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FF: Arnav and Khushi - a timeless love story! (Page 107)

niania13 Goldie

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Posted: 29 May 2012 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
They really had a happy wedding with moving and sweet moments!
Poor Anjali, I hope that she'll finally get the happiness she deserves...

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drunkiiebabe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 May 2012 at 4:18pm | IP Logged

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shivani15 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 May 2012 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
Awesome updates!
Could you please pm me too?

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Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 May 2012 at 6:32pm | IP Logged
Awesome...i loved it...conti n thanks for the pm :))))))

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ipkkndank IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 May 2012 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Awww love this update =) superb =)

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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2012 at 5:18pm | IP Logged
The post you have all been waiting for! I'm sorry but I have decided not to make it mature content. It's very decent, but hopefully still hot! I have used only scenes that they could possibly show on TV (except of course the liplocks! Embarrassed) Please please do leave your comments, I want to know what you thought about the update!! 


Part 39 : Suhaag Raat

Arnav carried Khushi to the door, from the door and to the living room. He looked at her as he carried her to the living room. He knew that she hadn't taken her eyes off him since they started walking in from the door. Khushi's eyes teared up when she put her hands around his neck. She was happy, very happy. She had had the perfect wedding, better than what she had ever dreamed of. She had the best husband in the whole world, someone who loved her more than anything or anybody, someone who would go to any lengths to make sure she was happy, even if it meant going against his own beliefs. She remembered how happy he looked when she had walked into the living room in her bridal wear; she could feel his love when she was walking towards him. Yes, she was happy; she was now married to the man of her dreams.. Arnav Singh Raizada! She giggled, who would have thought that I would marry Laad Governor! She looked up to his face to see Arnav looking at her confused at her giggling. He put her down carefully and helped her sit down on the floor. Anjali looked up smiling, "Ok, pehla rasam. Iss bowl se ring dhoodna hain. (First tradition. You have to find a ring from this bowl)" She pointed to a bowl, which was filled with milk and rose petals. NK sat down next to them, "Oh yes, jo ring pehle dhoond lenge, woh jeetenge.. I know Khushiji aap hi jeetenge.. iska matlab saare zindagi aapko Nanav pe complete control hoga (Whoever finds the ring first wins. I know Khushi will win and that will mean that you will have complete control over Arnav all your life)"  Anjali playfully hit NK's head and smiled. Arnav looked at Khushi; she was looking at him with raised eyebrows. He knew what she was thinking; wait and watch Arnav Singh Raizada, I will win this game! Arnav pursed his lips in reply; let's see about that. Khushi raised her eyebrows and made an annoyed face. Anjali turned to Nani, "Nani, main jaakar Chotte ka kamra taiyyar karti hoon (Nani, I will go decorate Arnav's room)" and she walked away. Rahul saw her walk away and followed her. Nani said, "Shuru keejiye.(Start)" Arnav and Khushi put their hands in the bowl and searched for the ring, looking at each other. Everyone else cheered around them. Khushi raised her eyebrows and smiled victoriously, and then suddenly her face changed to shock. Everyone stopped cheering wondering what happened. When they took their hands out, Arnav was holding Khushi's hand and she had the ring in hers. NK put his hand on his head, "Oh no.. ab kaun jeeta! (Who won?)" Nani replied, smiling, "Dono jeete.. uske pyaar jeete (They both won.. their love won)". Khushi blushed and tried to take her hand out of Arnav's, but he held it tightly, smiled and shook his head.

Nani smiled and said, "Chalo, ab doosra rasam. (Ok, now for the next tradition)" Arnav looked up and said, "Bas Nani. Please, ab aur rasme nahi hogi. Ab tak maine kuch nahi kaha, par ab aur nahi.(Enough, Nani. No more traditions. I didn't say anything until now, but I can't take this anymore)" Nani looked at him angrily, "Chotte, aap ko yeh sab karna padega.(Chotte, you have to do all this)" Her face softened and she looked at Khushi, "Humare liye na sahi par Khushi bitiya ke liye to keejiye.(If not for us, do it for Khushi)" Khushi yawned and said, "Koi baat nahi Nani, main bhi dhak gayi hoon. Itni kaafi hain.(It's ok, Nani, I am tired too. This is enough)" She turned to look at Arnav and winked. He raised his eyebrows in shock. Nani smiled; she understood what the naughty bride and groom had in their minds. She tried hard not to giggle, but then she opened her mouth in shock when NK said, "Lagta hain Nanav aur Khushiji ko suhaag raat ki rasam zyaada pasand hain (It looks like Nanav and Khushi prefer suhaag raat tradition more)". Everyone smiled and looked at each other, while Arnav and Khushi blushed; Arnav squeezed Khushi's hand and she smiled.

Anjali was putting rose petals on the bed, when she felt someone behind her. She turned around to see Rahul. "Anjaliji, kya main aapke madad kar sakta hoon? Dulhan ki bhai bi toh Jijaji hi hain na. (Anjali, can I help you? The bride's brother is also Arnav's brother-in-law, right.)" She nodded, avoiding his eyes. She handed him the basket of rose petals and walked away. He closed his eyes, his face filled with pain, seeing her reaction. Why did he have to break her heart? He opened his eyes, continued what she was doing; he spread the rose petals and then he heard the sound of payal. He looked up to see Khushi and Anjali walk in, Khushi, blushing and looking down, and Anjali looking happy and teasing her. Rahul smiled and walked to Khushi. She looked up and hugged him, "Bhai, aap mere shaadi main aaye.. mujhe bahut khushi hui. Aap humhe milne kal aayenge na? (Brother, you came to my wedding, I am so happy. You will come to meet me tomorrow, right?)" He smiled and said, "Haan, kal aaoonga, aur uske baad Chameli aur main Lucknow wapas jaayenge (Yes, I will come tomorrow. But then Chameli and I will leave for Lucknow)" He looked at Anjali, who was still trying to avoid his eyes and then walked out of the door. Khushi looked around and was amazed at how beautiful the room looked. The room was filled with candles and smelled of roses. The bed was covered with rose petals and garlands of jasmine and rose flowers were hanging from the ceiling. Khushi turned and hugged Anjali, "Di, aap ne yeh sab .. (Di, you did all this?)" Anjali smiled and hugged her back. Anjali helped Khushi sit on the petal-covered bed and spread her lehenga. She touched her face and kissed Khushi on the forehead. She walked away and at the door, she turned back and said, "Main Chotte ko bej doongi (I will send Chotte here)". She giggled and walked away, closing the door.

Khushi sat, with her hands around her knees, blushing, remembering the first time they made love and the multiple times afterwards. She felt tingly all over her body wondering what would happen that night. Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice, almost unintelligible,  she looked up and strained her ears to hear it. Then she raised her eyebrows, "Khushi", the voice said; and she knew the voice' it was Shyam! She looked in the direction from where the sound came, but before she could do anything, she felt a hand on her arm and she screamed. She turned and looked into Arnav's eyes. Realizing it was Arnav, she hugged him, shivering. "Khushi, relax." He said putting his arms around her, "Khushi.. kya hua? (What happened?)" She looked up at him and stammered, "Arnavji.. Shyam.. Shyam yahin kahi..(Shyam is somewhere here)" She looked around, scared. Arnav squeezed her tight in his arms and then stood up. "Kahaan.. main dekhta hoon (Where? Let me look)". She took his hand and shook her head. He sat down next to her, touched her face and said, "Main tumhe chodkar nahi jaaoonga. Main yahin hoon. Theekh hain? (I wont leave you alone. I will be right here, ok?)" She slowly released his hand. He walked to the bathroom, opened it and checked inside. He ran to the poolside doors, stepped out, looked around. He closed the doors, locked them and pulled the curtains. He locked the bedroom door and then ran back to Khushi and took her in his arms. 

Khushi put her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeats. She smiled; she loved being in his arms; it felt right. She closed her eyes; Arnav looked down at her smiling face and tickled her. She giggled and moved away. "Aaj main tumhe sone nahi doongi Khushi (I won't let you sleep tonight, Khushi)". Arnav moved closer to her, with a naughty smirk and his eyes filled with desire. She smiled and tried to get off the bed. He grabbed her hand and she stood next to the bed struggling to free her hand. Arnav got up and stood next to her. He took her face in his hands; she looked away, breathing heavily, her heart beating fast. He softly kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks and her chin. She grabbed his arms and squeezed them tightly. They looked into each other's eyes and Arnav brought his face closer to hers. When their lips touched, they remembered the wonderful memories they had shared; when Khushi had fallen into his arms at the fashion show, when Arnav had given her water during Teej, when they fell on the rangoli, when Arnav helped untangle the lights on Khushi's body, the almost-kiss during Diwali, New year, Arnav's kiss by the poolside and so on. Arnav tried to pull away after a few minutes, but Khushi didn't want to. She touched his lips again, but this time Arnav wanted more. He tilted her head back and kissed her neck and her shoulders. Khushi ran her hands through his hair, pulled his head back to her and kissed him on the lips again. A few minutes later, Arnav pulled away and smiled seeing his beautiful bride, her eyes closed, her lips trembling, begging for more. He lifted her in his arms, moved the hanging flower garlands with her legs and placed her carefully on the bed. As she sat down, Khushi put her hands around her knees, like a blushing new bride and looked down shyly. He took the ghoongat (veil) off her head, leaned in, put his hand on her neck and caressed her neck with his thumb as he placed continuous kisses on her neck. He removed her kundan tikka (headpiece) and kissed her forehead. He removed her nose ring and kissed her nose. He slowly removed her earrings and nibbled on her ears; she grabbed onto his sherwani, squirming with pleasure. He reached behind her neck and unhooked her necklace, removed it and placed kisses on her shoulders. He slowly removed her bangles from her hands and lightly brushed his lips on her arms, all the way up to the sleeves of her blouse and then looked up at her. Khushi had her eyes closed; she was breathing heavily, the touch of his lips on her skin made her tingly all over. He moved down, lifted her lehenga slightly; she blushed and tried to move her feet away, but he grabbed her feet. He removed her payal and placed kisses on her feet. She opened her eyes, looked at him and giggled, feeling ticklish. He slowly moved his face all the way up her body to her face; she squirmed with pleasure, feeling his breath on her skin. He hugged her and laid her on the bed. He moved her pallu, to expose her thin waist and placed kisses on her exposed tummy. She squirmed with pleasure and grabbed his hair. He looked up at her, grabbed her face in his hands and pressed his lips against hers and let his tongue explore every corner of her mouth. Arnav and Khushi had missed each other the past one week, even though they had spent almost every night together. They had gotten used to being around each other all the time. In the past week, Arnav's name had come up in every conversation Khushi had with others and everything around him had reminded Arnav of Khushi. As Arnav and Khushi made love that night as a newly married couple, they promised themselves that they would never leave each other's side ever again. 

Part 40 : Shyam gets caught (


Hope you liked that. I have a take-home exam I should be working on, so I might not be able to post any updates soon. But I already thought of what the next updates should be, so I thought I will give you precaps! I will try to update, I know Arshi stories are what helps us survive weekends, especially this weekend is going to be tough, especially after seeing the June 4th promo! I can't wait for the actual episode!!! Blushing

Coming up soon - Shyam gets caught, Arnav- Khushi romance in the shower, final happy ending scene and then the epilogue!

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arhi__4ever Goldie

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Posted: 31 May 2012 at 5:35pm | IP Logged
Brilliant update


Loved it

cant wait for the next update

Thank you for the pm

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tmowla Senior Member

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Posted: 31 May 2012 at 5:37pm | IP Logged
awww i wish this happens in the show too... thanks for the update and pm!

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