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IP REDUX ; Bairi Piya !! (Page 3)

savvy05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
@Tants - What a wonderful post for a very good episode. Loved it. The last line you had written about comparing Khushi to a  Pheonix was exquisite. There have been many clues thrown by both  as you have covered. For me Shyam asking Khushi as to how Arnav can touch you but not me was also a pivotal one. It also explains as to why she reacts with immediate promptness with Arnav but not with Shyam. Will she ponder over this question?
I for one am totally glad the way this is moving. They just need to accelerate it further till one of them cracks. I will wait for Doods post.
@Doods- Heart shot explanation!! Fantastic. Never visualized it that way. Great post as always

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bidz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
One of your best posts Tanthya. Love it! Yes, bring the intensity onSmile

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kooltoad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
wow... i really appreciate ur involvement... how u dive deep into the ocean of emotions that ipk is and come out with such brilliant pearls...
love reading ur post... :))) and then how brilliantly u build it and portray all the beautiful emotions... lovely...

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subiaman Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Anna--

 Sathya Hug What can I say!? I do not have words to express for your analysis today - except that it was just plain B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!! Clap Clap This is by far your best analysis I have read - has rendered me speechless completely! Embarrassed Right from the song selection to its explanation in English to its bearing in context to the episode - to explanation of Arnav, Khushi and Shyam's characterization - the confrontation and every little thing that you have mentioned is just fabulous!! Clap I will just quote the following lines from your analysis - because I LOVED them! Star

A darn Good episode which fills me with Glee as finally the MU has  begun to heat up ..the anger , the feelings of betrayal that had been buried inside Arnav turning him into a volcano waiting to erupt has begun sending out smokes, lava of pure hatred, contempt , disgust has to flow out completely cleaning his heart, healing his mind, purging his soul ..reinstating calm, hope,understanding,optimism  above all love ,  this explosion is necessary for Arnav to be reborn..he has to be cleansed of  the boiling lava for only then can u access the pure diamonds hidden  in the shafts 
. yes it will singe Khushi, burn Khushi, even incinerate her but Khushi is a Phoenix who will always be reborn under the power of Arnav's love and Arnav's love can come about  only when his heart is lustrated & freed  from the searing negative emotions  which only Khushi can achieve 

Coming to my analysis of the episode ; One of the best episodes till date - everything was just perfect - nothing was dragged - be it mami and Payal equation, Shyam and Khushi equation or even Arnav and Khushi equation. Everything was PERFECT!


I will start of with Mami and Payal scene and that will be because I expected their relationship to get strained after what Payal had done. And if anyone did read in my analysis yesterday I was very much scared for it and hoped for being wrong. But the way it was projected and shown was brilliant. The way it was shown and brought out to the family on what had Payal and Khushi done and the reason behind it -was well established and now doubt when the blundering truth comes out in the open - these people -  Akash, Mama, Mami Nani and strangely Arnav also - will be standing in support of the Gupta sisters. They will be standing together and strong -understanding the reason behind Khushi's reasons for not letting the truth out when it was supposed to be. I really loved how Akash took Mami to the stage and made her give the speech she had practised on. Also loved how in her own way Mami thanked Payal - by calling her "bahu". Beautiful scene.


Doodhs - When I was watching this scene - I remembered your analysis where you had said that this whole thing will bring Mami and Payal close -and I salute you for it!Clap



There is only one person who understands Khushi and loves Khushi in and out and that is Nani ji. Time and again it has been shown that Nani places Khushi very high and above everyone in the family - not sure about Anjali - but she does place Khushi over and above anyone else. This is one equation that will be in favor of Khushi and will make the whole family in support of her - when Khushi is misunderstood. Nani will be the only one who I think will stand by Khushi through thick and thin - completely understanding her.



Can I say I am so glad Creative's that you decided to come back to what the story line should have been since this whole misunderstanding started!? This is what I wanted to see since this track came into place -The Shyam Khushi and Arnav equation. And may I add a job well done today. Shyam - he is not going to give up - however much Arnav can try - or however much Khushi can rattle him by calling him jijaji or threatening him - Shyam is not going to back down! Infact if nothing else - he is getting bolder.  And can I blame Khushi for it!? Yes I can. Here is the reason why:

I do not understand the duality of Khushi's character. I do not. If she can stand up against Arnav - she can stand up against Shyam also. But does she!? No. She made a mistake when she hid the truth from the Raizada's - a secret that was not hers to keep - giving Shyam that one chance for him to change. I accepted it - because that was her true character. Second chance came when she did intend to tell Arnav about the whole Shyam thing and was stopped again by her righteousness -because of Anjali's baby. I accepted it again. What I cannot accept - is the lack of reaction and action now. Do I want her to go confess to Arnav about Shyam now!? No... I do not. Because they both lack trust and she has no reason to tell him and trust him with it. But do I expect her to confide in atleast someone!? Yes - I do. Do I expect the girl who can throw water at Arnav in office because of his ridiculous remark on her status to fight back Shyam the same way!? I do. 

Being a girl - the way Shyam is making a move towards her -the oil scene still haunts me (Shyam was creepy) - whatever the reason - after a point of time -I would see what is wrong and what is right. And this moment - everything about Shyam screams Wrong and that he will always be wrong and change is not to be accepted of him - She is playing god here and however righteous it may seem - at this very moment she is giving that man confidence to be bold enough to do anything. Her lack of extreme reactions to his moves - gives him that confidence and makes him bolder.

Khushi needs to know one thing - being selfless is good - but sometimes its being selfish that helps and at this moment being selfish would work in everyone's favor. She does not need to confess to anyone if she can handle Shyam and show him his right place - and if not - then she needs to go to Payal or anyone and let her know about it.

Coming to the episode - Shyam takes open jibes in front of Khushi about her and Arnav's relationship - does not that make her doubt again of what Arnav can know!?  Abhaas was just fabulous! I totally loved his expressions today - enough to creep out anyone.



My most favourite equation is the world and no need to know why! ;)) Before I start about them - today belonged to Arnav and Khushi! Sanaya and Barun were FABULOUS in their portrayal of the two leads and thank god that Barun did not look as tired as he was in the past couple of days.

Coming to the whole of episode since they were the major players today, everything was set for a huge confrontation. The stage was set - and the confrontation had to happen. What was best was that it was set for giving Khushi all the clues to put 2 and 2 together.

The initial realization of Arnav when he realizes the reason behind Khushi not receiving the award was well shown. He knew there was a reason - he asked her and she refused - that led to the whole confrontation in the green room.  And when he did get to know the reason behind it - was he in awe!? He was - and with Nani repeating it -  he was more so. And that is where he gets confused. That is why he is not using his brain -because if the right part of his brain saw Khushi in arms of Shyam - the left sees Khushi and her goodness and then his heart which hides the love he has for Khushi just aggravates his confusion about what she is actually! That is why as soon as he knew the reason he called her. And when he got no answer his right side of the brain - worked and wondered where Shyam was -adding 2 and 2 and realizing both were absent from the scene. Here I do not think he would have come to any conclusion, if he had not seen them together.

The stage was set - he asked about Shyam to Mamaji and Mamaji clearly just said that Shyam received a phone call - no name was mentioned - Arnav could obviously think that it would have been Khushi - he asked the guy who was handling the show - he also confirmed that Khushi indeed went out with a man - and then -both Shyam and Khushi were there to confirm what he feared. Shyam with Khushi and Arnav looking from behind. The smirky smile that Shyam had on his face when he was looking at Khushi and the hand movement that was shown - if I look from where Arnav was standing - anyone could have misunderstood the situation - and that is what happened and since he is already misunderstanding her -this confirmed his beliefs.

What stemmed it more was Khushi's no answer to him when he faced her with Anjali - If only he had seen that Anjali was also lying when she said that Khushi was with her. However at that moment - it was not the Arnav who was very much concerned about his di - it was the lover Arnav who was questioning Khushi. It was that Arnav who had lost his mojo with his confession on Holi - and had suddenly realized that he was living in a dream world.

Coming to the confrontation - what I liked about this was Arnav asking Khushi where she was - not once - not twice - but more than 4-5 times. In this moment - I think Arnav hoped for Khushi to somehow come clean and tell him the truth of where she was and his heart hoped that she would have a reason. Repeatedly questioning Khushi is not Arnav generally does -but he did it today because he wanted to hear something what he had not seen. He wanted to believe in her somehow - somehow forget what he saw and just know where she was and if she would confess.


The confrontation stressed on one point - that Arnav does notice the goodness Khushi does - he notices the care she takes of everyone - he notices these things - yet his judgement gets clouded by the misunderstanding that he is in. However much he may want to believe on her goodness - something happens that changes the way he looks at her and makes him believe the opposite hence making him an arrogant - ruthless man!

Then comes the hints that Khushi got today -  She came to know he hates her for a reason and whatever he is doing is for a reason - He asked her what her next plan was - He told her she would not be successful - she came to know that she has hurt someone close to Arnav and that is what has hurt him - she came to know that he has done to save someone's life - Now I do not think Arnav could have said anything else to make her put 2 and 2 together. She has to do it on her own. She has to figure out herself what was Arnav talking about and what had made him hate her to an extent that he hates her this much. Creative's did play on this before but somehow it was lost in the OTT drama - this time I do expect it to be played well.

Khushi was BANG ON today! She was perfect in rattling Arnav's peace comfort and everything that brought him out to confess so many things unknowingly! She knows the right buttons to push and she did that. She knows that he hides everything in his heart and never speaks out - she cornered him - rebuked him - did everything and she got her answers -they were there - now all she needs to do is process it.

I will not talk about the supposed 'rabbave' scene - it was hopeless. However Khushi challenging Arnav to throw her -like he had done before - Arnav taking up on it and not doing it - is where his character has grown. ASR would not have thought twice before throwing her - but the Arnav in ASR will never repeat the mistakes done.

Ufff! Bahut lamba hogaya aaj! Just wrote everything that came in my mind - hope it does make sense!LOLLOL

Love Smile

 P.S : Doodhs and Pam - Will wait for your analysis but may be not be able to reply to them as wont be on Redux tomorrow! Cry Cry Office walon ne jaan kha li hai! Angry


Today, I liked every single sentence you wrote and absolutely agree with it. Great work, Anna! I cannot get over Arnav's face from my mind- when he saw khushi and Shyam together. I have to slaute Sobti for that one scene. He protrayed all the emotions in that one look- hurt, anger, jealousy...You are right- "It was that Arnav who had lost his mojo with his confession on Holi - and had suddenly realized that he was living in a dream world"

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TheDailyRush Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
Big smile

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awwwwwww Senior Member

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
hi,thanks for wonderful analysis,loved every piece of it.
Is Khushi totally helpless  now?i wish some one tell me how she will get out of this mess?

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TheDailyRush Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
can some one send me a link to tanthya's analysis on yesterdays episode?
my computer was being a case and well you  know...

link me plsss Cry

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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
Oh my MY!!! Sathu,, I was very annoyed watching the episode,,  it's famous at the forum, that, if u feel negative, read Sathu's post!! to get back on the track!!

Your analysis,,,all in brown,, gives me a hope,, coz I was all dejected today, as nothing seems to be getting cleared all we getting is MU+MU+MU,,,but i loved the way he pulled her back,,, that was the scene for me !

awesome analysis!

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