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FF: Arnav and Khushi - a timeless love story! (Page 81)

drunkiiebabe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2012 at 2:28pm | IP Logged

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ExquisiteSanz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2012 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
Absolutley loved it please continue sooon cant wait tonsee arnavs mischeivious side ahhhcant wait thnxs for the pm please do updat sooon loool

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Zindagirocks_21 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2012 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
Totally forgot to comment back ... I save the part to My notes so that if I go to school I can read it , and comment back but always the stupid school connection has some problem with me aggh !!!
But back to the part , it was awesome
It rocked , I'll be damn lucky if I had my mehndi like that lol
Haha it was halarious how they both laughed at eachother
And Khushi had a nightmare about Shyam and Rahul found out that Arnav comes every night Hahah it was halarious an payal finally found out about it
And the PLAN !!! Hmm can't wait for the next part :)
Thankz for the pm <3
And continue soon

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mehak06 IF-Dazzler

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awww cute update...
waiting 4 d nxt one

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Stapleton IF-Rockerz

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nice update...

thanks 4 d pm

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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Part 34 (b): Mehndi

There was a knock on the door and Buaji looked up.. "Arre.. andar aao.. darwaaza khula hain..(Come in.. the door is open)" The door opened and NK looked into the room. "Hello.. Namaste.. " He walked in and Anjali and Nani looked up shocked. "NK bhai.. " Anjali started, but Buaji got up, with her hand on her head.. "Hai re nandakishore.. tum yahan kya kar rahe ho bitwa.. nikal jaao (What are you doing here.. get out)". NK put his hands in front of him.. "Buaji, relax.. main Khushiji se milne aayi thi..(I came to meet Khushi)" Suddenly there was a scream.. everyone looked towards the kitchen and NK runs and gets the mehndi bowl from the midst of everyone and runs out. Chameli was screaming, when the some of the ladies reached the kitchen.. "Chooha.. chooha (Mouse .. mouse)". .she says hugging Buaji.."hai re nandakishore.. Sanka devi ke saat saat yeh bhi bilkul pagal ho gayi hain.. tum ne kabhi choohe ko dekha nahi he kya.. aise chilla rahe ho.. jaise koi maarne aaya tha..(This girl has also gone completely crazy like Khushi.. have you never seen a mouse before.. you are screaming as though someone was trying to kill you)" Suddenly Payal screamed from the door.. "Chor.. chor.. humari mehndi churakkar bhaag gayi..(Thief.. thief.. he ran away with the mehndi)" Some of the ladies ran out.. when suddenly there was the sound of firecrackers and dhol.. A few guys walked in carrying drums and the kids were dancing around them. There were firecrackers bursting in the neighborhood and people started coming out of the houses to dance to the dhol.. For a moment everyone forgot about looking for the mehndi and all the ladies at Buaji's house ran out of the house and started dancing to the dhol. When Khushi started dancing and moving towards the door, Chameli took her arm and dragged her towards her room. Khushi started resisting, but Chameli insisted, pushed her into her room and closed the door.

Khushi was confused, "Yeh Chameli ko kya hua..(what happened to Chameli?)" She raised her eyebrows, she felt something.. someone was in the room.. her heart was beating faster.. and she turned around. Arnav was leaning against the bed, his arms folded. When she turned around, he started walking towards her, slowly, with a naughty smile and his eyes filled with love and staring right into her eyes. She started walking to the side of the room, and he turned towards her and continued walking right to her. She walked back, taking a step back as he took one step forward. Finally she reached the corner of the room and leaned against the wall. Arnav walked to her, put his face right next to her, their noses nearly touching. She was breathing fast, she could feel his breath on her face. "Mujhe apne mehdni dikhao (Show me your mehndi)", Arnav whispered. She looked into his eyes, smiled and shook her head, shyly. She moved her hands behind her. He moved closer, put his hands next to her on the wall, brought his face closer and said, "Nahi dikhaaogi? (You wont show me?)" she shook her head again. He brought his lips closer to her cheeks and moved closer to her ear and softly kissed her ear. She shivered with pleasure; his stubble tickled her as it brushed against her cheeks. He whispered again, "Mehndi mujhe dikhao na Khushi (Please show me your mehndi, Khushi)". She shook her head again, he pulled away, looked at her once more, turned away and walked towards the window. He tried hard not to smile as she heard her payal; he knew she was running after him. He stopped as he heard his name, "Arnavji", she had said quietly. He turned around and he saw her standing behind him, her hands stretched out, her palms facing up. He took her hands and saw his name written on her palm, surrounded by the intricate mehndi design of hearts, flowers and leaves. "Maine socha.. ek akshar hi kyun.. aapka poora naam likhoongi apni haat main..(I thought. why only one letter.. I will write your entire name on my hand)" He smiled and took her face in his hands. "Kyun, Khushi (Why Khushi)". She was about to reply when she heard Chameli saying, "Khushi.. Buaji tumhe lene aa rahi hain (Khushi.. Buaji is coming to call you)".

Buaji danced for a while, when she remembered that they had to get back to the mehndi. After all, there was so much work left to be done after the mehndi. She gathered all the other ladies and decided to go look for the mehndi. They walked in to the house and saw that the mehndi bowl was sitting in the middle of the room. Buaji put her hand on her head, "Hai re nandakishore.." She turned to Payal, "arre.. Payaliya.. tumne kaha tha ki kisine mehndi chori ki..(Payal, you said someone stole the mehndi)" Payal looked scared, "Woh Buaji.. woh main..(Buaji.. that.. I)" she stammered. Then Buaji looked around, "Arre.. titliya.. payaliya, Khushi kahan gayi (Payal, where is Khushi?)". Anjali and Nani looked around too, confused. They had seen Khushi dancing when they went outside hearing the dhol. Buaji turned around and saw that the door to Khushi's room was closed. She walked towards the room, when Chameli ran to stop her. She stood outside the door and said, "Buaji.. woh Khushi thodi der aaram kar rahi hain.. woh thak gayi hain.. usse aaram karne deejiye na (Buaji, Khushi wanted to rest for a while.. she was tired. let her rest)". But Buaji was stronger, she pushed Chameli aside and brought her hand up to pull the door open. Chameli screamed, "Khushi.. Buaji tumhe lene aa rahi hain(Khushi.. Buaji is coming to call you)".

When Buaji opened the door, Khushi was sitting on the bed looking at her hands. Chameli looked over Buaji's shoulder, raised her eyebrows in shock. Where did Arnav go? she thought. Buaji walked towards Khushi, "Arre titliya.. tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho.. (Khushi, what are you doing here)" She took Khushi's elbow and indicated towards the door. Khushi reluctantly got up and moved towards the door. As Buaji followed Khushi, she noticed that there was a strong breeze. She turned around to see the windows open, the curtains flying in the breeze. Buaji looked confused, put her hand under her chin and raised her eyebrows as if she understood something. She shook her head, smiling, and walked to the door.

Arnav was sitting at the dining table, smiling, totally oblivious to the conversation around him. Anjali and Nani were explaining what had happened during the mehndi at Khushi's house. NK was scolded for walking into the house when he wasn't supposed to, but no one understood that he was behind the strange disappearance of the mehndi and that Akash was in fact behind the fireworks and the dhol. Arnav's thoughts were interrupted when Anjali touched his shoulder. "Chotte, kuch toh khaalo..(Arnav, eat something)" He looked at her, made a sad face, "Nahi di.. mujhe bhook nahi hain..(No Di, Im not hungry)" That was true; he didn't feel like eating. Nani and NK had said they would check on him occasionally that night to make sure that he wouldn't leave the house to do some work. He started getting up when Anjali quickly said, "Aree.. main toh bhooli gayi thi.. Chotte, tum mere liye ek kaam karogi.. humne jo kapde silaane diye the.. woh sab taiyyar ho gaye hain.. par woh Manohar bhai kal Lucknow jaa rahe hain. .aur usne kaha tha ki aaj raat hi jaakar kapde usse lena.. main toh bhool gayi.. ab bahut der ho gayi hain.. main usse phone karti hoon.. Chotte, kya tum woh jaakar le aayenge mere liye..(I forgot something.. Arnav, can you do me a favor? The clothes we had given for stitching are all done. But Manohar is going to Lucknow tomorrow and he wanted us to pick up the clothes from him tonight itself... and I forgot about it.. now its too late.. I will call him.. Arnav, can you still go and get it for me?)" Anjali had a naughty smile on her face. "Sure Di", Arnav said and followed her to her room. Once they walked out of the dining area, Anjali turned to Arnav. "Chotte, jaao.. Khushiji ke paas (Arnav, go to Khushi's house)". He raised his eyebrows, "par Di .. aapke kapde..(But Di, your clothes)" She giggled and touched her face, "chotte.. tum bhi na..(Arnav, you are so..!)" then he understood, she had made up an excuse for him to leave the house. He kissed her cheeks and ran to the front door. She giggled again watching his excitement.

Khushi had just finished talking to Arnav, as she stepped into her room. She was happy that he was coming to see her again. She closed the door, looked at her mehndi with Arnav's name on it and turned around, smiling. She froze in her steps, her eyes widened, eyebrows raised and mouth open. Buaji was on her bed!  When she finally got her voice back, she ran to the bed and asked, "Buaji.. aap yahaan kya kar rahi hain (Buaji, what are you doing here?)". Buaji got up and then said, "Arre.. titliya.. meri bistar toot gayi.. main aaj yahaan..(Khushi, my bed frame has broken.. I will sleep here tonight)" But Khushi quickly said, "Nahi.. aap yahaan so nahi sakti (No you can't sleep here)". Buaji looked confused, "Kyun.. (Why?)" Khushi said, "woh main aapko neend main laat maaroongi (I might kick you in my sleep)". Buaji giggled and said, "Koi baat nahi, main seh loongi.. ab baatein bandh karo.. aur so jaao (That's ok. I will bear that.. now stop talking and sleep)". Khushi took her phone out and started typing and Buaji took the phone from her hand. "Phone mujhe de do.. aur so jaao (Give me the phone and sleep)". Khushi opened her mouth wide.. now how will I warn Arnav.. oh no! Buaji turned around, pulled the blanket over her and closed her eyes. A few seconds she turned around and saw that Khushi was sitting on the bed, squeezing her hands, confused and annoyed. Buaji took her hand and pulled her onto the bed. "Arre.. titliya.. so jaana.. kya soch rahi ho (Khushi, what are you thinking.. sleep!)". She kept a strong hold on her hand, so Khushi quietly lay down next to Buaji. Khushi kept her eyes closed.. I will stay awake till Arnav comes, by then Buaji would have slept.. thinking so, so did Khushi.. she dozed off because she was tired after the day's events.

Khushi woke up a few minutes later, hearing Buaji scream. Arnav had gotten into the room through the window and had seen someone on the bed. He thought it was Khushi and bent down on kissed her on her forehead. But unfortunately for Arnav, it was Buaji, who woke up and started screaming. Buaji ran to the switch on the light. She looked around and there was no one else in the room, except for a startled Khushi, who was rubbing her eyes and staring at Buaji. Buaji had a determined look on her face. "Babua.. kaha ho tum.. mujhe pata hain ke tum yahaan hain (Son, where are you... I know you are here)". Khushi looked around confused. "Buaji. .aap kiske baare main baat kar rahe hain.. yahaan toh koi nahi hain (Buaji, who are you talking about.. there is no one else here)". Buaji looked at her and said, "Chup.. Sanka devi.. mujhe sab pata hain.. kaha hain woh? (Quiet.. I know everything.. where is he?)" Khushi started to say something, but Arnav had grabbed her hand from below the bed. He slowly got up and stood next to Khushi. His face was calm; he believed he hadn't done anything wrong; she was his wife. Buaji walked to him angrily. When she reached him, she took his face in her hands and kissed his forehead. "Main aaj bahut khush hoon' yeh dekh kar ki tum hamari bachchi se kitni pyaar karte ho.. humhe maaf kardo.. humne tum dono ko alag kardiya.. isiliye tumhe humse chupkar Khushi se milna pada.. (I am very happy.. seeing how much you love our daughter. Please forgive us.. we separated you from her.. which is why you had to meet her secretly..)" She turned to look at Khushi and then back at Arnav. "Theekh hai.. aaj raat tum yahaan so jaao.. par kal raat humhe apne titliya ke saat kuch waqt bitaana hain.. iss ghar main beti bankar uski aakhri raat hogi' usse tumhari ghar bhejne se pehle humhe usse laad pyaar karne ke liye ek din toh dedo na bitwa (Ok, you can sleep here tonight.. but tomorrow night, we want to spend some time with her.. it is her last day in this house as our daughter.. please give us one more day to pamper her before we send her away to your house)" she put her hands together. Khushi's eyes had teared up and she hugged Buaji. Arnav took Buaji's hands and said, "Buaji.. I'm sorry.. mera woh iraada nahi thaa (Buaji.. I'm sorry.. that was not my intention..)" Buaji put her arm around Arnav and hugged him as well. Then she walked towards the door. "Chalo, ab so jaao.. aur subah ko humhari saat nashta kar kar jaana theekh hain.. aur khidki se bahar jaane ke zaroorat nahi hain..(Ok, now you sleep.. and tomorrow morning, have breakfast with us before you leave.. and don't go out through the window)" Khushi looked confused, "Buaji, par aapke bistar..(Buaji, your bed!)" Buaji chuckled, "meri bistar meri tarah mazboot hain.. utni aasani se nahi tootenge (My bed is as strong as me.. it wont break that easily)" and closed the door. Khushi then realized, Buaji had guessed that she and Arnav were meeting every night and had come up with an excuse to catch them in the act! She turned around to look at Arnav, who had been looking at her. He pulled her close, she chuckled and hugged him back.

Part 35 : Haldi ceremony (


Hope you enjoyed it.. I tried to make it as naughty as possible.

Coming up next : Haldi.. yes that's the last function before the wedding.. and you will see Rahul-Anjali romance too along with Khushi-Arnav.

Please like/comment .. like I always say, its your likes and comments that make me want to update!

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I'm SOOO happy with this chapter it was so cute and lovable <3 
but it's so sad that it's ending soon, I don't want it to end D: love this ff too much XD <3
I'm really excited for the Haldi and can't wait to see more and more of ArHI and I'm SUPER EXCITED for Rahul and Anjali, btw who is Rahul (picture wise) Ahish Kapoor? ;) <3 XD

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