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IP REDUX ; Bairi Piya !! (Page 4)

annieK Goldie

Joined: 17 December 2011
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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Your analyses are always well done but today your writing was a very beautiful  reflection of 
the heightened emotions and the intensity of feelings in the episode .
Loved it !

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Jhalak29 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 March 2012
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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Absolutely wonderfully put in words what barun & sanaya delivered was equally perfectly penned by your thoughts, ClapClapClapthe moment this episode got over, I got confirmed what I felt always that its Arnav who will spill the beans when the time comes, the more he gets tangled with this MU the more he looses control. the war between mind & heart is making him miserable & so very miserable that he is loosing himself.
For me one scene stood out & out which was even before Naniji came to redeem Khushi saying that Khushi had won unknowlingly and Arnav had uttered so this is the reason khushi did what she did and that's where he wanted to reach her bcz Finally he could decipher one action of her. Like a few episode bk Akash had pointed " khushiji what ever u do u hv a reason " today  Arnav got his first connection to it, will surely comein handy when the mist of his emotions clears and lets his rationale take over.
Njoied every word today.

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Sahana2 Senior Member

Joined: 09 December 2011
Posts: 618

Posted: 05 April 2012 at 3:20pm | IP Logged

I think you outdid yourself today!! Simply loved your analysis . And yes, I loved the episode today. It was full of angst, full of passion, full of jealousy with an underscore of love.

Hope the CVs don't go back to mindless comedy  and amnesia of the leads tomorrow. 

Thanks for the PM. 


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ananya7736 Goldie

Joined: 14 October 2007
Posts: 1234

Posted: 05 April 2012 at 3:21pm | IP Logged
Tanthya and Anna, wonderful posts and analysis of todays post. I was very disappointed with today's episode because of the fight, which seemed very as usual to me, but both of your posts has made me positive.

@Tanthya : Love the song selection. Bairi Piya suits the whole situation Arnav Khushi are in and also loved the comparision of Khushi with a phoenix. Beautiful!

@Anna: Loved the way you have explained all the equations. I could see more into the episode because of them. I do not have to say but I loved the Arnav Khushi equation and the way you explained it. Thank you.

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showstruck IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 November 2011
Posts: 7495

Posted: 05 April 2012 at 3:35pm | IP Logged
Amazing. Hats off to both of Tant, Doodle and rest of the team. You guys leave me speechless.

Tant- love all the titles you give.
Doodle- it's freaky that Mami- Payal prediction came true word by word!!

I wonder how much time they will take to clear the MU. I am worried at the way people are lossing hope.

Edited by showstruck - 05 April 2012 at 6:26pm

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SankaDevi20 Senior Member

Joined: 29 January 2012
Posts: 570

Posted: 05 April 2012 at 3:50pm | IP Logged
As always, Tanthya, that was one amazing analysis. I always read yours, but i think this is the first time to comment. Your analysis gives me a summary and some thoughts which I might have missed myself in the moment and it shows how much thought and symbolism there is sometimes behind a scene that seems to be so simple on the outside. I love how you describe them as a circle. Arnav needs to explode, khushi will burn because of the explosion but she will arise, because of arnav, and arnav, he needs her to explode in the first place! Very good job and I will certainly keep stalking your threads!

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dramacrazy12 Goldie

Joined: 26 December 2011
Posts: 1089

Posted: 05 April 2012 at 4:21pm | IP Logged
Lovely analysis Tathya. Before I write my thoughts on today's episode...I need to rant a bear with me
I have to confess something- I am a romantic at heart  and a show that is very angsty does not sit very well with me , I categorize it with Ekta Kapoor products and move on. On the other hand I have very little patience with fluff or full blown rom-com and no intensity. This is my way of saying I like a well balanced show with intense scenes , tight story line and some lightness to it to balance it off.
My major complaint in last few weeks have been that we seem to be moving between two extremes (comendy and intensity) with absolutely no movement in story or balance in general feel of the story. We have the intensity of Heer Ranjha with the comedy of Gabbar, we have intense dance of possesiveness with Bali in Delhi, we have the 100 ways to irritate ASR with wrong medicine episode thrown in, to top it off, we have shirtless ASR with random rabba ves. It is hard to keep track of what we are trying to achieve and where the story is headed or what the general mood of the storyline is.
Okay now that I am done with the rant...let us move on to today's episode
There were a couple of things I loved-
1) Cracks are beginning to appear in Khushi and Arnav's facade. After all there is a limit to keeping your emotions bottled up. Khushi has become reckless in taunting Arnav pushing him into episodes of wild rage...a dangerous but effective strategy since that is the only time when Arnav truly loses his tightly managed control and his true feelings begin to show. If he was ever to blurt the truth would be either in love or rage. Since the first one is not happening anytime soon , it will have to be the latter. Arnav on the other hand is just brimming with frustation and impotent jealousy. He can't seem to reconcile two images of Khushi...the perky goody two shoes with immense courage and the liar he thought he saw in Shyam's arms. In his mind he has lost the battle and he is not even ready to fight ...since there is nothing to fight for.
2) The difference between Khushi's behaviour with Shyam and Arnav. From her perspective both of them are volatile, aggresive and at times physically abusive. Both of them have used her weakness for her family to forge a relationship with her ( Shyam used it to get engaged and Arnav used it to get married). In some ways both of them have abused her trust and her person. Yet Khushi seems to crave Arnav's company, touch and acceptance while cringes with Shyam. She is strong enough to goad Arnav into his wild rages and angry spats but stands like a deer caught in headlight when Shyam approaches her. Maybe because she can sense Arnav's righteousness beaneath all his darkness. Maybe because she can sense his unsaid love and the torment that comes with it. I wish she would try to understand why she behaves the way she does. On the other hand she probably already knows and just needs some validation from Arnav.
3) Payal and Maami bonding, Nani and Khushi's increasing trust...Family has been of immense importance to both Khushi and Arnav. I like how closely the relationships mending and mutual respect is growing amongst the all the parties. I just wish Khushi could see that Arnav would never hurt Payal (after the hanky support he extended in yesterday's episode). He just went that rounte since it got Khushi to agree to his plan quickly.
What do I want... I want the story to move forward...I want Arnav to have a small hint ( a tear in Khushi's eyes, a painful mark on her wrist left by Shyam...anything to make him re-evaluate his understanding of MU and getting him ready to atleast fight the battle). It is very obvious to me that any hints Arnav gives Khushi will be useless given that she is completely in dark and does not connect dots as well. Arnav has to lead the effort and then maybe she will pick up the clues on the way.
Another thing I want is a new and short BG...Rabba Ves do not cut it anymore...they seem too long and too flowery. We need something short that signifies unexpected blooming of love at an unexpected today's pull.
Remember my rant at the beginning of the post...The problem is when you have a situation where MU+MU+MU continues the show starts to drag and becomes too angsty..after a certain level of buildup, one of the MU has to start unraveling while others continue to build. I am not sure why the CV continue to build one MU over other. I have said  this before that solving the MU between Arnav and Khushi does not solve the bigger problem, it just evens the playing field between the players. Shyam will continue to hold Arnav and Khushi's hostage and silent with the threat of frail health of Anjali. Infact if anything Arnav will have even more reason to keep silent because he won't be sure how rest of the family will react to truth and how thier behaviour will change towards love of his life. Same goes for Khushi who will keep silent for Anjali and Payal. However behind closed doors there will be some respite for Arnav and Khushi as they explore thier relationship with all the baggage of past and difficult present. When Shyam tries to touch Khushi and he will, Arnav has to find a way to stop him without tipping rest of the family off, he will hates his helplessness and that will feed in into his rage. Instead of strugging between hate and love , he has to struggle between being a husband and brother. Khushi has to suffer as she sees her capable husband struggle on a daily basis to maintain his sanity so that his sister can be happy.  Only she can soothe his weary soul at the end of the day. A recipe for intensity balanced with lightness. That is what I want to see now...

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S003 Senior Member

Joined: 20 February 2012
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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 4:40pm | IP Logged

@ tant, anna, doddle: How do I get in touch with 4 Lions and get them to hire you guys to proof their scripts????

My thoughts on the episode:


An intense episode, not as intense as some of the others we have seen on this show but pretty darn close.


I think it started off nicely, the clearing of the misunderstanding between the Raizada's, and the reason why Payal and Khushi did what they did. Understanding dawning on Arnav's eyes was nice. The cementing of Khushi's image in nani's eyes, I feel like this was done for a reason. Arnav understanding that there was an actual, good natured reason behind Khushi declining the award and it had nothing to do with him was good.


Today everyone stayed in the character ( not the crazy curve balls they throw us occasionally), Arnav almost gave Khushi the benefit of the doubt but when he saw that both Shyam and Khushi were missing his hope started to slip. Then his worst fears were confirmed that indeed Khushi was with Shyam. And just like that he was ASR.


He demanded answers, laid down the law, threatened, and ensured he is in control. Back to his basic personality, the weight of the world on his shoulders. But there is a difference, he can't hurt her or see her hurt. BIG DIFFERENCE!!! This part was good, his grip slacked he looked at her; she was daring him to do it. And for a second, he thought he would just to prove to her he didn't care two hoots. But then she braced herself for the fall and ASR crumbled. Nicely done!!! Of course once she was safe he was mad at himself, she wasn't helping which meant ASR mask comes back on in full force. But he realizes in order for this sham to work he needs her to participate like she has. He NEEDS her in pretense as much as he needs her in truth.


Khushi, has been the victim, but her personality doesn't make her a martyr rather a fighter. Today she did just that. She is tired of her good intentions being questions, tired of being called a gold digger. Just tired that every time she thinks Arnav has some feelings for her they come crashing down. But mostly, she is hopeless. And just when she thinks I was wrong to build my dreams with this man how has let me go (good use of the FB) he doesn't let her go, he pulls her to himself saving her. She is now angrier than ever because she wants him to say to her what he feels enough of these mixed signals.


Here's what I don't understand, why does Khushi not just tell Arnav I had to go get medicine for Di, he is mad as hell. It isn't life or death. This secrecy is nonsense. Just because Anjali told her not to? The idea is for Arnav not to be worked up but he is mighty worked up not knowing where you are so what the hell? This part is just confusing. AGAIN THIS SELF-SACRIFISING ACT BELONGS IN OTHER SP SHOWS!!!


The one thing I hated!!!

The use of the Rabba Ve tune today did not fit in at all, in fact it was distracting, if anything they should have used the instrumental version. It made the scene kind off disjointed.


After this if they go back to fake rabba ve's I swear!!!!

But that was my two cents, all I can say is that if they lose momentum now I'm out!!!

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