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Swaron OS ~At The Lake House~

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 6:52am | IP Logged

okay guys i know i have got an SS to update but this OS i really like it and wrote long ago on my other fav couple ...i just found it an decided to convert it on swaron too. would love to see them in this avatar. anyways here it is enjoy.

Note: it is a romantic piece at read at ur own adultery stuff but still romantic.

                                   AT THE LAKE HOUSE

A girl was standing in the kitchen chopping some tomatoes. Her hair left open a soft smile on her lips. The sunlight coming from the window falling on her making her look nothing less than a goddess. She opened the cover of the pot and smelled the gravy, it smelled delicious. "Perfect" she whispered and then looked at the time. It was 10:45 am. She sighed and went upstairs to wake up her husband. She entered the room and saw him sleeping like a baby hugging a pillow. She loved that contented smile on his face.  She could just stand there all day and just look at him sleeping. It had been three months since they got married, a love marriage and now they decided to spend the whole weekend at their lake house. She moved towards the windows and pulled the curtains aside making space for the sunlight to fill in the entire room and also cause her husband to shift sides and groan in his sleep. "swayam wake up" she said twice and moved towards the bed. She sat beside him and ruffled his hair making him smile and again said the same thing. But instead he kept his head in her lap and wrapped his arms around her waist snuggling closer into her. She chuckled and said wake up "sleepy head." swayam replied "not fair siren'.I slept so late last night just because of u and now u r not letting me sleep" sharon blushed as she remembered last night and said " ahhh'I didn't let u sleep last night'.it was you who didn't let both of us sleep last night" swayam "unhun wifey I think u don't remember what happened last night do you want me to make u remember???" sharon blushes and replies "no there is no need for that'.now uu get off of me and freshen up k'!" swayam doesn't reply instead he just snuggles more into her.  She stretched her hand forward carefully not to let him know what she is doing and grabbed the vase full of water. She then smirked and threw it all on top of him. He moved back with jerk and in doing so he fell of off the bed hitting the cold floor. She started laughing while he removed some of the flowers which were stuck in his hair. He glared at her while she ran outside sticking her tongue out at him. He ran behind her saying "wait till I get my hands on you" but only met by a giggle as an answer. She went outside in the garden and he entered just a minute later closing the door behind him and smirking. Sharon said "am sorry'u were not waking up" swayam "cause u didn't let me sleep" sharon " no It was you who didn't let ME sleep" swayam while grinning "k' now I will not let you cook lunch" sharon blushed and moved backwards as he moved forward. She ran for her life but he caught her by waist and both of them fell on the grass'.sharon on top of swayam. swayam rolled over and pinned her against the grass. She was panting and her eyes were closed. "Now wifey tell me what should be your punishment?" sharon smiled and replied "my punishment should be that today you should cook for me" Her eyes were still closed when he rubbed his nose against her cheek. Then he said in a husky voice "open ur eyes" she opened her eyes slowly and found two dark pair of eyes staring into hers. He moved his face towards her slowly when she whispered "swayam we are in the garden" he replied "yes I know and I also know that there are no neighbors near our lake house." She had forgotten that they were at   their lake house. It was the most beautiful house anyone could dream of.  Her thoughts were disturbed by a long and passionate kiss. After the kiss she stood up and straightened her clothes it was going a little bit further than a simple long and passionate kiss. She said to him that he has taken his revenge now he should go and freshen up but he wanted to tease her more. He also stood up and said "no I think I want to enjoy some fresh air." She replied "okay" and turned to go inside but just then she felt herself being hit by water. swayam was standing there holding a water pipe and drenching her with water. She tried snatching it from him but he won't give to her at last she gave up and said "okay you win" he turned the water off and started laughing clutching his stomach. She glared at him and suddenly went and hugged him. He was so indulged in laughing that he didn't notice her coming towards him. He tried pushing her away but she just made him get lost into a deep kiss until she felt that his clothes were wet too. After that she was the one who was laughing. swayam pulled her closer by her waist. She placed her hands around his neck and he whispered in her ears "well now I am all wet so'" with this he smashed his lips against her and picked her up. She interlocked her legs around his waist and he carried her inside. They entered their room when he placed her down to breath. Sharon opened the cupboard and took out dresses for both of them. Then she gave him his dress and pushed him inside the bathroom warning him to come downstairs only after getting all tidy. He stopped at the door and said "what u r not coming?" sharon blushed and replied " NO" he turned around whispered while removing a strand of hair from her face "are you sure?" she pushed him inside and said " yes".

She was chopping some vegetable when she felt someone hugging her from behind and digging his face in her hair. She elbowed him in his stomach and he moved back saying "ouch." She turned and pointed a big spoon towards him saying "back off Mr. don't disturb me while I am cooking" he turned the stove off and said "we came here for some privacy not for u to cook" she raised her brow and said "okay so u don't want me to cook" he nodded and then sharon replied while crossing her hand against her chest "great then what will u have for lunch?" swayam picked her up in his arms and said "don't worry I think you are enough for me" she turned a shade of red and punched him on his chest. Then said " I am not joking swayam" swayam "neither am I" sharon "SWAYAM" swayam "okay okay..but you are not cooking'.u r spending every second with me" sharon "okay'so what are we gonna do" swayam "hummm'..I think we should go and enjoy by the lake" sharon replied "okay'as you wish" they went towards the lake hand in hand and sat in the motor boat. swayam was the one driving and stopped it in the middle. Then sharon came and sat between his legs while he wrapped his arms around her waist. She closed her eyes and stayed quiet for sometime enjoying each other's company. She was drawing patterns on his leg. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the moment wishing for it to never end. Her hair was falling upon his face tickling him. He loved it when that happened because it was routine for him they woke up like this. Her hair upon his face cause he usually opened her while they got in the bed to sleep. He loved her hair open flying here and there making her look like an angel. His arms were wrapped around her waist holding her protectively. He whispered "siren'." Sharon replied with her eyes still closed "hummm'" swayam "I love you'" sharon "I know, but'.." swayam "but?" sharon "but I don't" swayam's eyes flutter open while sharon started laughing. swayam made a face and started tickling her saying "ohh'I'll make u confess ur love" sharon was very ticklish she started laughing out loud and tried pushing him away but no use. swayam "say that u love me and I'll leave ya" sharon "'i'haahha'I hahha" swayam also started laughing looking at her. tears were rolling down her cheeks due to laughter she once again tried pushing him away and in doing so both of them fell from the boat into the water. Sharon glared at swayam while he made a puppy dog face "this is all ur fault" swayam "no'u were the one who pushed both of us into the water. Sharon "NO'." swayam replied while swimming behind her "yes it is janu'" sharon " this is the second this I am wet because of u" she was standing on sand while saying the last line and looking at her clothes all wet" swayam came from behind and picked her up in his arms saying "don't worry I this I will make sure that I help u while cleaning up and changing into dry ones" with this he carried her inside.

Later that night''''.

swayam was lying on the couch switching through different channels when sharon came in after washing the utensils. She closed the door of the room and lay on top of him, hugging him. He chuckled but didn't say anything. She was sleepy last night swayam really didn't let her sleep. She snuggled into him and tried to sleep with the noise coming from the television. After a few minutes she turned her face to the other side and again tried to sleep but no use the noise was disturbing her. swayam replied after looking at her shifting her  face from left to right and right to left "siren''u know u are so heavy'.i think I am gonna suffocate'" he took a deep breath and his chest moved upwards and sharon along with it as she was lying on him. She replied sleepily "I am not FAT" swayam "yeah right ask me'u are not the one with so much weight upon you" sharon smacked him and replied "shut up'.i am not fat'.and turn the tv off I can't sleep" swayam took another deep breath feigning her that he can't breathe and said "nope'am watching and suffocating" sharon moved her face up and said angrily fine I will go to the other room. She got up and went to the other room. 15 minutes later she came back and sat on top of him and said with a pout "I can't sleep there" swayam "why?...there is no one watching TVthere!" sharon replied while once again lying on top of him "it too dark'u know I am afraid of darkness." swayam giggled and replied "so'u are gonna suffocate me" sharon stood up angrily saying "fine'I'll leave u alone"  swayam pulled her back on top of him and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. Then he said "pagal'am just kidding" sharon again hugged him and rested her head in the hollow of his neck. swayam was once again switching through the channels and now sharon was watching with him. He saw a football game on some channel and started watching it while sharon ate his brain telling him to switch to that cooking show. She wanted to learn that dish the man on the show was cooking. after the wedding she has been trying to learn every possible dish in order to become the perfect wife. He didn't listened to her she tried snatching the remote from him. He won't give her saying cooking programs suck. Sharon kept trying to snatch the remote while swayam became angry and turned around so that she was pinned under him. In doing so the remote landed on the floor. She looked at him and he looked back at her, a mischievous glint in his eyes. The channel got changed to some romantic rubbish when they were playing ping pong with it and both of them no longer cared what channel it was on TV!

P.S: okay so that was leave some comments and hit the button if u like it...and pms will sent late :)


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Wow...this is beautifully written...i felt it ended too soon...loved it...continue writing such thing...

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Wow awsom mindblowingly romantic...hum toh diwane ho rahe hain aapke writing ke...luvd this one beyond words & pls pm me next time

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i was smiling through all of it and it was too sweet and it was so cute and yeah it says armaan at one place near the top so i guess it was for armaan and riddhima right 
and it was lovely too cute

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loved it...u really are good at writing...keep coming up with more such amazing stuff...

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hai really amazing stuff
keep up the good work dear.

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Smoking hot. Embarrassed. The future of mr.and mrs. shekhawat.Day Dreaming

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Ur too good at OS!!!!!Keep writing moree!!!! Ur superrr good at writingg

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