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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Written update 'The Swayamvar'- 06/04/2012

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Hi all, I'm Sia.Big smile
I have got this privilege of updating the Written version of the show for Mondays and Fridays.

I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

Episode 101


Sati stands on the Podium (almost leveled with Mahadev's statue,in literal sens) she prays that today,if i had to marry someone it would be the one i truly love - Mahadev.
The Vramaala all by itself finds its way to neck of the right groom-the statue of Mahadev.Sati is esthetic to see that the Vermaala is adorned on Shiva's neck...No sooner this happens At kailash Mahadev is showered with fragrant petals of flowers and Mahadev opens his eyes -having his signature serene smile.Day Dreaming

Daksha walks towards her stepping down -put each step hastily with rage in his eyes like an injured lion...calls her  "What have you done!?!"
But Sati has now raised above all this..she is happy that at last her Vramala was on her Mahadev. 
Sati's family is relived that the Varmala is on Shiva-the groom whom Sati chose as her husband.

Everyone are shocked to see this event.

Sati is still with her eyes closed hoping to see Shiva.

Everyone are shocked to see this event.

Sati now Prays to Maahdev with her hand folded -eyes closed saying "Ab toh iss murti say bahar aajayee MERE Shiv(At least now come out of the statue My Shiv)" she then awaits for her beloved to appear

(Title montage is the scene a very divine feel)

The statue disappears and the whole hall is filled with smoke n light hinting towards Mahadev's arrival.
After a few minutes the smoke disappears and their stands Mahadev with Sati's garland on his neck.

All the Pro-Shiva members of her family especially Chandu and Kashyap are happy to see Mahadev in Real .

The hall is echoed with the praise of Shiva..'Har Har Mahadev'.

Sati's happiness knew no bounds her love got the acceptance as she imagined, called (Varnan) Shiva to marry her!

Each of the family member who supported Sati and Shiva's union runs towards her ,to share Sati's happiest moment together- congratulate her for her wedding except for Maharishi Brigu who was rather hesitant to move an inch towards them leaving PrajapatiConfused

In the process Shiv followers (including Rishi Markanday)  join them in the occasion and pya their reverence towards Mahadev..where as Daksha is fuming !!

Rishi Dhatich now speaks "By giving acceptance to Mataa AdiShakti's love and marrying her
You have give this world its parents ,this is the happiest moment for the ppl living in this world"

"Its very fortunate of you Prajapti that your daughter has chosen the supreme lord himself -Mahadev -He is your Son-In-Law now." Dhatichi utters in great pleasure

Daksha cries "This is Impossible!!"(Exactly...u are Impossible)Angry
Prasuti and Sati wear a worried look for a while,but the next moment they ignore Daksh and Prasuti asks Sati to move forth..Everyone whole support Shiv n Sati move forward along with Sati towards Shiv...And give him back what already -rightfully his.

Prasuti and her daughters have tears of joy for Sati,Prasuti says "Your penance is at last rewarded Sati"

Sati and Shiv looked complete!

(Now aa bail ops no aa Goat head mujhe maar walee baat)

" Sati ,Prjapati still hasn't give his acceptance towards our marriage- Our wedding is values/recognized/certified whatevaAngry only when Dakhs Prajapti gives his approval "Shiv states.


Daksha is still in his hot mood...
"I dont accept this marriage-This marriage is INVALID"he shouts 
(Uncle shaadi unki hue hai aapki nai hai..u cant say that ke 'mujhe yeh vivah sweekar nai hai'..get a life..Lo shuru  hogaya Daskha ka drama)

As he steps down the reaming steps from his place each of his family members -his daughters try to stop him from advancing forward but he never stops and stands in front of Mahadev with arrogance in him.

He stairs shiva (If -looks- would-literally- kill expressionLOL)But Mahadev stands there in utter calmness in his presence.

"Uninvited guests are not welcomed in a swyamvar,In my view Sati hasn't chosen her groom yet "Daksh rants

"What are you saying Prajapti,Sati has selected  Mahadev and thus he is here-accpted Sati has his consort" Rishi Dhatic interrupts

"And now,it doesnt really matter  if you give your acceptance for this wedding,Maahdev and Sati's married "Rishi Kashyap explains

"No,Rishi Kashyap, Prajapati Daksh is no outsider he is Sati's father and thus his acceptance for this marriage is important "Shiv says
"Oh,now this is your new plan.. Maahdev?
The world calls you God,but for me you are nothing but a swindler .I know you have done all this to take your revenge upon me ..

Firstly,you have trapped Sati in your fake love ,used my wife and each of my family member against me and now you without my consent want to get married to my daughter"
"Daksha in his ignorance

Everyone is troubled by Daksha's behavior but Shiv is uneffected by his words again living up to his words "Na Sammaan ka Moh aur na Apmaan ka Bhay".

"Stop it my lord! whatever is happening now is Sati's fate ,please stop now and give your acceptance for the wedding"Prasuti begs.

"This will be very difficult for you to swallow,but nothing happens what a human wishes for ,always - its all God's will" Rishi Kashyap tries to make Daksha understand
(Come on P-D-G accept the FACT dnt make a mess!)

"And ,the supreme lord Mahadev himself has come to your door step to marry your daughter" Rishi Dhatich adds.
Daksh says that he doesn't agree to this wedding and insults Maahdev again

But Prasuti again argues back in support of Sati-Shiv saying that "He does accept that a marriage is not just the union of two people ,but a union of two souls and this is being happening from the start and is gonna end till the end of this world.And no one can ever break this relationship,thus even being a Pajapti you couldn't stop the marriage"

 (I wonder ,had there been a divorce system then,Daksh's daughters would have been sitting at his palace foreverAngry)

Prasuti lecture Daksha about being  good and do whatever a father's duty is,and give ur acceptance for the marriage.

"Never, i would never do that!i will not give up so easily ,i know it all-all this is Shiv's trick to defeat me.But no one can ever defeat a Prajapti not even Shiv himself!" Daksh shouts
(yet,gain) in a fury n arrogance in his breath!


Prajapati stop acting like a kid!AngryAngry

"A man arrogance makes him weak by mind -you have become a Example for it .If your personal rivalry how can u

state a lawful wedding .According the rules of a swyamvar Sati has accepted Shiva in the presence of Dev,Gandhar,Saptishi.Sati and Mahadev Gandharv Vivah  "Rishi Dhatich

"REvenge is what you are taking,otherwise you wouldn't have spoken such things"Daksha argues.

This epitome of Immaturity- Daksha was what Dhatich's expression!
Btw where are the other Two dev's-Sri Hari Vishnu (Probably he is in Utteran shoot wearing his helmet on a bike)Tongue and Brhmaji..don't they wish to see Adi Shaakti n Mahadev's wedding?Confused

"You very well know it that only invited members are allowed in a swyamvar,then ask Mahadev did i ever give him any invitation for the swayamvar if  not why is he here?" Daksha making lame excuses

You are forgetting something Prajapati,you yourself Established Mahadev's Statue in this Swayamvar Bhavan and
according to the rules of Swayamvar Sati had  put the Garland on Mahadev's Statue and selected him" Rishi Kashyap.

"Marriage happens with/btweem a humans not with soem statue,stop supporting the wrong Kashyap.When Shiv wasnt here how can Sati Select him?" Daksh yells.

"There are only Idol of God in the temples but not God -Prajapati but Devotees still find their God.When one can pray an Idol and see God in it,Then why cant one marry by putting the Varmala on it "Dhatich justifies using his intellect.

"No you are going to teach me the basics of Idol worship! Its I who has created the methods of Murty poojan ,You have forgotten that an Idol  can be only worshiped after its  Pranpratishta is done or its just another stone" Daksha ughhh never budging form his ego!!

"Its with feeling and expression God can be found not with Pranpratishta (or rules) Pranpratishta is just a ritual God will reside in that Idol even if prayed with pure heart .And Sati had put the garland on the idol thinking it to be God and look the supreme lord Shiv himself has come down.Shiv and Sati are married now You have to accept this marriage"Rishi Marknday had to speak now..tsk tsk Daksh!

"Never,Any justification or reason cannot budge me from my decision,Today " Daksh says in great anger.


There Stood Maahdev with the garland on his neck..With his ever serene smile..(LOlz it was like he was njoying all this..His FIL being too possessive abt his daughter...LOL)

Daksh then pulls Sati by hand and takes her inside the Palace away from Shiv ,where Sati tires hard to get out of his grip. (Oh god kya LKG ki bachi hai woh )

At LAST Shiv speaks out...he calls Daksh's name ,both Sati and Daksh turn back and the epy ends..Wonder what must have he spoken!


Precap:: Sati and Mahadev are MARRIED at last and Flowers are showered on them..everybody is happy

The Hall is again echoed with Mahadev's n Sati praise..where on the other hand the New ly Married Couple are lost into each other eyes
Day Dreaming


Thanks for reading





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Super Dooper Swayamvar Res...

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u are updating part by part right  iam signing out ...but cant  control myself  from commenting here 

Vah what a epi today even my dabba brain jumped in happiness when the varmala floated in air from sati 's hand good JOB cv's ...

But the doorman statue concept is from privthiraj chauhan story ok whatever shivji vahan ahyega thats the context what we needed (for sati ) 
As u mentioned Sage Bhirgu ...Shocked i think Daksh has feeded him more salt than others (thats why others don't care about daksh and his namak rishtha ) such a loyalty even not from his own patni prasuti rani...

Atlast shivji with his killer smile has opened his mouth before daksh the great FIL...fool daksh where he is dragging sati when shiv is  present every could he hide sati from shiv...when whole world itself resting in his shade...

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Har Har Mahadev!! Har Har Mahadev!

I was saying it with them, it was so ethereal, the entire scene, I was sooo happy!!! if I was a little more emotional i would have cried! 
I loved how they justified the wedding, you know Mahadev in shivling form can be worshiped even after many years of abandonment (like in a deserted temple).

Shivji's smile was so good! did you see towards the end when Daksh says i dont accept after everyone has told him to accept the wedding, he actually smiled even more! haha, I was like yea i think Mahadev is thinking about the goat head! LOL

the precap was so amazing!!! I cant wait!! just imagine how lucky those actors are to have a feel for what it was really like when Mahadev married Sati! 

I will post music for the episode later tonight!! 

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i was a blissful episd ,i was jumping n feeling as i was born for the day ,each n ever scene was just wondrful
Shivji's smile ooo beauty n he was luking awsom in Varmaala
Satiji's emotions of finally getting his belovd was suprb
I must say a round of applause to  DKDM
bas PD was rang mein bangh

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Thanks for the update SiaSmile You are fortunate to get such  an important epi. to updateClap

The feel was divine from the moment Sati said this garland is for the person whom she loves, till Shivji & sati looking at each other, among the sound of Har Har Mahadev, BG chants of Om Namah Shivay, was just perfect. Evverything was great till the drama-king started his usual Dakshology. It was good to see Prasuti ignoring him & taking Sati with her other daughters to Shivji. Everyone is trying to explain him but it's against Daksh's principles to accept his defeat . Best was Shivji's smile, which actually conveyed various emotions, it was just superb.Clap
Finally Brhmaji will have to come to stop him.
Precap was owesome,eagerly waiting for the epi.Smile

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Sia thanks!!!
Very beautiful Swayamvar and happy Shivji at Kailash... I was at heaven

But Daksh...Angry

I hope that they would make it according to Puranas, and as Minakshi said, Brahmadev vould make him to agree

Don't like the turn with Vijaya at alll
Precap was nice Day Dreaming

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thanx a ton for the superb updateThumbs Up n luved ua commentary...LOLLOL
have no words to express how happy i m...finally jiska humein tha intezaar...woh ghadi aagayi aajEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
i wud say it was the bestest episode of DKDM till date...the 1st 10mins of the episode were amazing...its still lingering in my mind...SmileSmile
d CVs did the varmaala part beautifully...the way MAHADEV was splendid...ClapClapand as meenaxi ji said the BG music made the scene even more impactful Thumbs Up
luved how prastuti stood by SATI ji's side and supported her really feels good to see her motherly side finally awakeninThumbs Up
n DAKSHU...grrr...i seriously felt like punching his face...he is nuthin but an IDIOT...he is so blinded by arrogace and ego...dat he doesn't pay a heed to wat anyone says...i simply hate him...GADHAA sorry BAKRA kahin ka...AngryAngry
n MOHIT...wat can i say yaar...dis guy has amazing screen presence...he looked simply divine today...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
m sure to have sleepless night after seein the precap...kal toh aur mazaa anaa wala hai...Day DreamingEmbarrassed

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