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FF: Arnav and Khushi - a timeless love story! (Page 73)

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Part 32(b): Khushi and Arnav's sangeet ceremony

Payal and Akash walked in and looked at each other, wondering why NK and Chameli were not moving from the stage. They walked to htem and slowly indicated them to move out of the stage. Then Akash turned to the audience, put his hands together in Namaste and sang, "Wah wah Ramji, Jodi kya banai, bhaiyya aur bhabhi ko badai ho badai (Splendid, Lord Ram, what a match you have made. Congratulations, Bro and sis-in-law)" Payal joined him, dancing and singing, "Aapki kripa se shubh ghadi aayi, Khushi aur Jija ko badai ho badai (Thanks to your grace this auspicious occasion has arrived, congratulations Khushi and bro-in-law)". Then they moved back and Anjali joined them, singing, "Wah wah Ramji, Jodi kya banai, Chotte aur Khushi ko badai ho badai (Splendid, Lord Ram, what a match you have made. Congratulations, Chotte and Khushi)" and she moved back, singing and worried that Rahul still wasn't here. But then she felt someone hold her hand, and she looked to her side and Rahul had held her hand, and danced, singing, "Khushi aur Jija ko badai ho badai (congratulations Khushi and bro-in-law)". Then the four of them held hands singing and dancing, "Sab rasmo se badi hai jag main dil se dil ki sagai (Of all the traditions in this world, the biggest is the engagement of hearts)". Anjali came forward, and she sang, something along the lines of how Arnav was lost and his life was miserable till Khushi came along bringing light into his dark life, bringing back all the happiness.. becoming his Khushi and she added, "Jaise maine maangi thi, waise bhabhi paayi, Chotte aur Khushi ko badai ho badai (I got a sis-in-law who is just like what I had asked for)". As she sang that, Rahul came to her side and danced with her. She looked at him, he smiled at her and she noticed that the sadness in his eyes had disappeared. Her thoughts were interrupted when Payal sang, something along the lines of how Khushi was crazy and childish, and always dreamed of the perfect guy and how she would fall in love and Payal was happy that her dream finally came true and that she found someone like Jijaji who loves her dearly. As Akash joined her in dance, she sang, "Dekho dekho khud pe Khushi itraayi (Look at how Khushi is preening), Khushi aur Jija ko badai ho badai". Anjali and Rahul also joined them and they sang, "Wah wah Ramji" once again and then bowed to the cheering and applauding crowd. 

Arnav had put his arm around Khushi and pulled her close as the dance began. When Anjali sang about him, Arnav had looked at Khushi, his eyes filled with love and agreeing to everything that Anjali said. She had been the light in his life, the one who had brought back his smile and laughter. He kissed her on the forehead and she looked at him, with tears in her eyes. When Payal was singing about her, she remembered the day when she realized she was in love, when she dreamt of flowers and stars falling on her. She snuggled her head on his chest and he put his arms around her, and his chin on her head. Then they swayed to the music, enjoying the show put on by the ones they cared about the most, their sisters!    

Anjali and Payal came down, and hugged Arnav and Khushi and then took them by hand to the stage. Anjali said into the microphone, "Ab Chotte aur Khushiji ke baari hain.. humhe toh pata hain ki in dono ke hi sabse achchi performance hogi.. toh in dono ke liye zor daar taaliya (Now it's Arnav and Khushi's turn. We know that theirs will be the best performance. Please put your hands together for them)". Then she and Payal went off stage. Khushi looked at Arnav, he took her hand, kissed it and then walked to the side of the stage. Khushi went to the back of the stage and looked up at the moon and sang, "Khoya khoya chand rehta hain aasmaan ke paas.. khoye khoye hum rehti hain iss jahaan ke paas.. khoya khoya kyu rehta hain aaj kal ye dil.. (The moon remains lost in the sky, I remain absent-minded and lost in the earth.. why is my heart so lost recently)" Then she twirled, "saari saari raat jaagu main chandni ke saat, bas main nahi hain aaj kal hain ye jasbaa.. (I will stay awake all night in the moonlight, because my emotions are no longer in my control)" Arnav ran to her, grabbed her and pulled her to him, and she fell against his chest, her hand on his shoulder, she looked into his eyes and sang, "Kehdo na kehdo na kehdo na pyaar hain (Tell me that you love me)". They danced to the rest of the song; he lifted her, pressed her body against him, kissed her neck, ran his fingers through her neck and shoulders and her tummy under her pallu, gently lowered her to the ground, slowly twirled her around and pulled her close to him. They were both oblivious to the crowd that was watching them, all they could hear and feel were their hearts beating together, their bodies entwining, each touch evoking sparks in them.

 They continued to dance even when the song stopped, but the applause brought them back to reality. Khushi and Arnav were still holding hands when the crowd was cheering. They looked around and blushed, Arnav hugged her, then took her face in his hands and kissed her forehead. Then he carried her in his arms down to the living room. As he put her down, he heard his phone ring. He took it out of his pocket and while saying hello, he noticed that Payal had come running to Khushi and the sisters were hugging each other. He couldn't hear clearly so he walked out to the side of the living room. It was the police inspector on the phone. He explained how Anjali got a phone call from an unknown number a minute back and that she was still on phone with the person, who did sound a lot like Shyam. Arnav asked them to keep listening and he kept the phone and went in search of his sister. He had asked hte police to monitor the calls that came to his sister's phone and the landline, and to record and let him know of any calls from unknown numbers.

 Anjali was watching the dance with tears in her eyes, when the phone rang. She couldn't hear clearly, so she had walked into the kitchen. "Hello, haa.. ab bolo.. mujhe pehle kuch sunaayi nahi de raha tha.. kaun he.. kuch boliye.. (Yes, please talk now. earlier I couldnt hear anything. Who is it? please say something)" she said into the phone. "Rani Sahiba, kaisi ho( how are you?) ", Anjali froze. She grabbed onto the counter, because she thought she would faint. The voice she never wanted to hear. "Tum, tumhari himmat kaise hui ..(How dare you) " she replied angrily. "Dheere se, Rani Sahiba.. humhare bachche ke baare main to sochiye(Slowly, at least think about our kid)", Shyam chuckled on the other side of the phone. "Mujhe tumse kuch baat nahi karni hain (I dont want to talk to you)" , Anjali said, annoyed. She was about to cut the call, when she heard Shyam say, "Ek minute, Rani Sahiba, humhari baat toh suniye..(One minute, listen to me)" he paused and continued, after making sure that Anjali was still on the other line. "Main aapko talaq de denge.. par uske pehle mujhe paise chahiye.. 10 karor rupai.. warna main aapko talaq bhi nahi denge.. aur hum saale saab aur Khushiji ko sukh se jeene nahi denge.. aur uske bachche ko.. (I will give you a divorce, but I need money before that. 10 crore rupees, else I will not give you a divorce, nor will I let Arnav and Khushi live in peace... and their kid..)" he paused, hearing Anjali gasp. "Samajh gayi.. toh main phir phone karoonga.. tumhe yeh batane ke liye ki paise ko kahaan (undestoood.. I will call again.. to tell you where to bring the money...)". Shyam continued. "Chup.. bas chup (Quiet ,just be quiet)", Anjali screamed into the phone. "Kya bakwaas kar rahe ho.. main pehle tumhari har baat ko vishwas karti thi.. ab main nahi karoongi.. jo karna hain karlo.. main tumse darthi nahi hoon.. main akeli nahi hoon.. meri saat..(What nonsense are you saying. Earlier I used to believe everything you said, now I won't. You can do what you want, I'm not scared of you.. because I'm not alone.. with me.. ) " Anjali closed her eyes. She remembered the first time Rahul had caught her in his arms, when he had opened up to her, when his fingers had touched hers when he took the boxes from her, when he told her that she had nothing to worry when he was around and that he was always there for her. She remembered how he appeared out of nowhere when she wanted him next to her on the stage. Her eyes flung open, shocked; she had expected to see her brother's face when she closed her eyes ' he was her strength.. he had always been her strength, her love. But now! She quickly said, "meri saat meri pyaar hain.. meri parivaar.. main tumse darthi nahi hoon.. aur iske baad, don't you dare call me or my family (I have my love by my side, my family. I'm not scared of you. After this dont you dare call me or my family)". She cut the call and threw the phone on the ground. She leaned against the counter, breathing heavily, her face filled with anger. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder, she looked up to see Arnav, his eyes filled with tears. He was so happy his sister had stood up to Shyam. He hugged her tightly, "Di, usne aap se kya kahaa? (Di, what did he tell you?)" Anjali pulled away from the hug and quickly summarized what Shyam said. "Chotte, agar tumhe, Khushiji aur tumhari bachche ko kuch hogaya.(Chotte, if something happens to you, Khushi or your child, ...)." she said, her eyes filled with tears.. "Nahi Di, kuch nahi hoga (No.. nothing will happen)".

"Di'" they turned around to see Khushi and Payal at the door. "Kya hua.. aap ro kyu rahi ho (What happened.. why are you crying?)". Khushi had run to their side. Anjali and Arnav told her that everything was alright. Khushi and Payal had come to tell Arnav and Anjali that Khushi's family was leaving. Arnav took Khushi's hand as they walked to the front door, where the Guptas, Chameli and Rahul were standing with Nani, Akash and NK. As they approached, NK turned to Khushi, "Khushiji, aap Nanav se kahiye ki itna kaam mat karna.. woh pichle kuch dino se raat bhar kaam karta hain..(Khushi, please tell Arnav not to do so much work. In the past few days, he has been working on something very important)" He turned to Arnav, "aaj raat aap kahin nahi jaayenge (you wont go anywhere tonight).. no work..just play". Arnav raised his eyebrows. Anjali was giggling behind him. Nani also said, "Haa.. chotte.. ab tumhari shaadi hone waale hain.. ab shaadi hone tak tum sab kam chodkar yahi ghar main hi rehna..(Yes, Arnav, now you are gettin married. Now till the wedding, leave every other work and just stay at home)" Arnav opened his mouth to say, "but Nani". Arnav gave in and then looked at Khushi, whose doe-like eyes had teared up. So I won't get to see Arnav tonight, she thought. The Guptas said Namaste and started walking to the door, when suddenly Khushi grabbed Arnav's arm, saying "Ouch". "Kya hua, Khushi", everyone started asking. Arnav put his arm around her and asked her, his voice filled with concern, "Khushi, kya hua.. bataao mujhe (What happned to Khushi, please tell me)". Khushi's face was filled with pain, "aa meri pair(Oh, my foot)". She looked at everyone, they were talking amongst each other and looking at her foot, and she quickly looked at Arnav, who sensed her watching him and looked at her. Arnav was shocked when Khushi winked at him. He smiled, quickly, oh so this is her plan to stay here with me tonight. He quickly said, angrily. "Khushi, tum aaj kahin nahi jaaogi..(Khushi, you won't go anywhere)" The Guptas started refusing, saying they will take care of her and that she needed to rest, but Arnav had already carried her in his arms and had started walking to the stairs. He didn't need anyone's permission; Khushi was his wife and it was his responsibility to take care of her. 

Watching Arnav walk away with Khushi in his arms, NK turned to everyone, "Relax.. relax.. I'm sure ki yeh Khushiji ki trick thi.. to make Nanav stay at home". Anjali smiled, thinking, NK bhai, this is Khushi's trick all right, but not to make Arnav stay at home, but to make sure that they both still stay together. Having understood that this was one of Khushi's tricks, Chameli and Rahul had guessed the same thing as Anjali and they looked at each other and smiled. Nani and Anjali convinced the Guptas that Arnav will look after Khushi. Anjali added, "Waise bhi humhe kal aapke yaha mehndi ke rasam ke liye aana hain na.. hum Khushiji ko saat main le aayenge.. theekh hai (Anyways, we need to come there for the mehndi function tomorrow.. we will bring Khushi with us, ok)". The Guptas bid their goodbyes and walked to the gate. 

Part 34(a): Mehndi (

Thank you silent readers for your likes and comments.. please do continue to like and comment, its your feedback that makes me want to update!!

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OMG !! You got a pair for everyone in your FF !!

LOvely update...!!

Continue soon

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loved it
very cute

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So amazing and funny thnx for pm 

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Such happiness in this update.  Wow, everyone gets their dreams.  Wonderful, loved this part.  I wish CV could read this and see what could happen in series...Thank you for pm.

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awww their dance was beautifully written
i loved it
thanx sooo much for the pm
update soon
khushi is sooo cute she faked so she could be with arnavEmbarrassed
these 2 are just sooo cuteWink

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awww such a cute update!!..:')
i loved it...and especially the realization of love by anjali
plss update soon..and PM me also the enxt part..:)

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vei gr8 update,,,,,,,,

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