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Arhi~I Want You!~ FF *Thread 1* (Page 116)

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very nice...ClapClap

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gr8 part..
thanks for pm dear..

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part 14
nice part...
is Arnav being true to his words and feelings?
havent got that feeling that he truly wants Khushi as his wife and not some timepass...
what is this Sonu planning?
hope Anjali doesnt get hurt badly...
cont soon...

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Love it graphics

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awesum update dear:)ClapClapClapClapClapClap

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Amazing Update
Continue Soon
Thank You So Much For The PM
Manan-Pani4eva IF-Dazzler

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I can't believe we have nearly finished Thread 1 so thank you guys for liking my FF...Hug

Part 15

Khushi could not eat anything due to her stomach getting butterflies. Ever since she woke up all she could think is about Arnav and what he said. How will she face him today? How would he react to her? How will she act in front of him? This was bothering her at no ends. She managed to eat a little cereal but began nauseating. She began to get ready and looked into the mirror thinking do I look good?

"Khushi what does it matter how you look...and its better you don't look nice". Saying that she began putting her makeup on, extra carefully.

"It's not as if I am wearing it for the first time...Khushi don't think too much into this okay?"

She checked herself once over and left home. All the way she was practising deep breathing to stop herself from getting panicked.



She entered the Raizada office and was delighted to find Arnav was nowhere to be seen. She kept making excuses to get out of the main office hall and began going into the side rooms for photocoping and filing. After  a while she came out and went to sit in front of her desk.

The whole staff began running left right. She knew-she knew he was here.  Arnav took long strides towards his stairway. He took extra hot in his white shirt and black waistcoat. His short black hair all cropped back. The air filled with his ultra sexy aftershave and the girls began swooning because he was single AGAIN.

All the employees greeted him and he noticed the one person he wanted to hear it from was lost for words. He stopped near Khushi and gave his Arnav trademark smirk.

"Khushi aren't you going to wish me Good morning?"

She looked at him amazed at his candid posture. Her heart began beating again.

"Good...good morning sir!" she stammered half in a whisper. He smirked and then replied.

"Good morning, to you too".

Saying that he left her with her mouth agape. Aman who was watching this came near Khushi and shook his head.

"Unbelievable Khushi, ASR wished you good never has happened since I have been working here".

Khushi looked embarrassed she knew he was doing this because he wanted to put her on the spot after what he had told her yesterday.


Anjali received a parcel and she straight away knew it was from her brother Arnav. She opened it and found a photo framed of their childhood. She smiled and remembered all the good and bad times they had together. There was a little box which was prettily decorated. She opened it and found it was a small pendent with her initials on it.

"Anjali your brother hasn't sent you anything which is out of this world so why are you smiling?" Sonu seemed annoyed it was not something expensive. She put her hand on his thigh.

"Sonu my brother has gifted me so many expensive things over the years that you will be surprised. I told him last year to give me something sentimental. You know I love my brother he really is always looking out for me".

"Why don't you tell your brother to marry he is getting old?"

"I have and I have seen a really gorgeous girl for him but you know him and his ego...he never wants to admit his feelings".

"Really who is she?"

"His secretary"

"What?!!!" he giggled.

"Yes Sonu and she is really hot".

The conversation continued about Khushi and Arnav till both had discussed it fully. Anjali put the photo near her bed to keep it and cherish it for the rest of her life.



It was 11am Arnav began to get restless at not being able to see Khushi anywhere round the ground floor. He did not want to make it obvious so he came down to style it out he was checking on his employees if they are doing their job properly.

His eyes searched left, right up and down but she was nowhere to be seen. His agitation grew by the second.

"Aman!" he roared.

"Ji sir?" He quickly came by the side.

"Where is Khushi Kumari Gupta?"

"Uh sir she is...she is in the stock room sorting out all the files."

Arnav looked annoyed what was she doing in that dusty place?

"Unbelievable! What the hell is she doing there?"

"Sir she insisted of doing it...she said she wants time to herself".

Arnav smirked and muttered under his breath. "Oh really? So Khushi Kumari Gupta is avoiding me?...lets the saying goes if the mountain does not go to Muhamet, Muhamet  has to go to the mountain".

He walked into a place he had hardly ever gone before...the reason? The lady that had stolen his sanity, Khushi Kumari Gupta.

Khushi was busy coughing and dusting the file. "Khushi just to avoid the Laad Governor look what your doing you silly girl! I mean these files are from 1947...God knows if anyone has even looked at them for years but good you deserve was you that suggested you wanted to do this".

She began trying to reach some files that were on the fourth shelf but despite the fact she was tall she was unable to reach. "Devi Maiyya what has happened to Laad Governor all of a sudden, he use to hate me and look the things he said to me yesterday".

Arnav walked in searching around the dark dusty place.

"This Khushi is so mad, why did she have to come into this dungeon?"

He went to the right and found her standing on the stool talking out loudly. He found it hilarious and cute at the same time.

She got a stool and climbed on top of it. "Maybe I should just be brave and tell him that...muje koi farak nahin parta unn ke hone ya na hone se(I am not affected by him being or not being)...thats it I just need to be straight and tell him that...that..."

"What are you going to say to me Khushi?"

She paused frozen in her tracks. she began hyperventilating again and closed her eyes. "Devi Maiya make sure he is not here.."

"I am here sweetheart!" he looked up looking smug.

She opened her eyes and turned ever so slowly and voila there he was in his magnificent glory. She hesitated and fumbled which caused her to lose all balance.

"Khushi watch out!" The knight in shining armour that he was he quickly tried to get there but she fell with such great force that she landed on him and took him down with her.

Khushi had squinted her eyes with fear...her head was aligned on to his heart. She could hear his heartbeat thumping away. She slightyly got up and saw him looking at her with adorable eyes.

She looked into his deep dark caramel eyes which forgot to blink..he flickered his eyes from her eyes to her lips which were trembling.

"Khushi sach batao tume koi farak nahin parta?" His voice seemed as  smooth and silky as a Galaxy chocolate bar.

"Mmmhhh bolo na Khushi? Mera itne tumare kareeb hone se tume kuch nahi hota?" (Tell me Khushi? Me being so close to you nothing happens to you?)

She looked at him lost into his sweet charms. "Nahin" (No) she said audibly not really meaning it or sounding to convincing to ASR.

"Khushi why you avoiding me since morning...I really missed seeing you"

She tried getting up but ended up falling back onto him again.

"It seems even your Devi Maiya wants you to fall back on me again...but hey I don't mind". He looked at her intensely.

She got back to her senses. "Laad Governor I don't have any intention to fall on you and no Mr ASR nothing happens to me!"

She got up herself and started dusting herself. "Khushi your not gonna give me a hand..I am your boss still". She looked at him and felt bad that she made him fall. She forwarded her hand and he took it but instead of getting up he pulled her down onto his lap. She looked bewildered and yet vunerable.

"Tum mano ya na mano...kuch to ho raha hain tume..look your blushing". (You accept it or not...something is happening)

She looked nervously down and being caught blushing and he kept his gaze a moment longer.

From a distance Aman voice could be heard. "Sir...Khushi? where are you?"

"Unbelievable he has to come after me?...Aman I am here!"

Khushi quickly got up and Arnav got up himself to face Aman.

"Sir what are you doing here?"

He looked at Khushi and she looked away. "Uh I was checking if Khushi was doing her work properly...but yeh she is damn good...anyway good work Khushi...come and see me in half an hour I need to give you a dictation hmmm?"

Khushi nodded and he left with mighty victorious grin.

Precap; Arnav showers her with flowers.Day Dreaming

Please press Like and leave your comments..and after commenting here I have started Thread 2 link is below so start commenting there for next parts.

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Thread 2

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AmazinG!!! Day Dreaming

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