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FF: Arnav and Khushi - a timeless love story! (Page 51)

asulpyaar Senior Member

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
Perfect !! Awesome !! Brilliant Clap  i can not find words to describe yaar its just amazing ,, thanks for the PM and plz UPDATE SOOON 

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arhi__4ever Goldie

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Awesome loved it

Soo cute arnav and khushi

Thanks for the pm

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LondonChick IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 5:00pm | IP Logged
That was amazing as usual Smile

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niania13 Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2012 at 5:10pm | IP Logged
I just love the romance and to see Arshi happy together!!!

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drunkiiebabe IF-Sizzlerz

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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Part 27 : Arnav and Khushi's Sagai!

Everyone watched smiling as Arnav carried his beautiful princess down the stairs to the living room, where the people were gathered. He placed her down carefully and she smiled, her eyes never leaving his face. Khushi took the ring from Payal and placed the ring on Arnav's finger and looked at him. He was looking at her with such loving eyes (I'm just squealing thinking about it!). Arnav took the ring from Anjali. He bent down to take Khushi's hand from her side and slowly brought the hand close to his face. He looked at her face, her lips had parted and he knew she was breathing heavily. As he placed the ring on her finger, she looked down shyly. He slowly brought the hand upto his lips and kissed it. She looked up and tried to jerk it away from him, but he had held onto it strongly. Her eyes asked his, "Please leave my hand, people are looking". He raised his eyebrows, "So? let them stare". She blushed. Everyone was clapping around them and Anjali, Payal, Buaji, Amma and Babuji hugged Khushi, while Akash hugged Arnav. 

Just then the music started, "Mahi ve! that's the way Mahi ve!" A group of dancers had started dancing in the floor in front of them. Nani asked Khushi, "Khushi bitiya, aaj aapko phir nachna padega (Khushi, you have to dance again today!)" Khushi excited, said, "Zaroor, Nani' aap bhi aayiye.. (Of course, Nani, you come too)" She pulled Nani and Payal to the dance floor and started dancing with the dancers. Arnav was hugging Anjali, as he saw Khushi running to the dance floor. He yelled after her, "Khushi, dheere se.. (Khushi, careful)" Anjali turned around to look at Khushi and then back at Arnav and said, "Chotte.. woh theekh hain..(Chotte, she is fine)" Arnav looked annoyed, "Di.. woh iss halat main.. usse dhyaan rakhna chahiye (Di, in this condition, she has to take care)" Anjali looked around and saw the smiling Khushi dancing and having fun with Nani and Payal. "Chotte, woh pregnant hain, bimaar nahi.. who iss halat main thoda bahut dance kar sakti hain..(Chotte, she is pregnant, not sick.. she can dance a little even at this stage)" She shook her head, smiling, happy to see her brother so caring. She turned around and saw a group of people walking with baskets of flowers. Buaji asked Anjali, "Anjali bitiya, yeh kis liye..(Anjali, what is this for?)" Anjali put her hand to her forehead, "Arre.. main aapko batana bhool gayi' kal subah yaha humne Chotte aur Khushiji ke liye puja rakhi hain.. aap bhi zaroor aa jaayiye (Oh, I forgot. Tomorrow morning, we will have a puja for Chotte and Khushi.. please you should come for it)" Then she turned to the men with the baskets and said, "Bhaiyya.. woh wahaa mandir ke paas rakh leejiye (Please keep those near the temple)". Arnav in the meantime, was smiling, watching Khushi dancing. She was singing,

Barse Rangini Kaliyan Hai Mehki Bhini Bhini (It's a shower of colors, the buds exude a delicious fragranceBaje Mann Mein Halke Halke Shehnaiya Re (The shehnayi plays in the heart)

Jitne Hai Tare Aanchal Mein Aa Gaya Sare (The stars in the sky have fallen in my dupatta) Dil Ne Jaise Hi Li Angadayee Re (My heart goes out to them)

As Khushi sang about the stars falling in her dupatta, she remembered how she had told Payal, that when she fell in love, the stars would indeed fall in her dupatta and she also remembered how she had imagined Arnav throwing glitter on her and she had caught them in her dupatta. She stopped dancing and looked at him. He was still smiling at her. Their eyes met, she got lost in his eyes and started walking back absent-minded. She did not see the guy with the basket of genda phool (marigold flowers) walking beside her and walked right into him. Khushi shocked, turned around, tripped and started to fall. Arnav quickly ran to catch her and she fell straight into his arms. The basket of marigold flowers had been thrown out of the guy's hands and the flowers fell on top of Arnav and Khushi. Everyone had stopped dancing, the music had stopped and everyone was looking at them. Arnav and Khushi were lost in each other's eyes .. rabba ve playing in the background. 

Finally Arnav helped Khushi stand up, but his face became clouded with anger. "Tumhara dhyaan kahaan tha.. dammit kuch ho jaata toh.. tum gir jaati toh (Where was your attention.. dammit what if something had happened.. what if you had fallen?)". She was scared at this outburst and she looked at Arnav with a sad pouty face and cute doggy eyes! Arnav next turned to the guy with the basket, took him by his shirt collar and said, "Tum dekh kar nahi chal sakte the..(Couldn't you have looked where you were walking?)" Khushi put her hand on Arnav's arm. "Arnavji, uss ka koyi galti nahi hain..(Arnav, he is not at fault)" Arnav turned to Khushi, took her wrist and started walking back to where he was standing earlier. She turned to the guy with the basket and apologized and walked behind Arnav. He brought her next to Anjali, left her hand and said, "Tum ab se dance nahi karoge. Yaha chup chap khadi raho. Theekh hain? (You wont dance now. Keep quiet and stand here, ok?)" She opened her mouth to say something and he raised his eyebrows, and lifted his finger. Khushi put her hand over her mouth and nodded her head. A smile had formed in the corner of her mouth. Everyone around them was smiling seeing Arnav's concern for Khushi. Anjali smiled and put her hand on Arnav's arm. "Theekh hai, Chotte.. Khushiji ab nahi nachenge.. par tum.. tum toh naach sakte ho! (Ok, Chotte.. Khushi won't dance, but you.. you can dance)" Arnav raised his eyebrows and looked at Di.. "Di.. main? (Di.. me)" Khushi had a naughty smile on her face. "Aap bhi na di (What are you saying, Di)". She folded her arms. "Arnavji aur dance.. aapne inko dance karte kabhi dekha hain.. inse nahi hoga..(Arnav and dance.. have you seen him dance ever.. he can't dance)" Arnav raised his eyebrows and looked at Khushi. Then he walked away angrily, saying "Whatever!" Anjali walked to Khushi and they giggled and did a low five! Just then Amma and Buaji came up to Khushi, scolded her for not taking care and asked her if she was alright.

Suddenly the spotlight was focused to the top of the stairs. Arnav was standing at the top of the stairs, his back facing the audience. His hands stretched to his side, he sang, "Tere ishq main dooba rahe din raat yuhi sadaa (Day and night, I remain immersed in your love) mere khwaab se aankhe teri ek pal na hoye juda.. (I dont want your eyes to leave my dreams ever)" His back still turned, he brought his hand closer to his face and looked at it, singing, "mera naam tu haathon main apne likhe baar haan (You write my name on your hand once)" and closed his hand into a fist. He took his hands in the air and sang, "Aye kaash ke aisa bhi ek din laaye woh khuda (Oh God, I wish that you would bring such a day!)". He turned and ran down the stairs, his hand pointed at Khushi, "tu hi mera mera mera .. (You are mine.. mine.. mine)" A couple of guys had started dancing at the bottom of the stairs and Arnav joined them. Khushi watched her mouth wide open as her Arnav danced, expressing his love to her. "Hey teri chaahat, teri zaroorat, sooni hai tujh bin duniya meri (I want you, I need you, my world is deserted without you)". He sang, looking at her. "Na reh sakoonga main door inse hain meri jannat galiya teri (I wont be able to live away from you.. your streets are my heaven)". His eyes had filled up and he looked straight at her as he danced. She could feel her heart breaking seeing his pain. He had missed her a lot, she knew, she had missed him too. She smiled thinking of all the times she had tried to avoid him and ended up with spending time with him. She thought of New Year when she had seen his face at midnight. Anjali interrupted her thoughts, "Khushiji.. main aapse kaise shukriya ada karoo.. aapne hum sab ko humare Chotte wapas kar diya hain.. itne saal woh toh jaise koi aur banne ke koshish kar raha tha.. par aapne usse wapas laakar hum sab ko itni khushiyaan de di (Khushi, I dont know how to thank you. You have brought our Chotte back to us. All these years, he was trying hard to be someone he wasn't. Now by bringing him back you have made us all so happy)". Khushi hugged her and turned around to see Arnav singing, "Ummeed ye seene main leke main hoon jee raha, kabhi tu mile mujh se kahe ki main hu bas tera (I am living with this hope in my chest, that you will come to me sometime and tell me that I'm yours)" She blushed as he pointed at her again. He walked towards her singing, "tu hi mera mera.. (You are mine.. mine..)" They looked into each other's eyes.. and to them, it seemed like they were alone in the room. He kept walking towards her, her eyes filled up with tears..  tears of joy. Arnav watched Khushi, blushing, smiling, his beautiful bride. Then he remembered the pain he had given her earlier after they had gotten married, how he had thrown her out of his room, the hurtful words he had said.

Khushi watched as Arnav walked to her, and everyone in the room was clapping. Khushi was about to hug him, when Arnav sat down on his knee. Khushi looked down, confused. He had taken her hand and he looked up at her. In the background, the song played, "Meri adhoori kahani lo dastaan ban gaye (My incomplete story has become an epic)". He got up and took both her hands in his, his eyes were filled with tears.. "Tu ne chua aaj aise.. main kya se kya ban gaye! (You touched me today, and how I have changed!) " He put an arm on her waist and put her hand on his shoulder and swirled her around gently, "Sehmi hue, sapne mere, haule haule angdaiyan le rahe, thehre hue lamhe mere, nayi nayi gehraiyan le rahe (The dreams that I was afraid of are slowly relaxing, the moments that stopped are taking new depths) ".. they danced and finally he stopped and touched her face when the song reached, "hai aankh nam kyun na jaane o saiyyan (Why are my eyes wet, my love?)". She looked into his tear-filled eyes, her heart breaking, she touched his face and shook her head. They continued to dance, as everyone in the room watched breathless.  He left her hand and walked around her, as the music played, "Sur se zara behki hui meri duniya thi badi besuri (A little out of tune, my life was inharmonic)  ". He pulled her close to him, her back pressed against his body. He pressed her hand to his face and put his other arm around her waist, as the music continued, "Sur main tere dhalne lagi bani re piya main bani basuri (I started blending to your tune and I became a flute, my love)". They continued to dance to the music. Then they stopped, he put his arm around her waist, her hand on his shoulder and her other hand in his and they looked at each other as the song played, "Mere aasmaan se jo hamesha gumshuda thi.. chaand tare.. tumne gardishon ke lay badal di laut aaye aaj saare.. o saiyyan! (The moon and stars were missing from my sky, you moved the dark clouds and they are all back now, my love)" They were so lost in each others' eyes, they did not notice that the music had stopped. Finally the applause interrupted them and they looked around embarrassed. They were so involved in the dance and so captivated by each other that they forgot they were amidst people.

Anjali was smiling watching the performance,  tears rolling down her cheeks. Madhubala the dance teacher, who had just reached Shantivan a few minutes ago, walked up to her. Anjali's thoughts were interrupted by Madhubala, who was saying, "Wah Anjaliji, kya pyaar hai.. kya ada hain inn dono ka.. kya Jodi hain.. waah! in dono ke liye ab humhe kuch alag hi dance sochna padega! (Anjali, what love.. what grace.. what a couple! I have think of a different dance for them now!)" Anjali turned around, "Madhubalaji, aap aa gaye (Madhubala, you are here?)". By then Nani had walked over to Madhubala and taken her to meet Buaji and Amma.

An hour later, people started leaving. After the event, the Raizada family bid the Guptas goodbye. Khushi and Arnav were holding hands and looking at each other, when Buaji turned to Khushi and called her. Khushi hesitantly walked with Buaji to the door. Khushi looked back at Arnav as she reached the door, Arnav winked.. he would be at her house shortly. Anjali noticed the wink and she giggled. She looked back at Khushi and waved. Anjali and Arnav walked back to the living room with the others, but Anjali grabbed Arnav's hand and asked him to wait. "Chotte.. mujhe lagta hain ki main talak ke liye taiyyar hain.. tumhe aur Khushiji ko dekh kar mujhe pyaar main phir se vishwas ho gaya hain.. mujhe bhi lagta hain ki mujhe bhi ek din apna sacha pyaar mil jaayega' main uska intezaar karoongi.. I think its worth the wait, Chotte.. mujhe ab azaad hona hain.. uss rishte se jiska ab mere zindagi main koi matlab nahi hain.. tum kal hi papers taiyyar karo.. main sign karoongi (Chotte, I think I want a divorce. After seeing you and Khushi, I have gotten my faith back in love.. I think I will find true love one day.. I will wait.. I think its worth the wait.. I want to be free, free from the relation that means nothing to me anymore. Get the papers ready and I will sign) ". Arnav hugged his sister, his face worried. "Di, I don't want you to feel pressured. Haan, main bhi yahi chahta hoon ki aap uss kamine se rishta tod do.. par you can take your time to make this decision. (Di, I don't want you to feel pressured. Yes, I do want you to be free from that horrible person, but you can take your time to make the decision)" Anjali shook her head and said, "Chotte.. main ter kar liya hain.. main theekh hoon (Chotte, I have made my decision.. I am fine)" She touched his face, smiled and walked away.


Ok, so it is very difficult to write how people will dance.. I actually pictured them dancing.. it will be so beautiful if they really do something like this in the show!!!! Oh, and please give me other suggestions for songs.. I thought of Arnav dancing to "Saajanji ghar aayi", since Khushi loves Salman.. but that is so not his style! I have an idea what I want these two to dance for the Sangeet, but I'm going to keep that as a surprise. But if you guys have any songs in mind.. please do tell me.. and if I like that song better than mine, then I will use that!!! 

Anyways, hope you guys liked this post.. I had so much fun writing this and imagining their engagement! Heart Blushing And yes, I can keep on writing romance forever and ever.. these two are such a cute couple.. its so easy to imagine them being romantic!! Smile Please do like and leave your comments. .they mean a lot to me!! 

In case, anyone hasn't heard these songs, here they are with english subtitles : 

Mahi ve  (

Tu hi mera (

O Saiyyan (

Part 28 : The secret rendezvous (

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Punkin22 IF-Rockerz

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Good grief, I was hyperventilating!!  What a wonderful romantic chapter.  Simply magical. I am not Indian dear so I know very few songs in hindi but in english well, Michael Bolton, "When I said I loved you, I lied." could work for Arnav's and Khushi's epic love story.  Please listen.

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