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FF Turning Tables [Virika] Ch 6 - Pg 24 (Page 9)

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Okay, after a lotta delay here is the next part. Not much Virika, sorry, but I really couldn't find anything else to right so far because everything that I did have written up has been wiped, courtesy of Toshiba for restoring my laptop to factory settings when I sent it off for some glitch :/

But here's my try at the next bit. Hope you like it, haven't read through it but really needed it post something so here you go.

(Small shout out to Loveleen: thanks for the PM darling, it's nice to have people watching out for stuff like that =])

Chapter 3: (Say When)

"Viren?... Viren?... Viren are you awake?" The door to his room slowly opened as Vanshika appeared with a steaming mug of coffee in her hands, slightly cautious of the darkness of the room. She quickly scanned the bed and the alcove area, finding them bereft of her son's presence. Sighing, she found her feet wandering through the dimly lit room towards the balcony stairs before emerging to the dark starry night. Spying the silent figure standing against the balcony, she walked slowly as not to disturb him. Following his gaze, she too stared out towards the diminishing lights of the Chandigarh skyline.

"Ma... I feel... I feel lost. I don't even know who I am anymore..."

Her hand outstretched silently, resting on his hand as her motherly instincts took over. "Shhh, now's not the time. You should sleep, it's getting late." She gently stroked his cheek as he looked past her towards the stars emerging out of the horizon.

Placing the mug on the little cast steel tempered table, she emerged back into the security of the world inside. Spying a small photo frame discarded behind the book shelf, she picked it up, smiling softly before placing it back in its right place. "You didn't feel bad today, right? I didn't bring Rheya back..."

Slightly startled by his voice emanating behind her, she placed her hand over her beating heart. "Viren Bheta, it's alright. She's always with me, in my heart." Smiling softly, she exited the dark room, leaving Viren's gaze to drift to the picture within the frame as an onslaught of memories materialised within the confines of the world in his mind.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Jeevika relaxed her shoulders as Pinky's fingers ran through her long black tresses. Closing her eyes, she lost herself in the tranquillity of the late night and the nutty smell of the oil being massaged into her hair. "So Jeevika how did you like Rohit? He seemed like a really great boy, but you wouldn't know that, now would you since you disappeared upstairs without a trace."

She opened her eyes, lips fused together in a pout. "I'm sorry Chachi, but Viren-Ji was here and you know... Rohit seems like a nice guy and his family too. I didn't think anyone would be ready to accept a once married mother."

Pinky twirled a few strands of Jeevika's hair through her fingers. "Jeevika, the worlds changed. People aren't the same as they were in my day... Values change, upbringings change, life changes..." She stopped her movements in Jeevika's hair as she got to thinking just how much life had changed for her small little family.

"People might have changed, but not my girls and definitely not their culture and traditions." Beeji sat on the opposite side of the woven willow bed, a smile adorning her lips.

"Well that we know Beeji, you could travel around the world and still not find any girls to rival my Jeevika." Pinky stood up, replacing the cap on the bottle of oil before placing it on the courtyard table. "I'll just go check up on Mannu and Dabbu." Beeji nodded, watching Pinky's retreating back before turning to the silently contemplating Jeevika still poised upon the floor.

"Jeevika... Tell me the truth; are you ready for another relationship?"

She sighed softly before getting up, her baggy track pants riding low on her waist. "Truthfully, I'm not so bothered about me but how this would affect Rheya... Having two dads; the last thing I want is for Viren-Ji to feel threatened about his position in her life and I never want Rheya to ever lose the bond she has with her Pappa." Coming to stand in front of her, Beeji rested her hand upon Jeevika's shoulder, quietly reassuring her.

"I was worried about that as well; he's possessive about her and to an extent, you too. I don't know whether or not it's a good thing, but Jeevika, whatever decisions you make, think carefully or else history will just end up repeating itself."

She soon retreated towards her room, leaving Jeevika alone in the courtyard to ponder the crossroads at which life had brought her. Slowly making her way towards her room, she stopped, leaning against the wooden door frame, watching her daughter sleep. The rhythmic breathing and twitches of Rheya brought a sense of peace in her soul.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

She squeezed her eyelids tighter in an attempt to block out the blinding rays of sunlight, but relented as she found an empty bed beside her. Slowly cranking her eyes open, she ran a hand through her hair spotting the vacant position of her daughter. Spying the bedside clock, she sat up straight suddenly aware of the lateness of the morning, silently cursing to herself. Hurriedly, she got out of bed and headed to the shower before quickly getting dressed and then emerging in the kitchen to be greeted by the sight and smell of cookies. 

"... Teddy, I want you to cut some more shapes out of that dough so you can have lots and lots of cookies to eat." Virat stood in the kitchen, his face smeared in flour as Rheya sat on the table in Manvi's lap, carefully pressing the pastry cutters into the soft dough, a look of complete determination on her face."Oh hey Bhabhi; cookie?" He offered her the tray full of the baked goods; taking one, she smiled tentatively.

"Chachu, finish, finish!" Rheya clapped her hands enthusiastically prompting Jeevika to take her, positioning the child on her hip. With a small squeeze of her cheek, Manvi disappeared into the kitchen with the dough, carefully placing the tray into the oven. "Mmm, Chachu, yum-yum." The little girl danced with glee in her mother's arms whilst nibbling off of Jeevika's cookie.

"So Bhabhi, I was thinking since its Teddy-Chachu day, our once a week special day, I could take her somewhere special?" He looked expectantly towards Jeevika, sensing her hesitance.

"Actually Virat, the thing is, Rheya's got a doctor's appointment today - nothing serious, just some bloods."

He sighed softly before his face broke out into a grin. "Well that's not a problem is it? I'll take her, and if it's only bloods then it should be fine. After that I'll take her out, but don't worry Bhabhi, she'll be home before you even know it." Jeevika contemplated the idea before giving in, handing Rheya towards Virat.

"Now you have lots and lots of fun with your Chachu." The little girls face lit up as her giggles could be heard across the kitchen. Jeevika waved off Virat and Rheya as they drove away from the Choudhary house, a slight pang in her heart of being separated from her daughter.

"Di, what's wrong? Why are you staring out into space?"

Jeevika turned instantly to Manvi's presence behind her, letting out a breath. "Mannu, you scared me. Don't do that, you know it gives me a mini heart attack."

She just smiled casually, twirling the end of her dupatta. "That I know Di, but you didn't answer my question - what's with the long face?"

Jeevika turned towards the door, scouting the horizon. "Just missing Rheya, that's all. Whenever she's not with me, I feel uneasy." 

Manvi looked at Jeevika, a feeling of sadness overcoming her. Placing an arm around Jeevika's shoulder, she too shared Jeevika's gaze leaving the two sisters standing in silence. As Virat's car could no longer be seen, Manvi removed her arm slowly, turning towards Jeevika. "Imagine how Jeeju feels when he can't be with his daughter." Manvi retreated her steps, her eyes carefully assessing Jeevika. 'Di, you know I can't see you hurt or in pain, but... I'm sorry, it needs to be done. This has gone on far enough. I pray to God tha- that it hasn't gone beyond the point of no return.'

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

"What a brave little girl you were Teddy. Those needles are going to be scared of you because you're brave, just like your Pappa." Virat carried Rheya atop his shoulders, holding on to her legs as she buried her hands into his hair.

"Me brave, Mannu scaredy." Virat laughed, patting her leg gently.

"Teddy, I'm going to take you somewhere special. Somewhere so special, that it's going to be our little secret."

The little girl pulled on his hair in order to assure his attention. "Seec-wet?"

Pulling her down, he manoeuvred her to his hip, gently squeezing her cheek. "Secret as in something that only me and you know. Nobody else."

She looked down at his t-shirt, drawing random patterns with her fingers. "What 'bout Mummy?"

Virat placed his index finger on her lips, looking around in suspicion. "Shhh, not even Mummy." Rheya's eyes grew wide as she nodded her head up and down.

"What 'bout Blue?" She whispered seriously, her eyes a complete look of innocence.

"Well, I guess, maybe you can tell Blue, but no one else. Only Blue, promise Teddy?" He stuck out his little finger towards her, watching as she eagerly linked her own with his.

"Pwom-ise Chachu."

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

"So Vanshika, what do you think of Jia? She seems like an absolutely amazing young woman who will make a perfect wife for Viren and mother for Rheya, I'm sure of it."

Vanshika swallowed the lump in her throat, slowly getting up from the sofas in the sitting area, unsure of how to answer Swamini. "Di-Di, I don't know; Rheya already has a mother but as far as Jia goes, she does seem like a very sincere and cultured girl - but... but I shudder to think whether Viren's ready to marry."

Swamini stood up following Vanshika, softly placing her hand on her shoulder. "Vanshika, he's ready, I know it. We just have to push him in the right direction. At the end of the day, all this is for him and his happiness. We're no enemy of his, so the better he leaves that delusional world of his, the better for him and us. Sometimes Vanshika, I wonder who that man is. He sure does look like Viren, but he's not my Viren."

Vanshika sighed as she watched the rain pour down the veranda doors, the continuous stream of water hindering her response. Moving towards the outer balcony, she opened the doors to let in some much needed air in the humid Chandigarh sky. "I don't know why, but my heart still tells me he isn't ready. Somewhere deep down it's telling me that maybe, just maybe, he'll never be ready."

Swamini closed the glass doors, her hands resting on the chrome handles. "Vanshika, he will be ready, don't you worry."

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

"Pappa!" The little girl leapt into her father's arms as he embraced the small figure.

"Rheya, I've missed you lots."

Virat watched amusedly, cocking his eyebrow slightly at his older brother. "Arre Bhai, didn't you just spend the whole of yesterday with Teddy?"

Viren let the girl go, a small smirk making its way to his lips. "Well Virat, what can I say? Even having her with me twenty four seven still won't make me miss her any less."

Virat outstretched his hand towards Rheya, smiling as she held on tightly. "Come on Teddy, Chachu still needs to show you our special place." He turned his attention to Viren, chuckling as he spied him with his phone positioned at his ear. 'However much he loves Teddy, there's no doubt that Bhai's first and foremost love is his phone, yeesh.'

They followed the garden trail lined with the great oak trees, evenly spaced between. Viren traced the small metal plaques, each engraved with a number ascending along the trail. Reaching the end of the trail, Viren felt the numbers of '2' and '8'; glancing ahead he watched as the landscape opened out into a magnificent clearing with the view of his lake. In the middle of the clearing stood the majestic cherry tree in full blossom; the pinkness of the leaves contrasted with the blue skies above. He could just about make out the voices of Virat and Rheya, slightly lost in the distance. "And this Teddy, is your granddads favourite tree. We planted it especially here because this was his most favourite place."

Rheya outstretched her arm towards the blossoming tree, adamant to reach the tall branches. "Pink! Pink!" She turned towards Virat, her eyes wide as she looked despondently for the tree. Viren picked one of the cherry blossoms resting atop a low branch, gently kneeling down and placing it within Rheya's hand. She played with the delicate petals, grinning cutely as a gust of wind flew past them, showering them in cherry blossoms. Viren picked her up, gently manoeuvring the bow in her hair whilst positioning her on his hip.

As another shower of blossoms floated down, Virat smiled softly as he leaned against the tree, his hands outstretched. "I think Pappa agrees with me; you're a perfect dad Bhai."

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Manvi leaned against the wooden rails on their rooftop, casually watching the sunset as Beeji found herself immersed in a book, her eyes drifting every once in a while to the anxious Jeevika sat on the swing. "Don't think too much Jeevika; they're probably just around the corner."

Jeevika's cheeks twitched slightly as she found herself detesting Beeji's nonchalant tone. Manvi's eyes drifted towards the car steadily approaching up their lane. "Di… Jeeju's here…" She turned back to see Jeevika's shocked expression; getting up herself, she too moved towards the balcony spying the unmistakable black BMW approaching up their road.

Jeevika looked towards Beeji, only now noticing her absence on the rooftop. Jeevika and Manvi followed her footsteps down towards the front doors to be met with the sight of a sleeping Rheya resting against Virat's chest. "Woh, sorry Beeji, Bhabhi, we came back a bit late. Bhabhi, Teddy's eaten and Bhai gave her, her meds so she should be fine."

He gently tried to detach the sleeping child from his arms but found her strong grip hard to pull apart. "Virat, let her be. She's comfortable for know and besides there's no need to apologise, we appreciated your call before." Beeji stepped forward and lightly moved the few strands covering Rheya's eyes.

"Where's Viren-Ji?" Virat looked towards Jeevika, carefully watching her enquiring eyes.

"Arre Bhabhi, Bhai's years old habit – his phone. He's outside." He glanced towards the open doors, his eyes following her form as she followed the trail of light out of the house. Viren opened the bonnet of his car, assessing the heat of the engine coupled with the heat of the day and what that had done to his 'baby'. Closing the bonnet, he rested his hand against the black metal only to move it away again, flailing his hand around to cool it down. Jeevika couldn't help but laugh at his stupidity, but found her laughter dying away as his intense gaze fell on her.

"Is there something you find funny, or wait, maybe it's just your personal vendetta against my baby… my poor, poor baby…" He once again turned to the car, softly crooning his apologies to the inanimate vehicle.

"Any idiot knows that you don't touch a bonnet when the engines been running all day during the mid day heat, especially a black bonnet at that… you know, basic physics: black absorbs heat… I will never understand why you ever even bought a black car in the first place."

He glared at her, slight annoyance taking over. "Oh hello, first you call me an idiot and now you're insulting my baby? There is only so much I can tolerate against my car, and be warned Jeevika, you are close to that line." He pointed at her, his index finger outstretched as his face gave away the slightest of smirks.

"Right sorry… What I came to say was that since you are here, and that Rheya has been missing you lately; I was thinking that maybe it would be good for her if you took her for a few days. I mean Ma must really be missing her and Chachu, Chachi, Shlock, Bua, Dadaji…"

He walked the few steps to stand directly in front of her, his eyes bearing into hers. "You mean it?" She nodded her head slightly, as his eyes searched her own trying to digest her mood. "Really; as in you are positively sure?"  His hands made their way to her arms, holding them in a loose grip as the corners of his lips twitched.

"What you said the other day, you were right. You're her dad and she needs you just as much as she needs me." His face lit up in a grin as he leant down to press his lips against her cheek leaving Jeevika stood in disbelief as he bounded up the steps of the house. She traced the area where his lips met her cheek with her fingers as a faint blush crept up her face.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Virat parked his car behind Viren's, moving quickly to take the sleeping child out of her car seat and into the house in order to avoid the monsoon downpour. Holding the little girl against his chest, he carefully walked up the steps of the Vadhera house, slowly moving across the hallway towards Vanshika's room as Viren followed behind with Rheya's bags.

"Stop!" Swamini's eyes fixated on Viren as she pointed in the direction of the clock on the wall. "What time is this Viren? Not even a single call or anything; this going to that place every day: that's seven hours of driving Viren, have you gone mad? This has to stop!" She stared him down, expecting his conformity but was surprised at his stance.

"Badi Ma please, Rheya's asleep as is most people; forgive me but now really isn't the best time for all this."

Swamini nodded her head in offence, staring at both brothers. "You are right Viren, now isn't the best time. I'm really sorry Viren, forgive me, I'm so wrong because no time is the right time for you is it? I'm sorry for worrying about you, but I can't help it. It's become a habit, just like you and that place. I'm so so sorry Viren for being so naive in thinking you were still my Viren."

He ran a hand over his face, trying to collect his thoughts. "That's not what I meant Badi Ma. You know that I respect you the most in my life but I have responsibilities and duties that I have to fulfil. All I'm trying to do is follow the path that you laid down for me." Swamini sighed as she turned towards the stairs, silently making her way towards the room leaving the two brothers standing in the hall.

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Originally posted by virenjeevika

Hey! Smile
I love your story.
Its unique for a virika story
most writers write about them falling in love.
Its good to see something for a change.
Your a really good writer and amazing at explaining emotions.
I thought i commented before but just to be on the safe side commented again.
please do continue soon!
you have so many questions to answer whilst carrying the story ahead LOL


:L Thanks Tina, I'm pretty sure I replied to a previous comment too but no harm done :P

Gah, I know! Too many questions :L I like the suspense, it's kinda fitting and as you can probably guess, I'm really not your conventional writer as in I love the angst and the pain and the sadness. God almighty only knows how many characters I've killed off throughout my writings. (Virika kid x2, Viren x1, Viren's dad in all of 'em...)

Thank you for your appreciation, as you probably know being a writer that it is hard to accept praise from readers. I hope you like the next but :)
pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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pure brilliance cant wait for next part

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Posted: 08 June 2012 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
The story is very gripping...loved it...Big smile
Thanks for the PM...Cant wait for the next part...

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Posted: 08 June 2012 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
Another nice part once again Smile cant wait to knw the reason behind viren's n jeevika's separation! Eagerly waiting for the next part Smile

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wow loved it
thats was really nice

now i got it
virika r divorced 
swamini want viren to marry jia n beeji is looking for a suitable husband for jeevika...
jeevika n viren r still in love
both love their one n only child...

make them meet again please 
want virika to patch up for the sake of rheya
want viren to go against swamini to take jeevika back home as they want to live together again under the same roof, in the same room as husband n wife!!!!
n of course lots of virika romance n hugSmile

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nice...do pm me wen u update the next part...

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Posted: 09 June 2012 at 5:00am | IP Logged
just wow!!!
 i love ur story it really gripping...Thumbs Up
thanks for the pm..
do cont soon 
will be waiting Wink
thanks!! Smile

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