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FF Turning Tables [Virika] Ch 6 - Pg 24 (Page 3)

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Originally posted by virenjeevika

Amazing ! ran out of words to describe ths! lovely concept , plss updatee fast ! gettin impatient , pls continue ths

Thank you! That's really touching :)

Originally posted by jenna_p

you are awesome!!!!
Loved it!!!!
Plz continue soon

Hiya! Love your comments Jenna :) Thank you x

Originally posted by preetivr

another fabulous work. Great start. Clap

curious to know what happened between virikaConfused

Thank you very much, it's great to know your like my stuff. And Virika relationship is a bit all over the place at the minute - all will be revealed :)

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Originally posted by aasma1

Pm me plz

I've added you to my PM list; thank you for commenting :)

Originally posted by Thapanee

Beautiful :), pls pm me also

Aww thanks; I've added you to the list :)

Originally posted by Amit90

Another Sixer!! What a start of a beautiful concept & there are never enough Virika FF/SS/OS to read :) Love your work!

Aww, thank you Amitoj, it really means a lot. Agree not enough Virika out there deffo :P
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Originally posted by dmg123

Great start! Can't wait to see how the story unfolds!

Thank you, I assure you it'll be quite confusing at times :L

Originally posted by neetusidhu

loved it please cont soon...

Thank you :)

Originally posted by Soareagle

Omg! Please continue. I can't wait:)

Aww thanks :) Will do soon x
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Originally posted by peeta02

This already sounds amazingg. Cannot wait for the next part :)

Aww thanks, I'm posting the next bit as we speak so it shouldn't be a long wait :)

Originally posted by ravinaj

pls cont soon

Thanks for commenting and will do :)

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Originally posted by pinky.padda

absolutely brilliant cant wait for next part please pm me

Aww thank you :)
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Originally posted by Daniaax3

Loved it pm me the next part

Aww thanks; I've added you to the PM list :)
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Originally posted by avni_19

PM me plsss...

Amazingg start... :-)

Aww thanks; Added to the list :)
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Chapter 1: (If It Hadn't Been For Love)

"Our story begins in a far away land where there lived a beautiful Rajkumari. Her beauty was renown throughout all the lands; they'd say that her eyes would put the Koh-I-Noor diamond to shame because they were that striking. Her poise and gracefulness lead to all the people in the kingdom to love her, but she had a special place in the heart of the children, for she loved them so much, she would spend hours playing with them and teaching them new things. The Rajkumari lived with her sister, the smaller Rajkumari who was known for her mischief. Her sister loved her to no extent, as the Raja and Rani had died, leaving them in the care of the Rani Ma.

"Now a Rajkumar had travelled between different lands in search of the one who would make him whole. On his journey, he learnt of the existence of an angel, both in spirit and appearance, on the earth. He followed his heart and found himself at the doorstep of our Rajkumari. They didn't know it yet, but from the first time the Rajkumar looked into the Rajkumari's eyes, he'd fallen in love as did our Rajkumari. The Rajkumar was accompanied by his younger brother, who despite being from a royal family, was more of a vagabond who enjoyed annoying the Rajkumari's sister.

"The younger Rajkumari didn't want her sister to get married to the Rajkumar, because she thought she'd lose her. That was until she looked into the eyes of the Rajkumar and found him to be as pure as the waters from the Himalayas. The Rajkumar and Rajkumari married, with feasts lasting for days; the whole kingdom rejoiced as they had found the perfect Rajkumar for their beloved Rajkumari. The Rajkumari left her sister to live with the Rajkumar and his tramp of a brother, though the Rajkumari's did not forget each other. The Rajkumar loved the Rajkumari so much; they lived happily until-

"Mannu! Its morning, you'll have to come down now. As it is, you're late for college and I'm late for teaching." Manvi turned to the eagerly listening two year old outstretched on her bed with both hands clutching her cheeks, smiling at her softly.

"Arre, Di had to interrupt right now. I'M COMING DI! Chalo Rheya, Mummy's calling us."

The little child shook her head whilst sticking out her pink tongue. "No Mannu! Story! Story! Story!"

Manvi chuckled at the eager child. "I'm sorry Ray-Ray, you heard Mummy. I'll tell you the story when it's bedtime, but right now we need to go before Mummy yells."

She picked up Rheya, balancing her on her hip before rearranging the red bow running through her bob cut hair. With a look in the mirror, Manvi smiled at the young child before walking along the corridor to the back stairs that led to the kitchen. Manvi stifled a laugh as she bore witness to Pinky romanticizing with Madan before she cleared her throat. "So... Chachi, what's for breakfast?"

Pinky blushed red as she moved towards the fridge. "Oh, Manvi, there are some freshly made parathas, and Jeevika's made some kheer, unless you want some cereal. I've got my Ri's porridge ready, pass her to me."

Pinky outstretched her arms to take the child out of Manvi's arms, but Manvi pulled back, failing to notice the increasing agitation of the child. "No, Chachi. You always feed her; I want to feed her today." Rheya outstretched her arms towards Pinky, her face showing her agitation.

"Manvi, you're already late for school. Give my child to me, see she's getting annoyed." Manvi relented and rather than place her in Pinky's waiting arms, she placed Rheya on the ground. Rheya ran out of the kitchen door, laughing merrily at her new game getting Manvi and Pinky to chase her around the yard.

Rheya's eyes fell on the white blazer, and then the familiar face, before her brain processed the information. Eyes bright, she sprinted as quickly as her little legs let her towards the figure, arms outstretched. "Pappa! Pappa!" She jumped into his arms and buried herself into the crook of his neck as he brought her closer to his chest. Manvi pursued the small child around the court yard before stopping at the sight of Viren. A small smile appeared on her face as she watched the father daughter moment from a distance; a breathless Pinky stopped beside Manvi, a smile forming on her face as well.

"Rheya, I missed you so so so so so much." He gently stood up with the little girl still enveloped in his arms.

"Pappa, pappa, Blue!" Rheya appeared from his neck, her eyes bright and a grin on her face. Viren smiled as he manoeuvred her onto his hip as he reached behind him to bring the blue eyed teddy out from his back pocket.

"Look whose come to see Rheya! It's Blue. Blue's missed you too, he's been telling me he can't wait to play with his Rheya." He handed the teddy over to her as she took it anxiously, her eyes darting from Viren's playful eyes to the smiling teddy, her gleeful look brightening. Viren placed her back on the ground where she instantaneously ran towards Jeevika who picked her up.

"Mummy, mummy, look Blue! Blue!" Jeevika laughed before nodding, poking the beaming child softly in the stomach.

"Yes, I can see. Hello Mr. Blue. How are you today? That's great to hear; Rheya's really been missing you." She placed Rheya on the ground, only for her to run to Madan who again picked her up, repeating her reunion with Blue. Jeevika smiled as she continued this ritual around the room before again running up to Jeevika, a confused expression on her face.


Jeevika laughed as she leant down and whispered into her ear: "Mammu is in his room, go wake him up and show him Blue. Go on quickly." Rheya perked up as she darted down the corridor toward Dabbu's room.

Jeevika turned from where Rheya disappeared back towards the door, her smile softening. "Viren-ji, you're here so early in the morning. How?"

He ran a hand through his hair as he looked around embarrassingly. "I was missing Rheya too much these last couple of days, and as I have no appointments today, I just had to come to Hrishikesh. Forgive me; I should have informed you guys before I came." He eyed Manvi, a small smile on his lips. Jeevika followed his gaze only to find Manvi turning to look at the ceiling.

"Arre bheta, why do you need to apologise? A father doesn't have to ask permission or book an appointment to see his child. As much as Rheya is ours, she is yours, so from now on don't say such things." Beeji smiled gently, her words firm.

Viren nodded his head as Madan guided him towards the dining table, telling Pinky to bring out some breakfast. "So Viren, how's Vanshika-ji, she must be really missing our Rheya."

Viren looked towards Beeji, his phone rotating in his hands. "She misses her more than me at times; she was going to come today but err, Dadaji found out." Jeevika had begun to bring out the parathas and kheer, adamant not to look at him. She placed one on each plate but found Viren clutching her hand gently stopping her from moving it. "I'm not hungry, but thank you." His touch made her skin tingle as shivers ran up her spine. Gently releasing her hand he looked towards Beeji.

"Arre Viren, aise kaise? You have to eat something; you came all the way from Chandigarh, that too in the early morning."

Viren shook his head slightly: "Nai Beeji, I ate before I left; sach meh, I'm not hungry." Beeji relented as Dabbu appeared with Rheya in his arms.

"I've got your nose, right here in my hand." Rheya giggled checking her nose.

"No. Nose, give back Dabloo." Dabbu laughed as he pretended to re-join the imaginary nose in his hand to her face, leading to another burst of giggles from the hyperactive child. Placing her down, Rheya ran towards Viren not registering Jeevika carrying a bowl of kheer. Before she could stop herself, the contents of the bowl found itself ingrained onto Viren's white shirt; Jeevika's eyes went wide as she tried to collect the kheer back into the bowl.

"Jeevika its okay, I'll manage." Viren chuckled slightly as he shrugged off his jacket, thankful none of it had fell on the creamy white blazer.

"Jeevika, look at him, he can't go round looking like that. Take him upstairs and give him another shirt." Beeji looked at Jeevika firmly, clearly not pleased with her clumsiness.

"Yes Beeji. Viren-ji come with me." Viren started to protest but stopped as he eyed Beeji's steely gaze. He stood up and followed Jeevika up the stairs into her room where she searched through the cupboard finding an all too familiar purple polo shirt. She thrust the polo into his arms looking expectantly.

"What?" He found himself confused at what she wanted.

"Your shirt, it'll have to be washed." Viren placed the polo on the bed then started to unbutton the soiled shirt. Jeevika blushed as she looked away from his well sculpted body which did not go unnoticed by Viren who smirked knowingly. He outstretched the soiled shirt towards her, forcing her to look towards him presenting her a 'take it then' look. Jeevika took the shirt as he pulled on the polo; she made to leave but turned back towards him. 

"Why did you lie about eating?" He looked startled as he ran a hand through his hair.

"I didn't lie, I did eat."

Jeevika rolled her eyes as she let out a small chuckle; "Viren-ji, you couldn't lie then and you definitely can't lie now..." She hesitated for a moment before continuing: "Viren-ji I want you to take Rheya for the day, Ma ka bohut yaad aya na, so take her." Viren smiled at the offer, watching her retreating figure disappear out of the door.

"Di loves that shirt you know; whenever she can't sleep, she wears it." Manvi appeared from behind the door, a small smirk playing on her lips.

"Manvi thanks for calling me; these last couple of days I really wanted to see Rheya and you gave me the perfect excuse. Thanks."

Manvi waved her hand, looking behind her towards the corridor. "Kya Jeeju, thank you ka koi zarurat nahiin. Di thinks she can cope on her own, so I knew she wouldn't call you so I had to step in. Besides, the only reason Ray-Ray has been so irritable recently is because she's missed you." Manvi smiled brightly as she leaned against the door frame.

"Mannu, you're late for school, come on we have to go." Manvi's smile disappeared as she craned her neck out of the door.

"Di, hamari pas Jeeju hai! Uske bhari ghari mein ham kaiseh late honghi? Chill Di." Viren laughed as he predicted the culmination of Jeevika's annoyance on Manvi.

He could faintly here the veiled threats wafting up the stairs; "Ek chappad dongha tujhe." Manvi picked up her bag from the bed, a scowl on her face as she walked out of the door followed by Viren.

"Jeevika, Manvi's right, rather than being late, I can drop you both off in enough time. Besides I can tell that this isn't Manvi's first late." Jeevika declined but later relented as Beeji protested.

Manvi sat in the back on the car, locking the doors forcing Jeevika to sit in the front passenger seat. "So Jeeju, how are you. How is Vanshika aunty and Shlock. Inder Chachu must be fine right? And how is, what's her name, er, yes Jia, how is Jia?" Viren looked through the rear view mirror towards Manvi.

"How do you know about Jia?"

Manvi smiled slightly. "You don't know? I have a spy in your house who tells me everything, and it turns out this Jia is a very big deal, isn't that right Jeeju?" Viren sensed Jeevika's agitation and as she shifted in her seat, he smiled slightly.

"Arre Manvi, you know Badi Ma. Jia was out before she was ever in." Manvi laughed, remembering the very detailed description she had received about Jia from her spy.

"Tell me, how many girls is this now? It must be at least twenty by now." Jeevika shifted in her seat, not wanting to hear the conversation.

"Mannu, bas. Look here's your college."

Manvi glanced out of the window, her smile faltering slightly. "We're here already? Oh, it was fun talking to you Jeeju, remember me at times okay?" Viren waved as she exited the car leaving only Jeevika in the car beside him.

The drive over to the school was silent as Jeevika kept her eyes glued to the windows. Viren parked the car outside the school gates, registering that she still had fifteen minutes left. "Jeevika... Why didn't you call me?  Rheya's my daughter too, if something's bothering her or if something is wrong then I have a right to know. I also have a right to know if you finding it hard to cope-"

Jeevika looked towards him, her eyes darkening. "Right? What right? Just because you helped in creating her doesn't give you any rights. You earn that right to be called a father. And as for me, you lost that right the day you left me."

Viren's hands clenched the steering wheel tightly. "Left you! Jeevika I am her father and that is something that nobody, not even God can attest. And as for you, yes, I do have a right over you. You are the mother of my child so your well being is paramount to me." Jeevika looked at him, his eyes concealed behind his aviators restricting her from seeing what he was really feeling. Viren calmed down slightly as he released the steering wheel from his death grip. "Look Jeevika, you loved me once, that should be enough. Just never, ever tell me I have no rights over my flesh and blood."

Jeevika looked down, it suddenly dawning on her how much she had unintentionally hurt him. "I'm sorry Viren-ji, I shouldn't have said that... Em, Rheya needs her medicine at-"

Viren looked ahead, his face nonchalant. "-three, I know."

As Jeevika fidgeted around with the seatbelt, she could sense she had hurt him deeply. "Okay, I'll wait for her tonight... Bye." She looked again towards him waiting for a reply that never came so she silently exited the car watching him drive off down the road.

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