Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX ; Bairi Piya !!

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
 Bairii piya bada bedardii                                                                                                                      

   Beloved enemy, how very cold-hearted!

bairii piya baDa bedardi dil ka dard na jaane                                                                              

Beloved enemy, so unfeeling; you can't know my  heartache!

saudaa'ii harjaa'ii zulmii raam duhaa'ii                                                                                       

Cold-blooded exacter of debts, I appeal to God above!

kaise kahuu.n kaa.n se kahuu.n haa'e raam                                                                                 

How can I tell, whom should I tell, O God,

dil ka dard na jaane                                                                                                                                      no one knows the pain in my heart!

na jaane...                                                                                                                                                          No one knows...

bairii piya baDa re bedardii bairii piya baDa be                                                                        

Beloved enemy, how cold-hearted!

tuu duur jo thaa to paas yeh thaa                                                                                                       

You who were distant was always near

ab paas yeh hai to duur hai kyo.n                                                                                                        

now that you are near, why are you distant ?

na jaane...                                                                                                                                                          Who knows...


FINALLY, the IP I knew, The IP that had passion, grit , intensity and fireworks is BACK !!Big smile..and what a comeback  [ I know I am exaggerating , but I did not expect it to recover from its coma so soon] ...Kudos to Barun Sobti and Sanaya for igniting the spark ..both  regained their form although I still say  the intense fire was lacking in Barun.

A Girl caught between the devil and Hard rock..Devil she can fight, injure him in return but  any fight against Rock is bound to hurt her , leaving her with grievous injury...she has to extricate herself from the rock with extreme care, careful that she not dislodge it  and injure the innocent members standing by who are unaware of the menace and at the same time she must ward off the angry devil .

Leaving aside the incredulous fact that A small time fancy dress competition pays 5lacs  for winner ..what captured my attention was the  first hint  thrown  to Arnav and  Nani ..and the emphasis on 'Anjaane'...Till date all of khushi's  good acts have remained  out of the purview of Arnav., he has always clubbed her as a good hearted, clumsy dimwit with a propensity for trouble  but today arnav realized that there is a part of Khushi that  he has been unaware off .. He has realized that Khushi blew him away for a reason and that reason was unselfish ...Nani emphasized that Khushi  won bec she was not  aware of the circumstance , once she  was cognizant of the fact, she quietly corrected  without making a hullabaloo ...tomorrow when question arises on her silence ..Todays  incident will be a pointer to her psyche with Nani understanding the reason , along with Arnav..I loved the CV's for not bringing Anjali into this circle as she must react wildly and should not show any comprehension of Khushi's acts ...

Arnav does a quick head count and realizes Khushi and Shyam are missing, He goes in search of Khushi , finds her  with Shyam her canoodling with Shyam, quietly slips away  ...

Barun and sanaya were quite good here ...When Arnav realizes that Khushi is not here , his alert mind jumps to note the absence of Shyam too..He connects  the obvious dots, If we thought his concern was purely brotherly  that he was safeguarding Anjali's territory then we were soon disabused of this notion for we saw that his concern was for himself, his wife , his territory ..A man who prided on his control stops his phone convo abruptly spotting Khushi with Shaym..The painful ghosts that he tries to bury  rears its head again  as he watches helpless,powerless  the girl he loves  chatting animatedly with another man..All the riches of the world cannot buy her love, he knows this , does not fight against it, leaves the field defeated ...The Mighty Arnav Singh Raizada retires unable to bear the loss of  unrequited love...Arnav's character was very well brought out by Barun  here, He is a man used to winning, with his own ethics ..He married Khushi  in haste, not thinking much about Khushi's  feelings but only about his sisters ...when he erroneously believed that Khushi loves Shyam , his conscience did  twinge for forcing a girl into marriage but he hid it under the brotherly act but now truth has begun to haunt him, it was not for his sister that he married but for himself for somewhere in  the deepest corner of his heart, there lay a teensy hope that she may come to like him if not love him but  that feelings were never allowed any growth adn wehn today he saw her with Shyam, he retreats quietly, honoring her wish, hiding  his pain ..his sister forgotten , the reason for marriage forgotten only anguish love lost, love never won  prevalent within him..

Loved the fact that Arnav was not gulled by Shyam into thinking that he is  on a straight path , his Shyam manohar kahan hai proved that he never brought the  ' I will be the whitest of whitest angel ' sermon and todays action of  Shyam has only accentuated  Arnav's distrust and conviction..Arnav has been kept quite sharp and intelligent regards Shyam  but he goes off loop where Khushi is involved... Love the CV's for clearly delineating 
the fact that Shyam means nothing to Arnav so Arnav sees him for what he  he is but Khushi means everything to him and emotions cloud his judgement !!

I also loved the acceptance of  Payal by Maami, Maami the grounded one, the shrewd one has figured out  Payal .. now she   will prove to be a valuable ally to Payal when the time comes was quite encouraging to see  Akash following his mom towards Payal after being opposite to her ...

Shyam who  thinks he knows the truth  thinks Khushi is a fair game now and his advances has become very bold ..His effrontery to catch hold of Khushi's hand right in the middle of the hall, in front of everyone  bespeaks about his  nerve , his growing recklessness, and obsession ..Abhaas was darn good here !!

What a beautiful way of saying that at crunch ..Shyam will lose both the trophies ..Anjali and Khushi ,his  so called Love and his ATM choosing to side with Arnav and leaving him alone and stranded ..Another point is when Arnav  narrows down the clues , Will Anjali hinder the process and send Arnav into another blind alley..

The Raizada's reach home ..Khushi ahead doing porter duty , followed by Anjali..A brief moment of affectionate exchange between the two ladies witnessed by Arnav, the exchange triggering his ire and he moves  to confront Khushi...

Hee_Haw.. Triangle back again !!.. A crystal clear pointer that Khushi and Anjali are his strength .. the  past and  and his future propping him up ..Anjali acknowledging that Khushi is  a diamond, relinquishing her role and handing the mantle  to Khushi ..Nani already approving her  as  her own..

I liked the fact that Anjali faces Khushi and with full awareness approves her and walks away from the scene leaving Khushi and Arnav alone.. as if understanding  that Chotte is in safe hands now , it is only after her departure Arnav approaches Khushi, still harboring lively suspicion and it is up to Khushi to heal him..

Arnav demands to know the whereabouts of Khushi, Khushi tries to be flippant with her answer which does not go well with Arnav who knows the truth ..He pulls out the Husband card but Khushi will not bow down meekly, she retaliates  spurring his anger , forcing him to draw out another card, this time his rights  but Khushi swots this one away too..Arnav then  tries to intimidate her  which only earns a earful for him..when things does not go as he planned , Arnav delivers a sneaky , below the belt blow , he hits her where it hurts the most..He mocks her emotions, questions the motive behind her caring acts ...

Loved this scene for various reason's. ..Earlier I had said that Arnav turns back from the duo defeated, subdued  but now after witnessing  the mutual love between Anjali and Khushi, fury rises like  bile ..fury at the duplicity,audacity of the girl who is hoodwinking his sister, rage that he loves this cheat, despite knowing the truth still cant stop himself from loving her ,loathing her and her deception, his blood boiling at her treachery..Arnav stalks towards her , for he is a honest man who cant abide deceit ...Here we see the first traces of change in Arnav Singh Raizada..On another day too he had witnessed a moment between Shyam and Khushi, had walked away from them and took a series of rash actions which left Khushi and her family bruised , leaving Khushi floundering in wilderness ...On this day too, he witnesses a intimate moment between Shyam and Khushi , walks away quietly  but his wrath is fueled when he presumes that Khushi is lying again but this time he does not judge her ...He seeks answers, wants to know the truth from her and waits for her answers which are not forthcoming..Khushi has had enough and refuses to answer him anymore ..which  fans his suspicion and his agile mind begins to think the worst of her intentions again as he connects the dots and comes up with a wrong picture , trying to provoke her Khushi is stunned by this unjustified accusation but still refuses to raise to the bait ..Arnav erupts  and throws down the things that she had collected ..does it suggest that in his search for answers, Arnav will break down anything that stands in his way ,even his own near and dear ones ..looks like it ..Also loved it for Khushi's feisty spirit , her indomitable will refusing to be cowed anymore,  and a brief pause when his words hurts her ..
A segment which  belonged to both Sanaya Irani and Barun Sobti with an edge to Sobti for the voice modulation..

I CANT"S LET YOU GO, KHUSHI !! ..That one sentence showed how helplessly he loves her ...he hates her, is contemptuous of her, is disgusted by her, has derision for her but yet cant let go of her  bec he loves her beyond reason, beyond, right, beyond wrong, beyond  everything ,
Much though I love Khushi's Independent streak, her courage, I so wish that she gets some brains too or at least one which is functional instead of flickering ON now and then..cos now is the time when her starter should be exploding wondering WHY ?? WHY cant he let her go ??...Also loved the fact that he stops her when she is moving away from him...

Driven by irrational jealousy, fears Arnav again taunts her , attacking her character , Khushi flutters like a butterfly impaled by a sharp pin under the onslaught of his acidic tongue ..Khushi leaves him but is followed by the persistent Arnav who is hell bent on getting answers from her ..Khushi who had been writhing  and agonizing  under the  fusillade of Arnav's hate finally snaps retorts that she does not understand his question and eggs him further on telling him to do his usual stuff of taunting under unreasonable anger ..Arnav who had been listening silently , is provoked enuf to retort that he has a reason, a strong and valid one ...

 Everything gets thrown out and broken in this relationship dynamics.. The family jewel gets broken and is torn to pieces  ...and it is Khushi who slowly begins to collect the broken pieces and begins to put them together , binding them again and bringing the jewels under one box.. does it suggest that  there will be a strain in the family with members  scattering if not physically then at least emotionally   And Khushi will be the one who will bring rapprochement or does it suggest that Khushi who had been successfully guarding the secret will spill out the contents which will  create chaos but then Khushi  will be the one who will safely gather everything  and make them whole..

The second thing I liked in this scenes was the subtle shift in the equation ..Arnav it will be who was demanding answers but few short , sharp questions by Khushi and Arnav gets defensive and is on the verge of  divulging the truth

Arnav reveals that he had to marry to save somebody's life which draws a look of sheer disbelief from Khushi who asserts that the selfish ASR cannot ever think about the welfare of anyone ..seeking to intimidate her Arnav steps forwards, pushing Khushi to the edge where she is in the imminent danger of falling, Arnav hand streaks out and prevents Khushi's fall but Khushi is beyond caring and is reckless , she incites him for further aggression ...Prey to his anger, Arnav chooses to oblige her but at last minute saves her ...

Loved the play of expression on both Sanaya and Baruns face ..The ruthlessness, the contempt , the hatred ,implacability  watching her minutely for her reactions while Khushi trust that he will not follow thru  falls apart as he begins to release his hold, her look of disbelief , turning to resignation and acceptance  as the final moment comes closer ..

The first day she came into his life, in his office ...he gave her the option of either saving herself  or falling down ...Khushi chose to fall and she did fall into the trap of Shyam, fall from the pedestal Arnav had placed her , Fall from grace  in front of her family , fall into bad times   and today again she dared him to throw her down.. Arnav  again took her on her  decision , he begin to release his hold on her  but one glance at her terrified face adn he pulled her back from the morass he had thrown her into ...Arnav Singh RAizada , her tormentor and Protector..Today he chose to impose his decision rather than listening to her wish , his decision which  brings her back to terra firma from limbo .. which restores the balance  that had gone for a toss..The circle gets closed ..

That RV BG..Why the hell was it there when ASR BG would have been more appropriate ??

The episode ended with Khushi swearing to get all the answers from him !!  Will She ??

A darn Good episode which fills me with Glee as finally the MU has  begun to heat up ..the anger , the feelings of betrayal that had been buried inside Arnav turning him into a volcano waiting to erupt has begun sending out smokes, lava of pure hatred, contempt , disgust has to flow out completely cleaning his heart, healing his mind, purging his soul ..reinstating calm, hope,understanding,optimism  above all love ,  this explosion is necessary for Arnav to be reborn..he has to be cleansed of  the boiling lava for only then can u access the pure diamonds hidden  in the shafts
. yes it will singe Khushi, burn Khushi, even incinerate her but Khushi is a Phoenix who will always be reborn under the power of Arnav's love and Arnav's love can come about  only when his heart is lustrated & freed  from the searing negative emotions  which only Khushi can achieve

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 2:04pm | IP Logged

Tant, loved the analysis and yeah your Triangle on Anjali-Arnav-Khushi is back. Yes, bairi piya indeed and I am happy that the climax is nearer. The only thing that was pathetic was the vocal Rabba Ve and I would have preferred if they had put the instrumental version of RV instead. As usual its TANTASTIC. Clap Clap Clap

Whatta blessing in disguise. If my posts didn't give you the brains 4 Lions and Star, my hometown saved you today. Last time I had thanked the "rains" on the historical Wimbledon Final in 2008 and today. This rain saved IPKKND a big time from getting worser in future and what a great gift by God to the loyal viewers of this serial who prayed for the higher TRPs. This episode is indeed one of the most needed ones in the recent track and above all, the blessing in disguise was the rain because of which the viewers got to watch it without any hindrance. Now 4 Lions and the Channel need to stay put and work hard for the continuation. This episode was the awakening interest for the viewers who had lost hope with the serial and today due to rains I guess they have watched and if they have watched then they will stick to it in future for the track to unfold slowly slowly. So, one request to the superiors here of 4 Lions and Star Plus, please "DO NOT Massacre" this track. Play it out wisely and meticulously. By God's grace in this VERY IMP episode you have "Earned" the viewers and now keep them.

As promised, I will touch base on Wednesday and today's episodes. Remember I mentioned yesterday in the analysis that Payal and Khushi's righteousness will be out in the open when the "Money Issue" of the other participant will come in the picture, which Maami and Naani will support and will lead to better Maami-Payal bonding and it will not be a massacre but the Bonding will be stronger more??? See, it happened exactly like that. I know many had doubts on this but had assured them to hang in here. I seriously loved the treatment there and no, it was not abrubpt. This entire sequence had a background and they started with Payal's speech that she prepared for Maami. When people are righteous they never talk about their greatness but their actions pay off in the end. Today the same thing happened and Aakash helped Maami to understand the bigger picture and not in front of his wife. This is why I always say that I adore Aakash's character. His character is always maintained properly. The best treatment was Maami's gratitude and acknowledgement of her daughter-in-law's golden heart. With one ovation she fulfilled her wish in delivering the speech in "English" and given the permission to Payal in helping anyone who seeks help from her and she will support her all along. That is why she said ' "Humra blood bank O+ hain kisi galat group walon ko mat de dena". Wow. I loved this script. O+ is "Universal Doner" and yes you can donate O+ blood to anyone. Maami in one stroke given her permission for future instances but at the same time alerted her to be wise while helping though O+ can be donated to anyone. It's like - "Daan karo par soch samajh ke karo, har kisiko mat karna". With the blood dialogue, she advised her to take wise decision in the future, when needed. Does it hint that Payal will take some decision that may strain her marital relationship with Aakash??? Well, time will tell.

Now, I hope you all understood why I said that Maami - Payal bond will be stronger more yesterday??? Just remember the episode last Friday when I said that it will be Maami and Mama who will be with Payal when the truth will be out. Yes, this bond and trust was necessary for Payal-Maami to prove why Maami will help to reunite Aakash and Payal. I loved this part from the bottom of my heart. Fantastic.

Now, before I talk about my "Triangle" theory, I would like you to go through the excerpts that I am pasting below; it is from my Mar 26th analysis.  

Excerpts from my Mar 26th Analysis:-

Now coming to the main couple, Arnav-Khushi. So, my triangle theory started to work. Arnav-Khushi started today; Arnav-Shyaam again started today like before after that pathetic Shyaam wanting to make Arnav believe that he is changing track. Now, one track needs to start with Shyaam-Khushi side to complete the triangle. So, my "I hate you" loop is back in action.  I think it's the IP Redux; Gordian Knot analysis (Mar 2nd ), where I had described the entire "Chot" systhesis. How the connection is intertwined and you can read it if you wish. Yes, this scene was added this weekend. The entire pool scene was shot separately except the door closing and Khushi-Anjali scene; Khushi-Anjali was needed for Arnav to start the confusion as I always mentioned and even on Friday I wrote - "Then comes Khushi's actions and taking care of Anjali and the family will increase the confusion in Arnav's mind". They started the confusion in Arnav's mind and if this confusion wouldn't have started then how come he will figure out the fishiness in Shyaam-Khushi Business??? So, now Shyaam will start brainwashing Khushi for sure and that will trigger her to connect the dots. Well, now Arnav given all the clues today, I know she won't pick up now like she didn't do on Diwali night too but she will be helped by outer forces now to pick up the clues. So, they corrected Khushi and Arnav today. Arnav started to imagine Khushi's character in a much worsen manner which is needed to move the story that was stuck and Khushi started to react the actual "Khushi Kumari Gupta". So, that "Khuddar" KKG is back in track. Arnav as I said never torture Khushi on purpose and today he didn't realize he shut the door on her just because she called him stonehearted and since he remembers the intoxicated confession he is hurt more. But see the moment he saw her in pain, he turned back. 4 Lions have never damaged this trait of his but his "Brains" that went on a moonwalk came back.  So, rectification done regarding Arnav's Brains. 

Let me talk about today. We have seen the same actions been happening right??? I won't go into the above scripted details but will explain the stance of the players here:-

Shyaam:- He has some jobs in his bag to do. He needs to manipulate Khushi like he did today indirectly hinting that he knows why Arnav has married Khushi and the fact that Khushi doesn't have any idea she spilled the beans in front of him. This is Shyaam's one of the advantages and he needs to use this opportunity wisely. He sure will, with Khushi's hankie that he has with him to instigate the doubt more in Arnav's mind and also in Khushi's mind. Now this game is becoming interesting.  Eventually, he will try to pull Khushi at his side which will lead to a "MAJOR CONFRONTATION" at the terrace.

Khushi:-  As I always mentioned that Khushi has practically "NO ACE" to play her cards rightfully. But, her biggest ACE is she "HERSELF"; her innocence, her honesty, her fighting spirit, her positivity.  She started out as "Bait" but will end up as the "Biggest PLAYER", much like a dark horse in any game. Today we saw the same. Her "Righteousness" has been added now. She will fight against Shyaam's advances and with his growing advances she will realize that Shyaam knows more than something in this issue. She has already started thinking along the contradictory vibes of Arnav's emotions and his sudden mood swings. Arnav had already given her enough hints till now and even today also he almost spilled that he married to save someone's life at the spur of the moment but she didn't realize it; she will; as I always say, it will be Shyaam who will trigger the thinking capability in Khushi's brains and not Arnav. Arnav will always help her in connecting the dots but it will be Shyaam who will accelerate the process. When she will start connecting the dots and realize that Shyaam is the one of the reasons for this fiasco, she will lead us to witness the "MAJOR CONFRONTATION" between her and Shyaam at the terrace A-gain.

Arnav:- As I always said he started the fight as a BROTHER but is playing now as a LOVER. Today he proved exactly that. Well when the game started it seemed that he was the strongest player as the game will reach climax he will be the weakest player. Why??? Because he LOST his biggest ACE in the form of Payal's Wedding that was holding Khushi now is gone.  As Tant said he started to play defensive now and the biggest reason is his "CONFUSION" in the person called "Khushi Kumari Gupta". Yeah, he is the weakest player as he failed to read this entity whereas Shyaam knows this entity very well. But, where Khushi is concerned, Arnav's left brain becomes heavier than his right brain and this is where he fails majorly. Arnav sees everything as "half empty" so is his negative thinking process. He started to connect the dots but negatively for his vision is still blurry. He yet has to reach the limit of his confusion and eventually he will find out the "Fishiness" in Shyaam-Khushi business. This contradictory judgment will lead Arnav to witness the "MAJOR CONFRONTATION". This is where I want Khushi to declare in front of Shyaam - "I love Arnavji and I have always loved him" and Arnav to witness this at the terrace which will CRASH his entire judgment about "Khushi Singh Raizada". [Yes, he finally referred her as Khushi Singh Raizada in the backstage].  

So, this is how the triangle is moving forward and we will witness one confrontation pretty soon that will lead us to the confession and will end the "I hate you" loop with "I love you".

Another aspect I want to talk about is why I say that Khushi will leave one day; it is when either she will learn the reason of her wedding with Arnav or when Anjali will learn the truth. I wanted to explain it on Wednesday reg the Green Room scene with Anjali-Khushi but didn't have the time. It's good I left it for today.

It was that day, when Shyaam's true facet was exposed in front of Khushi. She was devastated that day not because her heart was broken but because a man whom she trusted as a good human being can turn out a devil, was beyond her imagination. That day she was left with many choices but she couldn't pick any one of them. How can she??? When any person is in such a situation what he or she can decide except keeping quiet??? or can she/he disclose it to the victim??? That day she bumped into Arnav by the pool and upon questioning she slipped, it's because of her fiance. The reason she couldn't say because she reminisced what she witnessed in the temple when Anjali went MIA. That day, Arnav said - "Di, aap hi meri duniya ho" and Khushi figured out the depth of love and bondage between this Bro-Sis duo. She couldn't break the truth that day to Arnav as she couldn't see him HURT. That day for "Arnav's Sake" and for this Brother-Sister relationship Khushi decided to keep quiet.

Today also the same situation happened. Here fits Tant's Triangle. Anjali requested her in the green room not to inform Arnav about her sudden dizziness. Today, when Arnav asked for the reason of her disappearing act she didn't disclose because she remembered Anjali's words about Arnav worrying. Yes, it's again the same situation but if Khushi would have opened her mouth then that would mean betraying Anjali and her coming clear in front of Arnav. I understand this created MU in Arnav's mind but this was necessary as more and more MU will lead to repentance of Arnav. The more he will MU Khushi the more he will torture himself for "NOT TRUSTING" her. She is trustworthy and today also she didn't say it to Arnav for "Arnav's Sake".

I loved this shot. That day also the reason was "Anjali" but she kept quiet because of "Arnav's sake" and today also the reason was "Anjali" but she kept quiet because of "Arnav's Sake" and today's this shot proved my theory that it will be Anjali who will clear that Khushi kept quiet on request and this will help Arnav to connect the dots that she indeed cared for his emotions too. This will also help on why Khushi didn't disclose Shyaam's truth that day by the pool. This loop which was opened will actually be beneficial for Arnav to realize that Khushi values his relationship with Anjali and her true intention on hiding the truth from them. This loop is also important for Khushi and Arnav's relationship;  for Arnav to figure out that Khushi never actually came in between Shyaam and Anjali. She was never existent there. Ever. This is the reason Khushi will leave Arnav and I am a bit confused to be honest as when??? Is it when she learns the truth that Arnav married her because of Anjali as he declared today - "I had to marry you" or she will leave Arnav when Anjali will learn the truth and Arnav will let her go??? I don't know how the creative team will play this angle but she will leave Arnav for sure for the time being and it will be purely because of "Arnav-Anjali relationship". He will let her go for Anjali and if I am not wrong then by that time their MU will be over and may be confession too; but when she'll go, this 6 months contract will come and she will be back as Anjali will bring her back with due respect. So, this loop will end with Khushi leaving Arnav one day and Arnav realizing Khushi's silence.

Lastly, I will talk about the beautiful camera angle of Hrishikesh Gandhi. One Word. BRILLIANT. Thumbs Up Since the beginning the series, they have maintained the "Heart" sign between the leads. Be it in the "Office" where Arnav dropped her or be it on "Teej" or be it in "Teri Meri" sequence or be it today by the "Stairs. This loop will never close as this "Heart" between them will always be there till the end. What I loved here is the sequence and how their "Growth" is maintained. In the office, he had given her the choice and he given her what she wanted. Yes, there was no attraction in the office fall. In Teej also the same heart was there but Khushi was unconscious but the attraction was only from Arnav's side. In Teri Meri sequence, they were in the realization phase of love, so they were in sync with it. The sequence was very smooth and both were in the same rhythm. Today, the same situation happened and Arnav didn't respect her choice but rather submitted himself to her fear; he didn't let her fall today as he couldn't hurt her; his heart took this decision over his brain.  


I liked the vertical wooden block in today's picture indicating there'z a wall of misunderstanding between them and when Arnav saved Khushi and they embraced they were in one side of the wooden block. It was a beautiful direction and fantastic camera angle. Clap Clap Clap So, cheer up those who think that MU won't be cleared; it will be and remember it will happen at the right time, at the right place, at the right moment. 


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What an emotion-packed episode!!! This is what we wanted to see, this intensity and finally we got to see it. Today, Abhaas,as Shyam in the creep mode, Barun as the jealous and possessive lover and Sanaya, the hurt and angry Khushi, were all awesome. Loved everyone, loved the episode and loved your post. What can I say other than, "Fantastic post, Tanthya!!!"

Below is my analysis

Agar kal ko koi aank mein aasu barke, aur please plase bolke humara khoon maang lenga to kya de dhogi, aasuo ka tumpe bahot hi effect hot hain na"

Mami's this line had so much of innuendo. It also was an indication about the future. I feel and this is pure speculation, that line refers to Anjali and when she will come to know the truth. That time, Anjali with tears in her eyes will ask Payal to leave Aakash, Mami's khoon. Anjali will tell her with tears in her eyes, will request her that she wants to build her world again, her happy world again and her presence reminds her about the bad times, the worse time of Raizada family. She will tell that she does not want any reminder of the past. Tears do affect Payal but will she do it or not, only time will tell.

Symbols of love and marriage:

Today,in the confrontation, two things were thrown around. You saw it as family and I saw them as the symbols of their love and marriage. Let me explain:

The bag which contained the dupatta, the dupatta which has been the silent witness to their love, who has followed the same journey as their love, who has seen all the ups and downs of their love, who was the only other witness to their first joining of love, their engagement in the holy ground was rudely thrown away by Arnav similar to the way he threw her love, her feelings, her emotions in Khushi's face on that auspicious day. That day, he had not thought about the consequences, that day also he was single-minded in his pursuit and today too he was not thinking. He had one goal in his mind and he wanted to achieve it. That day his actions had resulted in Khushi informing him that she does not want to talk to him, today she did the same, he had not liked her words then and he did not like her words now.

The jewelry, which was blessed by Nani and approved by Anjali, I thought was the symbol of their marriage.  On their marriage day, Arnav had informed Khushi that you have achieved your objective, you got married to a rich man, today he indicated the same. It did not matter to him then whether he got blessings from his family,and it did not matter to him today if the box was blessed. The only thing that was in him like that day was anger,jealousy,pain, hate and love all in a turmoil resulting him in throwing the jewelry in the same way he threw the values, the principles, the beliefs of his family as well as Khuhsi's in marriage.  He had done it then and he did it today and he will continue doing it if it comes in the path of his goal.

But even after everything, Khushi still has hopes, she still has belief in her love and in her marriage. We see her picking the pieces of the bag and the jewelry trying to collect them together,trying to pick them up and piece them together.She is successful but the minute she hears about the truth,hears about finding the truth, she throws everything away.

I feel that this incident can be taken in two ways: 

First,it was because of Khushi that their love was broken the second time,it was Khuhsi's fault that their love was torn away  because she was the one who hid the truth. All the actions after the terrace were Arnav's fault but the terrace was Khushi's fault. Whatever happened on the terrace, whatever Arnav witnessed, whatever he interpreted would not have had happened if Khushi would have told him the truth from the get-go. Thus I feel because of the truth, because she hid the truth,it was Khushi who threw their love away the second time as seen by her throwing the bag away the second time.

The other interpretation would be that when Khushi comes to know the truth, when she realizes why Arnav married her, when she realizes the truth behind his anger, she will question him, she will demand answers, she will retaliate in the same way she did today. That time, she will be one who will throw the marriage and love away as she threw the jewellery and bag away today. She will be one who will decide to break it and she will be one who will want to leave. And also like today,while she is looking at the pieces of her marriage she will ask Arnav for the answer, ask Arnav for the explanation, ask Arnav what answer should she give when asked by Nani  that how did it break, how did it fall, how did it scatter. Arnav had no answer for Khushi today and he will have no answer for Khushi then.

But when she will understand his actions, understand the reason behind it,understand that it was all for Anjali, Khushi will forgive him, she will gather the pieces of her marriage, she will try to build her relationship, she will try to piece it together. They will separate, she will leave but it will be  when Anjali comes to know the truth, when Anjali become aware of Shyam's reality because Khushi will realize that her place in Arnav's life is breaking that brother -sister relationship which is more important to Arnav then breathing itself. 

Love conquers all

There was that day when there was only hate between these two people,nothing but dislike and hate and that day without feeling any repercussions,without a twinge to his conscience,he had let her go, he had let her fall.

Today, also there was hate in him, today also he wanted to let her go,he almost did, but then he saw her,saw her closed-eyed expression and memories swamped him. He remembered that there was that one day when she had closed her eyes in the similar way and he had eased her pain. he had given her comfort. That day,he had realised that her pain is his,her hurt is his and her existence is very important for him.  That day, her closed-eyes expression had given him the acceptance, given him trust. and thus today, he was just incapable of violating that trust,violating the acceptance . He did not want to responsible for her hurt, for her pain, how can he, when he wanted to be the one to ease her the hurt and soothe her pain. He pulled her towards him, he saved her but he ended up hating himself. He hated himself for this weakness in him, he hated himself for the lack of control, he hated himself for his "bebasi", he hated himself for his emotionshe hated himself for not being able to see her in pain and mostly he hated himself for that love he had for her. That love which yet again had won, won over his hate,won over his nafrat, won over his hurt and won over his pain. 

They say, "Love conquers all"  and  love has finally conquered Arnav Singh Raizada, the mighty ASR. 

PS: Barun was fab when he showed that hate, the defeat  on his face after he saved her as is seen in the picture above.

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 Sathya Hug What can I say!? I do not have words to express for your analysis today - except that it was just plain B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!! Clap Clap This is by far your best analysis I have read - has rendered me speechless completely! Embarrassed Right from the song selection to its explanation in English to its bearing in context to the episode - to explanation of Arnav, Khushi and Shyam's characterization - the confrontation and every little thing that you have mentioned is just fabulous!! Clap I will just quote the following lines from your analysis - because I LOVED them! Star

A darn Good episode which fills me with Glee as finally the MU has  begun to heat up ..the anger , the feelings of betrayal that had been buried inside Arnav turning him into a volcano waiting to erupt has begun sending out smokes, lava of pure hatred, contempt , disgust has to flow out completely cleaning his heart, healing his mind, purging his soul ..reinstating calm, hope,understanding,optimism  above all love ,  this explosion is necessary for Arnav to be reborn..he has to be cleansed of  the boiling lava for only then can u access the pure diamonds hidden  in the shafts 
. yes it will singe Khushi, burn Khushi, even incinerate her but Khushi is a Phoenix who will always be reborn under the power of Arnav's love and Arnav's love can come about  only when his heart is lustrated & freed  from the searing negative emotions  which only Khushi can achieve 

Coming to my analysis of the episode ; One of the best episodes till date - everything was just perfect - nothing was dragged - be it mami and Payal equation, Shyam and Khushi equation or even Arnav and Khushi equation. Everything was PERFECT!


I will start of with Mami and Payal scene and that will be because I expected their relationship to get strained after what Payal had done. And if anyone did read in my analysis yesterday I was very much scared for it and hoped for being wrong. But the way it was projected and shown was brilliant. The way it was shown and brought out to the family on what had Payal and Khushi done and the reason behind it -was well established and now doubt when the blundering truth comes out in the open - these people -  Akash, Mama, Mami Nani and strangely Arnav also - will be standing in support of the Gupta sisters. They will be standing together and strong -understanding the reason behind Khushi's reasons for not letting the truth out when it was supposed to be. I really loved how Akash took Mami to the stage and made her give the speech she had practised on. Also loved how in her own way Mami thanked Payal - by calling her "bahu". Beautiful scene.


Doodhs - When I was watching this scene - I remembered your analysis where you had said that this whole thing will bring Mami and Payal close -and I salute you for it!Clap



There is only one person who understands Khushi and loves Khushi in and out and that is Nani ji. Time and again it has been shown that Nani places Khushi very high and above everyone in the family - not sure about Anjali - but she does place Khushi over and above anyone else. This is one equation that will be in favor of Khushi and will make the whole family in support of her - when Khushi is misunderstood. Nani will be the only one who I think will stand by Khushi through thick and thin - completely understanding her.



Can I say I am so glad Creative's that you decided to come back to what the story line should have been since this whole misunderstanding started!? This is what I wanted to see since this track came into place -The Shyam Khushi and Arnav equation. And may I add a job well done today. Shyam - he is not going to give up - however much Arnav can try - or however much Khushi can rattle him by calling him jijaji or threatening him - Shyam is not going to back down! Infact if nothing else - he is getting bolder.  And can I blame Khushi for it!? Yes I can. Here is the reason why:

I do not understand the duality of Khushi's character. I do not. If she can stand up against Arnav - she can stand up against Shyam also. But does she!? No. She made a mistake when she hid the truth from the Raizada's - a secret that was not hers to keep - giving Shyam that one chance for him to change. I accepted it - because that was her true character. Second chance came when she did intend to tell Arnav about the whole Shyam thing and was stopped again by her righteousness -because of Anjali's baby. I accepted it again. What I cannot accept - is the lack of reaction and action now. Do I want her to go confess to Arnav about Shyam now!? No... I do not. Because they both lack trust and she has no reason to tell him and trust him with it. But do I expect her to confide in atleast someone!? Yes - I do. Do I expect the girl who can throw water at Arnav in office because of his ridiculous remark on her status to fight back Shyam the same way!? I do. 

Being a girl - the way Shyam is making a move towards her -the oil scene still haunts me (Shyam was creepy) - whatever the reason - after a point of time -I would see what is wrong and what is right. And this moment - everything about Shyam screams Wrong and that he will always be wrong and change is not to be accepted of him - She is playing god here and however righteous it may seem - at this very moment she is giving that man confidence to be bold enough to do anything. Her lack of extreme reactions to his moves - gives him that confidence and makes him bolder.

Khushi needs to know one thing - being selfless is good - but sometimes its being selfish that helps and at this moment being selfish would work in everyone's favor. She does not need to confess to anyone if she can handle Shyam and show him his right place - and if not - then she needs to go to Payal or anyone and let her know about it.

Coming to the episode - Shyam takes open jibes in front of Khushi about her and Arnav's relationship - does not that make her doubt again of what Arnav can know!?  Abhaas was just fabulous!Clap I totally loved his expressions today - enough to creep out anyone.



My most favourite equation is the world and no need to know why! ;)) Before I start about them - today belonged to Arnav and Khushi! Sanaya and Barun were FABULOUS in their portrayal of the two leads and thank god that Barun did not look as tired as he was in the past couple of days.

Coming to the whole of episode since they were the major players today, everything was set for a huge confrontation. The stage was set - and the confrontation had to happen. What was best was that it was set for giving Khushi all the clues to put 2 and 2 together.

The initial realization of Arnav when he realizes the reason behind Khushi not receiving the award was well shown. He knew there was a reason - he asked her and she refused - that led to the whole confrontation in the green room.  And when he did get to know the reason behind it - was he in awe!? He was - and with Nani repeating it -  he was more so. And that is where he gets confused. That is why he is not using his brain -because if the right part of his brain saw Khushi in arms of Shyam - the left sees Khushi and her goodness and then his heart which hides the love he has for Khushi just aggravates his confusion about what she is actually! That is why as soon as he knew the reason he called her. And when he got no answer his right side of the brain - worked and wondered where Shyam was -adding 2 and 2 and realizing both were absent from the scene. Here I do not think he would have come to any conclusion, if he had not seen them together.

The stage was set - he asked about Shyam to Mamaji and Mamaji clearly just said that Shyam received a phone call - no name was mentioned - Arnav could obviously think that it would have been Khushi - he asked the guy who was handling the show - he also confirmed that Khushi indeed went out with a man - and then -both Shyam and Khushi were there to confirm what he feared. Shyam with Khushi and Arnav looking from behind. The smirky smile that Shyam had on his face when he was looking at Khushi and the hand movement that was shown - if I look from where Arnav was standing - anyone could have misunderstood the situation - and that is what happened and since he is already misunderstanding her -this confirmed his beliefs.

What stemmed it more was Khushi's no answer to him when he faced her with Anjali - If only he had seen that Anjali was also lying when she said that Khushi was with her. However at that moment - it was not the Arnav who was very much concerned about his di - it was the lover Arnav who was questioning Khushi. It was that Arnav who had lost his mojo with his confession on Holi - and had suddenly realized that he was living in a dream world.

Coming to the confrontation - what I liked about this was Arnav asking Khushi where she was - not once - not twice - but more than 4-5 times. In this moment - I think Arnav hoped for Khushi to somehow come clean and tell him the truth of where she was and his heart hoped that she would have a reason. Repeatedly questioning Khushi is not Arnav generally does -but he did it today because he wanted to hear something what he had not seen. He wanted to believe in her somehow - somehow forget what he saw and just know where she was and if she would confess.

The confrontation stressed on one point - that Arnav does notice the goodness Khushi does - he notices the care she takes of everyone - he notices these things - yet his judgement gets clouded by the misunderstanding that he is in and he misinterprets it. However much he may want to believe on her goodness - something happens that changes the way he looks at her and makes him believe the opposite hence making him an arrogant - ruthless man!

Then comes the hints that Khushi got today -  She came to know he hates her for a reason and whatever he is doing is for a reason - He asked her what her next plan was - He told her she would not be successful - she came to know that she has hurt someone close to Arnav and that is what has hurt him - she came to know that he has done to save someone's life - Now I do not think Arnav could have said anything else to make her put 2 and 2 together. She has to do it on her own. She has to figure out herself what was Arnav talking about and what had made him hate her to an extent that he hates her this much. Creative's did play on this before but somehow it was lost in the OTT drama - this time I do expect it to be played well.

Khushi was BANG ON today! She was perfect in rattling Arnav's peace comfort and everything that brought him out to confess so many things unknowingly! She knows the right buttons to push and she did that. She knows that he hides everything in his heart and never speaks out - she cornered him - rebuked him - did everything and she got her answers -they were there - now all she needs to do is process it.

I will not talk about the supposed 'rabbave' scene - it was hopeless. However Khushi challenging Arnav to throw her -like he had done before - Arnav taking up on it and not doing it - is where his character has grown. ASR would not have thought twice before throwing her - but the Arnav in ASR will never repeat the mistakes done.

Ufff! Bahut lamba hogaya aaj! Just wrote everything that came in my mind - hope it does make sense!LOLLOL

Love Smile

 P.S : Doodhs and Pam - Will wait for your analysis but may be not be able to reply to them as wont be on Redux tomorrow! Cry Cry Office walon ne jaan kha li hai! Angry


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Just wonderful as usual Sathya..Clap
aahh today i'm gonna post b4 i sleep..can't risk another stupid power cut like yesterday:((

Finally i decided i actually liked the episode very much once i read ur analysis!

but now having read it..i think the CVs have come in to the fray magnificently as u said!!they r working well on each and every aspect of the story, working on every single character!!
be it the Arnav-Khushi misunderstanding, Shyam-Khushi confrontation, nani-khushi linkage, Payal-mami bondage, anjali's failing strength and the need for Khushi and finally payal-arnav equation!
just fabulous episode!!

when i read the line "
A Girl caught between the devil and Hard rock" i read the para twice over to make sure i understood exactly who the devil was and who the hard rock was!
but must say today's analysis is surely ur best ever!! it was as exhilarating as the episode itself! may be ur words just conveyed the excitement in u at the prospect of the actual story finally commencing! anyway it just showed through every word u wrote!! and it left me breathless for the next episode to air 2moro..

Nani emphasized that Khushi  won bec she was not  aware of the circumstance , once she  was cognizant of the fact, she quietly corrected  without making a hullabaloo ...tomorrow when question arises on her silence ..Todays  incident will be a pointer to her psyche with Nani understanding the reason , along with Arnav"
now this part!! i thought it was sheer genius!! wow!the way the sync of thoughts fluttering through Arnav's silent head and Nani being vocal on the same! it really slotted the places where these 2 would take when the time belief that Nani for one is definitely going to take Khushi's side and stand beside her with full conviction even w/out knowing the truth is getting solidifying every single day!!and i couldn't be happier!!
and i agree, Anjali is being kept blissfully unaware of this incident, adding to the pile such as the time Khushi made sure that Arnav was cured and was ready to do anything to correct her mistake and today too..

And finally the end of the Saas-Bahu saga! i swear i whooped in the air and started clapping when mami accepted Payal!! mami is a very formidable player, acquiring whose support would be paramount to decided to which side the equation would lean towards!!
and now the fate of where she would stand is decided and it would be with the Gupta sisters! and for a fact, she has always been suspicious of Shyam's absences as well as she has never been part of a worship-shyam syndrome participant! and she would thus, NOT be emotionally hurt and neither would her world be rocked by Shyam's deception..simply cz she never held Shyam in such a high pedestal and had always been clinical towards him and only though of him from Anjali's hubby POV unlike others..therefore she would use cold logic and side with the for all her shortcomings, she is a lioness when it comes to Anjali..she would make sure that Shyam would be removed if he poses a threat to her niece!
and if by then she would actually have the Gupta girls closer to her heart, she would ensure their safety too when she senses the truth!

and then the next moment when Arnav realizes that Khushi, SHyam r missing! yet it was very conspicuous that the absence of Anjali was not even noticed by Arnav!! meaning today the 'brother' Arnav didn't rule even 1% of his head when he saw the so called conversation b/w Shyam-Khushi!
and seriously for the 1st time!! Arnav was ONLY the 'LOVER & HUSBAND' and fought for himself, felt only his own heartache, fought for his love!! and what a turn it took!! for his di he could be the invulnerable brother...but for himself, and specially against Khushi..everything changes..he is vulnerable...more than he had ever been before..

Now one thing i noticed is how Khushi was kept in the dark about the fact that mami-payal equation has finally changed!! that the war is no longer waging, that the battleground is finally silent and she herself can now relax and keep her weapons down and drop her guard..
this isn't the 1st instance, even when the payal's 1st marriage breaking issue was cleared up khushi was kept int he dark..even today she has no idea about it..therefore the CVs r ensuring that Khushi doesn't get in to an easy sense of security and stops worrying..and also to ensure her compliance towards Arnav's orders due to the fear, which would have otherwise been null and void had she know the changed dynamics..
and it was actually arnav who informed her of the fact that others knew of her sacrifice..her good deed..and even that was in the heat of their argument that she paid no attention to it.

aahh..they really r rectifying their follies,aren't they? one more feather to the cap was ensuring that Arnav was never under the disillusionment of Shyam's angelicness!! finally somethings sensible..and i'd forgive the Rose-cradle scene now..

Arnav has been kept quite sharp and intelligent regards Shyam  but he goes off loop where Khushi is involved... Love the CV's for clearly delineating  the fact that Shyam means nothing to Arnav so Arnav sees him for what he  he is but Khushi means everything to him and emotions cloud his judgement !!"
truly this contrast was heartening to say the it throughly underlined the love her feels for this strange girl..who arouses his heart like no other and no matter what he can't ever fully close his heart to her cz she has become an irrevocable part of the very fabric of his being..

oh how i lved both instances of Khushi-anjali scenes!! 1st instance anjali protects khushi and sends arnav in to a maze, trying to divert his search..but yet again she herself becomes instrumental to getting him to go forward in his voyage for answer and truth by her 2nd conversation with khushi!

and i loved how u explained this scene Sathya..they truly r Arnav's past and the future uniting together to create his make him the man he is this moment..
and finally anjali letting go of arnav when she realizes his present and future is secure with khushi by his side...wonderful..

I CANT"S LET YOU GO, KHUSHI !! ..That one sentence showed how helplessly he loves her ...he hates her, is contemptuous of her, is disgusted by her, has derision for her but yet cant let go of her  bec he loves her beyond reason, beyond, right, beyond wrong, beyond  everything"
oh what can i say..i forgot to breath for a second or two when he uttered those tormented words!! gut wrenching...a tormented cry of helplessness...and once again he proved beyond anything the saying 'You don't love to be loved, u love to love'..

and the fiery khushi was a trat to watch today!! the atmosphere was crackling with the intensity they had when the two rock had wills clashed against each other sending out sparks!

and she is little by little stripping him off his protective layers, leaving him the one to be unguarded..while she remain guarded and tight lipped..the relationship turbulent..both gaining control turn by turn, not realizing that they actually r on the same side..
but soon, very soon one will have to overcome the other completely, whether it is going to be arnav or khushi is yet to be seen..but that is when they would be able to move towards correcting everything that had gone wrong..

and i loved the moment b/w them when she is about to fall and he stalls the fall..may be i am wrong, but this is the 1st time in a very long time(probably the 1st time since the 1st office track closed) that the falling down flashback has been utilized..
i loved how Khushi worded "toh choriyena! yeh koi nayi bath nahi hai! pehelebhi karchuke hai" and then his ego taking over just like last time and her initial shock that he is going to actually go through with it slowly replacing with painful resignation..and closing her eyes to feel the pain he was once again going to deal to her..
and that is how he sees..her closing her eyes and expecting him to hurt her..wound her..and his anger is replaced by an unnamed emotion where he averts his eyes from her face in resignation himself as he realizes that he indeed can't bear to let her fall and get hurt..not again..never her getting hurt, hurts her more now..
and he pulls her away from danger and towards himself..

and i want to applaud them for maintaining that controlled fury and actually self disgust towards himself for not being able to actually let her fall, aware of the power she wields over him at the moment and knowing for certainty that she is the reason he loses once again to himself...knowing he can't stop himself from caring..
the expressions were fabulous!!

overall a fabulous episode!! and as far as story is concerned i enjoyed it to the hilt!! exceptionally good episode and things moved by a mile!

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Babaji I have not read the complete post but the thing which I want to share is that the story is moving nowhere I mean there fight to me seemed like some repeat telecaste.

I knw ignition was back but better that ignition moves the story unlike similar things already happened

will read post now :P

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sarra0 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 2:09pm | IP Logged

Superb Analysis, as Doods says Tantastic Clap

The folowing is so true "A Girl caught between the devil and Hard rock..Devil she can fight, injure him in return but any fight against Rock is bound to hurt her , leaving her with grievous injury...she has to extricate herself from the rock with extreme care, careful that she not dislodge it and injure the innocent members standing by who are unaware of the menace and at the same time she must ward off the angry devil ."

Loved the fact that Arnav was not gulled by Shyam into thinking that he is on a straight path , his Shyam manohar kahan hai proved that he never brought the ' I will be the whitest of whitest angel ' sermon and todays action of Shyam has only accentuated Arnav's distrust and conviction..Arnav has been kept quite sharp and intelligent regards Shyam but he goes off loop where Khushi is involved... Love the CV's for clearly delineating the fact that Shyam means nothing to Arnav so Arnav sees him for what he he is but Khushi means everything to him and emotions cloud his judgement !!

I am happy that ASR is not taken in by Shayam, however i can only recall one instance (when ASR saw Shaayam take delivery of the roses and confronted Shayam and Shayam showed him the cot) where Shayam tried to show that he was changing. I do not count the scene during the HM track when Shayam gave Khushi flowers and then said that they were also Anjali's favourite as to me that was a scene that had been filmed prior to them deciding to redtify the mistakes they had made in the story. When ASR was stopping the money going into the joint account that was the scene that came to his mind. I am happy that the CVs did not take it down the track of Shayam pretending to have changed, but had he persisted down this track who knows what may have been the outcome. When emotions get involved everyting becomes messy!!!

I am glad that Mami has accepted Payal, though to be honest i did not expect it this soon. I am hoping that the the Arnav-Khushi-Shayma-Anjali story is going to move forward relatively quickly know and they are positioning the characters and relationships according to the way that story is going to progress, the CVs are coming back to the central story and that is why we had some quick movement on Mami-Payal.

Shayam realises that Khushi allows ASR to hold her / manhandle her as it irks him, but he completely disregarded her statement on Holi that there (ASR & Khushi's) heartbeats are one. I'm glad his obssessiveness is increasing and his desperation is showing in public.

ASR knows that Khushi lied, and he is thinking like someone in love because he concentrated on the fact that she lied, it did not seem to connect with him that Anjali said that Khushi was with her and therefore Anjali must also be lying.

I loved the line I can't let you go.. Khushi, the emotions that that scene evoked beautifully tportrayed. Also this was the first time in a while he had called her KKG and she did not correct him with KKGSR.

Arnav reveals that he had to marry to save somebody's life which draws a look of sheer disbelief from Khushi who asserts that the selfish ASR cannot ever think about the welfare of anyone ..seeking to intimidate her Arnav steps forwards, pushing Khushi to the edge where she is in the imminent danger of falling, Arnav hand streaks out and prevents Khushi's fall but Khushi is beyond caring and is reckless , she incites him for further aggression ...Prey to his anger, Arnav chooses to oblige her but at last minute saves her ...

Loved the play of expression on both Sanaya and Baruns face ..The ruthlessness, the contempt , the hatred ,implacability watching her minutely for her reactions while Khushi trust that he will not follow thru falls apart as he begins to release his hold, her look of disbelief , turning to resignation and acceptance as the final moment comes closer .. I loved this scene you have beautifully described each emotion that the two went through, it also shows how his character has progressed, there would have been a time he would have let go regardless.

The body language for the RB was different to there normal RB, and as they wanted to put the scene about her flalling either cut the RB altogether or use a more appropriate bg score

I know many did not like today's episode as the arguments seem to be going round in circles, but i really enjoyed it, for me they have to build the track back to the intensity they bought into the show in the 26 March episode before they can move the story forward and they started that today. You once again had ASR saying to Khushi that you will do what i say for the next 6 months and her acquiescing, this was originally bought in on the episode on the 26th and had a quick mention in the episode on the 27th March however it never progressed any further as other tracks/scenes seemed to take precedence. They need to stoke the fire and anger before letting it explode to have a big explosion and impact. If the story does not move soon then i will re-evaluate.

I am in pink Smile

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ChaiBiskoot IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2012 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Edit: hey tanthu Hug
way to go with the positiveness! I agree that payal-mamiji equation has warmed up..
must say payal knows to take things in her control with sensibility and understanding.. it wasn't easy to melt down mamiji..
IMO.. its her who could be the turning point in ArHi story..
Firstly, Arnav and khushi have given each other enough clues to start connecting the dots.. but its been more than a month now.. somehow the story is stuck!
Arnav said that that "I had to marry you",
there he opened the hole.. U gotta sense that khushi!
Or atleast fuel the matter by taking shyam's name and find out if shyam's the reason he is doing all this.. 
Risky but it will put her mind to rest that there was a reason arnav married her!
Plus the forced RV's took away the gravity of the moment.. it was not needed nor could be felt ...
I hope it all works out to clear MU.

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