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HOUSEFULL 2 - 17 Days 100 Crore \m/

DevilsKick IF-Addictz

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HOUSEFULL 2 Exclusive Review [ NG ]

Posted: April 5, 2012 | Author: Concise Boxoffice | Filed under: Bollywood news | Tags: HOUSEFULL 2 REVIEW,HOUSEFULL 2MOVIE REVIEW |Leave a comment

Watched it with high hopes as i liked both previous sajid khans films.


STORY chintu(rishi) and daboo(randhir) are step brothers who cant stand each and same goes for their daughters Hina(asin) & bobby(jacky). Both want the richest son in law, Chintu insults Jai(shreyas) bcoz hes not rich & is an illeagal child of his dad:) Jai with the help of Jolly decides to take revenge & they hire Max(John) Sunny(akki) but due to some confusion the plan goes wrong & the 12 characters gather in one HOUSE thats where FUN starts


funny situations,Climax & AKki


Cons: some forced comedy in the first half & late entry of Akki

ACTION Although forced but is FANTASTIC

MUSIC is good & the last song of the film anarkali standsout

PERFORMANCES gals dont have much to do but Mithun,Rish,Randhir,Boman,Chunkey,John,Shreyas all are superb but the show stealer are in this order AKKI,RITESH & johnny'AKKI rocked the show with his style & hilarious act

OVERALL 3.5\5 Paisa Vasool


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DevilsKick IF-Addictz

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Too many actors spoil 'Housefull 2'

    Sneha May Francis
Published Thursday, April 05, 2012

Cast members and staffs of Bollywood movie "Housefull 2: The Dirty Dozen" pose for photos during a news conference before the world premiere of the movie at the Resort World Sentosa in Singapore. (REUTERS)

"Housefull2" lived up to my expectations – of being a despicable film that boasts of garish performances, a mediocre, yet confusing script, and some seriously inane lines, peppered with humdrum Bollywood disco songs and twists.

It's the tale of how two greedy brothers, who try to rope in UK's ("Uttarakand?") Richie Rich, aka Jolly, for their gorgeous girls, gets entangled in a chaotic case of mistaken identity. While Jolly tries to use the circumstances to help out his friend Jai and in turn play out his own romance with ladylove JLo. And, cashing in on this situation is best friends-turned-enemies Max and Sunny.

It's a classic example of how too many actors can spoil a movie.

And, that's exactly what happens when a director huddles every known actor pal, acquaintance, girlfriend, family friend, uncles, aunts, and even pets into one film.

The audacious trailers were a clear indicator, but there was a slim chance that even star kids, who've turned directors overnight due to their family clout, might spring a surprise and silence finicky critics, like me. Alas, that's still far from being true.

So, "Housefull2", which is supposedly a sequel to Sajid's "Housefull" has absolutely no relation, barring the name, with the first movie. Then, it's not a sequel, right? But, no one really cares. Either you think Sajid is incapable of deriving an explanation for such an absurdity, or you are just indifferent to it.

 But that's the least of the problems with "Housefull2".

It glorifies nothing but buffoonery, forcing us to baulk at how Sajid could reduce stalwart performers like Rishi and Randhir Kapoor into an infuriating set of warring brothers, mimicking their real life woes by using their nicknames Chintu and Dabboo. They're left to display their screechy, whimsical personalities without a breather, leaving us rather exhausted.

Of the senior actors, it's Mithun Chakraborty (JD/Jagga Daaku) and Boman Irani (Batook Patel), who get away slightly unharmed, but a silly tiff over a pouty item girl Anarkali (Malaika Arora-Khan) does damage their reputation immeasurably. Even, the infamous, lecherous Ranjeet gets to play a "the-rapist", but the jokes on him are far from funny.

The ladies – Asin (Heena), Jacqueline Fernandez (Bobby), Zarine Khan (JLo) and Shahzhn Padamsee (Parul) – don't have much to do but parade their well-toned bodies and pretty faces, which they do, in abundance, but they lack the charm of their Btown contemporaries, making this bunch very lackluster.

The men – Akshay Kumar (Sunny), John Abraham (Max), Riteish Deshmukh (Jolly/Jalwa), Shreyas Talpade (Jai) – prance, claw, run, jump, hide, kick and do innumerable acrobatic stunts to keep their characters alive and us, exasperated. Shreyas and Riteish appear more genuine and far more talented that their beefy counterparts, who resort to trivial gimmicks and pretty pouts to stay afloat.

Chunky Pandey (Aakhri Pasta) and Johnny Lever (JD's sidekick) are appalling and deserve a tight spanking. Their exclusion would've made this journey a little bit more tolerable.

Writers Sajid (not Khan) and Farhad pen lines in rhymes, which is endearing at the beginning, but turn infuriatingly painful over the 2 hour-48 minute ordeal.

"Jolly meet Dolly, let's play Holi!" and "Why don't you choose C, because long time no see", being just a few examples of the countless, inane play of words.

The story is hackneyed, and fails to tickle us anymore. Surely Sajid should've known better than to allow best bud/producer Sajid Nadiawala to write the story, and rope in not one, but three others – Tushar Hiranandani, Farhad and Sajid (not Khan) – to help him with the screenplay, leaving the script utterly cluttered.

The movie is also guilty of lifting funny scenes from Hollywood flick. The tennis scene between John and Randhir is a straight copy from the 1999 Sharon Stone-starrer "The Muse".

Just when we started believing, after watching movies like "Kahaani", that Bollywood had upstaged its reputation of making sensible cinema, there comes movies like these that take you back to the stone ages.

Now, it'd be unfair to expect so much from a director, who has to his credit a Hollywood lift-off of "Three Men and a Baby" titled "Heyy Babyy", another deplorable comedy "Housefull" and a short part in "Darna Zaroori Hai", but if he's going about town proclaiming he's got the talent, then the least he can do is prove that assertion.

So, if nothing else, I'm quite sure this movie won't play "House Full" in the cinemas.

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you2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Prakash Jaju ? @prakashjaju

Only 26 tickets of House Full2 sold so far in 9 am show at PVR Juhu. Shocking.

@tabishhq I am at cinemax,versova, barely 40 ppl in 9 am show

karan kumar ? @Karan0049

@prakashjaju sir how is the advance booking of housefull 2 ?

9h Prakash Jaju ? @prakashjaju


@Karan0049 Not satisfactory.

Boy! Akki has lost a lot of goodwillConfused
you2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Housefull 2
By  Taran Adarsh, 6 Apr 2012, 08:31 hrs IST
By and large, what kind of anticipation does one have from the new installment of a successful franchise? Also, the query that crosses one's mind is, will the new installment offer better-quality entertainment, will it promise guffaws and belly laughs [in this case] and in turn, prove to be a money spinner at the ticket window?

HOUSEFULL 2 has a massive cast -- it retains a few names from the first part [Akshay, Riteish, Boman Irani], but has a number of entrants as well [John, Shreyas, Asin, Jacqueline, Shazahn, Zarine, Rishi, Randhir, Mithun] -- and it's, obviously, bigger in scale. Besides, like the first part, the new installment has most of the drama happening inside a mansion. The only aspect that doesn't change is Sajid Khan's objective of providing entertainment. Get amused, have ample laughs and exit the auditorium grinning from ear to ear, that's his funda.

HOUSEFULL 2 belongs to the same school of zany comedies that gave us NO ENTRY, WELCOME, the GOLMAAL series and READY. Conversely, to some intellectuals and scholars of cinema, this genre of cinema may appear nonsensical and outrageous thanks to haphazard incidents and farcical characters, no definite storyline or characterization. These films are often written off as low-IQ comedies. But do the commoners really care? As long as you are assured of sufficient tummy laughs and the magical words that define masala movies [entertainment, entertainment, entertainment], that's all that actually matters. Let's not overlook the fact that a large chunk of the movie-going audience admire and relish these entertainers and are passionate about cinema of this variety. So if a handful of assessors plan to disgrace wacky comedies, it barely matters!

HOUSEFULL 2 tells the story of four fathers [Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty, Boman Irani], four daughters [Asin, Jacqueline Fernandez, Shazahn Padamsee, Zarine Khan] and four prospective sons-in-law [Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Riteish Deshmukh, Shreyas Talpade]. Each father wants his daughter to marry the richest son-in-law. Each daughter thinks she is marrying the richest son-in-law. Each son-in-law is pretending to be the richest son-in-law. However, none of these people can stand each other and all of them are under one roof, in one house.

As they enter the house, a catchy title 'Jolly' gets attached to their name and thanks to a confusion, the four fathers begin to think all four sons-in-law are named Jolly. The confusion only gets bigger…

HOUSEFULL 2 gives a new description to crazy and bizarre and Sajid Khan makes no bones of the fact that his motive is to make a movie that appeals to the masses, the aam aadmi who relishes hardcore masala movies. In fact, HOUSEFULL 2 has all the constituents of an archetypal Hindi movie with hilarity and madcap absurdity in abundance. Moreover, with songs, dances and feel-good moments, it delivers what it promises. The mantra is simple: Keep the fun quotient coming. If you are one of those who cares less about logic and rationale, but looks at movies that not only entertain, but also act as stress busters, HOUSEFULL 2 should slake your craving in those two hours.

The first hour is breezy and fun [just don't miss the crocodile and python episodes in this hour], besides the introduction of Akshay, but the fun quotient takes a backseat in the post-interval portions. The track involving Vindoo seems unwarranted and the fight sequence looks forced. Ditto for some sequences in the middle of the second hour [the Mithun-Boman tiff], which stagnates the movie. Besides, a few jokes appear contrived, while a few fall flat and are not too effectual. The climax, much like most of the movie, is ludicrous, but it works because it keeps you glued to the proceedings.

Sajid Khan comes up with a film full of joviality, frolic and merriment. While the screenplay is watertight in the first hour, the writers could've added more zany stuff in the second half. Yet, there's no denying that the motive is to make you laugh and this movie makes you break into guffaws on several occasions. Also, I'd like to make a special mention of the dialogue, which are witty, funny and amusing. The music [Sajid-Wajid] has been created keeping in mind the theme of the movie. 'Papa To Band Bajaye' is already popular and so are 'Right Now' and 'Anarkali'. The cinematography is conventionally appealing.

Akshay is in form this time. I have often said that you can put in writing the most hilarious dialogue in the world, but at the end of the day, humor is all about delivery on screen and Akshay delivers and how! He fits the character like a glove and delivers a scintillating act, illuminating every scene that he appears in. John and Akshay first teamed up years ago in GARAM MASALA and again in DESI BOYZ. This time around, John has emerged a lot better in his comic timing and gets your funny bone tickling with his worthy act.

Riteish continues to be in the middle of an exciting phase. Proving his credentials in several comic films, the actor displays his comic time yet again. The precision with which he executes his part is commendable. Shreyas is almost a veteran as far as comic entertainers are concerned. If truth be told, it is fairly tricky to make people cackle with gusto and Shreyas makes an earnest effort to come up with an endearing act.

Amongst the female leads, Asin has the meatiest role and gives a decent account of herself. Jacqueline, Shazahn and Zarine act more as eye candy. They are the typical sultry and enticing selves; each one is befitting in her own space.

It's a treat watching veterans like Randhir, Rishi and Mithun portraying wacky characters with panache. In fact, each one of them is wonderful in their respective parts. Boman Irani is efficient yet again, although the length of his character isn't much. Chunky Pandey is simply superb. Johny Lever's comedy is flawless. Ranjeet shines in a cameo. He's hilarious! Malaika Arora Khan radiates oomph in the 'Anarkali' track.

On the whole, HOUSEFULL 2 is a madcap entertainer that gets the viewer giggling, yelling, whistling and applauding in his seat and you completely savor the fact that the spectators parked around you too are utterly engaged in the chaos and seeking maximum pleasure from the on-screen happenings. If you are a moviegoer who derives pleasure from loud comedies with over-the-top humor that defy logic at every opportunity, I am sure, you will relish this wacky slapstick. If your idea of watching a comedy is to have a good time at the movies, then HOUSEFULL 2 is especially designed for you.
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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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you2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Ludhiana: Housefull 2 Opens To Fantastic Response


Friday 6th April 2012 11.00 IST

Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network


Housefull 2 took a fantastic in Ludhiana, a key centre of East Punjab. The film faced competition from a local Punjabi film Mirza - The Untold Story which took a mind boggling historic opening with over capacity houses across Punjab and to have near 100% collections against such competition is excellent. The first show openings from all three multiplexes of Ludhiana are as follows.



10.00am 415/426 97.42%



10.05am 295/318 92.77%

10.30am 310/318 97.48%



10.15am 313/343 91.25%



1333/1405 94.87%


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DevilsKick IF-Addictz

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HOUSEFULL 2 Has Housefull Start In Noida


Friday 6th April 2012 11.30 IST

Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network


Housefull 2 took a housefull start in Noida with collections 100% or close to 100% at all the multiplexes of the city. The first show openings from all four multiplexes of Noida are as follows.



10.00am 384/384 100%

11.00am 258/258 100%

11.40am 198/198 100% in advance



10.05am 480/489 98.16%

10.30am 489/489 100%


Big Ansal

10.15am 300/305 98.36%



10.05am 322/349 92.26%

11.00am 223/223 100%

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DevilsKick IF-Addictz

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Yuhooo i m beary happy for Akki... HOUSEFULL SUPER DUPER HIT PartyDancing

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