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UV_Arshi Senior Member

Joined: 17 March 2012
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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 2:28am | IP Logged

Ohhh!! I loved it...soo cute!! I can totally imagine Khushi just chattering away and Arnav just staring at her, amused, with love in his eyes...aww..!! Day Dreaming and i loved Khushi's naughty thoughts about him...i'm glad she appreciates her greek god of a husband! hehe...LOL i simply loved how he said i love you...awww...melted right there..Embarrassedeagerly waiting for the next part!!!

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arnavvisakha Groupbie

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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 2:38am | IP Logged
ii loved sooo much !!
thnks !! do write more

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kriti_atharv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 2:58am | IP Logged
wow..loved it n thnx 4da pm dear...

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Kannvee Senior Member

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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 3:43am | IP Logged
omg...that was brilliant..
thankx for the pm

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sheun IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 3:46am | IP Logged
lovely updates ...Clap

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aarushh Senior Member

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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 5:31am | IP Logged
awesome update yaar...u r just superb...
waiting for next update yaar...
update soon cant wait...
thanks for the pm...

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sheun Senior Member

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Posted: 01 May 2012 at 7:06am | IP Logged



Khushi was planning to explain everything and pointed down each tiny detail. Things needed to be crystal clear and all vagueness needed to be extincted once and for all. The entire drama over the last 6 months, the torment and the torture all narrowed down to a single sentence, this morning.


The solution, the explanation, the anger, frustration, all evaporated from her mind as soon as she heard Arnavs  speak. The look in his eyes explained everything.


But what just happened?


The person for whom she cried, she regretted, she batteled with herself and own family, the person who hates her the most, who she loved the most, the person who showed her the cruelty of this world, just confessed in broad daylight that he loves her.

She is in his embrace, in his room , in his heart . And the confession.


How could he?

Is he feeling ok?

Khushi started to feel elated but as the same time was getting overwhelmed with emotions.

She closed her eyes shut very tightly. Tried to concentrate before being carried away by him.


She started to think: I know he likes me  a lot, may be that was love, the way he cared for me and showed emotion. But LOVE? Really?

It is a pretty serious word for me and the meaning is very pure. Is he serious?

How can he LOVE me?

khushi opened dher eyes and took a brief look at the awaiting, mesmerized man lying in front of her. he was confident, he was sure, he was 100% true.



"Arnav ji!

I need to get up.

Please, let me get up."



The next episodes no one was prepared for.

Arnav as a thunder striken soul, lets go of her hand as soon as she spoke.

Khushi slowly composes herself and gathers herself up. She walks to the bathroom and hurries inside. Locks the door and stands behind it.

She doesn't remember how long, she was there, just standing .

But after a while she felt her face wet, dripping with tears .

Her feeling was something she never felt. It was pain and sorrw,  delicately balanced with happiness and confidence. HE LOVES ME. And HE CARES.

She kept on repeating these to herself again and again. Only heaven knows how many nights she has weeped herself ot sleep, thinking about this moment, how many nights she kept herself awake just to connect the dots. And now it was connected.

She should feel happy and period. But she just couldn't realize the fact of what just took place.


When did he start loving me? And if he loved me why did he treat me like that? How could he?

Is he certain of himself? Or is this just combination of infatuation, gulilt and remorse?

Khushi felt like kicking herself up, only because at this point of time, she should be in his arms, cherishing the fact of what he said, how openly he admitted. But a huge art of her was blocking her from running into his arms and giving all away.

I LOVE HIM. that is true as daylight. I LOVE HIM with all I have. That is a 100 % definite scenario. But is my LOVE enough to forget everything ?


Knock !



Khushi jumps up as her train of thought comes to a screeching halt.


He is waiting outside, maybe just to see why I reacted this way. Or maybe he needs an answer. He knows I have really deep feeling for him. my actions these days and my letter proved it to him. But does he want ot be sure?





"Khushi! Are you ok?

It has been an hour almost. You are inside.

Are you feeling alright?"


Arnav felt out of place. In his mind and heart, he was sure and definite. Thi sis the girl he wants to be with for ever, this is the girl who means the world to him and this is the person who can save him now for this awkward moments.


Arnav ket on repeating these in his mind again and again.

Did I upset her?

Was it too early?

Should I have explained her all the stuff tha happened? Apologies more and then proceed?

Did I ruin it again?


The bathroom door gently opens.

She steps out.

Slips away by his side and then goes to her suitcase.

She brings out a kamee suit and matcing churis. She takes generous amount of time and gathers everything up. She goes back intot he bathroom. She acts as if Arnav is not present in the room.

Arnav keeps his stare gloued to her, trying ot read her face. But he is completely taken aback.


What is happening?

Why is she so numb?


Khushi comes out , all dresses up and ready to go.


"Arnav ji!

Do you have work today?

Shall I make you some breakfast?

Or do you want to order as you mentioned last night during dinner about the service?"


Not waiting ofr an answer, Khushi walks out of the room.


She is stnaindg in front of the gaint flower vases. The entire room is deep red from last days flowers. 15,000 flowers packs into a hallway. Amidst stands another flower in green and red kameez.


Does she even know how beautiful she is ?

And does she even know what is going in my mind right now?

Khushi, please speak.

Your quietness is life threatnihg?

Arnav lonely speaks to himself and prays that in the next coming second Khushi will mention her thoughts or atleast accept the fat that he just said I LOVE YOU.


But no response.


Khushi walks pass by, toucing the flowers on the way.

She goes to Arnavs room and brings out a crisp new black shirt and a pair of pants. Shoes and socks and lay them neatly on the bed. Also a ash tie with small checks.



"Arnav Ji !

Do you have work today?

Its getting late.

I have slept a lot last night.

Its past 12 in the after noon."


"please change and take a shower, you will become weak.

You need to eat something.

Also we need to go for your hand checkup.

Umm..can I make a phone call?

How do you dial local number from here?"


Arnav just reacted as sanely as possible.

He came close and showed her the dialing codes.

He took the cloths and went for shower.


Khushi standing in front of the dining table.

Brushing butter on a piece of toast as it was the only thing if life that mattered.

She gave him juice, coffee, bread nad butter and an omlette. Now was cutting fruits as delicately as possible.

Arnav was quiet.

He had his breakfast and was going though the paper


They looked like a married couple, going through a phase of confusion .both knew how they felt, both knew they needed to talk, but no one willing to take the first step.


Arnav stepped in her room, opened the door half way and peeked in.


She was seating in front of her luggage .  most of it on ground, searching everything piece by piece.

Arnav says:



I will be outside for a while. Have some phone calls to make. And Mr Cooper will come over for a meeting. I had some important work to attend to. You stya here and call them down if you need anything.



Khushi raises her eyes up and nods her head.

She get sback ot her work.


Arnav closes the door behind him and keeps his hold steady on the knob. He waits

He waist for another 10 minutes.

But she doesn't come or call out for him.

He was expecting her to run to him and say something, anything.

But no. nothing.


Arnav stops himself from barging in her room, shaking her up and ask. But he does not. He has already ruined enough, now no more. He needs to slow it down.

Its very out of character, but he keep his cool with huge amount of patience.


He step sinto his room and gets back to work after a three day tormenting break.


Half an hour pass



Two hours pass



Three hours pass





Khushi is seating on the floor, in her room. In front of her cloths, all scatterd on the floor , evrery where.

Her eyes are red.

Swollen and broken.


Arnav comes to the door and stand sin front. Opens it and step in to tell her that he will go out for a while and Mr Cooper is on his way.


Their eyes meet.


A single drop , drops from her left.



( 18 minutes later )


Arnav is holding Khushi down pressed against the wall. Her hands are wrapped around his shoulders. She is violently sobbing and shaking. His hand is gripping her waist hard and steady. A hundered kisses are covering her. her hair is tangled and on him. his eyes are on hers. Arnav is sweeping away tear after tear and kissing her on and on, just make her stop.

She grabs his shirt from front and cling on to him  as her lifeline.  Pulls him on her andgives him a big hug. Arnav picks her up in his arms and take sher up on his lap. He rounds around twice and lifts her in the air.

Khushi starts to smile, then proceed to laugh.

She is HAPPY.

At last she is HAPPY.

Arnav slams her down on the bed, caringly and with love.

He slides her hands on both sides and gets on top of her. Kisses her forehead and then proceed to her lips. Crush her under him.

His kiss is solid, its definite and possessive.

He moulds himself on her, in her and around her. Her lips becomes his and his , hers.

KNOCK !!!!!!!
KHUSHI LOOKS at Arnav and weeps. her cies are vocal and gets loder every second. her heart aches.
ARNAV LOOKS at Khushi. both stare for some time and then ARNAV steps in. he almost runs towards her and picks her up in his arms.
you do not need to say i word or say anything. just let me love you. PLEASE. I BEG YOU.
WITHOUT another word, he starts to explore her. with his lips and with his touch. he sobs become a bit more violent. she shudders under his spell and moans...
with love to sochanatha, ashred + and minutes dilema solved Smile
and yes its a KABAB-ME -HADDI at the door, as usual.
but KINDLY stay tuned. ALL THE HADDIS WILL EVAPORATE... soon...very soon ...I PROMISE

Edited by sheun - 01 May 2012 at 9:07am

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aww  its lovely ,fantastics.loved it

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