by doing that, she took away his peace of mind, his happiness, his life, away from him...

Now let is come to Arnav Singh Raizada..The man who claims to hate Khushi, the man who claims to be disgusted by her very presence, the man who cringes at the very idea of even sharing breathing space with her..Look at his plight today..He kept trying to reassure himself that he was happy Khushi was not talking much, he was happy Khushi wasn't around the room, he was pacifying his mind that the peace and quiet environment was most welcome..But in reality, the silence was out to haunt him..His room, or rather their room, was barren without her tinkling laughter adorning every nook and cranny, it was desolate without her incessant chatter..She went and took away everything good, everything pure, everything nice, with her..The colors, the laughter, the lighthearted banter, everything was gone..He missed her, he missed her terribly..Yes, he hates her for trying to ruin his sister's life, yes he is disgusted by her for still trying to get close to Shyam, but above all of this, he still loves her beyond any reason, beyond the sense of right or wrong, beyond the concept of lies and truth..None of if matters at the end, all that matters is he loves her, and he will continue to love her until his last breath, and perhaps even after..HeartI  always thought he married her for the same reason, he could have sent her out of the country, made sure she never saw Shyam again, thereby effectively putting an end to Shyam's obsession, but he chose to marry her..Not for AnJhali's sake, but for his own sake, for his treacherous heart bled at the thought of parting from her, for despite her 'betrayal' his heart still longed to be with her.."I can't let you go", he said it himself, didn't he? He is nothing without her..I don't know what it was about the last scene, was it the wide angle shot, the sad Rabba Vey BG, or the lost puppy look on his gave as he looks around to catch a glimpse of her, but the scene touched me immensely..Look at the way his eyes light up when he hears her voice, as if he was a traveling through a desert and finally found an oasis..Must say, brilliantly acted by Barun, kudos to him!Clap

All in all, I loved today's episode..CVs, see this is what we want to see..Khushi maintaining her dignity and self respect, Arnav and Khushi both loving each other deeply and unconditionally beyond the concepts of right or wrong..We got to see the manifestation of that love from Arnav's side today, can we also please see it from Khushi's side too? He missed her, can you show us how she missed him too?? You always give us a lot of insight into Arnav's mind, how he is feeling, what he is going through, please do the same with Khushi too..You finally seem to have come back on track, hopefully this whole beauty and the beast story telling incident won't take away from the intensity of this MU track once again..

Random Musings:

1) Thank you ever so much for inserting Khushi's flaskbacks when Arnav's eyes fall on the Salman Khan poster..I would have never lived down the horror of seeing the great ASR staring at Sallu Baba's poster with Rabba Vey in the BG!LOL

2) Shyam, what the? So much hullabaloo for getting a glimpse of his wallet? Couldn't you have hired a pickpocketer?LOL

3)Where is HariPrakash?? Who is this new guy?? Arrey oh CVs, kitne Prakash the??LOL

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pixiegirl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 10:38am | IP Logged
*Back with my edit*

Hey Tanu, a beautiful post from you after a beautiful, touching episode. Loved, loved every word you wrote dear, yeah, these two are so unlucky, that they cannot even have what's rightfully theirs already, star-crossed lovers for sure. Cry

Khushi's pain & angst, not jealousy, to see the man she loves showering infinite love & care on his sister but not a trace of it anywhere for her just broke my heart today. On the contrary she's dealt with harsh & caustic words, gets pushed & pulled, dropped & roughed-up, treated essentially worse than a slave, yet not a word of pain from her lips. She has done everything he's asked of her and more, yet, nothing she does seems to redeem her in his eyes. She's figured out, that nothing she can say nor do will change his opinion of her, he will continue to believe what he thinks he knows about her. Not surprisingly, she said to him, what answers can I give you, since I don't even understand what you're asking and neither will you believe anything I say!!!  She has been charged & condemned as guilty without even a trial!!!!! 

So she walks away with her heart broken into countless fragments never to be whole again, for the man who is her whole world denies her his love & respect, his kindness & care. The girl who brings warmth, smile & laughter to everyone around her, was herself so sad, forlorn and lonely. What a heartbreaking scene that was!! 

Khushi's altruistic nature complies with every wish of her husband, of not wanting to hear her voice, not wanting to see her face everyday, she quietly removes herself from his sight. You would think that would satisfy the ever complaining husband of hers, think again!!! Wink

Just as Khushi's absence from his life begins, so does the desire & longing to hear her voice, see her face begins in Arnav. He tries telling his treacherous heart that he is happy that finally he is ridden of her presence, but his heart has a mind of its own that he is just beginning to realize. Wink His "dil" cares two hoots for his "dimaag". His dil wants to hear her lively voice, that infectious laughter, to see her glowing face, that charming smile that brings sunshine to a darkened room whereas his dimaag is trying to convince his dil that he is better off without her, yeah right, says his dilLOL

Two days of not seeing his Khushi and not hearing her voice has put the man into a tizzy. He is now desperate for that very face whom he "claims" he hates to see, hear that very sweet voice that he "claims" drives him nuts, Arnav Singh Raizada has officially lost it completely. LOL Bravo!!!!

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imnowhere Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Reserved to edit soon

An amazing episode it was...and so was ur writeup.
Khushi was simply hurt at the hatred she receives from Arnav and it hurts her all the more when she fails to find the reason behind this hatred. But despite this she still continues to care for him trying not to be the reason of complaint. Coz even though she denies, somewhere deep inside her heart she has knotted all love for him which loosens at times. Beautiful portrayal of heart-brokenness there.

Moving on to Arnav, this guys heart, brain and tongue are all against each other. He does never think or say what he feels. And we saw this throughout the episode. He tried hard to pretend her presence irritated him to hell. But again who else knows it better what her presence means to him. And his searching eyes complimented his heart well. A day without her sight has made him go restless. So much that his eyes lighten up on hearing her voice.

Now it is time, I think, to raise the curtain from one of the mysteries. Come on CVs give KKGSR the chance to gorge on some jalebis and use her brain to find the reason of his hatred for her and reduce the quantity of hate in this love-hate relationship.

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-CoolChick- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 10:42am | IP Logged
i just loved ur beautifully u have summed up the epi...ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

now how much ever i cringed during the CAAMEDY i really thank CVs for such an epi. Well, we just got a glimpse of how hes gona be in future..RESTLESS & MISSING her every much he denies the fact...he wants to see her the moment he wakes up...wants her arnd till the time he hasnt left for office...n wants to see her first the moment he comes back from how much i love seeing this lover side of his...i really want CVs to show Khushi's side too...for god's sake, this is a LOVE STORY between 2 ppl...i too want to see...if she misses him the way he does...thinks of him wen hes not around...the redemption track shud be for her actions, hiding the truth did bring out wrong reactions from him...i wont be able to see his redemption Mr. Sobti has a tendency to go tooo much into such emotional scenes..CryCryCry...if this was a teaser...the actual film is gonna be very heart wrenching Cry

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MentalExotica IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Sometimes i wonder whether Faith is what defines love, but truly Love knows not what faith is.
It's timeless, selfless and worthy of everything.

My heart sank at how that little girl held her tears back.
She's not fighting for the truth but she's fighting for the love she thinks she will never get.

Well he has his own battle not just with Khushi but one without her.

To love is nothing,
To be loved is something,
But to love and be loved is everything.

Dear Laddoo 
Great post and i look forward to such great episodes only so that i can relive them through your lovely words.

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RiyaDutta IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged

Thanks for the PM...after watching today's episode some how aamaar laagchilo je tui aajke post korbi!!!EmbarrassedBig smile

Beautiful synopsisClap...and totally agree with u!!!Big smile

Frankly I liked the's episode reminded me more of the tagline "Nafrat paas aane ne de, mohabbat door jaane na de"!! Embarrassed

Liked Arnav-Anjali's cure scene and how Khushi witnessed the extent of his love and affection for his Di!!!
Now Khushi should start using her brain that the one person whose well-being really affects Arnav the most is his Di..he can go to any extend for his sis...m sure when time will come for her to start connecting all the dots this will help her alot!!Approve

That one line said it all "Kaise koi ek insaan do logon ke liye itna alag ho sakta hain...apni Di ke liye itna pyaar aur humaare liye itni nafrat"...poor Girl!!!!

Tanu u are right she was not not at all...she was just plain heartbroken to see what she can never have...*sigh* Unhappy
The fight just went out of her...she was feeling utterly unwanted and alone..I know she is Khushi and she always stands true to her name but how much can she bear as well...she looked so devastated when Arnav said that she has already made his life and room hell!!!Cry
There is no end to her pain and heartbreak *sighs*

Loved how she maintained her dignity and self-respectApprove
This is the Khushi we all love and not the one who behaves like a 5yr old screaming and screeching kid!!!Thumbs Up

Didnt Arnav say just yday that she has to do what he demands..and no questions for the next 6 months??? Wink
Oh yeah Arnie u got ur wish fulfilled...u dont want to hear her voice or see her face...fine GRANTED!!Wink  Dont they say "be aware what you wish for"!!!Wink

Then why are u not happy...why are u so restless??? wasnt this what u wanted all u got ur SHAANT atmosphere back..then why is that quietness haunting u??
Arnie now say me ki tumhe FARAK NAHIN PADTA...who are u trying to fool??? urself???LOL

Coming to the one thing that is confusing me a lot is that now thanks to PUJALI Arnav thinks Shyam took Khushi with him to bring the medsConfused
Oh yeahOuch and the Sun rises from the WEST!!!

Arnie whatever ur Di might be saying, dont tell me that u have selective eye-sight as wellD'oh didn't u see how Shyam was openly lusting after ur wife!!!Confused cummon Arnav wake up...or else it will be too late!

LOlsss...HP is changed...AGAIND'ohLOL

So looks like this is the building up or should I say stage setting for the ultimate confrontation that will lead to clear all the MUs...hope CVs dont massacre it again!!

Yaar read the recent spoiler by Zee and she says that when their 6  months marriage is abt to end the truth will come ques is 6 months as per IPKKND calender or our calender!!!Confused
Coz frankly I dont think I can bear the MU for too long..its already almost 2 monthsOuch and me getting fed up and restless hereLOL


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showstruck IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 10:49am | IP Logged
new hp??
i liked the old one...

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laddoo598 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by showstruck

new hp??
i liked the old one...

Bwahaha, yes, that is the most important point in today's episode!LOL Khushi did address this new guy as HP, but I want my old HP back!! This one is not good at all..OuchLOL

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